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fitnesspros have the opportunity to watch lives transform before their eyes—but the job is incredibly taxing. Dedicated trainers make themselves available to clients on a nearly round-the-clock basis. It makes you wonder: What are some of the good habits a skilled trainer might practice to keep her own health and wellness at the top of her priority list? Here, we check in with three busy, hard-working celebrity trainers to learn how it’s possible to care for others and still keep enough energy and time reserved to do what it takes to be the best—and your best self.

ANNA KAISER ➜ High-profile trainer Anna Kaiser founded her studio,

AKT InMotion, in 2013 in New York City, and her celebrity client list is as dazzling as Times Square at night: Shakira, Kelly Ripa, and Sofia Vergara are among the bold-face names (and fantastic figures) who swear by Kaiser’s methods. NEW YOU: How do you make health and fitness a priority in your life? ANNA KAISER: There’s so much



NY: What about nutritional supplements? AK: I make sure that I supple-

energy and focus put on others, and not just on my clients but on my team and the people I’m working closely with at AKT InMotion, as well as their clients because they’re also an extension of me. It can be all-consuming sometimes. I started making myself a priority because I’ve realized that I can’t help others unless I keep myself in check, too. Making sure to restore and recover is as important as working your tail off and keeping yourself in shape.

ment my diet because I work out really intensely. Things like B vitamins, magnesium, folic acid, multivitamins allow my body to recover much quicker. Essentia is a really wonderful find for me. It’s an alkaline water that allows my body to recover much more quickly and I have more energy throughout the day without having to caffeinate myself.

NY: How does that manifest in your life? AK: Once a week I always

high-profile Hollywood clients, that includes Kelly Osbourne, Amanda Seyfried, and Mary-Louise Parker. In addition, Lacey is an indoor cycling instructor at Flywheel.

make sure I do something therapeutic just for me, whether it’s a massage or a facial. I also started getting into meditation; five minutes at a time, 10 minutes at a time. If I feel like I’m getting overstimulated or unable to focus, or focusing on too many things at once, I take a minute, recalibrate my system, and then everything is easier again. I also limit the amount of time that I stay out

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late at night; I try and get more sleep. There’s no way I can be efficient with my day if I’m not well rested. Another small trick that helps me ground myself is I always have a candle lit when I’m working. Whether it’s at home or at the office, or when I’m traveling. It kind of brings the earth into the space because electronics can be so overpowering.

LACEY STONE ➜ Los Angeles-based Lacey Stone trains a roster of

NEW YOU: What do you view as the key to wellness? LACEY STONE: I break it into

three different segments: your personal, your professional, and your physical. Basically, for your physical, it’s healthy eating. What are you putting in your body to take care of yourself ? I try to


eing a personal trainer is like being a parent. It’s your responsibility to teach those in your care how to best take care of themselves. That way, when you set them out into the world, they won’t just survive, they’ll thrive. A trainer helps clients to work through the mental and physical roadblocks that inevitably pop up along the path. But just like a parent, a trainer can’t do her job well unless she takes care of herself, too. Many trainers say the work is immensely rewarding, especially when they

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New You Magazine - Ashley Tisdale  

New You Magazine - Ashley Tisdale

New You Magazine - Ashley Tisdale  

New You Magazine - Ashley Tisdale