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The Importance of Being

Consistent, Professional and Engaging in an Online World By Jennifer Khawam Editorial & Marketing Associate


onsistency is important in any profession, particularly so for REALTORS® presenting themselves online to potential clients who are constantly barraged with a plethora of options. Without consistency, your online endeavors will prove futile and your hopes of getting more clients through the many outlets of the internet will fail.

5. National Association of REALTORS® Blogs

Remember, your audience doesn’t just consist of your fellow REALTORS®, but of potential clients, too. The clients who find you online and have a positive experience may become repeat clients, or they may suggest you to friends who are looking to work with a REALTOR®.

While it’s important to remain professional – always remember to use complete sentences, don’t get into an argument with trolls, remain respectful at all times, and don’t go overboard with the emoji keyboard – that doesn’t mean you have to be boring. You have more to offer than just throwing property listings on your friend’s newsfeeds. Put some personality into your posts. Post things outside of the REALTOR® world that you can relate back to your profession. Have a lively discussion with your audience in the comment section. Basically, it’s important to be present, active and enthusiastic. Don’t post and run!

So, what does productive consistency online look like? It involves posting on a regularly timed schedule and keeping up with that schedule, while also providing varied and engaging content for your audience to consume. Engaging content can be found in a variety of places, including: 1. HouseLogic 2. REALTOR® Magazine 3. Homeownership Matters 4.


{20} GLVR Magazine | Winter 2019

6. Greater Lehigh Valley REALTORS® eMagazine This is just a teeny, tiny sample of where engaging content can come from, but also don’t be afraid to create your own content based off your experiences in the field.

If you’re going to present yourself and your business within the social media world, aim to make your presence the best it can possibly be. If you take the advice above and run with it, you’ll soon see the benefits of being consistent, professional and engaging. Your online audience will grow and, hopefully, so will your client list.

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GLVR Winter eMag 2019  

GLVR Winter eMag 2019