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Dating Myths - Great Expectations Dating Website! As a great expectations Dallas dating coach, a lot of people come to me discouraged. They've tried everything. They're a great people. They've good careers. They are friends, sons, daughters, brothers or sisters. But, so far as their great expectations dating lives, they're alone and tired of it. They appear at me and say, \"Aren't I supposed to find the passion for my life? Aren't I entitled to a little happiness?\" Often it's hard for them to hear, but I have to look at them and say, \"No.\"

Something happens from the moment if we are kids to adults. We learn that if you want to be successful in a career, buy a house, save for retirement or achieve any major milestone in life we have to work for it. Yet, after i talk to people about finding \"the one,\" they want it to occur naturally. Organically. They will \"know it once they view it.\"

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I don't want to burst any bubbles, but we're not eligible for happiness.Nor is anyone entitled to a wonderful relationship. Individuals have to work for it just similar to their careers or the other relationships in our lives like friendships or family. When you feel you are eligible for something you cease working for this and sit around and watch for it to happen for you personally.

The great news is everyone can have a vibrant relationship; hard news is you need to work with it just like other areas in your life. You will need to take risks, step outside your safe place, explore, open up and go against your natural man's instinct to hold back for the movie \"meetcute\" moment. Want to stack the chances to your benefit? Do the homework. Figure out where you are, who's a great match for you and be aware of how you are presenting yourself.