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Welcome to this edition of Bridges Magazine. As you read this issue, I hope you will be as pleased as we are to hear the messages from some of our growing industries. Expansions, new business, and additional hiring bear witness to climbing growth within Rome and Floyd County.

The secret of success rests with the distinctive top five attributes: leadership, well-trained employees, quality products, pride in performance, and of course, community involvement. These assets have not gone unnoticed, and Rome and Floyd County are getting attention. The manufacturing and existing industry sector is the backbone of our community and provides primary jobs for our workforce. Noteworthy and to be commended is the Greater Rome Existing Industries Association. This group of leaders is our larger employers and community investors. They help make a community, especially Rome and Floyd County, economically viable and a desirable place to live, work, and thrive. We look forward to more good things happening in out existing business and industry and those who follow. Share the word. Rome Floyd Works! Sincerely,

Jeanne Krueger Jeanne Krueger President and CEO





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Remaining Steadfast


Making A Home In Rome

Greater Rome Existing Industries Association F & P Georgia

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Remaining Steadfast

Greater Rome Existing Industries Association


The Rome Floyd Chamber long ago recognized the importance of our local manufacturers. This knowledge led to the Greater Rome Existing Industries Association (GREIA) formation over 35 years ago. Comprised of diverse industries, GREIA brings companies together to discuss issues and opportunities specific to manufacturing at monthly meetings. While business practices and needs may have changed over time, the purpose of GREIA has remained steadfast - “To promote harmonious relations among the manufacturers of Floyd County; to foster and promote the activities among the manufacturers to create a profitable and productive business environment.” Further, the association shall attempt to provide a means for the exchange of concepts, views, and ideas; by promoting economic and technical research and programs; by providing educational opportunities, and by representing and fostering the economic needs of our city, county, state, and national governments. It shall be the purpose of this association to promote programs and aid to improve operational productivity and management effectiveness and to perform any service to any member that may benefit that member or our association as a whole.” Pam Powers-Smith leads the Chamber’s dedication to our industrial members. Her responsibilities include providing seminars for manufacturers regarding the best practices in management, union guidance, workforce issues, legislative updates, the best practices in human resources, corporate citizenship recommendations, and other topical subjects. She also acts as a liaison with state, city, county, and other entities to maintain open communication channels. In addition, she works with the executive board of GREIA to provide the best assistance to benefit all members.

One important concern for all employers is access to a qualified workforce. Fortunately, a key component of GREIA is the relationships formed with schools, colleges, College and Career Academies, and other state programs that help place workers. “Right now, we are heavily focused on local workforce issues and how to solve that for everyone. And it looks different for each company, but we try to connect them to the appropriate partners. And with our partnerships, I know we can help those that need it and continue to do so,” said Powers-Smith. Recently, Ben Murray joined the Chamber staff as Director of Talent Development. His focus will be Workforce Development and interacting with local schools and companies daily. Working with the executive committee, the group offers guidance on manufacturing trends, brainstorming solutions for challenges, and plans for the future of GREIA. John Cothran of Brugg Lifting North America currently serves as Chair of the executive board. “Floyd County and the City of Rome are very fortunate to have GREIA. This unique association meets monthly and provides the local industries an opportunity to network and share ideas and best practices. GREIA was instrumental in keeping the local industrial base safe during the COVID pandemic. In addition, members were able to help each other understand and comply with the federal guidelines and recommendations. GREIA is supported 100% by the Rome Floyd Chamber and its Director of Business and Industry,” says Cothran. Other than the monthly meetings, it is not uncommon to find members networking at lunch, touring one another’s plants, or socializing during the annual golf tournament. The community can learn more about GREIA, and the companies represented, and their importance to Rome and Floyd County by following them on social media. You can find them on Facebook, GREIA – Rome Floyd Chamber of Commerce, or Instagram @greia_romefloydchamber.

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meet the board members

Jennnifer Cole F & P Georgia

Staci Finley

Georgia Pacific

Kevin Nassar

Foss Manufacturing

Lee Coleman

Suhner Manufacturing

Nat Massey

Jenny Cook

Summit Hill Foods

Ben McElrath

F & P Georgia

Marglen Industries

David Newby

Pam Powers-Smith

Profile Custom Extrusion

Rome Floyd Chamber

John Cothran, Chairman

Brugg Lifting North America

Ryan Miller

VT Industries

Erica Rahn

Foss Manufacturing Photo Credit: SmithworksGA

Floyd County and the City of Rome are very fortunate to have GREIA. This unique association meets monthly and provides the local industries an opportunity to network and share ideas and best practices.

- John Cothran, Chairman 6

Making A Home In Rome f&P georgia

It’s been 20 years since management of the Japanese auto parts maker F. Tech, Inc., chose a spot in the Floyd County Industrial Park to locate a new U.S. manufacturing plant. That decision has paid dividends for the U.S. subsidiary, F&P Georgia. 8

The Rome company is one of five North American subsidiaries of F. Tech, Inc., manufacturers of high-performance suspension system parts for automobile manufacturers. Almost before the ink dried on an expansion deal with the Rome-Floyd County Development Authority in 2021, the company won another contract with a Toyota plant in Alabama and were soon back in front of the authority for additional financial backing. The original proposal called for a $23 million capital investment, but less than a month later, the company sought another $17 million for additional production capacity. Rather than do two separate deals, the projects were rolled into one. Plant Manager Bruce Critchlow said the exciting part about the second agreement is that the contract was with a new F&P OEM automaker in Toyota. The two projects will increase employment at the Rome plant from the June level of 517 to approximately 540 by September when the new customer comes online. “We have our foot in the door.” Critchlow said. “Every time there is a new model, we have the opportunity to expand.” When F&P Georgia began production in Rome, it supplied parts for the Honda Odyssey, followed by orders for the Nissan Quest and the Honda Pilot. By 2009, the Honda Ridgeline was added to the list. Over the last decade, the company has added production for several other Nissan vehicles, including the Altima, Leaf, and Rogue. Honda expanded its use of the Rome plant for the MDX model. Rome has been the “sweet spot” for F&P Georgia over the past two decades. It has been a supplier for several plants in neighboring states as the automotive industry has experienced a Southern surge over the last 20 or more years. The company has expanded its workforce on at least five different occasions. Growth at F&P Georgia in 2012 resulted in the company taking over the second building in the industrial park located near the Georgia Highlands College campus. Two years later, the company added another 50,000 square feet to the second building, located at Governors Drive and Pirelli Drive. The growth for F&P Georgia has come in significant spurts. A new 400-ton press was brought online in February. In addition, a 160-ton press was transferred to the Rome plant earlier this year, specifically sent to meet the demand that has been growing and ramping back after the Covid-caused slowdown. (Continued on page 10)


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F&P Georgia is one of the leaders in advanced manufacturing processes among the industries that are a part of the Greater Rome Existing Industries Association. Three months ago, the company added three robotic weld lines. The technology involves a process known as Weld Bead Identification. The equipment automatically assesses the strength of a weld before passing the sub-frame assembly onto the next station. Georgia Northwestern Technical College was the beneficiary when F&P Georgia donated some of the older robotic equipment to the school, allowing students hands-on learning and practice. The company participates in a Youth Apprenticeship Program, and its employees regularly coach and mentor students as one of the leading business partners with the local schools. At one point, every production technician on the welding line at F&P was either a GNTC graduate or enrolled in the automation production training program at the school. As a Tier One supplier, Critchlow explained that as the automotive industry matures in the South, F&P Georgia expects to have many more opportunities for future expansion.


The Heart Of A Company foss flooring

Kevin Nassar, Executive Vice President of Foss, believes that a good company must think of its people first—and as his father always said, employees are the lifeblood of the business.


In 2020, an article appeared in the trade newsletter, Floor Covering News, regarding the adversities experienced by the flooring industry at that time. It directed the blame, and rightfully so, on COVID 19. Layoffs and furloughs were becoming commonplace, with some large companies forced to shut down operations to get a better handle on what could be a tough blow to businesses. No one was confident enough to predict where the infectious menace would take us or for how long it would hold us captive while unemployment climbed to levels not seen since the Great Depression—with 43 million workers filing for unemployment benefits. The report cited a Rome company, with additional facilities in Dalton and Chatsworth, who chose to meet COVID headon to protect their most important asset—their employees. Kevin Nassar, Executive Vice President of Foss, believes that a good company must think of its people first—and as his father always said, employees are the lifeblood of the business. Take care of them. As Nassar began to see spouses of Foss employees’ losing their jobs, he felt the best way to help might be to cover health insurance payments for those

with insurance and allot bonuses for those without. It was a boost that was needed and appreciated. The dedicated employees were gratified to see how quickly their company acted on their behalf. If you don’t know Foss Flooring, you may appreciate learning that this innovative flooring company produces various and useful products by re-using post-consumer PET plastic bottles. In pioneering nonwoven needle punch floor coverings and flooring products, Foss has remained at the forefront of recycling plastic into quality and useful goods. Founded in New Hampshire in the late ’50s, the company began by manufacturing shoe products. Later, they shifted focus to the automobile industry. The family-owned business was purchased by a venture capital group in 2006, and their focus was turned toward the carpet mills in North Georgia. When Nassar was brought on board, he was first commuting from Alpharetta, never giving thought to making Rome home, but as his company grew and relationships expanded, (Continued on page 14)


Kevin Nassar Executive Vice President of Foss

Every year Foss reuses 40 million pounds of plastic to make its floor coverings. · That translates to, 2 billion plastic bottles recycled into carpet and not in landfills , oceans, lakes and parks

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the family made the move. One of his favorite things about Rome is the genuine closeness of the community. He feels there is something about the city of Rome that creates a professional and personal connection—and that is very appealing. Foss Flooring shows no sign of slowing down. With the addition of the plant in Chatsworth, the Rome plant currently employs approximately 250 people. Nassar continually keeps an eye out for possible land or buildings that would suit other expansions.

· Foss Floors has a zero loss recycling policy and all scraps are recycled back into fiber to be used again · Foss Floors is a known leader in non-woven needle punch flooring and a huge contributor to the recycling of PET post-consumer plastic drinking bottles · Products commonly made from recycled PET include new PET bottles and jars, carpet, clothing, industrial strapping, rope, automotive parts, fiberfill for winter jackets and sleeping bags, construction materials, and protective packaging · Producing products from plastic bottles reduces energy consumption by 66% · The process of using recycled PET is environmentally friendly and cost effective allowing Foss Floors to make affordable products

Brayden Dean, UGA, Rome Floyd Chamber/Summer Intern, Article Contributor.



A Banking Success Story G R E AT E R COM M U N I T Y BA N K

For one local Rome-based community bank, turning “silver” has really been like hitting gold.


Greater Community Bank turned 25 this year, and with it, the Bank has experienced the strongest year financially in its history; deepened its roots through expansion and growth in its 3 markets; and has provided some much-needed assistance to 335 local businesses during the global pandemic, helping to protect 8,067 jobs and bolster the economy in Northwest Georgia. That’s definitely something to celebrate! The bank, founded by Thomas “Tom” D. Caldwell, III, along with a group of his closest friends and associates, first opened its doors for business on February 26, 1996, and has since expanded its footprint over the last 25 years to include Floyd, Gordon, and Bartow counties. Following initial success in Rome, the Bank expanded into the Gordon County market in 2011. Since that time, the Calhoun office has experienced immense growth and received overwhelming community support. The Calhoun office recently completed a state-of-the-art renovation, doubling its footprint, and enhancing technology. In 2019, the Bank saw a tremendous opportunity for growth in the Bartow County market and opened a temporary office at 32 W. Main Street in downtown Cartersville. A new permanent office is scheduled to be constructed in 2022 at 2 N. Dixie Avenue. Bank President & CEO David J. Lance – a fourth-generation banker – shares that the Bank’s continual success over the last twoand-a-half decades is a direct result of its humble beginnings and the Bank’s core values system at work. These values provide a strong commitment to enhancing the quality of life for everyone in the communities served by the Bank. “Community is the foundation on which our bank is built,” says Lance. “Building relationships and supporting local efforts is really what community banking is all about. It is our job to provide convenient solutions to help our customers reach their goals and enjoy financial growth and stability. Our mission is to make our communities greater.” Greater Community Bank’s dedication to its communities was demonstrated when the federal government introduced the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) in response to COVID-19. The Bank’s employees tirelessly worked around the clock to meet the growing needs of local small businesses. Amid reports that big banks were not being responsive, Greater Community Bank was there. In the first round of PPP loans in 2020, the Bank processed 330 loans, totaling over $47 million, making the bank the second largest producer within its market area. In 2021, Greater Community Bank continued to aid local businesses as it processed an additional 178 PPP loans totaling over $29 million. Lance notes that the Bank’s objective was to be a good steward of the PPP program to support small businesses. “Our local

Greater Community Bank employees celebrated Community Banking month in April. David Lance, GCB President & CEO, served as the 2020 – 2021 Chairman of the Community Bankers Association of Georgia.

community had a need, and it was our responsibility and privilege to answer the call,” he says. “Greater Community Bank truly cares about people, and we understand how important the banking relationship is for entrepreneurs and small businesses. I am proud to be a part of helping our friends and neighbors succeed.” President Lance is quick to recognize the Bank’s employees as its greatest asset. Bank employees are the largest shareholders and are truly invested in the success of the Bank. “The secret to Greater Community Bank’s success is our people,” says Lance. “It’s an owner’s mentality. Our employees are dedicated, focused, and efficient because it’s their bank. Our team deeply cares about helping our customers and strives to build lifelong relationships. They share ideals for good banking practices: listening to customers, team support, problem solving, honesty and confidentiality: It’s really an amazing group.” It’s not surprising to see why giving back comes naturally for Greater Community Bank. In 2020 alone, Greater Community donated more than $60 thousand to over 50 well-deserving organizations. To commemorate the 25th Anniversary, the Bank decided to couple those contributions with talent and time by dedicating in excess of 2,500 volunteer hours to support local community non-profits. Greater Community Bank is proud to support worthy organizations. Most notably, establishing the Greater Community Fund, a donor advised fund, with the Community Foundation for Greater Rome. Greater Community Bank’s strong and experienced leadership team of David Lance (President/CEO), Donna McEntyre (COO/ Calhoun City President), and Matt Robbins (EVP/Senior Lending Officer); combined with an exceptional team of bankers, and a passion for serving people has been the recipe for success for this local community bank.


Flying High richard b. russell airport

Tucked away in Northern Armuchee, lies a gem in Rome and Floyd County. The Richard B. Russell Regional Airport has a deep and rich history in the Rome-Floyd area that stretches back to 1942. Initially, the mere 670 acres of land that the airport operated on was used as a Navy Auxiliary Base. After being deeded back to Floyd County in 1945, the airport was used by various airline services that worked out of Russell Field. In 1971, the Board of Commissions voted to rename it from “Russell Field” to “Richard B. Russell Airport” in honor of Senator and Governor Richard B. Russell. Today, Richard B. Russell Regional Airport is a key impactful and entertaining part of the Floyd County community. The airport offers a variety of uses that aviation lovers, businesspeople, and everyday citizens can take advantage of and enjoy. The airport’s capacity can tolerate a wide variety of civilian and military planes. The largest non-military are the Gulf Stream 650 and the Global Express, with


both planes holding around 12 people. For the military aircraft lovers, the airport can host a wide vary of planes and helicopter including: C130s, C17s, Black Hawks, Huey, and Cobra Ships. The airport also offers an assortment of entertaining events that everyone can enjoy such as, the Wings Over North Georgia Air Show featuring the Blue Angels. For the adventurous types, you can enjoy being flown over Floyd County in a plane by an expert pilot. An exciting project at the airport is extending the runway to 7,010 feet. “The extension of Richard B. Russell Airport runway was approved in the 2013 SPLOST by the voters in Floyd County. Phase 1 of the extension project has recently started with grading and drainage being underway and hopefully completed in late fall

of 2021. Phases 2 & 3 will take place in 2022 with ILS upgrades and new base and paving allowing RMG to become the longest runway in the Atlanta, Birmingham, Chattanooga triangle. The 7010 ft grooved runway when completed will be a great opportunity to grow not only Floyd County but the entire NW GA region. We will continue to either meet or exceed many of the insurance requirements that help local tenants, industry, and visitors in providing efficient air transportation to Rome and Floyd County,” commented Floyd County Manager, Jamie McCord.

The extension may remove insurance barriers for the aircraft of companies wishing to conduct business within the Floyd County community. This allows larger planes to come to the airport and bring business with them. John Carroll, the Airport Manager, emphasized the importance of this extension saying, “By giving them an opportunity, Floyd County can be on their radar. Now, whenever somebody comes in, whenever they are shopping for a place to land, they have those boxes checked and marked off. They have access, whether roads and/or an airport.” The expansion of the (Continued on page 20)


(Continued from page 19)

airport will bring an array of economic expansions and job opportunities for the residents of Floyd County. Carroll describes the airport’s function as such, “We are a gateway. Airports are a gateway into their communities, and that is exactly what we are. It is all about jobs, bringing jobs.” The airport is an open door for new jobs and new businesses prospects. While Carroll highlights the importance of the airport and its contribution to bringing new jobs, he also says that it can be an important catalyst in growing businesses already operating in the Rome and Floyd County area. He says, “I’d like the businesses of Rome and Floyd County to know that we are here to utilize us, to see if their business can be expanded using aviation. It’s not just about bringing jobs in, it’s about growing businesses that are already here, giving them the opportunity to expand outward.” With the expansion of the runway, Rome and Floyd County can look to the air for new possibilities and growth. Brayden Dean, UGA, Rome Floyd Chamber/Summer Intern



Pirelli Tire North America is not just another international company that has found a home in Rome. Still, it is a cutting-edge manufacturer which always has its eyes on the future. After making Rome its North American manufacturing home two decades ago, Pirelli has become a key community partner in many ways.


Pirelli was one of the first corporate partners to commit to the Rome Floyd Chamber Rise & Thrive 2025 program. “I am confident the collaborative efforts and investment will help us with our workforce and infrastructure needs for years to come,” said Clay Cooper, Pirelli’s director of human resources. In September of 2019, Pirelli was named a Global Impact LEAD company by the United Nations Global Compact and recognized among the most involved manufacturers participating in the worldwide sustainability initiative. The company has been a member of the compact since 2004. The Pirelli Tire North America plant in Rome recently added another honor in becoming the first tire factory certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The certification means that Pirelli is sourcing natural rubber that did not cause deforestation, that farmers receive fair treatment, there are no human rights abuses, and much more. Maureen Kline, vice president of public affairs and sustainability, thinks the urgency of taking better care of the environment has become necessary to industries within the automotive sector around the world. For example, the companies for which Pirelli provides tires are demanding environmental awareness, and Pirelli is passing that mandate down the line to its vendors as well. “Rubber is certified on the ground and through a chain of custody that includes all who handle it,” Kline said. The certification for Pirelli came in conjunction with BMW, which will be using some of the newest tires to roll off the line in Rome. “It sounds like a niche, but it’s the way of the future,” Kline said. “Pirelli is consistently recognized as a forward-thinking company.” Kline believes that in the future, customers will want to trace virtually any part to discover if forced labor is involved anywhere in the process; that the mining done for metals has proceeded in an environmentally sensitive way. “This means certifying the entire chain of custody for everything.” Pirelli imports come from Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Pirelli is specific that the raw materials must be produced sustainably. Pirelli is Rome and Floyd County’s largest user of the Georgia Ports Authority terminals at Savannah, bringing in and sending out more than 3,900 twenty-foot equivalent containers during Georgia’s Fiscal Year 2020. The company took advantage of downtime last year to develop an entirely new line of all- season tires specifically for the crossover, SUV, and pick-up truck markets in the United States. Pirelli rolled out its new Scorpion AS+3 model just a couple of months ago. The tire features a new tread pattern and polymer compounds.

The tires are produced right here in Rome at the thoroughly automated plant, which uses a MIRS (Modular Integrated Robotized System), which turns out tires in a 72-minute process after an order is placed. The proprietary technology is the foundation of the Rome plant, which is kept immaculately. The research and development team in the Rome factory is exceptionally active with developers of very futuristic vehicles, including electric cars. The Rome Pirelli plant is poised to continue a pattern of growth for the future. Kline said the Rome plant is essential in the greater scheme of things because of its multiple partnerships and original equipment manufacturers. 23

State Senate



The Georgia Legislature is currently out of session though many committees continue to meet. The year of the pandemic presented a difficult needle to thread. Governor Kemp worked to mend the problems caused during the awful months of the pandemic. For the first time in the state’s history, the legislature granted a governor public health state of emergency power and control, which lasted until July 1st. Now we are charged with moving on. The Georgia economy remains robust. The number one issue we have, in my opinion, is finding qualified workers for all the job openings we have. At an unemployment rate close to 4%, we are well below the national average and look forward to a solid summer and fall. Through the work of prior legislation, our state reserves are at their highest level. Nationwide, we have 9.3 million job openings posted, with potentially 10 million workers still unemployed. Women in the workplace remain at the lowest level since 1987, including during the pandemic shut down. The burden fell heavily for many women workers who sacrificed working outside of the home to care for children and family during those difficult times. With the incredible revenue the state is seeing, I expect Governor Kemp will be able to fulfill the last of his promised teacher pay raises as well as a potential cut in the state tax rate. Since I was the senate sponsor of the only tax rate cut since 1937 when the income tax was implemented (we dropped the rate from 6% to 5.75% three years ago), I am particularly excited at the possibility of another tax cut! 24

District 52

We also passed a new law, S.B. 6, that allows the finance chair authorization to scrutinize up to ten tax credits per year. Georgia has handed out 9.5 billion in tax credits and sales tax exemptions through many years of special interests and some legitimate tax breaks. We bring in 14 billion in income tax revenue. Do the math, and you will see the potential tax cuts for everyone, not just special interests. We should eliminate tax credits that don’t make economic sense but have just been “on the books” for many years. Tentatively slated for November, the Georgia Legislature will hold a special session to redraw the Georgia House, Senate, and U.S. Congressional Districts--which happens every ten years, running with new population counts. Unfortunately, the federal government has not yet released the final census data, and we are urging them to do so as quickly as possible. No doubt, you can expect lawsuits and outcries. Fortunately, I am not on that committee. To all my constituents, I want to thank you again for providing me with the honor of representing you and our four-county senate district. I will continue to do the best I can at this “parttime” job and hope I will meet your expectations in representing this great area of Georgia.

Some things change. Some stay the same

We do both.

Twenty five years. It’s a long time for some. And to others it’s just the beginning. We kind of see it both ways. On one hand, we have had the honor of serving Rome and Floyd County for a quarter century (wow) and in that time gained a true appreciation for the community we call home. But on the other - we can’t wait to be a part of what comes next. Thank you for being there and for letting us be there for you as well.

Greater Community Bank

profile custom Extrusions


Aluminum Solutions Since 1960

With growth and expansion on the horizon, Profile Custom Extrusions celebrated six decades of extruding aluminum last year and most of our population are unaware of how many of their products touch everyday living.


With growth and expansion on the horizon, Profile Custom Extrusion celebrated six decades of extruding aluminum last year and most of our population are unaware of how many of their products touch everyday living. The company, located at 100 Anderson Road, supplies extrusions that are used for everything from new window and door frames to hurricane shutters, aluminum floor grating, ladder trays and conduit for electrical lines. The product line is constantly changing, and President David Newby says that all he can see in the future is growth, growth, and more growth. One of the primary reasons for his assessment is the sale of the company during the last week in June from Dallas, Texasbased Highlander Partners to KPS Capital Partners. The KPS portfolio of businesses includes TaylorMade golf equipment and Briggs & Stratton engines. “Our industry has been booming, and last year was the best in our 60-year history,” Newby said. “We’ve been running at capacity, and we can’t grow without more capacity, which means buying additional equipment. We’re talking $15 million-plus in investments to do that.” KPS purchased Profile to expand the footprint of the aluminum extrusion industry in North America. In May, it was revealed a definitive agreement had been signed to acquire Metra Holding S.P.A., an Italian-based global manufacturer of extruded aluminum. Newby and Profile take great pride in being a serviceoriented company, a relationship company, not a transactional supplier. He believes the agreement moves Profile into a new era with the focus of the division purely on opportunity for growth while maintaining small town service and support. Profile opened in Rome in 1960 as part of the V.E. Anderson Manufacturing operations. They sold the plant in Rome to

Alcan which spun it off to a private entrepreneur, Jim Phillips in 1994. Phillips sold it to Highlander Partners in 2014. After Phillips sold, the name was altered slightly from Profile Extrusion Company to Profile Custom Extrusions which more accurately reflects the growth and expansion of the product line over the years. The production capacity at the Rome plant is maxed out at present, a challenge also faced by several competitors, because the recession of a decade ago resulted in the closing of many of Profile’s competitors. Newby explained that a large part of that is the result of punitive tariffs placed on China which was dumping aluminum in the U.S. The Chinese government was subsiding its manufacturers to tap into the U.S. market and gain greater access to U.S. dollars. “A lot of extruders went under during this time,” Newby said. The plant survived and thrived because Phillips chose to expand and purchase a modern aluminum press in 2006. Profile was able to keep up with demand and in 2012, a second new press was added. Newby shares he has never seen anything like the growth Profile has experienced over the last decade. Employment at Profile has climbed by close to 50% from pre-recession levels. As the company expands under the new ownership, employment is expected to continue to rise, as well as capital investments. Another new press is on the horizon. The current question remains whether to replace the oldest original press or expand the building and add capacity. Either option will allow for employment opportunities. Newby is excited for the growth opportunities a new press will provide for current customers as well as increasing capacity to allow new customers to see the quality and service Profile provides.


Here to Stay suzuki

This year, Suzuki Manufacturing of America is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in Rome.


Suzuki Manufacturing of America is celebrating its 20th anniversary in Rome in 2021. The plant makes All-Terrain Vehicles which are distributed throughout the world, including several models of the Suzuki KingQuad. One of the reasons for Suzuki’s success in Rome is the plant’s location, 1520 Technology Parkway, situated right in the heart of one of the largest ATV markets in the country. The Rome location is also ideally located to meet the demands of “just-in-time” delivery of its ATVs which has become a hallmark of modern logistics. In addition to selling products across the Southeast, the company is also able to take full advantage of the market for feedback from customers for product development and growth. When production started in 2002, the plant employed 45 team members. Over the years, as production has expanded, the number grew to over 200. Those were the pre-recession days when the plant was pushing out as many as 280 ATVs a day. In more recent times, the workforce has leveled off to approximately 140 team members, with the plant producing an average of 100 units a day.

Kelly Floyd, ATV Sales/Service Parts Coordinator, said the factory has the capacity to produce more units daily but is currently limited by supply chain and logistics issues not uncommon to other manufacturers across the country. Floyd says, “We actually have more orders than we can keep up with right now, it’s a good problem, but it’s still a problem.” Fortunately, most of the suppliers are domestic. “Little parts can hold up an entire ATV line,” Floyd said. For example, a single fastener can stop the line. “That’s not going to affect the quality of the ATV, it doesn’t affect the handling, it doesn’t affect safety, but it does affect sales. You can’t sell one without a carrier on it.” As the supply chain issues work themselves out and production numbers go up, there is a possibility of increasing the workforce as product demand dictates. The Rome plant makes three models of the KingQuad, a 400cc engine model, a 500cc, and a 750cc. In Europe and New Zealand, the KingQuad is primarily a farm implement. In New Zealand, it is used overwhelmingly in the sheep farming industry. South American customers use the ATV (Continued on page 30)


(Continued from page 29)

in mining operations. The U.S. market is different. It’s still used in agribusiness, but Floyd said you see and hear a lot of ATVs involved in hunting and other leisure activities on the weekend. The Canadian market is also a good combination of leisure and business use. At present, domestic sales are approximately 60% of Suzuki’s business, with the export market making up the other 40%. “Worldwide, the most popular model we have is the red 500 cc model, with power-steering,” Floyd said. However, in the U.S., buyers tend to prefer the more powerful 750cc. Suzuki makes the KingQuad in seven different colors, including a camouflage paint scheme that is popular in the Southeast. Aside from color, quality is a hallmark of Suzuki. In the plant there are three primary teams along the assembly line with a quality control inspection after it passes each team. For example, the frame assembly area has one station where


an employee is charged with tightening bolts with a torque wrench. With a limited time for completion, the process must meet standard requirements, or an alarm will activate. Floyd says, “If the product does not meet 100% of the Suzuki standard, it doesn’t go out the door.” To date, Suzuki has produced between 600,000 and 700,000 ATVs which are distributed around the world. The goal is to make the 35-acre Rome plant the worlds top offroad vehicle manufacturer. In addition to supporting the Rome Floyd Chamber, the company is also a major sponsor of the Rome Braves, and other community activities. “We want the people of Rome to know that Suzuki is here, and we plan on staying,” Floyd said.

We Can! ba l l cor p or at ion

In 1880, five brothers established a company whose name would become a household word and an international success story.


The Ball Corporation, known in every kitchen in America for Ball canning jars, was just the beginning. Advancing to their participation with over 45 businesses, they no longer manufacture jars. By the turn of the century, Ball had expanded into a worldwide metal packaging company that makes billions of recyclable metal containers and a unique aerospace business with manufacturing on four continents. Rome and Floyd County welcomed the Colorado-based Ball Corporation when they found a home just northeast of Rome. With the acquisition of the former Metal Container facility in Shannon,

they brought their values for preservation and a corporate heart for a safe and clean environment. As Ball flourishes, they continue to advocate conservation roots and principles. Recycling generated the new aluminum beverage container plant that went online this year, initiating a major nationwide campaign touting the merits of the new aluminum beverage cups. The idea was well accepted, and consumers found a cup worth keeping— enjoy a favorite beverage, rinse out the lightweight cup, and it’s ready for use time after time, or they can use it once and recycle it with other aluminum. Successfully environment friendly.

Ball Plant Director Mason Hogan said the aluminum cup plant was about seven years in the making. The backstory for the Ball Aluminum Cup began with a Denver restaurateur and bar owner whose business was located near the Ball corporate headquarters in Broomfield. He was concerned about glass breakage, which was wasteful, time-consuming, and certainly not customer friendly. He knew that Ball made cans but wondered if they could also make cups? (Continued on page 34)


(Continued from page 33)

Fast-forward to 2021, where the only plant making the new product is online in Floyd County. On the first day of production, the Rome facility rolled out more than 11,000 cups and, more recently, almost 700,000 a day. However, Hogan believes that a million or more per day is not an overestimation, and by March of 2022, a second production line should be up and running. The plant is also fully capable of customizing the cups for resale use. The cups were introduced to study acceptance and versatility at the University of Colorado, and the first professional venue to utilize the cups was Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium. Locally, the new cup is available over the counter at select outlets, such as Food Lion in Armuchee and CVS, and through Amazon. For the first time, 1800 food, drug, and mass retailers such as Kroger, Target, Albertsons, CVS, and others will have the cups on their shelves. The interest is huge—festivals, community events, weddings, schools, concerts, and sports activities, to name a few inquirers. Ball executives have indicated the new cup plant will ultimately mean another 140-150 jobs for Rome and Floyd County when the facility reaches total production. About the same time, the company was adding a new production line inside the original plant to manufacture the new 7.5-ounce beverage cans, reflecting a trend to more personal consumptive food and beverage packaging. That addition is expected to lead to between 40 and 50 new jobs at the plant. Even more recently, Ball agreed to purchase the 110-acre tract at the intersection of Georgia Highway 53 and Georgia Highway 140. A property that has been on the market for almost a decade, Ball recognized how the site could be beneficial to its local growing operations. In addition, Ball has grown familiar and comfortable with Rome and Floyd County and understands that once the Georgia Highway 140 widening is complete, it will be a short hop across to Interstate 75 and easy highway access anywhere in the US. Ball will use the site for a new regional distribution center, relieving some pressure and potentially freeing up additional space in the manufacturing facilities at East Hermitage Road and Georgia 53. The company will also be able to move out of space it has been using for several years in a storage and distribution facility on Burlington Drive in the Shannon community. The new warehouse and distribution center is expected to encompass more than 700,000 square feet and represent an investment of approximately $51 million. In addition, Ball leadership is projecting the new warehouse/ distribution facility will create another 70 jobs over the next three years. The slogan that began in 1880 with the Ball brothers was simply, “We Can.” The 2021 version might well be “We Can, We Will and We Do”.


Photo Credit: SmithworksGA

Leadership Rome XXXVIII

For the continued success of a community, there must be citizens willing to step forward and take leadership roles. Fortunately, Rome and Floyd County have a dedicated group willing to do just that. Many of the people currently serving in leadership positions have one thing in common. They are alumni of the Rome Floyd Chamber’s Leadership Rome program. The Leadership Rome program, created in 1983, provides insight into a leader’s characteristics, creates awareness of challenges facing our community, and discusses how leaders should deal with these challenges. The group meets monthly for extended, approximately six hours sessions, led by outstanding authorities on the featured topic. In addition, participants attend retreats and team-building activities. Several


of Leadership Rome XXXVIII


professional and vocational sectors are represented each year, including education, healthcare, government, industry, and retail/small business. Through their interaction with a diverse group of participants, class members appreciate the views and interests of others. As they continue to take more active leadership roles in Rome and Floyd County, they will bring this vision to improve our community’s quality of place. In June, the Leadership Rome XXXVIII graduated as the most recent group of alumni. Congratulations!

Ivy Barber............................................................. Owen Security Solutions Stewart Bratcher................................................... The Bratcher Firm Lenora Doss.......................................................... Floyd County Board of Education Katie Edwards....................................................... Toles, Temple & Wright Erin Elrod ............................................................ Floyd County Government Jamie Foster.......................................................... Greater Community Bank Luke Fuller........................................................... Garner & Glover Nora Guzman....................................................... UGA Small Business Development Center Jonathan Harris.................................................... RidgeBerry Property Management Dr. Heath Hooper................................................ Shorter University Elizabeth Huff...................................................... Home Instead Senior Care Nathan Irwin........................................................ Redmond Medical Center Aundi Lesley......................................................... City of Rome Selena Magnusson................................................ Georgia Northwestern Technical College Johnathan Peabody............................................... Dempsey, Lord, Smith Chris Pope............................................................ Modern Woodmen of America Pam Powers-Smith................................................ Rome Floyd Chamber Amanda Preteroti.................................................. Harbin Clinic Brian Richie.......................................................... Plaza Transport Ben Rigas.............................................................. Floyd Medical Center Rocky Shaw.......................................................... JBM Office Solutions Haley Smith.......................................................... Berry College Dr. LaRoyce Sublett.............................................. Rome City Schools

Networking The importance of the representation the chamber provides for its members and community does not go unnoticed. “Whether on zoom or in person, the Rome Floyd Chamber has not missed a beat staying at the forefront representing its business membership on priorities and topics impacting the Rome Floyd business community.” Cassandra Wheeler, 2021 Chair of the Rome Floyd Chamber and Regional Director at Georgia Power



Rome Floyd Chamber now 1000 members strong

The Rome Floyd Chamber completed a three-day membership event on Thursday, August 5, 2021, at State Mutual Stadium. Over 130 plus volunteers worked the event and welcomed 181 new Chamber Members, bringing the Rome Floyd Chamber membership to over 1,000 business members.

“For us to gain 181 new members puts us over the 1,000-member mark and speaks volumes about our volunteers, Rome and Floyd County businesses, and our community. Rome and Floyd County are thriving!” said Cassandra Wheeler, Chairperson, Rome Floyd Chamber and Regional Director at Georgia Power. “This membership campaign exceeded all of our expectations and we could not have done this without our event chairs. Thank you, LaDonna Collins, Cassandra Wheeler, JJ Johnson, Michele Rikard, Braden Keith, Evie McNiece, Rhonda Wallace, Stephanie Nichols and Alma Roman,” said Thomas Kislat, Director of Membership and Entrepreneurial Development Rome Floyd Chamber. “Leadership starts at the top. This is a direct result of the leadership of our Chairperson, Cassandra Wheeler, our Board of Directors, and the volunteer leaders who gave their time and resources. Also, we thank our new members for joining and our existing members as we welcome, connect, and collaborate for Rome and Floyd County,” said Jeanne Krueger, President and CEO of the Rome Floyd Chamber. Thank you to Thomas Kislat, Taylor Ritchie, and Amber West for their hard work on this event.



chamber of commerce 100 Black Men of Rome-NWGA, Inc. 103.1 Radio M | WROM 1st Franklin Financial Corporation 2Work Staffing 7 Hills Supper Club 98.7 Rome News Talk | WRGA 99.5 The Jock | WGJK - AM A & L Shielding Inc. A Night to Remember Foundation, Inc. A+ Driving Services of Georgia A-1 Trucking, Inc. Abbott/St. Jude Accounting Solutions Plus Active Pest Control ADAMS Management Services Corporation ADF Welding & Medical, Inc. Advance Rehab & Consulting, Inc. Advanced Steel Technology Advanced Tax Solutions Advantage Textiles of GA, Inc. Advertising Dynamics, Inc. AET-Tattoo LP Ag Pro Companies Agan Plumbing Company AgGeorgia Farm Credit, ACA AirMedCare Network Alarm Systems, Inc. Alfa Insurance - Mark Swanson Agency Allen Murphy Appliance Ctr., Inc. Alliant Health Plans, Inc. Allied Food Service Allstate - Coffey Agencies Inc. Alto Computers Alton Holman Heritage Arts, Inc. America?s Car-Mart American Red Cross of Northwest Georgia Amerigroup Community Care Ameriprise Financial - Jamie Doss Ameris Bank Amerus Financial Group Amtran Medical Transport, Inc. Ana’s Rotolo’s Deli & Catering Co. Andrea Kelley Photography, LLC Andy’s Garage Anniston Metal Co. Antigua Mexican Restaurant Appraisal Associates of Rome-Harry Brock Aramark - Berry College Armis Advisers, LLC Armuchee Pharmacy Arrows of Faith Artistic Edge Tattoo & Piercing Askew Landscaping AT&T Georgia ATCO Fire Protection, Inc. Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery Atlanta Postal Credit Union Auto Link Motor Automax Rent-A-Car, Inc. Aventine Avery Drugs B&B Service Specialists Bagby Transfer Company Ball Metal Beverage Container Banks, Mary Sib Barnsley Resort Bartow Barahona Basic Concrete - Basic Ready Mix Batteries+Bulbs Baymont Inn BB Baby, LLC BDS Landscape Bedzzz Express Behold Enterprises LLC Bekaert Corporation Bella Esthetics Bella Luna Bella Luna Gifts Bella Roma Grill Bellus Wax Studio


Benchmark Physical Therapy Beninato, John J., DDS, P.C. Benjamin F. Edwards & Co. Berry College Bert Brooks Tire, Inc Best Damn Filtration Bestway Construction Company Beverage South of Rome (Formerly North Georgia Distributing) Big Time Products, LLC Billy Dean Billy G. Chacko, MD, FACP, FSVM Bingham Flooring Black Bear Land Development Black Bear Property Management Blastoff Pressure Washing Rome Blood Assurance, Inc. Blossman Gas and Appliance Blossom Hill BBQ & Burgers Blount Construction Blue Fin Sushi and Grill Restaurant Blue Pig, LLC Blue Ridge Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Blue Water Aesthetics, LLC Bluem BluSky Restoration Contractors Bo Nichols - Northwestern Mutual Bohannon Brothers Glass Co., Inc. Bowen & Associates CPA’s Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Georgia Brand RED Brandon Burke State Farm Branson Machinery, LLC Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC Brent Scarbrough & Company Inc. Brinson, Askew, Berry, Seigler, Richardson & Davis, LLP Brookdale Rome Brooks Building Group, Inc. Broome’s Hall of Fame Trophies Brown & Brown Insurance of Georgia, Inc. Brown Cartage Company Bruce Epperson Bruce Schlosberg Brugg Lifting North America, LLC Brugg Pipesystems, LLC Brumlow, Corwin & Delashmit, PC Burger King - East Rome Burglar Security Plus Business Water Solutions Bussey’s Flowers, Gifts & Decor C & R Compliance, LLC Caldwell Printing Co. Callan Sweeping LLC Camco Cameron Abney - Realtor Cameron Motorsports, Inc. Camp Bohdi Inc Camp Industries Campaigns By Vincent Cancer Navigators, Inc. Candor USA Inc. Cargle Brothers Carlsen Precision Manufacturing Carney Family Dental Carroll EMC Carter’s Environmental Carver & Carver Plumbing, Inc. CCL Commercial Warehousing and Logistics Cedar Creek RV & Outdoor Center Cedarstream Central Electrical Systems Cevian Design Lab Charles Williams R.E.I.C. Cheeky Baby Chelsea Herre Chicken Salad Chick Chieftains Museum/Major Ridge Home Chili’s Bar & Grill Christian Church at Rome Chulio Hills Health & Rehab Center City Electric Supply

1000 members


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(Continued on page 44)


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Newby-Stahl Wealth Management NextStep Care NFP Nichols, Cauley, & Associates, LLC NIFAST Corporation Noon Optimist Club of Rome North Broad Youth Center North Georgia Equipment Company North Georgia Staffing Northwest Georgia Clinical Campus, Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University Northwest Georgia Dermatology & Skin Surgery Northwest Georgia Housing Authority Northwest Georgia Periodontics Northwest Georgia Regional Commission Northwest Health District Novatech, Inc. NW Georgia Living NW Georgia Weddings NWGA Center for Independent Living NWGA Council Boy Scouts of America Oak Hill Church of Christ Oak Ridge Apartment Community Oakwood Cafe Catering Oglethorpe Power Corporation Old Havana Cigar Olea Olive Oils & Wine One Community United One of a Kind Wood Design by CC Open Door Children’s Home Orizon IPE Orthopedics & Sports Medicine - Harbin Clinic Osprey Tax & Business Services OTR Wheel Engineering Outback Steakhouse Over The Moon Antiques Owen Security Solutions Owens Financial Group, Inc. Packaging Products Corp., Rome Division PAGE Paint the Beauty Bungalow Pallative Care - Harbin Clinic PAM Studios LLC Panaprint Panda Express Paper Recovery of Georgia PaperPack, Inc Paradise Garden Foundation Parker FiberNet, LLC Parnick Jennings Sr’s Good Shepherd Funeral Home Paul Smith Peachtree Planning - East Rome Pediatric Cardiology - Harbin Clinic Pediatrics - Harbin Clinic Pelican’s SnoBalls Perfect Dress of Rome Performance Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Petland Pick O’ Deli Cafeteria Pinnacle Developmental Services Pinson’s Construction Pirelli Tire North America Pitstop Painting & Cleaning Plainville Brick Company Platinum Package, LLC Plaza Transport Polyventive Powell Discount Auto Parts Inc. Power 10 Preferred Exteriors LLC PREMEDEX Premier Imaging Medical Systems Inc. Pridemore & Cox Orthodontics PrimeCare Nursing Services, Inc. Private Collections Clothing Boutique Pro Systems Clean Care Professional Freedom Tax Service, Inc. Professional Screening & Information DBA PSI Background Screening Profile Custom Extrusions Progressive Romans Provino’s Italian Restaurant Pruitt Health - Home Health of Rome Pruitt Hospice Psychology - Harbin Clinic Publix Super Markets, Inc. Purchasing Alliance Solutions, Inc. Purdy Electric Company Inc. PuroClean Restoration Cleaning

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Studio Kate LLC Studio Siri / Hanging Around Rome Sublett’s Video Subway - East Subway - West Suhner Manufacturing, Inc. Summit Hill Foods Summit Quest Cancer Support Services Sunbelt Credit Sunflour Community Bakery Sunrise Towing Service SunSprings Solutions, LLC Supervision Services, Inc. Surgery Center of Rome Surya Rugs Suyasha Enterprises, Inc. Suzuki Swartz Family Dentistry Sweet Pickles Café Sweet P’s at the Palladium sweetFrog premium frozen yogurt Swift & Finch Sylvan Learning Center of Rome Synovus Tallatoona CAP, Inc. Talley Insurance Services, Inc. Tanner Electrical Contractors, Inc. Tayesha Lytle - Ind Consultant, Pampered Chef TENDO technologies LLC Teresa Lumsden, State Farm Insurance & Financial Services Terry Simmons Insurance Agency Texas Roadhouse Thankful Baptist Church The Avenue Wealth Management Group/Raymond James The Big Mattress Outlet The Bistro 208 The Bratcher Firm, LLC The Bridge of Floyd County The Burkhalter Firm LLC The Canoe House The Church at Northside The Community Foundation for Greater Rome The Competitive Edge The Davies Shelters The Early Way 247, LLC The Exchange Club of Rome The Fairbanks Company The Finishing Touch Salon The Foundry Growler Station LLC The Free Clinic of Rome The GOAT Clothing, LLC The Griffin The Guest House Apartments The Hodge Podge in the Village The HON Company The Honorable Katie Dempsey The Kroger Store The Lewis Chemical Company The Lodge Menswear The Medicine Shoppe The Neely The Pool Store The Rebel | WRBF - 104.9FM The Relaxation Station The Riverpoint Apartments The Ruth and Naomi House The Salvation Army The Season Events The Shrimp Boat The Spires at Berry College The Stitchery The Stone Law Group - Trial Lawyers, LLC The Storage Hound The Sweet Cocoon The Three Rivers Singers, Inc. The UPS Store The Village at Maplewood The Wig Chik Therapy Partner Solutions Thermal Seal Duct THF, Inc. Thornton Concrete Studio, LLC Three Rivers Garden Apartments Three Rivers Nutrition Three Rivers Specialty Co. Thumbprint Productions TLC Consulting T-Mobile

Toles, Temple & Wright Inc. Tom Bennett Company, Inc. Tom Bowen, Sr. Tommy Roberts Trucking Tondee’s Furniture & Co. Tony’s Landscape & Tree Service Transitions Hospice Care of Georgia Travel by Jon and Jo’el Travel Edge TRED Rome Floyd, Inc. Trees Unlimited Trinity Motorcar Company Trinity United Methodist Church Truett’s Chick-fil-A Truist TSB Loss Control Tuck’s Superstores Inc. Twenty Seventh & Co. Construction Services LLC Twyman Consulting Group Tyson Foods, Inc. dba Hillshire Brands U Public Relations Underhill CPA Unique Interiors of Rome United Community Bank United Health Care United States Postal Service United Way Unity Christian School Urgent Team - Rome US Army Rome Recruiting Station US Med Clinic USA South Athletic Conference V.I.P Express V3 Collective Vargo Orthodontics Vertical Communications Village Theatres Inc Visiting Nurse Health System, Inc. VTI of Georgia, Inc. W. Frank Barron Jr. Walker Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc. Wallis Printing Company Walmart Supercenter #5151 Walmart Supercenter #658 Ware Mechanical, Inc. Warehouse Beverage Center Watleys Photography and Events Watters & Associates Landscape Wayne Davis Concrete Company Wayne Jones Accounting Services West Express West Rome Animal Clinic West Rome Baptist Church West Rome Nutrition Whatley-Kinney Veterinary Clinic Whistle Britches White & Kines Landscaping LLC Whittington, Jones & Rudert, CPAs, LLC Will Can Inc. DBA Basic Ready Mix Will Wood Investments William L. Edwards Dentistry Williams Communications Willie Patel Willow Creek Landscape Supply Wilson Plumbing WIN Home Inspection Wings Over North Georgia WinShape Foundation Winslette Pharmacy Winthrop Court Wire Tech Ltd Wiynna’s Salon, LLC WLAQ-AM 1410 WMP Crates, LLC Wofford Wood Flooring Woodford Clothing Woods Fabrication, Inc. Woodstock Furniture & Mattress Outlet Wraps Styling Salon Xploited YMCA Your Chamber Connection YSP Tax, Inc.


Annual Meeting rome floyd chamber

Photo Credit: SmithworksGA

On a sunny day in May, the Rome Floyd Chamber hosted the 111th Annual Meeting at State Mutual Stadium. It was the first in-person meeting held by the Chamber after navigating the restrictions from the recent pandemic. The 300+ crowd was happy for the opportunity to enjoy lunch and network with other Chamber members. 46


Before & After Hours business

Location: Cheeky Baby

Location: Advertising Dynamics



706-291- 4321


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