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BRINGING SEXY BACK ough but delicate is the motto of the sexy new sports bras that are meant to go from gym to beach. L*Space’s bralettes come in a range of colors from nude to black ($88,, while Lululemon’s True Self Bra II ($54, and Phat Buddha’s Park Avenue Bra ($73, have removable cups. All are made with sweat-wicking Lycra, are best for A⁄B cups, and offer light to medium support.

ou work out hard— and do your best to eat healthy—but still have a bloated belly. Blame it on stress and hormones, says New York City-based celebrity trainer and wellness expert David Kirsch, author of Ultimate Family Wellness (Fair Winds Press). Cortisol is the main stress hormone responsible. When it spikes, you instinctively reach for more junk food (particularly if you’ve been losing sleep, too). “Fatty, processed junk food takes longer for your body to digest,” explains Kirsch, “and thus, your belly is fuller longer.” How else can you successfully banish the bloat? Kirsch’s 10-step plan: 1. Cut down on starchy carbs like bagels and pasta, which, says Kirsch, “cause your body to retain water and give the appearance of bloat.” 2. Limit dairy, which can be highly inflammatory and causes embarassing gas. 3. Take a daily probiotic to properly balance the bacteria in your intestines.

4. Cut down on gassy foods in your diet, like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. 5. Limit your daily sodium intake, as it causes too much water retention. 6. Eat cooked vegetables rather than raw, which are high in insoluble fiber—too much of which can cause gas. 7. Limit or avoid carbonated beverages; the “bubbles” can build up in the belly making it look distended. 8. Get some sleep. You’ll find you reach for fewer sweet treats and processed foods. 9. Find a way to reduce stress, to stop cortisol levels from spiking in the first place. 10. Do this exercise. Kirsch recommends trying outside plank oblique crunches. To do it, lie on your right side with your legs straight, left leg on top of the right. Your right forearm arm should be flat on the floor supporting the body. Place your left hand behind the head. Bring your left elbow in toward your belly and then return to the starting position. Do 15 reps, then switch sides.



BABY STEPS TO FITNESS If you’re not into the walking treadmill desk, there’s a new lessintrusive way to stay active at work: Cubii, the under-desk elliptical ($347, It makes little to no noise, making it a perfect stay-active option while on conference calls, and has adjustable resistance, It’s easy to use while you’re seated. too. Plus, it syncs your steps to your Fitbit via its app.


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