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Spatial Framework – Revised Draft 2019


Incorporating increased levels of greenery wherever possible;


Offering shelter from wind and rain, and shade from the sun;


Delivering priority public transport and facilities for public transport users;

10. Providing appropriate places and routes for servicing, deliveries and ‘drop-off’; 11. Mitigating the impacts of air and noise pollution from road transport; 12. Ensure the efficient movement of people and goods on streets with a high ‘movement function’; and 13. Harnessing new mobility innovations such as traffic signals technology and Ultra Low Emission Vehicle charging networks.

Question 72 Do you agree with the proposed policy on Streets For All? Agree / Mostly agree / Neither agree or disagree / Mostly disagree / Disagree What is the reason for your answer?

Question 73 Do you have any further comments on the policies and overall approach proposed in A Connected Greater Manchester?



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Greater Manchester's Plan for Homes, Jobs and the Environment (FULL DRAFT)