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Contents 04) Feeling


06) Captain Jameson von Greywolfe’s Rum Review 10) Shiver Me Timbers 12) Pirate of the Month 14) 2018 Events 18) Grandiloquent Word of the Month 19) Indiana Pirate Fest 22) Journal

of Bazel Clement Hopwood

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Today, “Feeling Blue� means to feel sad or unwell, and is mainly associated with depression or unhappiness. The use of the color blue dates back from the late 1300s from a custom which was practised on board many old deepwater sailing ships. If a ship lost its captain or any of the officers during its voyage, it was customary for the ship to fly blue flags and have a blue band painted along her entire hull when returning to home port. Rather than using the color black, which was commonly used to signify death, they chose the color blue.

Captain Jameson von Greywolfe’s Rum Review - Macambo It’d be Saturday nigh n time fer da rum review. You wouldn’t think that in Mexico you would find a distillery that makes rum, well there is. Licores Veracruz Distillery was founded in the late 18th century in Veracruz, Mexico and stayed there until 1950 when the Villanueva Barragán family took over the operation and moved it to Cordoba, where it remains today. Located in south Central Mexico near the Gulf, the warm humid climate makes a perfect influence over the barrels aging process. They use a natural found yeast to ferment the molasses in open

tanks. Then in both continuous column and pot stills the ferment is distilled to produce their many rums. It is not stated which of these stills is used for the 15 Años from Macambo. The 15 year or Años is a single barrel rum for which no blending is done. One cask is used for each batch. Produced in small quantities for a superb spirit. Aged in European oak barrels and bottled at 80 proof. The bottle I have is a 500 ml and bottle number 207 from barrel 1515. The distillery also produces other spirits as well. Obviously tequila and mezcal are going to be distilled there

but they also make a sugar cane spirit, vermouth and vodka. In the bottle the rum is a dark brownish amber and in the snifter it lightens up only a little and has a copper highlight. The legs seem to want to cling to the crest but do eventually fall ever so slowly. There is a smoky oak that lies beneath the caramel notes and dark molasses aroma. It’s very much like the Pompero Anniversario I reviewed last year but with low notes of light vanilla. My first neat sip offered a burst of hot chilies with a little bit of caramel sweetness that comes through with the flavors of toffee and leather. The oak tannins are prevalent and pair well with the pipe tobacco. Over ice the chilies are dulled out but your able to still find them in the palette. I think I prefer it over ice, only because it brings out more sweet.

don’t run out, because not only are we going but we’re going with a group of like minded pirates. So me hearties yo ho and plenty a rum fer ye all. May ye week be plentiful and bountiful. May the plunder fall into ye hands. So be scourge of your domain and stay safe, stay alert, stay alive and drink responsibly mates plunder well. Until the next review, down the hatch.

Neat or over ice that has partly melted is a great way to enjoy Macambo. For mixing I’d go with cola or ginger based soda (ale or beer My drink tonight, I’m going with a dirty mojito with ice skulls. Some of you may know that the wife and I are going on a cruise next week. For those who did not please note that I’ll be skipping the reviews next weekend but will return the first weekend of March. I may find the next rums to review while taking this well needed time away. There will be plenty of rum on the ship I only hope they

Captain Jameson von Greywolfe

This year we be keepin it the same as last year wit a few tweaks. We dun signed dem articles again with Woodshire in downtown Fowlerville. Now we be open from noon-5pm at Woodshire fer yer shoppin pleasure. We listened ta what ye be wantin and we be tryin ta make it happen. Now thar be shoppin, food, fun, dancing, & music all in one day. So weigh anchor, hoist the mizzen, and splice the main brace! Come and join us for a bit of fun. This be an open event so ye may invite anyone ta join us. Kids under 15 are always free and should stay no later than 9pm. This is a piratical & steampunk garb event. We

welcome sea bound pirates as well as airship pirates! A pirate be a pirate no matter luv. Our vastly popular SILENT AUCTION returns again as well as the RAFFLE. If you have any wares that are new, hand crafted, gently used, etc. that you would like to donate we would love to take them off yer hands mate. Please send us a private email and let us know what you would like to donate, if we can pick it up or if you can bring the items to the event. We be also lookin ta set up a tradin blankie like the old days so ye be seein what ye can take home from thar. The Silent Auction, Tradin Blanket, vendors, and a plethora of other activities will take place during

the day. Ta be clear - the raffle, the recognition of the new ships/ captains of the fleet, as well as the special recognition awards, and entertainment will take place in the evening. We have reserved a block of 25 rooms at the same hotel as the previous year- The Baymont. There is a discounted rate of for the rooms. They have to be reserved by January 31, 2016 or you will lose the discounted price. After that date the rate goes up. We also have a shuttle to so that no one has to worry about drinking & driving. So then lets party like pirates eh??!! When booking the room ask for the Brethren of the Great

Lakes Pirate rate. We also have also reserved an additional rooms at the Howell Holiday Inn Express. This way we have everything covered. Last year we sold out the Baymont and the overflow was booking at the Holiday Inn so this way we can get everyone accommodated. All reserved rooms release on 1/31/16 so book now and save or everything could be sold out! At the evening event McSpillin AND Drunk n Sailor will be performing and there will be a cash bar run by the VFW. The hotels will have shuttles that will shuttle you to and from the event. Hotel Info - Holiday Inn Express 1397 N Burkhart Rd., Howell, MI 48855 - phone 517-548-0100 or Baymont 4120 Lambert Drive, Howell, MI 48843 - phone 517-546-0712

Vendors (contact Captain Rora aka Heather Ewerth) set up at 10:30am • Open to Public - Noonish to 5ish • -CLOSE down until 7pm so everyone can get dinner in town and freshen up • Then reopen at 7pm to roughly midnight for evening festivites!!!


Entire of the Festivle: $15.00 per person Just the evening party: $10.00 per person Kids 15 and under: FREE (accompanied by an adult)

Woodshire Place Banquet Facility 6520 W Grand River Rd, Fowlerville, Michigan 48836


How long have you been into the pirate life and what made you want to be a pirate?

Captain Black Charlie Interviewed by: Timber Gray Wolf

Ive been a Pirate Re-enactor for roughly 20 years. Have always had a big interest in pirate as i played football and swimming at Seton Hall University and out mascot were Pirates. I was also a Beach Lifeguard for 12 years, a Skull/ Crossedbones was our signature logo. One Halloween i went as a “Real Pirate” and Loved it. I started looking for a way where i could dress up like that more often and found out that there were/are pirate reenactment groups.. so i started my own, This was about 18 years ago. A non-profit that performs for sick children and other charities as well as pirate events. Our Montra is “Any Need for an Act of Piracy!”


Does your pirate prosoma have a back story?

Captain Black Charlie’s back story is a fictional charactor written in real time. Basically an English Officer gone rougue because of political/personal events that happened during the time of King Charles II and his brother King James II (16701705) during the Golden Age of Piracy. And I may add that the story would make for a wonderful Movie! The Captain is a Dashing fellow with a bit of a odd but funny side to him!


What is some the inspiration behind your garb?

Myself and my crew try to maintain a very ‘Realistic’ look however are Not 100% Period Accurate. But we do look like what our Audience Expects to see... Garb, Gear, Accent, and Charactor.


Outside of going to events, are there days that you just Garb up and go out on the town. If so what type of place do you happen to go and do?

Its very rare that we get dressed unless its a show or appearance because we do so many shows during the year (about 35-40) But we do have a Dressed Christmas party every year!


What do you like the most about going to the events and what is one of your favorite so far?

Our very Favorite event is the Rock Hall (MD) Pirates and Wenches Fantasy Weekend where the entire town gets into the act and a Big One here on the East Coast! Our most Rewarding are the Childrens’ hospital visits and POAC (Parents of Autistic Children) events.


What is your day job outside of pirating?

By day I am a Chiropractic Physician with 2 offices in Bayonne, NJ and Pt Pleasant Beach, NJ Focusing on General Wellness and Targeted Therapeutic Nutrition


From the great list of out there, what is one of your favorite pirate movies or books?

The Classics are great! Books and Movies (anything Errol Flynn did, Black Sails, etc..) and books (Treasure Island, Flint and Silver, etc)


Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

In closing, I would like to emphasize that if you have a hobby and enjoy it, Just Do It! Dont allow negative input keep you from your passion. Everyone has an opinion, and not necessarily the right one. Its ok to come out of your shell and express yourself, especially if it makes you Happy!

Mermaid Megafest is a festival dedicated to the preservation of our planet’s aquatic ecosystem through public awareness, community education, and social activism.

Mark your Calendar, and get ready for the Event season to kick off for 2017. As the year goes on, we shall add more events and update any dates that may change.



10th - Shiver Me Timbers

• Woodshire Place Banquet Facility • 6520 W Grand River Rd, Fowlerville, Michigan 48836

10th - 4rd Annual Capitol Steam Supports the Food Bank • 8pm to 12pm • Kelly’s Downtown, 220 S Washington Sq, Lansing, Michigan 48933

17th~18th - Kalamazoo Living History Show

• 9am t0 4pm • Kalamazoo County Expo Center, 2900 Lake St, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49048

24th - Indiana Pirate Fest

• 10am-6pm / 8pm-Midnight • BK Club, 721 S West St, Mishawaka, IN 46544

April 14th - Chicago Rum Festival 2018

• 12:30 PM - 6:30 PM • Logan Square Auditorium, 2539 North Kedzie Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois 60647

21st - Frankenfest (feast)

• Kicks off at 2pm • Bavarian Inn Restaurant, 713 S. Main Street, Frankenmuth, MI 48734


12th~13 - Buccaneer Bash

• 10am to 6pm • The Olde World Village, 13215 M 96, Augusta, Michigan 49012

25th~27th - South Haven Mermaid Megafest • The city of South Haven, Michigan


2nd~3rd - The Magical Realm Fantasy Faire • Charlotte, Michigan

9th~10th - Mid-Michigan Renaissance Festival (kickoff weekend) • 11am to 6pm • Enchanted Forest, 7464 Frankenmuth Rd, Vassar, Michigan 48768 • Inclueds 16th~17th, 23nd~24rd, 30th~ July 1st

15th~17 - Steam Dream Expo

• Friday 6pm to 10pm, Saturday 10am to 2pm, Sunday 10am to 6pm • The Olde World Village, 13215 M 96, Augusta, Michigan 49012


7th~8th - Black Rock Mideival Fest (kickoff weekend) • 10am to 6pm • The Olde World Village, 13215 M 96, Augusta, Michigan 49012 • Inclueds 14th~15th, 21nd~22rd, 28th~29st

14th~15th - Great Lakes Midieval Faire (kickoff weekend) • 11am to 7pm • 3033 State Route 534, Rock Creek, Ohio, 44084 • Inclueds 21nd~22rd, 28th~29st


4th~5th - Black Rock Mideival Fest (Final weekend)

• 10am to 6pm • The Olde World Village, 13215 M 96, Augusta, Michigan 49012

4th~5th - Great Lakes Midieval Faire (kickoff weekend) • 11am to 7pm • 3033 State Route 534, Rock Creek, Ohio, 44084 • Inclueds 11th~12th, 18th~19th (final Weekend)

Franion: (FRAN-yun) noun: 1. A habitual pleasure seeker 2. A merrymaker

Used in a Sentence:

Hobbs tells the king that he is “a frank franion, a merry companion, and loves a wench well.�


Avast me hearties! Be sure to attend the 4th Annual Indiana Pirate Festival, at the Historic BK Club in Mishawaka, IN. The event is filled with fun and educational things to see and do for the whole family! During the Day, the Indiana Pirate Festival has shows, vendors, and demonstrations! We also have a separately ticketed 21-and-over evening event. On Saturday evening there is Pirate’s Ball with live music and dancing!

Saturday Events: 10am to 6pm ~ Pirate Ball*: 8pm to Midnight Day Event Ticket Prices (Per person per day) Adult: Age 13 and up = $10 Military (w/ID) = FREE! Senior = $7 Child: Age 6 to 12 = $5 Age 5 and under = FREE ••• Ball = $10 Each (Over 21 Only)

Donations = Savings!

• Drop off canned food items for the Food Pantry when you buy your tickets at the gate and receive $1 off the Day Event ticket price for each can you bring*. • *Max $2 off per ticket. May not be combined with other offers. See gate for details. • Note: Discounts NOT available for evening event tickets.


After a day of cold wind and waiting. The Mini Moon took to the hill, “Sailing� for South Haven Mermaid Megafest.

Entry 8 - The Captain Journal of Bazel Clement Hopwood

Heading towards the Captain’s Quarters I did not know what was waiting for me, I place my hand on the door and I slowly pushed it open, there stood Captain Timber Gray Wolf off to the side of the room. I could hear metal hitting the floor and I did not know where it was coming from till I saw the back of the captain, small pieces of Round Shot was being slowly working its way out of his flesh and healing right after, I never once witness such a site I could not barely breathe from the tension I could felt in the air. I closed the door behind me as the captain walked over to a cabinet, where he grab two glasses and a bottle of dark liquid in it. Walking over to the desk that sat in the middle of the room he placed glasses on the table, filling them up and then sitting down behind the desk the simple stare he gave, I knew there was no choice but to sit down and partake in whatever he fill the glass with. I sat there looking down at the glass, then place it to my lips, the strong scent of alcohol filled my nose. I took a galp and it burned all the way down. Not saying anything, he reached into a drawer and pulled something out. I could not see what was in his hand. Sliding the it across the table and it stopping in front of me, it was my pendent that I had lost. In a calm voice Wolf looked up behind his glass “I know what you are Bazel Hopwood; a man of letters”. Looking at the man that sat across from me, what was my fate to be? Taking a sip from his glass “if you’re wondering about your safe being, as you were promised you will be delivered safely in England”, he said calming, but I felt that there was more to that. “I do not expect a Man of Letters to understand the world from outside of their books, but I’m giving you the chance now to ask what you must”, his green eyes glared at me, right into what felt like my soul. I sat there looking down at my pendent, hands shaking as I held the glass, setting it down and taking deep breath. “I do not even know where to start, there is so much I want to ask; the things I’ve already saw on this trip between being chased back on the island in the West Indies, seeing Sharkmaid, to catching a dragon, and then witnessing you change from a man to a beast”.

Firsy entry: April Issue 26

We were in the Captain’s Quarters talking till a full bottle of rum slowly became an empty one. From questions of where he came came from, the runes upen the ship, and the crew itself. The questions and answers slowly turn into stories and jokes. Do not think for a moment I did not fear this man knowing what he was and what you could do, yet we sat there for hours drinking like to Old Chums at a pub. He picked up the glasses and the empty bottle, at that time I knew the night had came to a close. I slowly stumbled back to my cabin, falling on the floor of the small room. There I was not sure if it was the amount of alcohol or the motion of the ocean, but I got to be reunited with my breakfast and lunch. ... Morning came still laying on the floor, it had felt as if a billy club was cracked over my head. I left for search of fresh air, while my stomach still felt the emptiness and pain from the night before. After getting some fresh air I slowly made my way back down to the galley in search of food. I must have woken early enough as some of the crew sitting at the table eating their morning meal. Setting down at the table to join the crew they passed plate down to me, dry bread and what appeared to be eggs laid upon it. After eating some food and chatting with the crew, asking them how each one how long have they been with the crew and how they felt about the captain being faoladh. Many of them responded they did not have a problem with him being one and many of the same response was “just as he they all wanted to be free from the world law, he had the strength to take them there.” In many cases he had rescued or freed a number of the crew from death’s hand. I can start to see why so many different creatures flocked to the New World. A place of freedom and a new start. My thoughts as a man of letters, from the things I was taught and through my training; this was not meant to be, this was not the natural order. I fought with this idea for hours. The captain was or could be said to be a good man and without a doubt he looked out for his crew, but he was still a monster something that I was taught that had to be destroyed. Even with him knowing what I was he treated me with respect. Could it was trickery or being truly honorable to deliver me safely? Even knowing there is a chance soon as I get back to the council and inform them of my journey, what would stop them from sending Hunters after the captain and his crew. If was was not just from being faoladh, but a pirate on top of it.

Exit note: Faoladh (FuEH-luh); an Irish werewolf in origin. Know in lore for being a guardian and protector.

March 2018, issue 33  
March 2018, issue 33