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Greater Waco Emmaus Community   December 2016 Newsletter  Word to Encourage by David Norris, Spiritual Director   It happened when my son was about 12 years old or so; you know, still at that age when he had not yet figured out  whether girls were interesting or just to be avoided. It was Christmas, and he was dying to open this huge box placed  by the Christmas tree. As we were passing out presents, we deliberately avoided the big box in favor of less  impressively-sized packages. At last, we passed the big box to him. He tore into the box with a great deal of  expectation, ripping oퟤ� the wrapping paper and ribbons. As he encountered all sorts of packing materials inside, they  went flying over his shoulder into a heap on the floor. There was a slight pause as he found the large, silly doll we had  placed inside, then it too went flying, like the rest, into the garbage heap.     He had received the doll to slow up his gloating over a joke played on his younger sister, but somehow failed to see the  humor when the joke was on him. We too can gather too much enjoyment as long as someone else is the object of the  joke, but the ability to laugh at ourselves is evidence of emotional good health.     Jesus came in what surely must have been one of those chuckle moments for God; here was His Son, who deserved  the very best the world had to oퟤ�er, yet being born in a stable built for animals. Would humankind ever get it? But like  other giퟬ�s that sometimes don't have an immediately recognizable value, that humble stable held within its airy walls  the very best that God had to oퟤ�er – all of the peace, love, hope and joy of heaven wrapped up in swaddling clothes,  lying in a manger. And more than 2,000 years later, the giퟬ� continues to give in forgiveness and redemption freely  available to all.     As for my son's doll, it now gives him a great chuckle every time it is mentioned. For in recognizing his standing before  God as one of the redeemed, he too can laugh at himself. He knows the value of God's giퟬ� to each of us, and sees a  reflection of that giퟬ� each time he gives and receives – even the ones given jokingly.     Each of you has been God’s giퟬ� to me as I have served as your spiritual director this year. The smiles, the handshakes,  the hugs, the expressions of grace have all been an encouragement to me. It has been a privilege.     So now is the Advent season is here and filled with hope for the future! Let us cherish God's great giퟬ�, and be joyful!     De Colores,  David 


4th Days  December 1, 2016  Robinson  D   rive   United  M   ethodist  C   hurch  2801  R   obinson  D   rive  Waco,  T  X  7   6706  254‐662‐3155    6:30 PM Potluck Dinner  7 PM Worship   

Board Nominations   Below is the slate of oퟤ�icers for the 2017 Greater Waco Emmaus Community. Those with an asterisk will be voted on  during the business portion of the December gathering on 12/1/16. The others are completing their two-year term.  You will also be able to nominate from the floor.   



Lay Leader 

Linda Heese 

Assistant Lay Leader* 

Leigh Ann Moퟤ�ett 

Spiritual Director 

Lori Cotton 

Assistant Spiritual Director* 

Larry Junek 




Ben Adams 

Kairos/Epiphany Coordinator* 

Marcia and John Boggs 

Chrysalis Coordinator 

Elaine Norris 

Communion Steward 

Ken Holt 


Natalie Underwood 

Music Director  

Danny Londenberg 

Assistant Music Director 

Linda Holt 

Sponsor a Pilgrim  Know someone you would like to sponsor? Work with them to complete the form available at A a sponsor, be prepared to perform the following tasks:  ● ● ● ●

Provide transportation to and from the event  Help with any personal responsibilities that the participant may have during the weekend  Pray for the participant before, during and aퟬ�er the weekend  Encourage participation at Group Reunions and monthly Community Gatherings 

Work a Walk   Like the pilgrims, team members also grow in their relationship to Christ. Their role is primarily one of servanthood. Considering  working a walk? Complete the team application at and  follow the submission instructions on the form.   


Words of Wisdom by Linda Heese, Assistant Lay Leader   Joy is a feeling of great pleasure. There are 250 verses in the Bible with the word joy in them and 150 verses with the  word rejoice. That’s a lot of joy. Christian joy is a deep gladness; a contentment. Joy is a reservoir in our heart; a river  that never stops flowing.    Joy is contagious. When you see someone with a smile on their face it makes you want to smile too. God’s giퟬ� to us  today and everyday is the totally stress free giퟬ� of joy in His presence.    God’s joy is a giퟬ� given to us with no strings attached. It’s a sweet simple giퟬ� given to all of us with an open heart. Joy  was in the hearts of those in the Bible during the birth of Jesus Christ. Mary and Joseph had joy in their hearts over  the birth of their son Jesus. The shepherds put down what they were doing and traveled to Bethlehem to experience  the great joy associated with the birth of Jesus.     The same joy that was oퟤ�ered to the characters in the Bible then is oퟤ�ered to each one of us today. All you need to do  is open you heart to the opportunity to accept this free giퟬ�. During this holiday season of Christmas there is a  multitude of joy everywhere you turn. Let’s be open to receiving the joy that is there free for the taking. Open your  heart to the joy of this Christmas season and spread the joy of Jesus. Remember Jesus is the reason for the season.    De Colores!  Linda 


Upcoming Walks  Pray for all walks, teams, and pilgrims!    Walk 



Sponsoring Community 

421 (Women) 

February 9-12 

Heart of Texas Baptist Camp, Brownwood 

Pecan Valley 

422 (Men) 

February 16-19 

Greene Family Camp, Bruceville 


423 (Women) 

March 2-5 

Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center, Glen Rose 


424 (Women) 

April 20-23 

Latham Springs Baptist Camp, Aquilla 


425 (Men) 

May 4-7 

Heart of Texas Baptist Camp, Brownwood 


426 (Men) 

September 7-10 

Latham Springs Baptist Camp, Aquilla 

Greater Waco 

427 (Women) 

October 12-15 

Greene Family Camp, Bruceville 


428 (Men) 

October 19-22 

Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center, Glen Rose 

Fort Worth 



2016 Leadership - Thank you for a Fabulous Year!!!!  Lay Director 

Sheila Boggess 


Assistant Lay Director  

Linda Heese 


Spiritual Director 

David Norris 


Assistant Spiritual Director  

Lori Cotton 



Music Team Director  

Danny Londenberg 


Assistant Music Team Director 

Linda Holt 



Natalie Underwood 



Jeퟤ� Hull 



Kairos/Epiphany Coordinator 

Lawrence Junek 


Chrysalis Coordinator 

Elaine Norris 


Communion Steward 

Jim Johnson 


Newsletter Editor/Webmaster 

Leigh Ann Moퟤ�ett 


Please pray for the 2016 Greater Waco Emmaus Group leadership as they lead us in Glorifying God!   Please send change of address to Waco Emmaus, P.O. Box 23016, Waco, TX 76702 or email   

Find your Reunion Group    Group 



Contact Name 

Contact Number 


Last Sunday of the month  Noon 

Lorena UMC, Lorena 

Mary Mathias 


Angels in  Action 

Tuesdays 4:00 - 5:00 PM  (except gathering week) 

Cogdell UMC Library, Waco 

Judy Burdette 


Band of  Sisters 

Mondays Noon 

Email    for location 

Sue Kalka 



Tuesdays 6:30 AM 

Mi Tequilla, Waco 

Jo Von  Rosenburg 



Mondays 7 AM 

Starbucks, Bosque Blvd., Waco 

Carey Lape 



1st and 3rd Tuesdays   8 PM 

Panera Bread, Waco 

Gail Jenkins 




Wednesdays 9 AM 

McDonalds  7961 N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd.  

Joyce Ann  Clendening 



Tuesdays 7 AM 

Lolita’s Restaurant, Waco 

George Ahrens  



Thursdays 5:30 PM  (except gathering week) 

Whataburger by Richland Mall 

Dennis Rejcek 



Fridays 6:30 AM 

Providence Hospital Cafeteria, Waco 

Jon Spelman 

254-772-0119/  254-776-2592 



Greater Waco Emmaus Newsletter December 2016