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Information for the members of the Greater Ohio Showmen’s Association

President’s Message Friends, Strangely enough the month of February felt like spring here in Ohio. Soon all of us will begin the journey of yet another fair season. I hope that all of you are having a restful winter and enjoying any time off you may have. The past GOSA Board meetings have been productive. The Board was able to wrap up a successful 2017 Convention and also begin planning for 2018. We thank all of you who attended and participated in some way as well as thank the OFMA for another successful year in working together. A new list of Committee assignments has been finalized for 2017. I am confident that the Chairs and individuals on each committee will be successful with their tasks, but I would also welcome the addition and input of any GOSA members who are passionate about helping their industry and the GOSA. We encourage ALL to participate in any way they wish. Our Nominating and Awards committee and the board have completed the Spring award voting process. These awards will be presented at the OFMA Spring dinners the last weekend of March and first weekend in April. Thank you to all who submitted nominations. Congratulations to all of the Super Bowl Pool winners! The GOSA has been very busy with Annual GOSA activities inInside cluding the Bowling party, the GOSA Luncheon held in Gibtown during the IISA Tradeshow, as well as the Fishing Ex- Announcements cursion. It was reported that all of these activities for our members were heavily attended again this year. It’s exciting to see these events continuing to grow each year. We hope that those Meeting Minutes who attended any of these events enjoyed them and we look forward to even more of our membership to participate in the Legislative Report future. Be sure to join us on March 18 in Johnstown at the Annual Hit GOSA Event Photos the Road Party! Come out and have some fun before your season gets started!

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‘Til Next Time,

Greater Ohio Showmen’s Association P.O. 93 Pataskala, Ohio 43062 (740) 739-9073


Membership Announcements ATTENTION! - CALL TO ACTION!

A provision letting temporary guest workers on H-2B visas count as “returning workers” was excluded from the stop-gap funding bill in December, 2016. As of March 13, 2017 all of the 33,000 H-2B petitions available for second half 2017 have already been fulfilled! Many of our fellow GOSA members and industry associates rely heavily on this program to fulfill their seasonal employee needs and desperately need your help! THE NUMBER ONE THING YOU CAN DO IS CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE! Let them know you support the Returning Worker Exemption. For information on how to reach your Representative and what to say, please contact the GOSA Office at


Hit the Road Party

5-10 p.m.

Tedrick’s, Johnstown, OH



GOSA Board Meeting

10 a.m. -2-

Rhodes Center, Columbus, OH

GOSA COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS - 2017 BUDGET/AUDIT Doug Guinsler, Chair Al Bozich Jasmine Otterbacher Mike Tedrick

FLOWERS & NEWS Doug Guinsler (SE Ohio) Jane MacDonald (FL) Anissa Prowant (NW Ohio) Vicki Clements (SW Ohio)

NOMINATING & AWARDS Randy Kissel, Chair Brent Bair Al Bozich Jasmine Otterbacher

Amy Redmond (NE Ohio)

Louie Pilati Andy Pocock

HISTORIANS David Gallapoo Jeff Otterbacher Penny Otterbacher

GAMES Jo Ellen Albanese Vicki Clements

O.S.F. COMMUNICATIONS Dean Otterbacher, Chair

EVENTS & OUTINGS Carmi Kissel-Engler, Chair

Louie Pilati Mike Ray Bill Sterling

Mark Boylan Mick Orosz Penny Otterbacher

Susie Bush David Drake Lori Freiling Jeromie Garn Marcie Ison Randy Kissel Jasmine Otterbacher

Bill Prowant HEALTH & SANITATION Mike Tedrick, Chair Karen Bates Clay Chester Tim Lisko Anissa Prowant

CONVENTION / EXTRAVAGANZA David Drake, Convention Chair Andy Pocock, Extravaganza Chair Louie Pilati, Extravaganza Co-Chair Bev Fisher

Louie Pilati Mike Ray Bill Sterling Renee Tedrick

Entire GOSA Board PARLIAMENTARIANS Harry Faint David Gallapoo

PUBLICATIONS & MEDIA Al Bozich, Yearbook Chair


Jasmine Otterbacher Kurt Otterbacher

Katie Linville, Newsletter Chair Brandy Daniels, Website Chair

David Drake, Chair Russell Clements Carmi Kissel-Engler Tim Lisko

PHOTOGRAPHERS Jeff Carpenter Randy Kissel

Kim Bozich Lori Freiling Nick Kissel Jasmine Otterbacher

Bill Sterling

Renee Tedrick

RIDE SAFETY Randy Kissel, Chair Michael Albanese Al Bozich Russell Clements Carmi Kissel-Engler

TICKETS Russell Clements, Chair Al Bozich Carmi Kissel-Engler Louie Pilati Tim Lisko

PAST PRESIDENTS ADVISORY COMMITTEE Andy Pocock, Chair Stan Connell David Gallapoo Doug Guinsler Kevin Koski

Tim Lisko Bill Prowant Bill Sterling

SPONSORSHIP Bill Sterling, Chair

Dean Otterbacher Kurt Otterbacher Bill Prowant

MEMBERSHIP Lori Freiling, Chair

Randy Kissel Carmi Kissel-Engler Tim Lisko

Brent Bair Chuck Jackson Drew Kissel Tim Lisko Bill Sterling Mike Tedrick

SERGEANTS-AT-ARMS Michael Albanese Lee Amos Bill Merritt Mike Ray

Jack Woods TRADE SHOWS Randy Kissel, Chair Russell Clements Drew Kissel Kyle Kissel Tim Lisko Louie Pilati

GET INVOLVED! To get more information on how you can become more involved with the GOSA, please contact a Trustee or the GOSA office!


MINUTES for GOSA Board Meeting


December 15, 2016 I.

Call to order at 10:00 a.m. by Jo Ellen Albanese, President. Pledge of Allegiance delivered by Doug Guinsler.


Members present: Jo Ellen Albanese, David Drake, Doug Guinsler, Randy Kissel, Bill Sterling, Jasmine Otterbacher, Mike Tedrick, Jeff Otterbacher, Russell Clements, Al Bozich, Brandy Daniels. Absent: Carmi Kissel-Engler, Lori Freiling, Andy Pocock, Kevin Pope. Guests: Bill Merritt, Amanda Sines. Motion to approve minutes of the October 2016 meeting by David Drake. Second: Jasmine Otterbacher. Motion passes. Motion to approve minutes of the November 2016 meeting by Russell Clements. Second: Al Bozich. Motion passes.


Correspondence: Secretary/treasurer shared thank you notes from Mary Ellen Kolassa and Jamie Pope, holiday greetings from Matt’s Web Design and The Hummel Group, and NICA News. Jasmine Otterbacher shared some historical periodicals from Gerald Otterbacher’s collection. Jeff Otterbacher recommended that we create a network with other fair/festival organizations as well as showmen organizations in other states for informational purposes and to assist with issues that may impact our industry. He would also like to see us network more often with the fairs and festivals in Ohio, and market to those who are not members.


Financial Report—Secretary/treasurer updated the financials through current deposits and bills paid to date (attached), as well as shared a bill from the accountant for research on the proper filing of expenses related to dues and legislative expenses and a bill for the silent auction purchase at the OFEA convention, total $315.22. Motion to pay bills by David Drake. Second: Jasmine Otterbacher. Motion passes. Motion to approve current financial reports by Al Bozich. Second: Doug Guinsler. Motion passes.


New Members—Motion to approve Jessica Minshall and Paul Miller as new members by Jeff Otterbacher. Second: Al Bozich. Motion passes.


Legislative Report—Amanda Sines reviewed the current legislative report and PAC balance sheet (see attached).


Committee Reports A. Nominating & Awards 1. Outstanding Achievement in Food and Rides, Lifetime Achievement, Special Appreciation, and Showperson(s) of the Year were selected 2. Outstanding Achievement in Games, Straight Sales, and Manufacturing were not selected. 3. Number one priority the next few months is to update the ALL plaques! B. Convention 1. Reviewed signage, schedule, signups, photography, AV needs, the preconvention brochure & stamp game (Lori Freiling via email) and fundraisers at the gala (50/50 and envelope). 2. Super Bowl squares will be available and an OSU board if in championship. 3. GOSA will reserve 5 tables at $100 each at the gala. Jeff Otterbacher will donate $100 of this expense, with GOSA as drawing recipient for that table. 4. Preconvention meeting is Wednesday, January 4, 2017 at 6 p.m. (Meeting at storage at 2 p.m. to pick up items.) C. Budget & Audit 1. The $11,000 CD will be reinvested in the highest yield possible when it matures on December 31, 2016 (considering Vinton Co./Bremen). 2. The $12,000 in lifetime membership (designated) will be evaluated for investment with Glenn Strong. 3. The secretary/treasurer presented some information on setting up a savings and money market accounts at Huntington to diversify the general fund money. Motion to set up two separate money market checking accounts, one for Kissel Scholarship Fund (currently at Community Bank) and one for Otterbacher Scholarship Fund (currently in the general checking at Huntington Bank), at Huntington Bank by Al Bozich. Second: Jeff Otterbacher. Motion passes. Motion to set up a general fund savings account at Huntington Bank to use for holding general funds and temporarily placing large deposits by Jeff Otterbacher. Second: Jasmine Otterbacher. Motion passes. D. Events & Outings—Bowling Party Sunday, January 29, 2017 at 11 a.m.

E. Health & Sanitation—Jeff Otterbacher suggested that the GOSA form a position on local and state health and sanitation rules and laws. He recommends that we work with our lobbyists to formulate official opinions on this and other issues more often. VIII. F. Historians—Jeff Otterbacher has located more historical information for storage as well as old financial records that need stored or disposed of (based on dates). He has also collected numbers of photographs to be arIX. chived. Motion to approve $150.00 for this historian committee to scan photos into digital format and to store photographs more appropriately by Jeff Otterbacher. Second: Mike Tedrick. Motion passes. G. Membership 1. Lori Freiling reported (via email) that GOSA t-shirts will be available at convention. Embroidered logo as well as site to purchase products is in process. 2018 Cruise X. tickets are available. Balconies at the original price are sold out. Other locations on the ship, and balconies at $30 more/ person are still available. 2. Jeff Otterbacher questioned the need for 11 trustee members on the GOSA board. The board discussed obligations of the officers and trustees to represent the different areas of the state and factions of the industry, and pros and cons of making such a decision. Motion to put on the agenda for a vote of the general membership at the 2017 annual meeting to reduce one trustee seat in the 2017 election and one trustee seat in the 2018 election leaving nine (9) trustees and three (3) executive officers for a total of 12 board members after the 2018 election by Jeff Otterbacher. Second: Jasmine Otterbacher. Motion passes with a majority voting yes and one dissenting vote from Bill Sterling. H. Publications & Media 1. Newsletter—December newsletter draft is in process. 2. Yearbook—Reviewed calendar dates. 3. Website—No updates. Discussed how to share yearbook listings, information with membership so that it is a current resource for members and fairs/festivals, booking agents. Secretary/treasurer will look into how to present this information better on the website. I. Ride Safety—No report. J. Scholarships—Al Bozich reported on behalf of Kim Bozich that all recipients were notified.


K. Sponsorships—Randy Kissel reported that Haas Wilkerson and Showmen’s Supply are currently sponsors. L. Tickets—Jeff Otterbacher reported on ticket sales and numbers of tickets outstanding. Old Business A. Corn Hole—Randy Kissel researched costs. He feels that it is not a worthwhile expense at this time. Item is CLOSED. New Business A. Budget—Mike Tedrick suggested that we revisit creating a GOSA budget. B. Employee review: Brandy Daniels, Secretary/ Treasurer—Al Bozich, Bill Sterling, and David Drake will head this effort. C. Statement of Commitment—Jo Ellen Albanese presented the Statement of Commitment, and requested that the board review it to discuss again at the January regular meeting. Adjournment Motion to adjourn meeting at 4:35 p.m. by David Drake. Second: Randy Kissel. Motion Passes.

Greater Ohio Showmen ‘s Association LEGISLATIVE REPORT Section 211.10. AGR DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Kasich Rolls Out His Last Budget – House Begins Hearings Governor John Kasich has rolled out his final biennial budget proposal as Ohio’s Governor. The 3512-page proposal was introduced as House Bill 49. The budget process will dominate the first half of 2017, as the legislature has to adopt a version of the budget by June 30, 2017. The House will consider the proposal first, and the House Finance Committee has begun hearings on the bill. Included in the package are several proposals Governor Kasich has advocated for in the past. Most notably is the desire to continue to decrease the State income tax. To fund those reductions, there is a proposal to increase the State sales tax by ½ cent and expand the applicability of the sales tax to additional services. The expansion would cover: lobbying, repossession, cable television, landscape design, interior design, and travel services. The Governor has also proposed an increase in tobacco taxes, beer and wine taxes, and the severance tax.

GRF 700401 Animal Health Programs

$ 3,690,744

$ 3,790,297

GRF 700407 Food Safety

$ 1,325,582

$ 1,325,582

$ 993,743

$ 993,743

$ 1,426,974

$ 1,426,974

$ 391,415

$ 391,415

4P70 700610 Food Safety Inspection 5780 700620 Ride Inspection GRF 700501 County Agricultural Societies

County Agricultural Societies The foregoing appropriation item 700501, County Agricultural Societies, shall be used to reimburse county and independent agricultural societies for expenses related to Junior Fair activities. GRF 235511 Cooperative Extension Service

$ 24,061,355

$ 24,061,355


Budget Items of Interest

The foregoing appropriation item 235511, Cooperative Extension Service, shall be disbursed through the Chancellor of Higher Education to The Ohio State University in monthly payments, unless otherwise determined by the Director of Budget and Management under section 126.09 of the Revised Code.


GOSA Requests Games Data

The tax provisions of the budget are controversial and members of the legislature have expressed reservations about policy that shifts tax burden from one segment to another.

GRF 723403 Junior Fair Subsidy

$ 375,000

TOTAL GRF General Revenue Fund

$ 375,000

Annually, the GOSA asks the Ohio Department of Agriculture $ 375,000 for information on game licenses for the season. This assists GOSA in tracking how game operators are doing. GOSA re$ 375,000 quested the following information:

$ 375,000

$ 375,000


$ 15,413,166

$ 15,413,166


$ 300,000

$ 300,000

TOTAL DPF Dedicated Purpose Fund Group

$ 16,088,166

$ 16,088,166


$ 16,463,166

$ 16,463,166

General Revenue Fund

Dedicated Purpose Fund Group

4N20 723602 Ohio State Fair Harness Racing 5060 723601 Operating Expenses 5060 723604 Grounds Maintenance and Repairs


Copies of any and all written or formal complaints against game operators; Copies of any and all citations issues to game operators in 2016; and Documentation indicating the total number of game licenses issued in 2016.

ODAg responded that there were no records to match our request. In following up with ODAg in person, they said it is diffiState Fair Reserve cult to get an accurate count of license issues because many are The General Manager of the Expositions Commission, in consul- duplicates or replacement, but stated it was between 500 and tation with the Director of Budget and Management, may submit 600. ODAg clarified in their response that no records matched our requests, did in fact mean there were no violations or written a request to the Controlling Board to use available amounts in the State Fair Reserve Fund (Fund 6400) if revenues from either complaints. the 2017 or the 2018 Ohio State Fair are unexpectedly low. Game Rules Clear JCARR On July 1 of each fiscal year, or as soon as possible thereafter, the Director of Budget and Management, in consultation with the GOSA has been working with the Ohio Department of Agriculture on revisions to game rules. There have been several verGeneral Manager of the Expositions Commission, may detersions of draft revisions shared with GOSA. The most recent mine that the Ohio Expositions Fund (Fund 5060) has a cash balance in excess of the anticipated operating costs of the Expo- proposal was shared on June 20, 2016. In this version of the rules, the Department proposed removing the requirement that sition Commission in that fiscal year. Notwithstanding section 991.04 of the Revised Code, the Director of Budget and Manage- game licenses include the price of play as a condition of licensure. GOSA has long advocated for this change. ment may transfer an amount up to the excess cash from Fund 5060 to Fund 6400 in each fiscal year.


As a compromise to removing the price requirement, the Department has added additional requirements to the signage at games. GOSA responded to ODAg on July 5, 2016, stating that should the rules go forward as currently drafted, we would not object. The rules were officially filed for review on January 6, 2017. There were two sessions at convention reviewing the proposed changes.

Under the bill, a complaint filed with the civil rights commission against an employer alleging unlawful, discriminatory practice related to employment must be filed with the commission within one year (currently employees have six years). If the commission finds in its preliminary investigation that the complaint is probable, the commission must invite the parties to mediation. If mediation is not agreed to, the commission must follow certain steps to eliminate the discriminatory practice or look for other resolutions. If they are not able to resolve the issue with the parties, the commission must issue a complaint, then the complaint will move to a hearing process.

A public hearing was held on the rules on February 9, 2017. Amanda Sines attended on GOSA’s behalf. There were no witnesses or objections to the rule package. The rules went before JCARR for a final review on March 6, 2017. With that the rules can now go into effect and will be in effect for the 2017 fair season.

The bill also revises the definition of employer to remove the provision that “employer” includes people acting directly in the School Start Date Reintroduced interest of the employer. Further, the bill states that no person has a cause of action or claim based on unlawful discriminatory Senator Gayle Manning (R – North Ridgeville) reintroduced leg- practices relating to employment against a supervisor, manager, islation to require schools to begin classes after Labor Day. Sen- or other employee of an employer unless that supervisor, managate Bill 34 would allow local boards of education to adopt a reso- er, or other employee is the employer. lution to begin classes before Labor Day, but before doing so, they must hold a public hearing to get community input. The bill also sets limits on the amount of damages an employee can be awarded. The legislation has been assigned to the Senate Education Committee. Sponsor and the first round of proponent testimony has The bill is being considered by the House Economic Developbeen given in committee. ment, Commerce and Labor Committee. There have been three hearings to date. The legislation is supported by the Ohio ChamWhen the legislation was considered in the previous General As- ber of Commerce and other business groups. sembly, Jo Ellen Albanese, President of GOSA was able to provide testimony before the Senate Education Committee. Also Continued on page 11... testifying in support was the Ohio Campground Owners Association and Cedar Fair. Questions were raised about removing control from the local level, implementation of this in Michigan, and potential summer jobs that could result from this change. Sanitarian Law Proposal Representative Brian Hill (R – Zanesville) has introduced House Bill 65. HB 65 would require the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Department of Agriculture to establish rules for the review of inspection reports done by registered sanitarians and sanitarians-in-training who conduct food service inspections. It would also create a requirement that a report be issued to the legislature (and others) identifying the most common violations missed by the sanitarians. At the end of 2016, the legislature considered similar legislation from Rep. Hill. GOSA representative, Amanda Sines, was able to speak with the sponsor about the bill. The intent of the sponsor is to increase the oversight because there is a belief that some inspectors are being too overzealous and making the inspections overly burdensome for businesses. He wants inspections to be focused on critical violations and issues that could lead to food born illness. HB 65 is supported by the Ohio Council of Retail Merchants, Environmental Health Division of Columbus Public Health, Association of Ohio Health Commissioners, Ichor Restaurant Group, among others. Seitz Re-Introduces Bill Regarding Employment Law Representative Bill Seitz (R – Cincinnati) had introduced House Bill 2, a re-introduction of Senate Bill 268 from last General Assembly. HB 2 would modify Ohio civil rights laws related to employment and the statute of limitations for other specified claims against an employer.



Thank you to all who supported and those that came and made it a great time!



IISA Tradeshow 2017

GOSA Fishing Trip 2017


Akron food trucks now must pay for health, safety inspection

Stray Dog operates four food carts throughout the season, in addition to Stray Dog Cafe on Main Street downtown and Stray Dog Grille at the Akron City Tavern on Main Street in North Hill., The Plain Dealer

Murphy has run food carts during events at Lock 3, and major events like the National Hamburger Festival and the Akron Rib, White & Blue Festival, for eight years.

By Jennifer Conn, Akron reporter, February 10, 2017

AKRON, Ohio - Food trucks vendors operating in Akron now must pay for a health and safety inspection before they can get their permits. The Akron Fire Department is charging a $25 fee for the inspection, which will be conducted by both the fire department and Summit County Public Health. To operate a food truck, the city charges $225 for a permit application.

During the summer, Stray Dog Carts have been inspected almost weekly by both the health and fire departments, but until now hadn't been charged a fee. "It's just the nature of the business," he said. Food trucks are becoming increasingly popular around the city, as many businesses host food truck days for employees. That brings more trucks out, with many hailing from outside Akron, Lash said. Larger events can draw 15 to 20 trucks.

Akron food trucks have been inspected in the past but not charged the fee. The inspection fee is annual, but food trucks could be inspected more than once over the course of the year, said Akron Fire Department Safety Inspector and Information Officer Sierjie Lash.

And some food truck operators have attempted to fly under the radar, setting up in alleyways out of sight of officials, especially near fast food restaurants during busy times. Officials have also found makeshift cooking sites set up on roadsides.

Changing propane tanks or attending a large event for the first time could garner a vendor another inspection. Howev- With the health department inspecting the trucks for proper er, on re-inspection, trucks won't always be charged another temperatures, cleanliness and storage there's less chance fee. people will get sick eating the food. The fire department will be looking at propane tanks, frying grease and other flam"It's on a case-by-case basis" Lash said. "It's to make sure mables. the food is safe for residents of Akron and to make sure it's safe for those cooking in the trucks." Rather than imposing an immediate fine on food truck vendors found operating without an inspection, the fire departFood trucks -- mobile restaurants that satisfy crowds with ment will work to educate them. specialties, burgers and fries, ice cream, brick-oven pizza, gourmet tacos -- are hugely popular in Akron, like its neigh- The inspection fee is not intended to deter food trucks, but bor to the north. to make Akron more food truck friendly, Lash said. "I think it's a great idea," said Charly Murphy, who owns Stray Dog Carts, Cafe and Condiments. "We want to do the best job we can and be safe."

JOIN US! The next GOSA board meeting is‌ April 4, 2017 10:00 am Rhodes Building, Ohio Expo Center & State Fair -10-

(Legislative Report Continued from page 7…)

In Loving Memory...

Legislators Propose Another Sales Tax Holiday – Passes Senate Senator Kevin Bacon (R – Columbus) has introduced Senate Bill 9, legislation to reauthorize a three-day sales tax holiday that was first piloted in 2015. The legislation is intended to give parents a break from sales tax on school supplies and back to school clothing. The tax-exempt period would be August 4-6, 2017.

GOSA Past President

Michael A. Sauro

Items exempt from sales tax during this “holiday” are:

June 1, 1921 - May 16, 2016


Items of clothing up to $75 each. "Clothing" means all human wearing apparel suitable for general use, but does not include items such as those used in a trade or business, accessories, or sports or protective equipment.


Items of school supplies and instructional materials up to $20 each. "School supplies" means items commonly used by a student in a course of study and are explicitly listed in the bill, including items such as book bags, crayons, erasers, notebooks, pencils, and pens. "School instructional materials" means reference books, reference maps and globes, textbooks, and workbooks only.

The legislation has been referred to the Senate Ways and Means Committee. With this being a top ten bill in the Senate, the chamber made quick work in passing this legislation. The bill was passed on February 22, 2017 by a vote of 32-1. The legislation will now be considered by the House of Representatives. Unnecessary Regulations? On January 18, 2017, GOSA representative Amanda Sines attended the Ohio Chamber's Small Business Council meeting. Senate President Larry Obhof discussed his goal to decrease burdensome regulations on business. Obhof has charged each of his caucus members to bring forward one regulation that could be eliminated or eased. The caucus is also looking for suggestions from the business community. If any GOSA members have examples of overregulation, please share those with the Association and we can use them in discussions with Senators. Copies of legislation –

How to Contact Your Lobbyists

Amanda Sines and Mikayla Pollitt Government Advantage 17 South High Street, Suite 750 Columbus, Ohio 43215 614-221-7157 Check out our new website! Follow us on Twitter!


Ohio Fair Managers AssociationStill going strong after all these years

District 5: Tom Stocksdale of Wooster, OH District 6: Roger Smith of Johnstown, OH District 7: Stanley Strode of Chesterhill, OH District 8: John Ackerman of Woodsfield, OH District 9: Paul Harris of Chagrin Falls, OH

By: Mary Weber Carnival Warehouse • Feb 1, 2017

The 92nd Annual Ohio Fairs Convention "It's All About Youth" was held January 5-8 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel Columbus, Ohio. Nearly 4,000 people were in attendance including 1855 Senior Fair Board members, 1292 Junior Fair Members, 642 Associate members and a full agenda of speakers. The 2017 Ohio Fairs Convention also held the largest trade show in the convention's history: 136 tradeshow spaces were sold ranging from acts and entertainers to goods and services provided by companies working with events.

One of the highlights of the 2017 Ohio Fairs Convention was the induction of five new members into the Ohio Fairs Hall Of Fame on January 8th, 2017. Allan Hess of the Clarke County Far, Donald J. Stauffer of the Ashland County Fair, Dough Guinsler of the Muskingum County Fair, Robert Nash (associate member inductee), and Sheriff Dan McClelland (associate member inductee).

Alfred Putnam Sandles was Ohio's eleventh Secretary of Agriculture. He helped organize the Ohio Fair Managers' Association around 1922 and Myers Cooper was the First President of the Ohio Fair Managers Association. During the early years of the OFMA, the emphasis was largely on education and agriculture expositions. Throughout the years, the OFMA has remained true to its purpose of promoting and encouraging the development and improvement of agricultural fairs, shows, and expositions. The OFMA is actively engaged and supports the International Association of Fairs and Expositions as well as the Federation of State and Provincial Association of Fairs.

Along with round table discussions and sessions, positionspecific meetings were held for members of fair boards across Ohio. Secretaries had the opportunity to attend a meeting entitled: Procurement Procedures and Bidding For Fair Boards; The Treasurers Meeting was called: Managing the Operations and Finances Of Capital Projects; The Presidents and Vice-Presidents forum was about managing their organizations and covered agenda prep, financial overview and budget, and day to day controls. The seminar was useful in determining what duties are expected of fair leadership and how duties and responsibilities are handled across a broad range of events.

The objectives of the Ohio Fair Managers Association are as follows: To represent and promote the general welfare of the County, Independent and State Fairs of the State of Ohio; to encourage closer cooperation among the fairs of Ohio; to promote Agriculture and its related fields to fairs and their customers; to provide for the annual meeting or convention of all fairs, associated groups and businesses at least once each year; to promote cooperation among all agricultural related educational and commodity organizations; and to follow the Established 990 Practice of the OFMA Board.

Throughout the convention, 95 total senior fair round table discussions and workshops were held for convention attendees. The most popular of the workshops were the fair officers training workshop and the livestock quality assurance meetings which were held January 5th-7th.

Bob Buxton of Warsaw, OH is heading into his second year as President of the Ohio Fair Manager's Association. Dan Bullen of Xenia, OH is serving as 1st Vice President, and Rodney Arter of Croton, OH is 2nd Vice President. The board is also composed of a Treasurer, Executive Director, and Representatives from the 9 districts in Ohio; Bob Dawson of Painesville, OH serves as Treasurer and Howard Call of Stow, OH is the Executive Director. The 9 Ohio districts have the following representatives:

According to Howard Call, Executive Director of the Ohio Fairs Association, some of the issues that were addressed at the convention and during the round tables are H2B visa concerns involving food, game, and ride operators and EPA and OSHA becoming more visible, making it necessary for fair members and staff to be ever more vigilant when dealing with safety and workplace regulations. Overall, Call says that there are not really any major dangers facing Ohio fairs and with information sharing and seminars such as those presented at the OFMA meeting, many of the day to day difficulties can be worked through as an organization.

In addition to Hall Of Fame Inductions, the Ohio Fair Association handed out a total of 60 communication awards to 32 different Ohio fairs. Some of the highlights include: AthThe Ohio Fair Managers Association is a voluntary, not-for- ens County Fair won the Best Themed Advertising Program profit corporation, serving State, Independent and County and Cuyahoga County Fair which won the award for the Agricultural Fairs, shows, exhibitions, and several festivals best Fair Premium book cover. Crista Wortkoetter was sewithin Ohio. The associate members of the OFMA are aslected as the 2017 Ohio Fairs Queen; she was chosen from sociations, corporations, festivals, and individuals engaged a group of 79 Ohio County and Independent Fair Queens. in providing products and services to its fair members, all of Roger Crawford gave an inspiring keynote address: "How whom are interested in the improvement of Ohio's agriculHigh Can You Bounce?" for all of the convention attural fairs. tendees.

District 1: Richard King of Rising Sun, OH District 2: Tom Higbie of Jenera, OH District 3: Wade Flory of New Lebanon, OH District 4: Chris Brust of Beaver, OH

In addition to senior fair round tables and workshops, 34 junior fair sessions were set up by the Ohio Cooperative Extension Service; junior and senior fair members were invited to participate in the junior fair sessions on Saturday, January 7th.


“So it's an animation that gives you that feeling of being in space, a little bit of narration to tell you a little bit about it and what the landscape and some features of Mars might be like,” Gill said.

Journey to Mars begins in the Ohio Valley WTOV9 by Jessica Haberley

All that is capped off with a free fall from 90-feet in the air.

Thursday, February 2nd 2017

“Virtual reality to our knowledge has never been used on a drop tower experience, so first of a kind is what you see,” Gill said.

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio — A first-of-its kind ride is adding to the wow factor in Houston as excitement builds for the year's biggest game.

This virtual experience became a reality at the hands of Jefferson County's own. ARM has been making amusement rides since 1998.

It's a drop tower attraction that's believed to be the first to use virtual reality, and it takes the rider on a journey to Mars.

It currently employs 46 local families.

Astronauts Scott Kelly and Mike Hopkins were among the many VIPs to try it this week. The ride was brought to life right here in Jefferson County. Those in the amusement industry say this unlocks the future. A journey 1,000 times farther than the moon starts in the Ohio Valley on a ride, envisioned and created by ARM, an amusement ride manufacturing company in Jefferson County. Mike Gill is the president. “What you see behind you is a drop tower attraction featured as Journey to Mars," Gill said. “And it's a ride that mixes virtual reality into the motion of a full, drop tower experience.” Journey to Mars allows you to explore another world right from your seat with smoke to enhance the experience, subwoofers in the floor to simulate takeoff and landing and then the VR gear itself that lets you look left right up and down to give you a 360-degree perspective of the ride.

Robbie Frey is an electrician who helped bring Journey to Mars to life. “Brainstorming ideas here and there, that was the fun part,” Frey said. “How are we going to make this work? How are we going to get it to do this? And it was just an awesome experience.” After it makes its Houston debut, the ride will likely be rethemed for riders to enjoy an entirely different experience. “The future is sort of unlocked,” Gill said. They key to that future is held in Jefferson County. “I think it's opened up a whole new door for uses on even portable carnivals, parks and so on,” Gill said. Even though this was uncharted territory, it took ARM just two months to build Journey to Mars. The ride simulates the new rocket system that is expected to offer true space travel to Mars in the next fifteen years.

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Merger Creates New Lobbying Firm The Columbus Dispatch


Posted Jan 30, 2017 at 12:01 AM

COLUMBUS — Columbus-based government-relations firms

1986 36ft Otterbacher Fifth Wheel game trailer – Full running lights. New Marquee. Brand new bally and graphics New LQ w/shower & AC as of 2016. $22,500

Singleton & Associates and Capital Action Group have announced their merger with Government Advantage Group.

1989 24ft Southern Body game trailer. $6,000

1995 18ft Machine Gun game w/Marquee. Full running LED lights. Brandy new digital bally. 10 guns (4 like brand new). $20,000 (S O L D)

est and the most diverse lobbying groups on Capital

1998 27ft CargoMate Bunkhouse – 4 rooms, sleeps 7, shower, AC’s in each room. $5,000

statehouse relationships and a stronger connection with po-

COMPLETE Bottle-Up Game. Tables, poles, etc. all encased in handmade container. $1,000

the state."

2002 Ford F350 diesel Lariat XLT work truck. $5,500 REDUCED TO $5,000

Sines, principal of Capital Action Group; and Kevin Fytryk,

Call Sugg @ 614.774.1617 or Jo Ellen @ 614.774.1616

partners in the new firm, which will keep Government Ad-

• • •

"As a result of this merger, we have become one of the largSquare," said John Singleton, founder of Singleton & Associates. "With that diversity comes a larger variety of litical and professional groups in Columbus and throughout John Singleton, founder of Singleton & Associates; Amanda principal of Government Advantage Group, will now serve as vantage Group's name.


The new firm will offer services including lobbying Columbus

Equipment: • 1993 24ft Hampton Balloon Pop Water Race game. Ready to work. All guns in working order. $15,000 S O L D

City Hall and the state legislature, along with association management and advocacy.

Several guts to numerous games: • Over 300 goblets for pitch games • Guts for buoy pitch (nappy bowls) • Many size rings for ring-a-bottle games • Various size balls • Several 64oz glass bottles • Center joint TOPS – 14x14 • 2 – 7x7 tanks for float games Vehicles: • 1989 Ford F700 diesel 18ft box truck with hitch. Ready for towing. $3,000 • 1989 Ford F700 diesel Flatbed. $1,500 • 1989 Ford F700 diesel Fifth Wheel tractor. $1,000 Miscellaneous: • 48ft Fruehauf Semi Storage Trailer. $1,500 • 6500 Watt Industrial Generator Honda Motor. Low working hours. $500 • Possible locations may be available Contact Tony Albanese



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