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Why Men Should Get Manicures As Well If you are new to the beauty world, you might be confused about the sheer amount of information that is out there. You might even want to have a career in beauty. Keep reading for some useful advice on developing your customized beauty routine. Rubbing a towel on your hair too roughly will damage your hair and make it frizzy. You should scrunch your hair very lightly with a towel, and then pat the hair dry. Yes, it takes longer, but you’ll be happy with the results. If you notice that your nail polish is becoming thick in the bottle or sticky, just add some acetone, or nail polish remover, into the bottle. Only add a tiny bit, replace the lid and shake. This may leave you with one or two additional coats of polish.

Eye Makeup Layering eye makeup is an effect that will make eyes look bigger. In order to create this layered effect, first you would apply a primer and then brush foundation or powder over the top of that layer. Then, use the highlighting shadow specifically on the corners of the inside of your eye. Use an eyeliner pencil and smudge in an upward motion. Properly applied eye makeup enlarges the way your eyes look and can focus attention on them. Project an air of confidence. It’s important that you are confident in yourself so that you feel beautiful. Confidence is a natural beauty enhancer and makes more difference than all the fancy makeups in the world. Vitamin H is important for healthy hair that grows quickly. Vitamin H transforms carbohydrates into energy, as well as metabolizes the fat and protein in your body. These tips will help your hair grow strong and healthy. You will find biotin in egg yolks as well as in nuts. If you are battling dandruff, you can make a home remedy that consists of your everyday shampoo with an aspirin crushed up and mixed into it. Aspirin has calming properties that help soothe dry scalp skin. This remedy will be more cost effective than any other on the market, which can save you a lot of money, especially if you are a chronic sufferer. A little handy tip is to combine foundation with a little moisturizer, as it will make your foundation last longer. Your make up will have a lighter look and if the moisturizer has sunblock, it is added protection as well. Using a facial moisturizer is a necessity. You may think you do not need this if you have greasy or oily skin, but it can still be helpful to keep your skin looking nice. Get a moisturizer that also has some SPF value as well. You must exfoliate your face often. Exfoliation is a great technique to use in order to reveal the


healthy skin layers that are hiding underneath the visible skin. If you have sensitive skin, you may not want to exfoliate every day, but you should still at least try to do it once or twice a week. If you practice exfoliation, your skin will be radiant, fresh and free from oil and dirt. Using a “hot spray� before taking a blow dryer to your hair is a smart idea. You can find this product in any health and beauty aide section, and it is very helpful in drying hair quicker and preventing split ends. The formula in the protectant will keep your hair hydrated and smelling wonderful! A common, mostly unheard of type of eczema is keratosis pilaris, which is bumps that appear on the back of your upper arm. They show up more often during the cold season because the humidity is lower during those months. Use a body scrub to exfoliate, and then after that use a quality moisturizer. Avoid rubbing your facial skin. Take this special care at all times, when moisturizing as well as normal contact during the day. Rubbing your face is hard on the skin and makes it age faster. When drying your face, always pat gently with your towel. If you are really concerned about your beauty care, avoid caffeine at all costs. Caffeine is an ingredient that ages your skin, makes you appear tired and can also cause the jitters. Only drink one cup of tea or coffee per day. Another option is switching to teas and coffees that are decaffeinated. Allow your hair to air dry as frequently as you can in order to protect it from heat damage. Using heated styling tools too often can dry out and break your hair. If you do have to use a blow dryer, put it on a low setting. When you treat your hair gently, it will stay soft and supple for years to come. No matter what your hair type is, it is recommended that you do not wash your hair everyday. This will just make your hair even more oily. About once every two days is sufficient to keep oil and dirt from building up. Hopefully, in the article above you learned some simple beauty techniques that can make you look your best. By using these tips, you should be able to come up with a beauty regimen that fits into your lifestyle.

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Why Men Should Get Manicures As Well  
Why Men Should Get Manicures As Well  

Using a facial moisturizer is a necessity. You may think you do not need this if you have greasy or oily skin, but it can still be helpful t...