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Brach Eichler March 30, 2012

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Business landscape had changed

Law firm websites had not

Observation 1: New Business Landscape • • • • •

Tech-savvy lawyers, and clients A wider (and more competitive) market Emergence of social media Lawyer as entrepreneur The Economy

Observation 2:

Website paradigm (the basic structure) has not changed.



of website traffic goes to attorney bios Attorney Bios

9% 5%

Practice Areas


Home & Contact Us Pages



A 2009 survey of general counsel

100% 90%

of the respondents said that they visited a law firm’s website when evaluating and purchasing legal services

said that the attorney bios section is the most important section of a law firm’s website – and the one they visit most.

* 2009, Wicker Park Group survey of general counsel at major companies

Rainmaker Focused Website  Firms:  Continue to build the firm brand  Attorneys:  Communicate depth of experience  Build their reputation

Attorney Microsites    

Small, customizable websites for each attorney Fits within the firm’s larger website Can have any number of pages Can include any type of information

Tech Platform Built from ground up over the past 2 years using the most up-to-date, open-source technology. • Accommodate odd-ball content (video, podcasts, etc.) • Integrate social media • Be highly modular and flexible • Provide automatic upgrades and enhancements

Tech Platform Proprietary Code • • •

Private, closely guarded code Difficult and expensive to modify You are often beholden to the original developer

Open Source • •

Developed by a collaborative community Functionality can be added more quickly, easily – and often less expensively

Open Source Drupal MTV (UK) NASA The Onion New York Public Library McGill University Amnesty International Fast Company The New York Observer Warner Bros Records Popular Science

WordPress Wall Street Journal Magazine Ford CNN Andreessen Horowitz Benchmark Capital University of Maine Verio Network Solutions TechCrunch Southern Bancorp




Old Paradigm

New Paradigm

Throw it away and start from scratch in 5-7 years.

A living, growing site. Reskinned in 5-7 years.


This is a test presentation