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A SCHOOL DISTRICT’S COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE How Lehighton Area School District’s dedication and opportunities instill excellence in their students.


tudents and staff from the Lehighton Area School District in Carbon County follow three words in their quests to teach, guide and receive an education: Commitment to Excellence. Committing to excellence is not meant to instill extra pressure on Lehighton’s students. Superintendent Jonathan J. Cleaver simply wants his students to commit to doing their best. “Not every kid is going to be an A student, not every kid is going to be the best athlete, not every kid is going to be


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the best musician, or the best performer, or what have you,” Cleaver said. “So, when you’re doing something, no matter if it’s something new that you’ve never done before, just do it to the best of your ability. That’s really what we focus on with our kids, because if the kids are committed to something, you know they’ll be successful.” Every student in the district has access to unique opportunities that encourage them to seek out their interests and discover what they want to do – and who they want to be – in the future. To make sure each child has access to

everything they may want to explore, the school district has followed an axiom they call “the whole child,” which ensures experiences of not just the typical math, science, and English curriculums, but also arts, humanities, athletics, and more. “When we look at the curriculum, we have what we say is your basic reading, writing and arithmetic,” Cleaver explained. “But then there’s also a piece called the ‘hidden curriculum.’ It’s very important for the kids to understand more than just two plus two equals four.”

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GLVR eMagazine Summer 2019  

GLVR eMagazine Summer 2019