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11th annual

Bovina Farm Day

September 1st, 2019

Our Farmers and Vendors Betty Acres Bovina Historian Bramley Mountain Beef Burnett Farms Byebrook Farm Catharina’s Hats and Mittens Catskill Botanicals Crystal Brook Farm Danforth Jersey Farm Del-Rose Farm/The Farmer’s Wife Echo Hill Farm Evans & Evans Farming Bovina Glenanore Farm Harmony Farm Heaven On Main Street Homegrown Farmstead Honey Bee Herbs Maplewood Farm and Orchard Purple Mountain Press Sunflower Farm The Delaware County Dairy Princess Weathered Hill Webcrest Farm

Farming Bovina Farming Bovina is pleased to present the Eleventh annual Bovina Farm Day, a celebration of the proud agricultural tradition which has defined the community for generations. A grassroots, non-profit, membership organization, Farming Bovina works to preserve and promote agriculture in and around the town of Bovina. The group is dedicated to helping farmers build and sustain livelihoods in agriculture. Bovina has a long and illustrious history as a dairy farming community. Increasingly, dairy farmers are being joined by new farmers pursuing opportunities with beef cows, sheep, goats, row crops, honey, maple products, cheese, Christmas trees, poultry, and agri-tourism. Farming Bovina believes that agriculture underpins both the prosperity and character of the community. The growing membership strives to ensure that the area’s farms and farmers, from the dairyman to the beekeeper, remain integral to the local economy and culture, now and in years to come. Please become a member today at! All proceeds from Bovina Farm Day support the work of Farming Bovina.

2018 Farming Bovina Scholarship recipient

Jack Stanton Last year we introduced you to Jack Stanton our 2018 Farming Bovina Scholarship recipient. Jack, the son of Jason and Lisa Burns Stanton, is an 8th generation “Burns” to grow up in Bovina. Jack who is ambitiously working toward a degree in Animal Industry has decided to add yet another degree, Agricultural Engineering, to his studies at SUNY Cobleskill. Jack has completed his first year at SUNY Cobleskill with honors and we recently sat down with him to see how he thought it went. Jack related that while he has enjoyed all his classes it is the agriculturally related ones that he prefers with livestock evaluation topping the list. Not only did Jack prefer his Livestock Evaluation class he excelled in it winning the college’s completion in this field six times. He is looking forward to next year when he will be traveling to other colleges to compete in the advanced livestock evaluation competitions. After graduation Jack plans on returning to Bovina to continue the family tradition of farming in Bovina

Danforth Jersey Farm The Danforth Jersey Farm is a two hundred year old dairy farm located in Jefferson NY. From our small plant located on the farm, we make sweet cream and salted butter, as well as Alderney raw milk tomme style cheese. We also sell beef products made from our Jersey steers. Milk fed pork products are also produced on the farm, as well as Maple Syrup. We milk 40 registered Jerseys on the home farm and raise our heifers and steers on the Dan Finn Farm, located at 77 Huff Rd. Delhi, where we operate a year round farm store.

Del-Rose Farm

& The Farmer’s Wife


The Hanselman Family

Herbalist Lauren Raba, specializes in using wild harvested and locally grown herbs of the Catskill region to produce plant based skin creams. Lauren transforms the herbs into strong oil based infusions, either sun-infused or simmered for days, to extract optimal plant nutrients. Plant based infusions are combined with other natural ingredients, including a unique blend of essential oils, to formulate a variety of skin creams which provide nourishment and protection for our skin. Lauren makes each small batch with love and positive intention, with the goal of providing a product that will feed both skin and spirit.

Del-Rose Farm is a multigenerational family owned and operated dairy. And, so much more. Aside from the Hanselman family’s Holstein & Brown Swiss dairy they grow and sell hay, the sweetest of corn, tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers & pumpkins. They also maintain a small beef herd and a flock of chickens. A second enterprise, The Farmer’s Wife, was begun by Barb Hanselman to offer pies, sticky buns and other baked goods for sale. The Hanselman family focuses on producing the highest quality food, with meticulous attention to the care of their animals, land, plants and their customers.

Stop by the farm to purchase Del-Rose Farm vegetables and The Farmer’s Wife’s baked goods at their on-site seasonal farm stand. At other times of the year The Farmer’s Wife’s baked goods can be found at several local stores or by direct order.

Lauren’s Catskill Botanicals can be purchased online and at many local area stores.

9635 County Highway 18 Bloomville, NY 13739 607-538-9633 607-287-1141



A woman owned & operated farm producing handcrafted cheeses fresh from its on-farm micro creamery. All the milk going into the cheeses comes from the farm’s herd of grassfed Jersey & Guernsey cows. Purchase the farm’s buttery soft spreadable, the cave-aged Delchego, the St. Placid Tomme & Cremembert at the farm’s on-site store, local markets & farmers’ markets.

Aissa O’Neil 21529 State Highway 28 Delhi, NY 13753 607-746-9185

Thank You All

Farming Bovina would like to express our sincerest thanks to the many supporters and volunteers that have helped to make this year’s Bovina Farm Day possible. We could not have done this without you!!!

2019 Farming Bovina Scholarship recipient

Anna Post

Farming Bovina would like to also thank the following:

The Watershed Agricultural Council for sponsoring Bovina Farm Day.

Farming Bovina is proud to award the 2019 Scholarship to Anna Post. Anna who comes from a farming family grew up on Pink Street on a dairy farm operated by her mother Molly. Her aunt also owns a local area farm running an agri-tourism business. Anna has chosen to study Agricultural Business at SUNY Cobleskill. When we sat down with Anna she told us that she believes agriculture is the backbone of the nation and for her growing up on a dairy farm has been a privilege. She expressed how important it was to have Future Farmers of America (FFA) in her high school classroom stating that FFA provided her with hands on learning, and leadership skills that has not only left an impact on her but many others as well. FFA introduced her to what she is most passionate about, that being the Agricultural Industry.

Ed and Donna Weber for hosting Bovina Farm Day on their farm. The Catskill Mountain News for the Bovina Farm Day supplement.

PURPLE MOUNTAIN PRESS Purple Mountain Press, incorporated in 1973, has published more than 150 books about New York State history, natural history, folklore, the arts, and outdoor recreation. Specialties include transportation subjects and colonial history.

Of special interest to our area are six books: Two Stones for Every Dirt The Story of Delaware County A History of Delaware County: A Catskill Land and Its People A Free Soil—A Free People:The Anti-Rent War in Delaware County, New York Old Delaware County: A Memoir by Gertrude Fitch Horton The Delaware and Hudson and the Towns it Served


Webcrest Farm Webcrest Farm is a 48 cow dairy farm owned and operated by Ed & Donna Weber. The Century Farm has been home to five generations of Weber's and is located in the Crescent Valley of Bovina. The Weber Family has hosted Bovina Farm Day since its inception and the public is invited to visit at 4:00 on Bovina Farm Day to see the workings of a family run dairy farm.

Ed & Donna Weber 607-832-4211

Stamford Farmers Cooperative


A family tradition begun in the 1920’s of making maple products continues into its fourth generation here in Bovina. Duane LaFever and sons Cody, Cullen and wife, Karen, tap maple trees, utilizing approx. 1800 taps each winter at their maple farm along the pristine Bramley Mtn. Brook. We have a new Sugar House and a new CDL 3 x 12 oil fired evaporator. All the taps gravity feed though a network of tubing into collection tanks inside the sugar house.

6 South St.*Stamford NY 12167*607-652-7225 Serving area farmers for over 80 years

River Valley New Holland Farm Equipment

Stop by Bovina Farm Day to see our display of farm equipment.

The syrup we produce here at Maplewood Farm is 100% pure maple syrup. This of course means that our syrup is derived entirely from the concentration and heated treatment of tree sap from maple trees. As such, our syrup contains no additives, preservatives or other artificial sweeteners. In addition to being free of fat, additives and other harmful ingredients, pure Maple Syrup contains a number of naturally occurring minerals like calcium, potassium, manganese, magnesium, iron and vitamins like B2, B5, B6, niacin, biotin, and folic acid. As such, Maple Syrup can be an effective source of antioxidants known to help promote blood flow and prevent disease. We produce golden, 100% pure maple syrup, maple candies and smooth as silk maple cream as well as many other delicious products such as peppered maple mustard, maple apple pumpkin spread, gourmet maple coated nuts, maple cranberry almond granola, maple lollipops, maple cotton candy, oatmeal and buttermilk pancakes mixes and also stock maple popcorn and maple brittle. Pure maple syrup, from Maplewood Farm, is not only better in flavor but can also be very healthy and nutritious for you! Find out more about our Maple Syrup at our booth here at Bovina Farm Day, visit our Confectionary Kitchen and Shoppe at 74 Meredith Street, Delhi, or our Sugar House at 596 Miller Avenue, Bovina Center, or visit our website at Thank you for visiting our booth, Karen, Duane, Cody & Cullen LaFever.

Homegrown Farmstead

Thanks for letting us

Homegrown Farmstead LLC is a small family run farm in Bovina. We offer USDA processed, pasture raised heritage breed pork. We are also raising milk and dairy goats, sheep, and alpaca. We offer organic berries (blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries) and apples, free-range eggs, and pesticide-free kale and other greens, herbs, and assorted vegetables. Items may be purchased at local stores or directly at the farm. Now offering U-pick blueberries and blackberries.

enjoy your antique Farm Equipment and Trucks Mark Wilbur

Visitors are welcome.

Roger Dibble

Nicole Gillikin

Wilfred “Willie� Jurjens

2113 Lee Hollow Road Bovina Center, NY 13740 607-832-4273 or 917-836-4898

Crystal Brook Farms



Thomas Elliott came to America from Scotland in 1817 and settled in what is now the New Kingston valley. He purchased tracts of land in the area that was soon to be part of the famed anti-rent wars. His son William was the next generation to improve the land. He had three sons, and is buried nearby in the Bovina Cemetery. William’s youngest son John was the next generation to carry on the farm, as elder sons James and Thomas died in the civil war. John’s son, James T., took over the farm next followed by his son James W. The farm is now operated by James W. Jr., and his children are the 7th generation on the farm. The land was all cleared and stone walls were built by members of the Elliott family. The barns and house were all built by hand, with hand hewed beams and stone foundations. The farm has remained in the family for 200 years. In 2012 the farm received the Century Farm Award, recognizing farms that have remained in the same family for over 100 years. The farm currently consists of an all Jersey dairy, beef, veal, chickens, turkeys and various other enterprises. Farm market sales and events are managed by Crystal Brook Farms LLC, and the entire operation is run by Jim, Andrea, Brian and Brittany Elliott.

Byebrook Farm

We own and operate a dairy farm in Bloomville that has been in our family for eight generations. We have 45 milk cows and 40 head of young stock, and grow all the forage and some of the grain to feed them. Cows are pastured in the summer and no rBST is used. We make a raw milk Gouda cheese and age it at least 60 days. Varieties include: plain, cumin seed, caraway, dill, and cider-washed rind, we have a self-service roadside farm stand where we sell our cheese, along with fresh bottled raw milk from our cows. Eggs and produce are also sold when available.

The Paul Deysenroth Family

7531 County Highway 18 Bloomville, NY 13739

GLENANORE FARM At Glenanore Farm we raise "kids". Goat kids, grand-kids and your kids are all welcome here. Stop by and get to know our goats, Dexter Cattle, Kunekune pigs, laying hens and Foxy the horse. Tours are given by appointment. Well behaved adults are welcome to accompany the kids. We have a farm stand that is self-serve with eggs, meat, and homemade baked goods, open every day. At Glenanore we live in the present, honor the past and pay forward for the next generation. Stop by, have a cookie and say hello to the happy hens. Michael and Donna Noonan 2363 Bramley Mountain Road Bovina Center, NY 13740 607-832-4472

Delhi Paint and Paper 100 Main Street Delhi, NY 13753 607-746-2293

Burnett Farms

Burnett Farms is a mountain farm nestled into a high Catskill saddle comprised of pasture, forest, tillage and ponds. We grow a full range of produce, fruits and berries. We pasture raise pork, beef and poultry. If you can imagine eating our views you can imagine how good our food is. Burnett Farms uses best practice in pure sustainable growing methods and process. We live in an extremely pure habitat and work at keeping it such. Call us. We sell through our farm stand on East Bramley Mountain Road, BOVINA NY.

Visit us at Bovina Farm Day for our fresh produce and Steve's watercolors and metal sculpture.

Steve and Kristie Burnett

2531 East Bramley Mountain Road Bovina Center, NY 13740 607-832-4216

Catharina’s Hats & Mittens Catharina’s Hats & Mittens are hand-knit traditional Swedish designs. The wool used is from Catharina’s retired sheep farm, Promisedland Farm.

Catharina Kessler 4071 Turnpike Road Delhi, NY 13753 607-746-8522

Weathered Hill Farm

We are a first-generation farm that has the ideology to create a bio-diversified homestead based off times long ago. On our farm, we raise grass-fed katahdin hair sheep, free-range chickens for both eggs and meat, breed our sow yearly for heritage pork, and use our draft horses to provide hay for the winter months. Along with our menagerie of animals, we also provide a unique farm stay experience where you can camp out under the stars anywhere on our property, including our restored 1880’s mortised and tenon three-story barn. We are kid and pet friendly and enjoy giving tours. Jason & Sarah Connelly 243 Doroski Road South Kortright, NY 13842 607-538-9323

Bramley Mountain Farm

Bramley Mountain Farm's goal is to raise flavorful, tender beef, at an affordable cost, from superior genetics, ensuring our farm's future generations remain in agriculture. We raise belted Galloway cattle, from birth to harvest in our pastures on the farm in Bovina. We don't feed hormones, antibiotics or animal byproducts. Their diet is grass during the summer season and home grown hay or baleage in winter. Animals scheduled for harvest are finished with whole corn for 90 to 120 days. Harvesting is done at a federally inspected facility, where the carcass is dry aged for 10 to 14 days, cut, wrapped and frozen. We sell individual cuts from our freezers at the farm. Call ahead anytime or stop by Saturdays, May through September, 9 to 11 am.

Jack Burns 607-832-4371

Ken and Colleen Heavey 607-832-4247

Milk, Ice Cream and Yogurt has been provided by Dairy Farmers of America

Honey Bee Herbs

Cultivating medicinal herbs in The Catskills since 1999. Honey Bee Herbs specializes in growing food for our native honeybees, focusing on endangered species forest plants. Once our bees have harvested the pollen and nectar we harvest and solar dry the herb formulating medicinal tea blends. Don't take a pill...try a cup of tea. Kelley has been featured as the Medicine Woman of Delaware Valley DV8 magazine. She is a professional landscape designer and builder of unique artistic herbal gardens integrating permaculture methods. We are available for consultations, design, and installation and come to your home to extract unwanted honeybees. Visit us at our new Honeybee Apothecary in Margaretville. We will bee offering classes this fall and winter on Various healing arts...Make your own tinctures, Learn how to Terra form your own land ,Make your own medicine and so much more!

Kelley Edkins 785 Main Street Margaretville, NY 12455 845-513-5411

Enjoy the delights of Ty’s Tacos at Bovina Farm Day this year.

Harmony Farm Harmony Farm on Crescent Valley Road in Bovina is home to 175 egg laying hens. We have Araucanas, Rhode Island Reds, Australorps, and Black Cochins. We sell eggs locally and at farmer's markets. Heidi & Mike Gogins 1576 Crescent Valley Road Bovina Center, NY 13740 607-832-4664


Antique and Heirloom Plants Plant and Garden History Short Courses, Lectures, and Walks Deirdre Larkin 607-832-4653

Enjoy the delights of

Wood’s BBQ

BLOOMVILLE DISPOSAL SERVICE Residential and Commercial Curbside Service

at Bovina Farm Day


CALL FOR DETAILS 51971 St. Hwy 10 George Haynes Jr Bloomville NY 13749 607-538-1160

Woods BBQ State Highway 28 Andes, New York 13731 845-676-6140

echo hill farm he ave n on mai n s t reet

Take time to experience one of life’s small pleasures - visit Echo Hill Farm to cut your own Christmas tree. Wayne has been growing trees, harvesting honey and creating honey products to provide you with an honest adventure and nature’s original sweet treat.

Wayne Chambers 4200 County Highway 5 Bovina Center, NY 13740 607-432-6589

Tayl or Fos t er s t ar t ed Heaven as a baker y i n Bovi na Cent er i n 2006. She has s i nce moved on f r om t hat bui l di ng but has kept t he br and al i ve by l aunchi ng a gr een beaut y l i ne al ongs i de her s peci al - or der baked goods . The l i ne f ocus es on nat ur al pr oduct s f or your f ace and body. Thi s i ncl udes nat ur al makeup and a s i gnat ur e per f ume. Her year s i n t he f as hi on i ndus t r y have pr ovi ded a pl at f or m f or under s t andi ng s ki n and how t o make i t gl ow. The pl ant s and es s ent i al oi l s i nf us ed i n each pr oduct ar e t ar get ed t owar ds boos t i ng conf i dence & heal i ng.

Taylor Foster 917- 538- 5512 or der @heavenonmai ns t r eet . com HeavenOnMai nSt r eet . com

Find us on FaceBook @ Bovina Farm Day

SCHEDULED EVENTS Sheep Herding Demonstrations by Evans & Evans Farm - 11:30AM Cooking demonstration by Gerard J. Murphy, C.E.C., C.C.E., using local meats, cheese, duck eggs, and beautiful fresh Bovina greens - 12PM Maple Candy Making Demonstration by Karen LaFever, Maplewood Farm & Orchard - 1PM " Best Apple Pie Contest Entries by 2PM Best Apple Pie Contest Judging - 2:00PM Judges: Scarecrows completed by 2PM Scarecrow Contest Judging - 3:00PM Judge: Peter Schjeldahl

ALL DAY EVENTS Food & Crafts to Buy Animals to Visit Tours of the One-Room Maynard Schoolhouse

FOR THE KIDS Kids' Relay Races Children's Corn Maze Farm Themed Treasure Hunt Old Fashion Games

Multi-Basket Raffle Drawing - 3:30PM Farm Tour at Milking Time - 4PM

MUSICAL EVENTS Singer/Songwriter - Tom Albert


Profile for Great Western Catskills

Bovina Farmday Program Book 2019  

Each year, Farming Bovina organizes Bovina Farmday in the beautiful town of Bovina. It's a great family-fun day of farm related activities i...

Bovina Farmday Program Book 2019  

Each year, Farming Bovina organizes Bovina Farmday in the beautiful town of Bovina. It's a great family-fun day of farm related activities i...


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