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Information for the members of the Greater Ohio Showmen’s Association

President’s Message Friends and Family, I would like to start with a thank you to the membership. Without the members, the wheels of this organization would not turn. We pride ourselves in entertaining and bringing joy to our customers throughout our endeavors. The Greater Ohio Showmen’s Association does this very well. We take great pride and care in every outing and event. Everyone brings a unique set of skills, ideas, and ways of making this happen. And while we all appear different in some-ways, we all come together to make successful events possible. I would like to ask everyone in the association to push and encourage any former or non-member to rejoin or join in this great organization. I would like to give special recognition to our newest Trustee members; Drew Kissel, Brian Linville, and Mike Ray. On behalf of myself, and the organization, I would like to say congratulations!

Inside Announcements

Lastly, I invite everyone to attend one of the many events we have coming up over the next few months. Some of these include the Mike Callif Bowling Party, the Fishing Excursion and Luncheon in Gibtown and the Hit the Road Party in March.

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GOSA OFFICERS AND TRUSTEES David Drake, President Randy Kissel, 1st VP Russel Clements, 2nd VP Brandy Daniels, Secretary Treasurer

Al Bozich Lori Frieling Doug Guinsler Drew Kissel Brian Linville Tim Lisko

Jasmine Otterbacher Louie Pilati Mike Ray Bill Sterling Mike Tedrick



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Greater Ohio Showmen’s Association P.O. 43 Pataskala, Ohio 43062 (740) 739-9073

Membership Announcements YEARBOOK UPDATE Things are moving right along with the 2018 Yearbook and Buyer’s Guide. We are very excited to be working with a new printer this year and are hopeful it will be the best yearbook to date. For those of you that could not attend the annual meeting, it was announced that we will be starting a waitlist for anyone interested in advertising on a “tab” page. We believe this is the most fair way to assign new advertisers when space becomes available. To put your name on the list, please email Brandy at the GOSA office at Lastly, final invoices for membership dues and yearbook ads have now been mailed. All payments must be received by February 10th in order to remain listed in the 2018 yearbook. Any questions regarding invoices can be directed to the GOSA office. We appreciate your help with this matter. The Yearbook Committee

NOTICE: The May board meeting has been moved. Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 10:00 a.m. At the Rhodes Center at the Ohio Expo Center



LEGISLATIVE REPORT: Amanda Sines presented the legislative and PAC report (see attached).

MINUTES for GOSA Board Meeting

COMMITTEE REPORTS Budget & Audit: Doug Guinsler referred to the financial reports presented earlier, as well as the annual report draft that will be presented at the annual meeting.

DECEMBER 14, 2017 CALL TO ORDER at 10:00 a.m. by Jo Ellen Albanese, President. Pledge of Allegiance delivered by Bill Merritt. MEMBERS PRESENT: Jo Ellen Albanese, David Drake, Bill Sterling, Louie Pilati, Lori Freiling, Mike Tedrick, Doug Guinsler, Jasmine Otterbacher, Carmi KisselEngler, Russell Clements, Tim Lisko, Jeff Otterbacher, Randy Kissel, Al Bozich, Louie Pilati, Mike Tedrick, Russell Clements, and Brandy Daniels. Absent: Carmi Kissel -Engler. Guests: Bill Merritt and Charles Swain. Motion to approve minutes of the November 2017 meeting by Bill Sterling. Second: Louie Pilati. Motion passes. Motion to accept resignation of trustee Carmi Kissel -Engler by David Drake. Second: Russell Clements. Motion passes.

The president wishes to defer appointment of a trustee for Carmi’s unexpired term to vote by membership at the annual meeting on January 5, 2018. The board recognized Carmi’s efforts and dedication to the GOSA both as a trustee of the board and member of the organization.

Convention: Jo Ellen Albanese reported that wo screens and projectors were purchased for convention to defray the cost of the rental on these items (<$400 total). She also reviewed the annual meeting set up and the convention seminar scheduled. Jasmine Otterbacher will be assisting Russell Clements on the “Promotions That Work” seminar on Saturday afternoon. Louis Pilati has been working with Andy Pocock and the OFMA to manage stage time, drawing, and overall programming more efficiently at the gala. Randy Kissel reported that the cornhole tournament sponsored by the GOSA will be held Thursday night at 7 p.m. Lori Freiling shared details on the Stamp Game. Motion to sponsor five tables at the gala by Bill Sterling. Second: Randy Kissel. Motion passes.

Health & Sanitation: Mike Tedrick referred to the legislative report, as well as submitted an article to the upcoming GOSA newsletter. Responses were sent to the Department of Health and Agriculture for the Retail Food Advisory Committee nominating Mike Tedrick and Jeff Otterbacher to fill the open position.

CORRESPONDENCE: The secretary shared recent periodicals, letters, cards. FINANCIAL REPORT: Secretary/treasurer updated the financials through current deposits and bills paid to date (attached). Motion to approve current financial reports by Doug Guinsler. Second: Al Bozich. Motion passes. Motion to rename the annual bowling party to the “Mike Callif Youth Bowling Party” for the next 10 years by Al Bozich. Second: Russell Clements. Motion passes.

Historian: Jeff Otterbacher will reapply for the Gooding historical marker. Membership: Lori Freiling inquired about updating the membership application. This will be done after the membership votes on related constitution changes. Jeff Otterbacher inquired about changing membership fee structure, which would also fall into old business below. Nominating & Awards: Randy Kissel reported that awards are ready for the annual meeting.

Motion to approve John Robert Bush, Steve Lisko, Jr., Trina Murtland, Ohio Harness Horsemen’s Association, Troy Bennett, and Timothy Crager as new members by David Drake. Second: Tim Lisko. Motion passes.


WE’VE GONE DIGITAL! You can now view previous month’s meeting minutes on our website!

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Publications & Media Newsletter: Jo Ellen Albanese shared that the December newsletter deadline is November 18, 2017. Yearbook: Al Bozich reported that he is meeting with the new printer, Westcamp, out of Westerville on Friday. He would like to review ad pricing for the 2019 yearbook at the January 2018 meeting. The front inside cover for 2018 will be auctioned at convention this year, in addition to the back cover. Russell Clements would like to see a Jamboree of the Year page in the book. Website: The secretary noted that the member index functionality is being added to the website, and will be launched with the 2018 yearbook.

Motion to membership rates to the following: $50 for regular and associate, and $30 for retiree and spouse by Jeff Otterbacher. Second: Tim Lisko. Motion failed. Motion to membership rates to the following: $75 for regular and associate, with no changes to spouse and retiree dues only by Lori Freiling. Second: Bill Sterling Motion passes. Motion to make necessary changes to the constitution as highlighted and attached by Jasmine Otterbacher. Second: Louis Pilati. Motion passes.

BRANDING & MARKETING: Jeff Otterbacher would like to see someone from the board pick up the “BookOhio” I’m in the Book promotion, once new officers and trustees are installed. He would like the domain name to point to the new index page when it is up Ride Safety: Randy Kissel reported that Tim Lisko and running. was appointed to the Department of Agriculture Ride Safety Advisory Council for portable rides and GOALS: Jeff Otterbacher reviewed his list and encourJeff Kline was appointed to represent inflatables. aged the board to visit these goals again when the new The board discussed the upcoming ride safety officers and trustees are installed, choose some for indimeeting that will be held at the convention. viduals or committees to put directed effort into to accomplish. Scholarship: David Drake shared that the scholarship committee has met and selected recipients for NEW BUSINESS the 2018 awards which will be presented at conSALE OF CONVENTION COMPUTER: vention. Motion to sell the convention laptop to Andy Pocock for Motion to approve recommendations of the $150 by Jeff Otterbacher. Second: David Drake. Motion scholarship committee to spend $13,500 from passes. the Otterbacher Scholarship Fund and $9,000 from the Kissel Scholarship Fund on 15 appliOUTGOING PRESIDENT’S REMARKS: Jo Ellen Alcants by Russell Clements. banese shared her thoughts and feelings about her parSecond: Jasmine Otterbacher. Motion passes. ticipation as a trustee and officer on the GOSA board. Bill Sterling would like to discuss providing a budg- She encourages the board to continue to make thoughtet to the scholarship committee in future years ful and rational decisions that affect the future of the based on fundraising and donations and possibly a organization. Jo Ellen thanks the officers, trustees, and percentage of the money market seed funds, if members for their support of her work with the GOSA needed. This is tabled to the January 2018 meeting. and beyond. Al Bozich thanked Jo Ellen and also Jeff Otterbacher Tickets: Russell Clements reports that 215 super who is also leaving the board for his service over the raffle tickets have been sold, with more sold and to past 12 years. be turned in. He will also begin working on the 2019 raffle ticket design soon, as well as all tickets ADJOURNMENT for the 2018 season. Next Meeting: Preconvention: Wednesday, January 3, 2018 @ 6 p.m. OLD BUSINESS Annual Meeting: Friday, January 5, 2018 at Convention CLARIFICATION TO CONSTITUTION: Jasmine Otter- Regular Meeting: Thursday, January 25, 2018 at bacher reviewed proposed changes to the constitution. Rhodes Center It was decided to make minimal changes that clarify Motion to adjourn meeting at 3:50 p.m. by David and make few substantive updates this year in favor of Drake. addressing membership dues rates. The board wished Second: Mike Tedrick. Motion passes. to vote individually on a change in membership rates.


Lifetime GOSA member, Barb Kissel, along with her late husband, Russel “Sonny” Kissel, were inducted into the OFMA Hall of Fame at this year’s OFMA Convention. Barb and the Kissel family own and operate Kissel Brothers Shows. The GOSA Congratulates you on this well deserved honor!

Introducing the new Dippin Dot Crew…

Elizabeth and Nela Otterbacher Daughters of Jeff and Paulina Otterbacher





Greater Ohio Showmen ‘s Association Legislative Report Inflatable Ride Rule Clears JCARR

Food Safety Rules

In response to the provisions in the state budget bill regarding inflatable rides, the Ohio Department of Agriculture has released an authorized emergency rule. In order for ODAg to have the authority to enforce an emergency rule, Governor Kasich signed an executive order allowing the authority. The rule went into effect on October 1, 2017. An emergency rule can be in effect for 120 days. During that time, ODAg will work with the proposal through the formal process for adoption.

The Ohio Retail Food Safety Advisory Council met on October 18, 2017 to discuss revisions to the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code. GOSA was represented at the meeting. None of the currently proposed revisions seem troubling for GOSA members. However, the idea was raised several times by attendees that the rules should apply to mobile operations. The Council commented that they do not intend to expand the scope of the rules during this review process. However, they did not rule out discussing the issue in more detail in the future.

Most notably in the rule is a decrease in the inspection fee for inflatable rides to $104. When prescribed by law, the fee was $105. It also changes the duration of the permit for inflatables. Inflatable permits will now be valid for 12 months. All other rides’ permits expire on December 31st regardless of when they were issued.

Seasonal Food License Legislation

Representative Martin Sweeney (D – Cleveland) recently introduced legislation to specify that a seasonal food license must cost half the amount of a food service license. House Bill 444 has not yet been assigned to a committee The formal rule process began with the rule being filed for consideration. with JCARR. A public hearing was held on the rule at ODAg on November 27, 2017 at 9:00am. Four people rep- Ohio Minimum Wage to Increase resenting the inflatable ride companies testified at the hearing. This rule was on the Joint Committee on Agency Rule According to an announcement from the Ohio Department Review (JCARR) agenda for the December 11, 2017 meet- of Commerce, Ohio's minimum wage will rise to $8.30 per ing. JCARR Chairman Representative Mike Duffey did hour in 2018, up about 2% alongside the rate of inflation. question ODAg legal council about the rule. After ques- The $8.30 wage applies to non-tipped employees at busitioning, the rule went through without objection. The rule nesses with gross annual receipts of more than $305,000 per year. will go into effect on January 7, 2018. For tipped employees, the new minimum wage will be GOSA Comments on Draft Background Check Proposal $4.15 per hour. The current minimum wage is $8.15 for non-tipped employees and $4.08 for tipped employees. For Recently a draft legislative proposal was shared with GO- people who work at companies with gross receipts below SA. The proposal would require all employees of ride $305,000, and for 14- and 15-year-olds, the minimum wage companies to undergo a background check. This proposal will be the federal rate of $7.25 per hour. was conceived after it was thought the employee of a ride operator was inappropriate with a child. It was later discov- The state increase stems from an increase of 1.9% in the ered that this person was a sex offender in another state. consumer price index. After GOSA reviewed the proposal, it was discovered that this person was not in fact an employee of the ride compa- School Start Date Legislation Needs Your Support ny. Senator Gayle Manning (R – North Ridgeville) reintroGOSA submitted formal comments on the proposal. The duced legislation to require schools to begin classes after comments questioned and objected to the singling out of Labor Day. Senate Bill 34 would allow local boards of one industry. The comments also discussed the costs the education to adopt a resolution to begin classes before Laoperators would incur because of such a mandate and how bor Day, but before doing so, they must hold a public hearthe proposal could impede operators from hiring tempo- ing to get community input. rary, local workers. Since the comments have been submitted, GOSA has not heard about any additional movement to The legislation has been assigned to the Senate Education Committee where there have been three hearings. The third formally introduce legislation. hearing on the bill was held on April 25, 2017. Testifying in support was the Lake Erie Marine Trades Association, Greater Ohio Showmen’s Association, Ohio Campground Owners Association, the Ohio Travel Association, and Ce-


dar Fair. Questions were raised about removing control from the local level, implementation of this in Michigan, and potential summer jobs that could result from this change. A fourth hearing was held on November 8, 2017. Testifying as proponent was Mike Caputo, a former Bay Village Board of Education member. After the hearing, Government Advantage Group reached out to the sponsor’s office to see how GOSA could be helpful in moving the bill forward. The sponsor does not currently believe there are enough votes to pass the legislation out of committee. Due to a recent resignation of a SB 34 proponent, it made the concern even greater. The sponsor is trying to personally call committee members but based on their reactions, it doesn’t seem like there is much of a desire to vote the bill out of committee.

focused on public safety and consistent ride regulations. The Ohio Department of Agriculture also expressed concern in their Senate testimony. When the Senate released their version of HB 49, the inflatable provisions were removed. However, when the conference committee met, a revised version of the inflatable proposal was included in the final version of HB 49. The GOSA and OFMA submitted a letter to the Governor asking him to consider vetoing the provision. It was ultimately not among the 47 vetoes though. The final version enacted does the following: •

Senator Manning is asking for all proponents of SB 34 to please contact their Senator to let them know this is a very important bill that will effect their own districts greatly. A separate attachment to this report contains a form letter to be used by GOSA members to contact their State Senator. If you don’t know who your State Senator is, you can find that here:

• •

Revises the law governing the inspection and reinspection fee for inflatable amusement rides by eliminating the existing $105 annual fee and instead requires the Director of Agriculture to set the fee by rule Requires the Director of Agriculture to charge a prorated fee for the issuance of a permit that has a term of less than one year. Adds two members representing the inflatable amusement ride industry to the existing Advisory Council on Amusement Ride Safety.

It is very important for GOSA members who live in a dis- The Ohio Department of Agriculture has since moved fortrict of Senate Education Members to make those contacts. ward with a rule to implement the changes. See article above for details on that process. Those members are: Senator Peggy Lehner, (R – Kettering) Chairwoman Senator Matt Huffman, (R – Lima) Vice Chair Senator Bill Coley (R – Liberty Township) Senator Randy Gardner (R – Bowling Green) Senator Gayle Manning (R – North Ridgeville) -Bill Sponsor Senator Rob McColley (R – Napoleon) Senator Lou Terhar (R – Green Township) Senator Steve Wilson (R – Maineville) Senator Vernon Sykes (D – Akron) -Ranking Minority Member Senator Joe Schiavoni (D – Boardman) Senator Cecil Thomas (D – Cincinnati)

Additional Budget Items of Interest Section 285.10. EXP OHIO EXPOSITIONS COMMISSION General Revenue Fund GRF 723403 Junior Fair Subsidy $ 363,750 TOTAL GRF General Revenue Fund $ 363,750 Dedicated Purpose Fund Group 4N20 723602 Ohio State Fair Harness Racing $ 375,000 5060 723601 Operating Expenses $ 14,413,166 5060 723604 Grounds Maintenance and Repairs $ 300,000

$ 363,750 $ 363,750

$ 375,000 $ 14,913,166 $ 300,000

Biennial Budget Completed in June, 2017

TOTAL DPF Dedicated Purpose Fund Group $ 15,088,166 The first half of 2017 was dominated by budget delibera- TOTAL ALL BUDGET FUND GROUPS $ 15,451,916 tions. At the Statehouse Based on revised budget projec-

$ 15,588,166 $ 15,951,916

tions, the legislature was charged with filling $1 billion in revenue. Many programs and line items received cuts State Fair Reserve based on these revised estimates. Below are the line items The General Manager of the Expositions Commission, in and policy issues of interests to fairs. consultation with the Director of Budget and Management, may submit a request to the Controlling Board to use availInflatables able amounts in the State Fair Reserve Fund (Fund 6400) if When the House released their version of the budget there revenues from either the 2017 or the 2018 Ohio State Fair were several provisions changing the regulation of inflata- are unexpectedly low. ble rides. While the bill was being considered in the SenOn July 1 of each fiscal year, or as soon as possible thereafate, the Ohio Fair Managers Association and the Greater Ohio Showmen’s Association provided testimony express- ter, the Director of Budget and Management, in ing opposition to the inflatable provisions. Comments were (Continued on page 12)


(Continued from page 11)

consultation with the General Manager of the Expositions Commission, may determine that the Ohio Expositions Fund (Fund 5060) has a cash balance in excess of the anticipated operating costs of the Exposition Commission in that fiscal year. Notwithstanding section 991.04 of the Revised Code, the Director of Budget and Management may transfer an amount up to the excess cash from Fund 5060 to Fund 6400 in each fiscal year.

tempts to strike that balance, there have not been groups willing to come forward and support the legislation. Many groups like the Ohio Farm Bureau, the Ohio Manufacturers' Association, the Ohio Chamber of Retail Merchants, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and the NFIB have stated that the legislation is a good starting point for discussions.

The bill has had five hearings before the House Government Accountability and Oversight Committee. The Speaker of the House has indicated he may be calling for a Section 211.10. AGR DEPARTMENT OF AGRICUL- vote on the legislation soon. Representative Schuring reTURE cently said “nobody is going to thank me or the members of the business and labor communities for doing this because GRF 700401 Animal Health Programs $ 3,580,022 $ 3,676,588 there is sacrifice. It’s a tough pill to swallow but at the end GRF 700407 Food Safety $ 1,325,582 $ 1,325,582 of the day the sacrifice will be much greater if we don’t do 4P70 700610 Food Safety Inspection $ 993,743 $ 993,743 it”. 5780 700620 Ride Inspection $ 1,351,974 GRF 700501 County Agricultural Societies $ 379,673

$ 1,351,974 $ 379,673

House Bill 382 will:

County Agricultural Societies The foregoing appropriation item 700501, County Agricultural Societies, shall be used to reimburse county and independent agricultural societies for expenses related to Junior Fair activities. GRF 235511 Cooperative Extension Service $23,968,942 $23,962,050

• •

SECTION 381.230. COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SERVICE Of the foregoing appropriation item 235511, Cooperative Extension Service, $48,831 in each fiscal year shall be used to support the Food Policy Coordinator pilot project established in Section 733.61 of this act. The foregoing appropriation item 235511, Cooperative Extension Service, shall be disbursed through the Chancellor of Higher Education to The Ohio State University in monthly payments, unless otherwise determined by the Director of Budget and Management under section 126.09 of the Revised Code.

HB 382 – Unemployment Compensation

The legislature has been exploring the unemployment compensation system in an attempt to ensure the system’s solvency. During the recession, Ohio had to take a federal loan to keep the system afloat and the legislature wants to ensure that does not happen again.

Raise the wages subject to premiums to $11,000 on the first day of January occurring after the bill's effective date. Require an employee to pay employee coinsurance payments when the employee satisfies the monetary requirements necessary to receive unemployment benefits. Require an employer to withhold coinsurance payments from an employee's pay and remit them to the Director of Job and Family Services in accordance with rules adopted by the Director. Freezes maximum weekly benefit amounts at the 2017 maximum amounts for ten years after the bill's effective date, extending a current law freeze that applies in 2018 and 2019. Reduce the maximum weekly benefit amount payable to an individual who claims allowable dependents if the Director finds that additional sources of household income reduce or eliminate the individual's need to receive up to the maximum weekly benefit amount. Reduce, for an individual whose benefit year begins after the bill's effective date, the maximum number of weeks for which the individual may receive unemployment benefits in a benefit year from 26 weeks to 24. Require members of the Unemployment Compensation Advisory Council, which is charged with recommending changes in Ohio's unemployment compensation laws, to be appointed not later than 30 days after the bill's effective date, and requires the Council to meet.

During the previous General Assembly, there was an attempt to make changes. However, business and labor groups could not come to an agreement on a plan. The legislature, led by Representative Kirk Schuring (R – Canton), pressed pause on the issue to allow for continued dialogue Bill Would Make Sales Tax Holiday Permanent between interested parties. Senator Kevin Bacon (R – Columbus) has introduced SenRepresentative Schuring went on to introduce House Bill ate Bill 229, legislation to make permanent a three-day 382. His goal was to strike a balance between employer sales tax holiday that was first piloted in 2015. The legislaand employee obligations. However, because the bill at- tion is intended to give parents a break from sales tax on


school supplies and back to school clothing. The taxexempt period would be for a three-day period beginning the first Friday in August.


Items exempt from sales tax during this “holiday” are: •

Items of clothing up to $75 each. "Clothing" means all human wearing apparel suitable for general use, but does not include items such as those used in a trade or business, accessories, or sports or protective equipment. Items of school supplies and instructional materials up to $20 each. "School supplies" means items commonly used by a student in a course of study and are explicitly listed in the bill, including items such as book bags, crayons, erasers, notebooks, pencils, and pens. "School instructional materials" means reference books, reference maps and globes, textbooks, and workbooks only.

This bill will be considered by the Senate Ways and Means Committee.

Pictured Left to Right: Alex Drake, Celeste Campbell, Callie Pfile, Zach Kowatch, and Kuzanari Sutton.

Rupert Otterbacher Scholarship

Legislators Resign

4th Year Award Alex Drake Kelsey Gentille Jack Kolassa

Two members of the Ohio General Assembly have resigned due to inappropriate behavior. Senator Cliff Hite (R – Findley) and Representative Wes Goodman (R – Cardington) gave up their seats when information about their unacceptable behavior came to light.

2nd Year Award Alexis Campbell Brett Cortelleti

The Ohio Senate has selected Representative Rob McColley (R – Napoleon) to replace Hite. McColley has already be sworn in to his new position. A process to replace Goodman and McColley is expected to be completed after the first of the year.

1st Year Award Celeste Campbell Lauren Kolassa Zach Kowatch Callie Pfile

Additionally, as Representative McColley was a member of the House Republican leadership team, his spot in leadership was filled by Representative Bill Reineke (R – Tiffin).

Russel “Sonny” Kissel Scholarship

Copies of legislation – Go to

How to Contact Your Lobbyists

Amanda Sines and Mikayla Pollitt Government Advantage

2nd Year Award Colby Albanese Carlina DiRusso Madison Rinehart 1st Year Award Andrew Campbell Justin Fortkamp Kuzanari Sutton

17 South High Street, Suite 750 Columbus, Ohio 43215 614-221-7157

Our sincere thank you goes out to all of our membership for your continued support and fund raising efforts. We are truly helping to pave the way for future generations. Please join us in wishing all of our students the very best in their endeavors.

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GOSA Membership Raffle- Keith Chain 50/50 Winners- Jeff Otterbacher, Mike Ray, Michael Albanese, Harry Faint, Randy Kissel, Renee Tedrick, Jasmine Otterbacher, Louie Pilati, JR Woods, and David Drake

Congratulations to all winners!

ATTENTION: As the sponsors of promotional raffles, the GOSA is required by the IRS to obtain tax information from certain prize winners. Any individual winning a prize valued at $600.00 or more, is required to fill out a mandatory W-9 form before receiving their winnings. The GOSA is then required to report this information including amount won to the IRS. The individual will also receive a 1099 tax document for tax preparation purposes. Should you be a winner of such a prize, we recommend you consult your tax preparer for further guidance on this matter. Please note, by purchasing a ticket, you are agreeing to these terms and to also assume any tax liability you may incur. We appreciate your understanding regarding this issue.


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