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Keep Calm And Carry On Reflections On A Tumultuous Election


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By Tom Korson

particularly in housing. Without such brave efforts of Rev. Babbs and many others, this neighborhood would The election of Donald Trump to be our not be what it is today, and we would not 45th president surprised a great many peohave chosen it as our longtime residence. ple, quite probably including the Hillary Clinton won Colorado’s Trump campaign itself. nine Electoral College votes with There has been much turmoil 47.8 percent of the vote. Donald in the wake of the election of Mr. Trump received 43.7 percent of Trump. Protests have erupted in the vote in Colorado. Denver, long major cities, including Denver. a Democratic stronghold, voted There are reports that students in 73.6 percent for Clinton, while other countries who had planned Trump received only 18.9 percent to apply for admission to colleges of the Mile High City’s vote. and universities in the United This was the first time since States are now unsure whether they Photo credit: Bettinger Colorado achieved statehood that should do so because of comments Photography the Republican candidate won made by Mr. Trump while he the election without carrying was a candidate. Colorado. No Republican had A friend of ours who works won the White House without at the University of Denver told carrying our state since 1908. us recently that many students Trump won four counties on campus, especially women in southern Colorado that and minorities, have expressed fear and voted for President Obama in 2012. As of anguish about the result of the election. press time, as absentee votes continue to Mr. Trump’s rhetoric at his rallies was be counted, the New York Times reported inflammatory. His positions about imthat nationally, Clinton received 1.7 million migration have marginalized Mexicans in more votes than Trump. particular and Latinos in general. He has Like many of our friends, we supported demonstrated disrespect for women. He has Hillary Clinton. We attended fundraisers called for a ban on Muslims from troubled for her. We hosted two Clinton campaign areas of the Middle East to enter the United volunteers for a month before the election. States. He cruelly imitated a disabled reportThere were yard signs for Hillary Clinton er. He has derided the media. Many of our friends have expressed shock, dismay, and fear about what a Trump presidency will be like. I know of at least two churches that opened their doors the day after the election to provide opportunities for prayer and reflection. Special to the GPHN

Guest commentary

In our backyard My wife and I have lived in Park Hill since 1973. We moved into this wonderful neighborhood at the tail end of the blockbusting, which had divided Park Hill along racial lines in the 1950s and 1960s, and we wanted to live in a racially integrated neighborhood. One reason why this is such a welcoming neighborhood is the work of the Park Hill Action Committee, which grew into the Greater Park Hill Community, Inc. Rev. J. Carlton Babbs was the minister at Park Hill United Methodist Church from 1955 until his death in 1978. He and others tirelessly supported racial integration in Park Hill,

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