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Information for the members of the Greater Ohio Showmen’s Association

President’s Message It feels like spring might finally be coming to Ohio….or is it summer because as I write this it is 80 degrees! I hope everyone has had a restful winter as well as a great Easter holiday. Hard to believe the season is about to begin! The months of March and April have been productive for the GOSA board. The annual Hit the Road party was held on March 18 in Johnstown at Mike & Robin Tedrick’s. Thank you to Mike & Robin for hosting this year’s event. Thanks, also, to everyone who participated & supported the 2017 “Hit the Road” party. The OFMA Spring Dinners took place the last weekend in March and first weekend in April. They were represented well by the board. Congratulations to all award recipients this year. We continue to work with Government Advantage Group with legislative issues, currently SB 34 (Labor Day Bill). Further proponent testimony will take place in the future and we will be in attendance to represent our members on this issue. We will keep you posted on any developments that may occur. Your GOSA Buyer’s Guide & Yearbook should be mailed shortly if you haven’t received it as of yet. Thanks to Al & his committee for their achievement on another impressive book. If you’re not in the book, see one of the GOSA board members to sign up for a membership. If you are in the book and don’t have an ad, consider advertising your business. Our final meeting before the season gets underway is Tuesday, May 2 at 10am in the Rhodes Building at the Ohio Expo Center & State Fairgrounds. All are always welcome.

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Greater Ohio Showmen’s Association P.O. 93 Pataskala, Ohio 43062 (740) 739-9073



Membership Announcements JUNIOR GOSA Calling to all GOSA members’ YOUTH!! We are planning another trip to the Cleveland Indians game! The game is Wednesday June 28 against the Texas Rangers and starts at 7:10. Last year we sat in the family section and had a great time together, with some extra things for the kids to do and socialize. If Interested in going, please contact Jasmine Otterbacher or Randy Kissel by June 6th, so we can sit as a group.


MAY 2, 2017 10:00 am Rhodes Building, Ohio Expo Center & State Fair

$50.00/Ticket **only 50 tickets will be sold**

Winner will receive an inside cabin for two for the 2018 GOSA cruise! We still have cabins available for purchase! Don’t miss this chance to have fun and fellowship while cruising to Aruba! For raffle tickets or cruise information, contact Lori Freiling (440-478-5347 or Leeanne Bush (330-289-2557) -2-

URGENT - URGENT - URGENT Help Save Small and Seasonal Businesses! A small group of GOSA members traveled to Washington, D.C. in late March to educate and advocate for the urgent need for the H2-B Returning Worker Exemption to be included in the Continuing Resolution. The group included Jeff Otterbacher, Al and Kim Bozich, and Bill and Anissa Prowant. They were joined by at least 130 various other business owners that were all strongly supporting the same cause.

For those of you that might not understand the H2-B program, here’s a brief description. The H2-B program is essential to many seasonal employers, but not only in the carnival industry. Seasonal businesses rely heavily on H2-B workers to fill the void where there are not enough temporary U.S. workers to fulfill all positions. The largest users of H2-B workers can be found in the landscaping industry. Other types of seasonal jobs are found in seafood processing, forestry, golf courses, hotels and seasonal resorts. Employers turn to H-2B programs as a last resort after a mandatory and extensive recruitment effort has been made to secure local workers. Facts indicate that every H2-B worker sustains American jobs. Present laws limit the number of H2-B workers to 66,000 per fiscal year. This number allows for 33,000 workers for each half of the fiscal year. This cap was reached in March and without the Returning Worker Exemption, which is not included in the count, no additional temporary visas will be issued. Please click the link below for further explanation. We urge you to sign the petition and share this with your fellow showmen. Please call your Congressman and State Representatives and ask them to support the Returning Workers Exemption that will be voted on April 28, 2017. Members will be returning to Washington the last week of April to continue the support of this greatly needed program. We appreciate your support. -3-

MINUTES for GOSA Board Meeting JANUARY 26, 2017

She also reported that the health departments have no interest in pursuing ServSafe traning for ALL food handlers, but will keep abreast of any changes through the legislative process. Jeff Otterbacher inquired if it would be of assistance for the GOSA to adopt a more formal “position statement” process on issues as they arise. Amanda will work on this.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: Jo Ellen Albanese shared the committee assignment list for 2017 and requested input. It was brought to her attention that there is a question of having a person serve as a trustee or officer and parliamentarian at the MEMBERS PRESENT: Jo Ellen Albanese, David Drake, same time. Jo Ellen’s interpretation of the constitution Doug Guinsler, Randy Kissel, Bill Sterling, Jasmine Otter- is that a parliamentarian may also be a trustee on the bacher, Jeff Otterbacher, Russell Clements, Al Bozich, board, as they provide this knowledge during regular Carmi Kissel-Engler, Lori Freiling, Louie Pilati, Tim Lis- board meetings when issues of order arise. The board ko, Brandy Daniels. Absent: Mike Tedrick. agrees with this distinction in words and as a matter of Guests: Tod Lindsey, Susie Bush, Amanda Sines. precedent and that no changes to constitution are necMotion to approve minutes of the December 2016 essary. meeting by Bill Sterling with correction to bowling party day and time under Events & Outings commit- Budget & Audit: Motion to extend authority to tee report. Second: David Drake. Motion passes. Brandy Daniels, Secretary/Treasurer to set up a Certificate of Deposit account at Bremen Bank in Special Appreciation annual award presented to Pataskala to invest funds from the $11,000 exTod Lindsey, Department of Agriculture Ride Safety pired CD from Community Bank by Bill Sterling. Inspector, for his dedication and on the announceSecond: Jasmine Otterbacher. Motion passes. ment of his retirement, by Al Bozich. Convention: David Drake reported that we are still CORRESPONDENCE: Secretary/treasurer shared a awaiting the invoice from the OFMA. He added that thank you from Debbie Ewer (Mike Sauro’s caregiver) he sat in on the fire department briefing, and felt and current publications. that it was very disorganized. His impression is that the State Fire Marshal is not on board with the City FINANCIAL REPORT: Secretary/treasurer updated the of Columbus. Participation was very good for the financials through current deposits and bills paid to fair relations seminar. David felt that the GOSA was date (attached). very organized overall during convention. HowevMotion to approve current financial reports by Lori er, he feels that the executive committee should Freiling. Second: Jasmine Otterbacher. Motion meet with potential board members before the anpasses. nual meeting to go over expectations of participation as a trustee. NEW MEMBERS: Motion to approve Thom Emler, Lori Freiling recommends that this be published in Dennis Twaddle, Rachel Twaddle, Nick Blois, Brenthe fall newsletter, to encourage members who da & Kevin Wise, Bruce Gotthardt as new members want to run to reach out to the board ahead of time by Russell Clements. Second: Carmi Kissel-Engler. for information. Motion passes. Randy Kissel added that those interested in running should come to the preconvention meeting and even LEGISLATIVE REPORT: Jo Ellen Albanese noted that possibly the December board meeting. He also reGovernment Advantage Group has renewed their conported that the cornhole tournament was successtract with the GOSA with no substantive changes. ful, but would like to consider purchasing additional Amanda Sines shared that there were no significant upboards and bags, and possibly move the location as dates to present a new legislative report since the annuwell as start registration at 6, even for those who al meeting. Currently, the assumption is that there were paid ahead because of no-shows. zero gaming violations in 2016, but Amanda will be conAl Bozich suggested that we organize everyone’s tacting the Department of Agriculture to clarify. roles at the gala more clearly by the pre-convention CALL TO ORDER at 10:00 a.m. by Jo Ellen Albanese, President. Pledge of Allegiance delivered by Louie Pilati.


meeting. Louie Pilati responded that the gala committee will work on this issue and present it at next year’s Wednesday night meeting. Louie expressed concern about how games meetings were scheduled at convention. Jo Ellen Albanese reported that the gala drawing, stage work was very difficult to manage. The board discussed several solutions to address in future meetings. Jeff Otterbacher suggested that the GOSA take the lead in organizing and managing the gala events. The board will brainstorm ideas through spring, discuss with the OFMA, and create a plan before the May meeting. Jeff also recommended we streamline the annual meeting items for example, committee reports should be an executive summary of the entire year on their work with a time limit, if possible. He also proposes a “board meeting” before the gala at least a half hour (at the 5 p.m. office closing) to get organized for the evening, and closing the office a half hour to an hour before the annual meeting to gather the board and come together as a group. Finally, Jeff would like purchases for signage and promotion to be of good quality to be used for multiple years. Russell Clements reported that his seminars were very well attended. Bill Sterling noted that he shared concerns of the GOSA at the camping seminar. He also requested that we consider doing away with the preconvention brochure. Doug Guinsler volunteered to tear tickets at next year’s gala. He recommended the GOSA request a meeting with the OFMA to make suggestions on improving the gala. Jo Ellen Albanese will request a meeting in the afternoon, after the February 29 OFMA meeting with a small contingent of GOSA and OFMA members to work on this.

Membership: Lori Freiling reported that the Stamp Game was successful, and she has acquired new square sponsors for 2018 convention, as well as she will advertise this with the OFMA ahead of time. The classified board needs a better location in 2018, and needs some PR and planning. Lori also shared that the cruise raffle made $2,500 (normally $1,100) because the cruise ticket was donated this year. Nominating & Awards: Randy Kissel requested that we set better deadlines on the award nominations so that we can make decisions and get plaques made in a timely manner. He recommends setting spring awards for two days before the February meeting and annual awards for two days before the November meeting. Publications & Media: Newsletter—January’s newsletter is almost complete. Jo Ellen Albanese requests that we honor Katie’s deadlines for submission. Yearbook—Al Bozich reported on the progress of the 2017 yearbook and inquired for information for various pages. Website—Brandy Daniels shared more information on monetizing the website as well as providing more benefit to membership and advertisers. Sponsorships: Bill Sterling challenged the board to find one good sponsor each and bring them to the committee. Jo Ellen Albanese charged the committee with creating more inclusive sponsorship packages and levels.

Tickets: Jeff Otterbacher reported that tickets are available now for fall round up and 2018 gala are available and being distributed. Russell Clements, Al Bozich, Tim Lisko, Louie Pilati, and David Drake have extra tickets for distributing as needed. Events & Outings: Carmi Kissel-Engler reminded eveTim Lisko suggested that the ticket committee proryone about the bowling party, and the Hit the Road vide receipts for tickets and for money to help with party at Mike Tedrick’s in Johnstown in March. Bill accountability and tracking. Jo Ellen Albanese recSterling reported on the Gibtown luncheon and fishommends to Russell Clements to create a one page ing trip. Jeff Otterbacher inquired about the Jr. GOsign out sheet rather than multiple pages of reSA, who can participate, if dues are required, etc. ceipts. Jeff Otterbacher recommends having a perJasmine Otterbacher replied that there is a $25 son track the tickets, and another share the data enmembership fee to be in the Jr. GOSA, and that entitry part of the position. tles those members to participate in those events. Motion to provide a $250 prize to the seller of She will discuss this with her committee and bring a the $10,000 winning ticket by Randy Kissel. Secreport to the February meeting. ond: Jeff Otterbacher. Motion passes. Fall Round Up: David Drake reported that the fall round up will be at the Elks again.

Trade Shows: Randy Kissel requests the deposit be paid for the 2018 convention. (Continued on page 6)


(Continued from page 5)

OLD BUSINESS Budget: Table this item to the February meeting. Item is CLOSED. Employee Review: Review will be held at the end of the February meeting. Statement of Commitment: Jo Ellen Albanese requested suggestions for changes to this document. The document was reviewed and will be further edited for clarification and readability, as well as a change will be made to the meeting attendance area. Motion to amend the Statement of Commitment in the attendance bullet to read: “If I have three (3) absences from the (8) regular board meetings per year, I will be required to submit my resignation from the board of trustees.” by Jeff Otterbacher. Second: Tim Lisko. Motion passes.

Secretary/Treasurer—Brandy Daniels requests the board consider replacing the current GOSA laptop for the secretary/treasurer. Motion to purchase a laptop computer for the secretary/treasurer use and files by Carmi Kissel-Engler. Second: Louie Pilati. Motion passes. Item is CLOSED. Gifts for GOSA Volunteers: Motion to provide $25 gift cards to the three trade show booth assistants by Bill Sterling. Second: Russell Clements. Motion passes. Item is CLOSED. ADJOURNMENT Next Meeting: February 16, 2017 10 a.m. Rhodes Center. Motion to adjourn meeting at 3:40 p.m. by David Drake. Second: Lori Freiling. Motion passes.

Clarification to Constitution: Jo Ellen Albanese will work with Jasmine Otterbacher, and encourages everyone on the board to look at the membership requirements of the GOSA and amend the constitution to clarify confusion in this area, as well as other areas of the document. These items will need to be presented to the membership at the 2018 annual meeting for consideration and vote. NEW BUSINESS April Meeting Motion to move the April meeting back to the Rhodes Center by Carmi Kissel-Engler. Second: Louie Pilati. Motion passes. Item is CLOSED. Board Contact Information: A list was distributed for board members to update their contact information for a calling list and for the 2018 yearbook. Item is CLOSED. Technology/Software Needs: Newsletter—Jo Ellen Albanese requests the board consider purchasing a laptop dedicated to the newsletter publication. Motion to purchase a laptop computer dedicated to publication of the GOSA newsletter by Louie Pilati. Second: Jeff Otterbacher. Motion passes. Item is CLOSED.


MEMBERSHIP SPOTLIGHT Some of our members were recently featured on the Cooking Channel’s tv show Carnival Eats. Congratulations to all and a job well done! You can check out the episode by clicking below!

(manual link:


sored water bottles, (move to the trade show booth, if necessary) and removing water and coffee service from the room (or keeping water-check on costs). Russell Clements also suggested purchasing $5 Starbucks cards for the members when they check in to get their own coffee. Total cost of the convention for the GOSA is @ $7145 (approximately $1,000 more than 2016). Motion to approve payment of 2017 OFMA Convention invoice by Randy Kissel. Second: Jeff Otterbacher. Motion passes.

MINUTES for GOSA Board Meeting FEBRUARY 16, 2017 CALL TO ORDER at 10:00 a.m. by Jo Ellen Albanese, President. Pledge of Allegiance delivered by Mike Tedrick. MEMBERS PRESENT: Jo Ellen Albanese, David Drake, Doug Guinsler, Randy Kissel, Bill Sterling, Jasmine Otterbacher, Jeff Otterbacher, Russell Clements, Al Bozich, Carmi Kissel-Engler, Louie Pilati, Tim Lisko, Mike Tedrick, Brandy Daniels. Absent: Lori Freiling. Guests: Mikayla Pollitt. Motion to approve minutes of the January 2017 meeting by Al Bozich. Second: Bill Sterling. Motion passes. CORRESPONDENCE: None. FINANCIAL REPORT: Secretary/treasurer updated the financials through current deposits and bills paid to date (attached). Motion to approve current financial reports by Russell Clements. Second: Jasmine Otterbacher. Motion passes. NEW MEMBERS: None.

Jeff Otterbacher and Al Bozich recommended we have a post event meeting either each spring with the OFMA and partner with them to make improvements to the gala and overall with the GOSA’s participation in convention. Doug Guinsler stated that the OFMA sometimes meets the night before their regular meetings, and this would be a good opportunity to request time to discuss this. He also notes that Howard negotiates the best prices possible for the convention and surrounding events, and that much of it is controlled by policy at the venue. Al Bozich also stated that he would like for us to know estimated costs prior to the event rather than when we receive our invoice. Jo Ellen Albanese also requested that needs for convention be sent to the office far in advance of next year’s event so that we are not shopping and making purchases during that week and in the evenings during the convention.

Events & Outings: Carmi Kissel Engler reminded everyone that the Hit the Road party is coming up LEGISLATIVE REPORT: Mikayla Pollitt presented the March 18, 2017 at Mike Tedrick’s in Johnstown. current legislative report (see attached). JoEllen AlThis will be more geared to adults this year as there banese reported that between 500 and 600 licenses won’t be any rides set up. Mike asked for recomwere issued in 2016. mendations from previous hosts. An invitation will Mikayla Pollitt noted that there are two PAC board come by email, also. members from the GOSA up for reelection in April 2017. David Drake reported 38 attended the GOSA lunchShe also passed along that Amanda Sines is working on eon at Gibtown, and that the fishing trip was sucthe position statement as requested by Jeff Otterbacher cessful with 20 attendees. Jo Ellen Albanese reportat the January board meeting. ed 40 people attended the bowling party. Randy Kissel reported that the super bowl squares was COMMITTEE REPORTS also successful. Convention: Jo Ellen Albanese reviewed the 2017 convention bill. Health & Sanitation: Mike Tedrick reported that the We should expect to see some increases in future Ohio Restaurant Association and its national organiyears on some items. zation will continue to pursue increasing educationThere was some question of the costs on GOSA ofal standards in the food service industry. Mike confice room coffee and catering for the gala Saturday tinues to offer ServSafe classes. evening. Jeff Otterbacher recommended that more sponsors are solicited or max food costs at amount Games: Jo Ellen Albanese highly encourages memberof sponsorships. ship operating in the State of Ohio to review rules (Continued on page 9) Jo Ellen Albanese recommended handing out spon-


(Continued from page 8)

and regulations and ensure they are being followed through the upcoming season, and maintain a relationship with the Department of Ag inspectors. Membership: Jeff Otterbacher shared some written recommendations for increasing membership in the GOSA (see attached). Nominating & Awards: Fair Manager, Fair Director, Fair Secretary, Concession Manager, OFMA District Director, Festival of the Year, Best Fair, Special Appreciation, and a special addition of Lifetime Achievement to be presented at OFMA spring dinners were selected.

Publications & Media: Newsletter—Jo Ellen Albanese requested information for the next issue. Yearbook—Al Bozich requested some information for the 2017 issue. Website—Brandy Daniels is working to update the website. She will work with Matt Cook and Katie Linville to keep news updated as well as plug Issuu in to contain only the current year’s publications (newsletters & yearbook) and keep the photographs plug in up to date.

include this in her suggestions for changes to the constitution, as the membership has shown little to no interest in an official program with dues and membership benefits. The Callif youth designated funds can still be used for a “Jr. GOSA Youth Event” each year such as the bowling outing or tickets to a ball game, etc. and the board can determine what event each year will be so named based on the amount of collected pledges at the time. Disposition of Remaining CD’s at Community Bank: The budget and audit committee will review information presented regarding movement of the CD’s from Community to Bremen (penalties versus interest gained) and share a decision with the board at the March meeting. ADJOURNMENT Next Meeting: March 16, 2017 10 a.m. Rhodes Center. Motion to adjourn meeting at 3:40 p.m. by Jasmine Otterbacher. Second: Louis Pilati. Motion passes.

Sponsorships: Bill Sterling & Randy Kissel are continuing to work on packages and new sponsors. Tickets: Russell Clements reported that the tickets are distributed, and he just received survival kit tickets for 2017. OLD BUSINESS Budget: Brandy Daniels is sending a proposed budget for the current fiscal year based on a profit and loss layout. She requests feedback so that this information is useful. Statement of Commitment: The updated document was distributed and completed by the board. Item is CLOSED. Clarification to Constitution: Table to march meeting. Jasmine Otterbacher is working through each section of this document to bring forth a list of changes that need made and then presented to the general membership at the 2018 annual meeting. NEW BUSINESS Jr. GOSA: Jo Ellen Albanese inquired if there was enough interest among the board and membership to fully reintegrate this group officially back into the GOSA, as stated in the constitution. Jasmine Otterbacher will


GAME RULES UPDATE Game rule changes effective March 23, 2017 are listed below. At this time, the Department of Agriculture DOES NOT have an updated rulebook to download. If you need a list of the rules, you can download them by clicking on this link: Please be diligent in being aware of the rules and the changes that have been implemented by the Department. of Agriculture. 901:9-2-03 – Removed the requirement that the price of play be on the corresponding license. 901:9-2-05 Signage Requirements. (A) At all times while in operation, every game operated at a fair shall have a sign conspicuously posted which meets the requirements of paragraph (B) of this rule and states all of the following: (1) The price of play; (2) How the game is played; and (3) Exactly what is required of the player in order to win each prize offered. (B) At all times while in operation, every game operated at a fair shall have a sign conspicuously posted which meets all of the following requirements: (1) The sign must be at least two feet in width; (2) The sign must be at least two feet in length; (3) The sign must be permanently affixed to the unit; (4) All words must be at a minimum of one inch in height; (5) Except for as described in paragraph (B)(6) of this rule, the sign must be professionally printed and may not be handwritten; and (6) The price of play may be handwritten so long as it is legible, easily read, and at least one inch in height. (C) The sign as required in paragraph (A) of this rule must be easily visible to both the player and any prospective player and at no time be obstructed by any object contained in the unit. (D) All trade up games must have the following statement on their sign: "THIS GAME REQUIRES NO MORE THAN THREE WINS TO WIN ANY PRIZE." Effective: 3/23/2017 901:9-2-09 Ball and bag tossing games. (B) Basketball-type games. Added: The ball's air pressure must be within the manufacturer's recommended air pressure. If the ball does not have an air pressure recommended by the manufacturer or the manufacturer's air pressure cannot be located the ball's air pressure must be between 7.0 to 9.0 psi at the time of play. (C) Basketball games. Added: The ball's air pressure must be within the manufacturer's recommended air pressure. If the ball does not have an air pressure recommended by the manufacturer or the manufacturer's air pressure cannot be located the ball's air pressure must be between 7.0 to 9.0 psi at the time of play. (L) Break the bottle, plate, and similar games. Added: All bottles need to be uniform in shape and size. Only baseballs as described in paragraph (U)(1) shall be used: (U) For purposes of defining standard balls to be used in playing games, the following shall apply: (1) Baseball: The ball shall be a sphere formed by yarn wound around a small core of cork, rubber or similar material and covered with two strips of white horsehide or two strips of white cowhide tightly stitched together. It shall be nine to nine and one-half inches in circumference.


Cleanup Procedures When followed properly, the cleanup procedure will help reduce the immediate risk of further contamination.

BY: MIKE TEDRICK APRIL 2017 I want to thank all those individuals and Atlantic Foods for their support and donations to make the “Hit the Road Party� a success. We had a good turn out and plenty of food and drink. Pictures were posted to the Facebook website for all to enjoy. Now that the season has started I want to make everyone aware of a new code section that is in effect. One new issue concerns food concessioners and a written procedure for employees to follow when responding to a vomiting or diarrheal event. This written procedure to an event inside a concession. So if something happens outside the knockdown or trailer, this procedure is not amenable. Designate Staff: You should designate staff members who will be responsible for the cleanup of an incident. The staff members should be aware of these procedures and knowledgeable in how to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and the proper cleanup procedure for an incident. Prepare a Cleanup Kit: The cleanup kit is the first major component when dealing with a bodily fluid exposure incident. The kit should contain at minimum the following items: Personal Protective Equipment Disposable gloves Shoe coverings Eye protection Apron/Gown Cleaning Supplies Sealable plastic bags Paper towels Kitty litter scoop Disinfectant Absorbent powder (kitty litter or sand) Clean the incident site and surrounding area Use the following approved cleanup procedure to remove the bodily fluid and disinfect the surrounding area.

1. Put on all necessary personal protective equipment. Ensure that all exposed areas of the face and hands are protected from possible contamination. 2. Contain the fluid. Use disposable paper towels, kitty litter or sand to cover the fluid. 3. Sanitize the entire contaminated area. Use a bleach solution of at least 5000ppm for surfaces up to 25 feet away from the incident. This includes all counters, doors, equipment, and utensils. To prepare the 5000ppm solution, use 1 2/3 cups unscented bleach to 1 gallon of water. 4. Remove the bodily fluid. Use a scoop and dust pan to ensure all disposable towels, kitty litter, or sand is removed from the area. Be careful to prevent further contamination. Dump all waste into a sealable plastic bag. Double bagging is recommended. 5. Clean the area with warm soapy water. If a mop is used, ensure that the mop head is properly cleaned and sanitized prior to reuse. Dump any additional disposable towels, kitty litter or sand into the sealable plastic bag. 6. Discard any exposed food within 25 feet of the incident site. 7. Re-glove. Dispose of the first pair of gloves by removing the gloves at the wrist and then pull down to remove the gloves inside out. Wash hands with warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds before putting on a new set of gloves. 8. Saturate the area with the bleach solution (5000ppm) for at least 5 minutes. Be sure to properly ventilate the area to prevent the buildup of toxic fumes. 9. Cleanup the bleach solution by using disposable paper towels. Ensure that all surfaces are clean and any excess bleach solution is removed from the surrounding surfaces. 10. Remove all PPE in a method to reduce recontamination. Place all PPE items in a sealable plastic bag. Discard the sealed plastic bag in a safe manner. 11. Thoroughly wash hands. (Continued on page 14)


OFMA & GOSA PAC NEWS April 2017 Report

2017 Contributions to PAC

2017 Contributions to Legislative Campaigns

Howard and Theresa Call Amanda Sines Jeff and Paulina Otterbacher Rod and Rhonda Arter Dan and Carol Bullen Darrel and Carol Cubbison Tim and Pam Massie Stanley and Cathy Strode Wayne Williams Jim and Diana Zumbrink

$1,000.00 $ 500.00 $ 250.00 $ 100.00 $ 100.00 $ 100.00 $ 100.00 $ 100.00 $ 100.00 $ 100.00

Convention Table Game Convention 50/50 District 1 & 2 50/50 District 5 & 9 50/50 District 7 & 8 Districts 3,4 & 6

$2,300.00 $2,265.00 $ 470.00 $ 770.00 $ 815.00 $ 865.00

Tablet Raffe

$ 1470.00

Representative Ryan Smith Representative Andy Thompson Representative Brian Hill Representative Larry Householder Representative Scott Lipps Representative Rob McColley Representative Craig Riedel Representative Kristina Roegner

$500.00 $500.00 $350.00 $350.00 $350.00 $350.00 $350.00 $350.00

Senator Matt Huffman Senator Gayle Manning Senator Scott Oelslager Senator Matt Dolan Senator Randy Gardner Senator Cliff Hite Senator Peggy Lehner

$500.00 $500.00 $500.00 $350.00 $350.00 $350.00 $350.00


$500.00 $500.00

2017 Contribution Totals $ 11,405.00 PAC Report Balance (01/03/2017) Member Contributions (3/31/2017) Expenditures (3/31/2017) Balance (3/31/2017)

$ 5,680.50 $ 11,405.00 $ 7,000.00 $ 10,085.50

PAC Board Tim Massie, President (2/18) Bev Fisher, Secretary (2/18) Bob Dawson, Treasurer Bob Buxton, Trustee (2/18) Richard King, Trustee (2/19) Dan Martin, Vice Pres (2/19) Paul Oechsle, Trustee (2/19) Jeff Otterbacher, Trustee (4/18) Al Bozich, Trustee (4/18) David Drake, Trustee (4/19) Randy Kissel, Trustee (4/19)

(740-379-2785) (330-533-4107) (440-357-4440) (740-202-0888) (419-288-3296) (513-892-1423) (419-203-1557) (330-416-9794) (740-266-3120)

Previous Year PAC Data Contributions to Legislators 2011 Contributions to Legislators 2012 Contributions to Legislators 2013 Contributions to Legislators 2014 Contributions to Legislators 2015 Contributions to Legislators 2016

$ 3,800.00 $ 8,900.00 $ 5,650.00 $11,200.00 $ 7,700.00 $ 12,500.00

Member Contributions 2011 Member Contributions 2012 Member Contributions 2013 Member Contributions 2014 Member Contributions 2015 Member Contributions 2016

$ 5,452.00 $ 6,253.75 $ 8,701.00 $ 8,573.00 $ 11,786.00 $ 13,371.00

Make an Investment in our Future - Contribute to the OFMA - GOSA Political Action Committee!


HOWARD CALL on receiving an Honorary Gold Card Life Membership to the GOSA! Thank you for your many years of service and dedication to our industry!

Cedar Point Rides Get Preseason Checkup Jon Stinchcomb , Reporter , WKYC April 05, 2017 PORT CLINTON - As thrill seekers eagerly await Cedar Point’s opening next month, state inspectors are hard at work ensuring those thrills are safe.

“Once the park opens, we will have put our hands on every ride in the park and given it the approval to operate,” Dean said.

Cedar Point, which has 16 roller coasters, kicks off its sum- After the state finished its inspection process, Cedar Point mer season on May 6, but inspectors have been on the employees continue to check the rides on a daily basis grounds for several weeks to thoroughly examine the safe- throughout the season. ty of about 70 rides at the amusement park in Sandusky. State inspectors then return around the middle of the sea“(Inspectors) will climb every inch of every one of these son for additional spot checks, primarily observing ride oprides,” said David Daniels, director of the Ohio Department eration. Outside those biannual inspections, inspectors also of Agriculture. will come back in the event of a problem or an accident with a ride. The inspection and licensing of amusement rides across the state fall under the purview of the Department of AgriDean said during the preseason inspections, finding any culture, which has eight inspectors working year-round at problems with the rides is extremely rare as all the rides amusement parks, fairs and festivals. Cedar Fair, parent are coming off of their “winter rehab,” when they are essencompany of Cedar Point, also owns Kings Island near Cin- tially torn down, maintained and reassembled. cinnati and 11 other amusement parks in the U.S. and Canada. “This stuff’s like a brand new car rolling off the showroom floor, so there really isn’t a lot that we find,” Dean said. “We have been working since Cedar Fair's and all of the other amusement parks across the state of Ohio closed Daniels views ride safety as a sort of “three-way deal,” he down last year to make sure that those rides are safe,” said. In addition to inspection by both the state and the Daniels said. park itself, riders play a critical role as well — simply by obeying all of the rules for any given ride. The inspectors check all of the mechanics and operation, every harness, every seat belt, down to every last bolt of “Every rider has got a responsibility to do the things that each ride, according to state inspector Ron Dean. they need to do to make sure that the ride is safe,” he said. Daniels said he considers Ohio to have one of the most robust ride safety programs in the country The department’s Division of Amusement Ride Safety will inspect and sign off on every ride at Cedar Point and does so on annual basis prior to opening.

Daniels stressed that safety restrictions, such as height requirements or keeping hands inside the vehicle, are there for a reason — to keep all those at the park safe. “Hopefully everybody has a safe opportunity to enjoy the thrill of some of the rides and biggest coasters in the United States,” Daniels said


Gold Medal Names James Adam Browning as President Gold Medal Products Co., the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of concession food equipment and supplies, is pleased to announce James Adam Browning has been appointed to the office of President. Browning joined Gold Medal in 2010 and most recently served in the dual role of Executive Vice President and General Counsel. His guidance has been integral to not only legal and compliance issues, but also to implementing policies and procedures that contribute to operational efficiencies, productivity and profitability. Above all else, Browning says he is most proud of the relationships he has built, both within the Company and with Gold Medal customers. "This is a relationship business. I will continue to focus on customer service and building strong relationships with our customers and within the industry." Browning enters the role with an eye on the company's continuing performance and growth. He states, "This is a pivotal time in Gold Medal's history. We are fortunate to have an extremely talented and dedicated team. It is exciting to consider all of the opportunities before us, as what we do right now will lay the foundation for celebrating our 100th year in business." CEO and Chairman, Dan Kroeger offers his enthusiastic endorsement saying, "Adam has demonstrated outstanding leadership during his time at Gold Medal. His knowledge, experience and work ethic will be of great benefit to guide our company's journey into the future of the concessions industry."

(Concessionaire’s Corner, Continued from page 11) Another new Code that concessionaires must follow is related to Employee Illness. The Person In Charge (PIC) must be able to show in a verifiable manner how employees are told what the employee illness policy is. I have included a generic document that you can use to satisfy that requirement (below). It is downloadable from the GOSA website. If you would have a question or concern relating to health and sanitation either drop me an email at or call me at 740-817-1411 Until the next Concession Corner, be safe. Mike


The GOSA Yearbook Committee would like to extend our sincerest apologies to Albanese Concessions for omitting your ad in the 2017 GOSA Yearbook & Buyer’s Guide. We are truly sorry for our error.



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