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Sleep, it’s such an important part of our lives.

Yet when we aren’t getting enough, it can affect so many other areas of your life.

Jefrey Start, DO Sleep Medicine


hanks to generous donors like you and our amazing group

region.” GPHealth Sleep Lab was recently selected to be a research

of hospital employee donors, the Foundation was able to

site for a new wake promoting medication called Wakix that may

provide the funding for remodeling the sleep lab. Using

assist patients living with Idiopathic Hypersomnia. He went on to

décor and bed linens from Swan’s Fine Home and recliners from All

explain, “This disorder can include excessive daytime sleepiness,

Makes in conjunction with infection control hotel-level furniture,

sleep inertia and prolonged sleep which are all just ways of saying

we are now able to provide a more comfortable experience for your

you are exhausted all of the time and experience bouts of confusion

sleep study.

and forgetfulness.”

According to sleep lab staff, providing optimal comfort for a study is

The sleep lab offers patients the ability to get the highest quality of

important to try and observe patients in a routine that is as close to

sleep test done without the need to travel.

their home experience as possible. Dr. Jefrey Start, the director of the sleep lab says, “I am very proud to be a part of a team and organization

For more information on projects sponsored by the HERO Club (the

that continues to be on the cutting edge of health innovation in our

employee giving arm of the Foundation), turn to page 2.

HERO club projects throughout GPHealth


t is great to have this new water fountain with bottle filler on the east side of the hospital. It has had a lot of use since installed. It saves a lot of

time and steps compared to going to the cafeteria or the patient floors. Thanks to engineering for installing. A big thanks to Kathy and the Foundation for the purchase of the water fountain. Tom Gottschalk BioMed manager


elf-care kits were the brainchild of the employee support group started by Chaplain Brenda Lee and Renee Callaghan. The women saw a need to show our

fellow team members that we are always here to support one another. According to Chaplain Brenda, one hospitalist had some very complex end-of-life patients. “I gave her a kit and she was very touched and thanked us,” Chaplain Brenda says. “She said, Thank you so much! It is so nice to know that others know how difficult this can be and that everyone cares for each other. “ Another staff member who was dealing with many complex and emotionally difficult cases stated, “Thank you, this reminds me that I am not alone.”

You don’t have to be an employee to make a difference. Start your giving program today by visiting

Our employees making a difference


rowing up, I lived in a small town where it was normal to travel 2-5 hours to get advanced healthcare. Since then, I

graduated from University of Nebraska- Kearney and moved to Hershey. I love small town Hershey and now only have to travel 13 miles to get advanced healthcare. My husband, Austin Trusty, and I want to invest into a healthcare system where we don’t have to travel hours away to get good, quality care. We don’t have to pay for lodging for appointments or any additional costs. We want to see GPH grow as we continue to grow a family and grow within our community. This is why we give to Great Plains Health Care Foundation. The money raised allows the Foundation to buy stateof-the-art equipment and technology and we get big city care right in our backdoor. Not only am I a donor, but I am also proud to work for the Foundation office so I continue to spread the word about all the great things the Foundation is doing and providing to Great Plains Health. Because of

Bailey Trusty, Foundation coordinator and her husband Austin with labs Ellie & Zara


amazing donors, the leadership at GPH and the Foundation, people from age 0 to 100+ can come to GPHealth to receive amazing care – always.

Double your impact

ordan and Jennifer Boston wanted to make a difference. They were able to double their impact by applying for matching funds through his company. Many know of

Jennifer’s breast cancer journey that started abruptly in December when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer that has spread to her bones. According to husband Jordan, a local State Farm Insurance Agent, when the couple heard that the Gift of Health virtual gala was going to support a new 3D Tomosynthesis Mammogram machine, “We had to participate.” He went on to say, “The community has been so supportive of our journey. We wanted to give back and pay it forward all at the same time.” Using the online donation form that is featured on the 3D Tomosynthesis project page (, not only was Jordan able to support this necessary equipment for our region, he was able to double his impact. According to him, “The online form had a check box labeled Company Match. I wasn’t even sure it would work, but it was so simple and made my contribution so much bigger. It is truly a win/win/win.”

Cancer survivor Jennifer Boston and her husband Jordan

Why we give.


tacy Albrecht is passionate about the community she grew up in. She graduated from North Platte High School in the 90s. Although she left to go to college at

the University of Nebraska in Lincoln and moved on to North Carolina, there was something in her that drew her back home. If you don’t know Stacy or her husband Coltin, who works for HUB International, you probably remember her amazing baked goods. Stacy missed the small community feel so she moved back in 2009 and opened Gracie Mae’s. According to Stacy, “I missed that small town feel and the sense of belonging and I saw a need for a place like Gracie Mae’s at the time.” While owning the bakery, she was able to become involved in many community events and fundraisers that gave her the opportunity to meet many new people. “I am grateful to still have so many connections and friends throughout the community and we enjoy giving back as much as we can,” said Albrecht. She went on to share “It is important for us to stay involved as we now have two children and we want to see our community to continue to grow and provide additional opportunities for everyone. Whether it is a playground, an organization or healthcare, we need all of these things to make North Platte a thriving community.”

Foundation board member Stacy Albrecht with her husband Coltin and children Cole & Elloise

Whygive give monthly? Why monthly?

It's easy.

It’s easy. Automate your

Automate your legacy giving by legacy giving by setting up your setting up your recurring donation recurring donation online. online.

You make a

It's a feel-

You make a difference. difference.

It’s a boost. feelgood good boost.

Your donation makes Your adonation patient's makes a patient’s experience better.

Get exclusive updates Get exclusive on how you are updates on how making a difference.

experience better.

you are making a difference.

Money matters… from the experts.

Retirement planning and your required minimum distribution You cannot keep money in your employer-sponsored retirement plan(s) indefinitely. Once you reach retirement, you will need to withdraw money from these funds annually. This is a great opportunity to begin or grow your philanthropic giving. This brief overview will explain Required Minimum Distributions and how to donate yours to charity.

What Are Required Minimum Distributions? The Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) is the smallest

How Do I Donate My RMD? • Calculate your RMD. Use these RMD worksheets to find out what your minimum is this year. • Plan your withdrawal. Decide which account(s) to make withdrawals from, and how much of that withdrawal you plan to give. You may have an RMD total and certain accounts with individual RMDs; learn more. • Arrange your donation(s). Choose a qualified 501(c)3

amount account holders must withdraw from employer-sponsored

organization, or multiple, to support. This is an opportunity

retirement plans each year once they reach retirement. If you fail to

to increase your giving to a favorite nonprofit or find a new

meet your RMD, the amount not withdrawn will be taxed at 50%.

organization, or organizations, to donate to. Use Hot Topics lists to find high-quality organizations serving a range of causes or search

Who Is Affected By the RMD Rule?

for an organization you know of on Charity Navigator to ensure

The RMD rules apply to all employer-sponsored retirement plans

that your money is going to a reliable nonprofit.

(including profit-sharing plans, 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, and 457(b) plans). Roth 401(k) accounts are exempt from the RDM rules as long as the owner is alive. If you are the account owner of one of these types of accounts and will turn 72 years old this year or have already turned 72, you have an RMD. (See exemptions for pre-1987 contributions to a 403(b) plan.) If you inherited this type of plan after the death of the plan holder, the balance of the account must be distributed within ten years, except under certain circumstances. (Exceptions include a surviving spouse, a child who has not reached the age of majority, a disabled or chronically ill person, or a person not more than ten years younger than the employee or IRA account owner.)

Why Should I Donate My RMD? If you have an RMD on your own account or an inherited account and you do not need the funds, donating to charity is a great option. Your required withdrawal will be included in your taxable income and cannot be rolled into other tax-deferred accounts. However, donating your RMD is a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) and will not be taxed up to $100,000. Tax benefits aside, earmarking this income for charity is a great way to begin or expand your giving portfolio to support the causes you care about.

• Give your gift(s). Up to $100,000 of your distribution from an employer-sponsored retirement account (including but not limited to your RMD) is a QCD. Make your donation by December 31 to qualify this year. • Collect your benefits. When you file your taxes for the year, include your donation on the relevant tax document (Form 1099-R, Form 1040, or Form 8606). • Look ahead to next year. Once you meet the criteria for an RMD, you will have one each year until the account is depleted, barring significant policy changes. This is a good time to start planning how you will distribute next year’s withdrawal. Be aware that changes to the tax code could shift your RMD and related processes year to year. Disclaimer: This information is provided as a public service to highlight a matter of current interest. It is not intended to constitute a full review of any subject matter, nor is it a substitute for obtaining financial or legal advice from an accountant or financial advisor, or an attorney. Information contained within was accurate at the time of publication on December 6, 2021.This information is provided by www.


$885,502 RAISED 264 online gifts


first-time donors EVERY GIFT MATTERS 6590 GIFTS OF LESS THAN $250 TOTALED $185,244


businesses and corporations supported GPHealth through matching gifts, sponsorships and gifts in kind




YOU Your generosity has touched the lives of many of our families, friends and neighbors. Here are some of the many projects your donations have supported.

The HERO Club gave over $262,000 in funds to GPH projects in 2021. • Advanced life support mannequins • BD Affirm • Blanket warmer • Cancer thermometers • CCC cordless barcode scanners • Cancer painting group • Cholestech analyzer • Clothing closet • Comfort cart • Sleep lab remodel • DI gynelogical cart • Dignicap • Donor Breast Milk Program • Employee assistance • ER School Backpack Program • ER urology cart • Handicap door openers • Handicap door wave openers • Heart institute door openers • HERO Wall

• Hospice • iStat machines • Lab osmometer • Med Onc equipment for additional APRN • Mental Health Day • Mobile lead barrier • Oncology rehab remodel • Patient assistance • Peaceful pause boxes • Pediatric books education • Pediatric family education • PT Blood flow restriction • Pulmonology patient pulse oximetry devices • SANE UV exam lights • Team Care • Teladoc stethoscopes • Transcutaneous sleep monitors • Vein finder • Victory disinfectant sprayers • Video production equipment

Join us today. Go to to make your contribution.

WAY S T O G IV E Your gift is part of your legacy, a promise to the future of Great Plains Health and the health of the entire region.


A donation can be made as an outright cash gift, a multi-year pledge or a planned gift. Every gift the Foundation receives makes a difference in furthering the mission through enhancements in patient care and patient experience. To appropriately acknowledge donations at all levels of giving, the Foundation established giving clubs and donor programs to thank and recognize our generous investors, both


annually and cumulatively. Foundation committees oversee the giving clubs and are charged with building better relationships with donors through events and improved communication. Donors are recognized on the Foundation’s donor wall, updated

Gifts of commodities

annually, in the lobby of Great Plains Health under the appropriate giving club, and will be notified of upcoming Great Plains Health and Great Plains Health Care Foundation events. Donors also receive the Foundation e-newsletter, published monthly.


Start your legacy today at

Great Plains Health Care Foundation | 601 W. Leota St. | P.O. Box 1167 | North Platte, NE 69103

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