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* Everything has origins. What started with messengers doing tricks on track bikes sparked a whole new cultural phenomenon: Fixed gear freestyle. Over a short span of time our bikes have changed drastically,from lugged njs frames with 23c tires to mountain bike style frames with unicrown forks and 2 inch tires. However one part stayed the same. That part is the fixed gear hub*. It dispenses with any need for mechanical brakes while giving complete control over the bicycle. and it is the defining characteristic amongst our diverse trick bikes.

Minutes from the CN tower and Skydome the Rainbow Bank is a frequented spot, it sees its share of random people, from baseball fans waiting for their game to start to couples walking their dogs and homeless dudes looking for shelter. It’s one of many highway exits in the southern area of toronto but this one is pretty perfect, it has a big run up and smooth landing area. Swoo, Tom, and I met up there a couple times to shoot photos and this is what I got.


It was hard at first to adjust my riding style to this 26” specific Charmer due to the positive bottom bracket height, but once I got more accustomed to it, everything felt so much better. The bike feels so snappy and easy to maneuver. Clearance for big tires also mean that I can run fat/cushy tires like I do now. I’ve always wanted certain changes here and there to the bikes we used to ride, and this bike basically covered it all for me. Big thanks to Breakbrake17 for the -Swoo! opportunity to ride a bike like this!

Frame: Breakbrake17 Charmer 26 Fork: Breakbrake17 prototype Bars: Breakbrake17 Grips: ODI Longnecks Stem: Demolition Keystone Headset: Salt BMX Seatpost: Resist Seat: MacNeil Capital Cranks: 160mm Demolition Medial 2.0 Sprocket: 36t Unknown (36t Tree Lite in pictures) Pedals: Demolition PC Foot Retention: YNOT pro straps Bottom Bracket: Demolition Front wheel: Alexrims SupraD laced to 36h Formula hub Rear wheel: SunRingle MTX33 laced to 36h Unknown 14mm hub* Tires: 2.3� Kenda Kiniptions * (SunRingle Rhyno Lite laced to 36h Formula in pictures)

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