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Greater Orlando: Best Endoscopy Hospital in Florida By hearing the term Capsule Endoscopy, you must be wondering what is it and how can we get benefit out of it? So, let’s have a look in detail:

What is Capsule Endoscopy? Capsule endoscopy is the process in which a tiny wireless camera is used to take pictures of your digestive tract. While conducting this process, a capsule endoscopy camera sits inside a vitamin-size capsule when you swallow it. The camera takes thousands of pictures that are transmitted to a recorder you wear on a belt around your waist when the capsule travels through your digestive tract.

This procedure helps the doctors to see inside your small intestine — an area that isn't easily reached with more-traditional endoscopy procedures. Earlier, the traditional endoscopy involved the procedure of passing a long, flexible tube equipped with a video camera down your throat or through your rectum. It has also been approved for screening the colon for polyps in those unable to complete a colonoscopy. But how and on whom capsule endoscopy will eventually be used is still being determined because better alternatives are available. May be with fast growing technology, capsule endoscopy of the colon become more common. In addition to this, to evaluate and see the abnormalities in the enlarged veins, the muscular tube connects to your mouth and your stomach (oesophagus) to look for it. It is very rare when it has been used because there are very few who has the experience with it whereas the traditional upper endoscopy is widely available.

Gastroenterology of Greater Orlando

We here at Greater Orlando offering you the best endoscopic procedures as well as on-site capsule endoscopy and haemorrhoidal treatments. We are having close partnership with Orange City Surgery Centre so our endoscopic procedures including colorectal cancer screening, upper endoscopy, and ERCP are provided using state of the art, high definition equipment in an outpatient setting. Our goals at Gastroenterology of Greater Orlando are to offer an environment built upon compassionate physicians, practitioners and help the needy people with the latest technology prevailing in the market. You will find us as the best endoscopy hospital.

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Greater Orlando: Best Endoscopy Hospital in Florida  

Greater Orlando: Best Endoscopy Hospital in Florida