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O M M U N I C A T O R November/December 2008

What’s Inside Pg. 2 Membership Report Managers on the Move Welcome New & Transferred Members CCE and Honor Society Designations Pg. 3 President’s Report 2008 Officers and Directors Annual Meeting Invitation Pg. 4 The Club Leadership Mastermind Group Pg. 5 The Club Leadership Mastermind Group Chapter Communicator Sponsor Pg. 6-7 Foundation Golf Outing Photographs Pg. 8 Tournament Update 2008 Tournament Sponsors Pg. 9 Student Development Committee Pg. 10 Education Update Pg. 11 Expo 2009 Wine Committee Update Chapter Communicator Sponsor Pg. 12 Holiday Party Save the Date RIF Collection

Glen Oak Country Club

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Membership Report - Jeff Cohen, CCM It’s the perfect time to get your new Assistant or F&B Manager approved for membership with CMAA. The dues billing will be going out shortly for both the National Chapter and the Local Chapter. Get the most out of your membership by getting in at the beginning of the year!

Jeffrey Cohen, CCM Membership Chairman

We all know the economy is extremely volatile at the moment. Many clubs are already seeing a decrease in our members spending and the slowing of new membership initiation deposits. Don’t lose faith; take your time to make intelligent business decisions, and most of all use common sense. Pick up the phone to contact many of the local clubs in your area. Share information and ideas and most of all; communicate with your board in a proactive manner so they will not be surprised with any operational shortfalls. The benefit of your GCCMA membership opens many doors to your career; make the growth of our chapter with new members the key to unlock your future. Congratulations are in order for our first two members who have achieved the new CCE (Certified Chief Executive) designation! Jim Petersen, CCM, CCE of Sunset Ridge Country Club and Robert Sergent, CCM, CCE of Stonebridge Country Club. We also want to congratulate Todd Marsh, CCM of Conway Farms Country Club and Charles Scupham, CCM of Skokie Country Club for being inducted in the CMAA Honor Society!

CMAA Membership Renewals Your current membership expires on October 31, 2008. Please note that reminder notices for the 2009 membership year were mailed Friday, October 10th; be on the lookout for your copy or renew online to day at register/renewal/. GCCMA Membership Renewals Your current GCCMA membership dues will be billed out at the end of this month. It is very important that both the National dues and the local dues are paid and kept up to date. Your memberships are dual and simultaneous. You cannot be a member of one and not the other. If you let your CMAA membership lapse, and you want to reinstate, you must pay a $100 reinstatement fee. Once a member has let their membership lapse for more than a year, they are no longer eligible for reinstatement and must re-join. If you are an Active or Provisional CMAA member that is unemployed at the time your membership expires you are eligible for Continuation status. This status continues your membership by deferring payment of dues for the current year for a period up to one year, or until you are re-employed, whichever comes first. Members must notify the National Headquarters in writing if they are unemployed and wish to have their membership continued. Continuation may not be used for more than one year consecutively.

Welcome New & Transferring Members to the GCCMA

“Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another.” - John Dewey

Susan Sheahan Director of Food and Beverage The Union League Club of Chicago

Brian Carlson General Manager Royal Melbourne Country Club

Chad Schultenover Director of Food and Beverage Stonebridge Country Club

Theron Harderson Clubhouse Manager Cress Creek Country Club

CCE and Honor Society Designations Awarded Jim Petersen, CCM, CCE - Sunset Ridge CC

Todd Marsh, CCM - Honor Society - Conway Farms

Robert E. Sergent, CCM, CCE - Stonebridge CC

Charles Scupham, CCM - Honor Society - Skokie CC

Managers On The Move Tom Slepika - now at Ruth Lake Country Club Miles Tucker - now at Manhattan Country Club, CA

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2008 GCCMA President’s Report Although it sounds like quite a cliché, it’s hard to believe that the year has passed so quickly. It seems like just yesterday that I stood before you at Cress Creek and accepted the position of President of our great chapter. That night I talked to you about having passion for the club management business. I look at where we are today in these economically challenging times and if there was ever a time for passion, now is the time.

I would like to take a moment to thank the entire Board of Directors for their effort this year. The Board was challenged to take a critical look at the way our chapter operates to ensure our vision was still on track with our mission statement. We were able to implement policies and procedures, particularly in the financial area that have made us stronger and more accountable for our day-to-day business.

GCCMA 2008 Board of Directors Officers David Gould, CCM President John Guy V.P./Secretary

An Ad Hoc Committee has been formed to explore the opportunity to create a Corporate Partnership Program for our vendors. This process will include a series of focus groups with both vendors and managers that will help us decide what the best direction will be for a strong partnership. This process will include taking a critical look at the Expo.

Joseph Travaglio, CCM Treasurer

I would like to give special thanks to Kinda Schinto for her continued efforts as the Chapter’s Managing Director. Each year we take steps closer to running our Chapter as we do our clubs and the Managing Director position is an important part of making that happen.


I hope to see everyone at the Annual Meeting on Tuesday, November 11th at the Standard Club. Please contact Kinda to make your reservations today!

GCCMA Annual Meeting The Greater Chicago Club Managers Association requests your attendance at the 2008 Annual Meeting Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hal Axelrod, CCM Thomas Barbrow Thomas Bartek, CCM Millie Cadd Jim Cardamone, CCM Jeffrey Cohen, CCM John Hallberg Judy Higgins, CCM Janice M. Lorman Tom McHugh, CCM James Petersen, CCM

The Standard Club of Chicago Registration 5:00 p.m. Meeting 5:30 p.m. Cocktails 6:30 p.m. Dinner 7:00 p.m. Complimentary for GCCMA Members $50.00 per person for spouse or guest

Managing Director Kinda Schinto The Standard Club of Chicago Caption describing picture or graphic.

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The Club Leadership Mastermind Group each other with issues. We are working towards enhancing and sharing the concept at the 2009 CMAA World Conference. The session is currently scheduled for Sunday, February 9th at 10 a.m.

Power-Thinking Times Ten: The Club Leadership Mastermind Group presents at Conference in New Orleans This coming February, a couple of fellow chapter members will be presenting an education program like no other. Christopher Boettcher, CCM, General Manager of Milwaukee Country Club, will be leading nine other club leadership professionals, including GCCMA member Todd Marsh, CCM and National Director, Lawrence “Skip” Avery, CCM, CCE, on a new an d exciting networ king approach: A Mastermind Group. There was an article in the Wall Street Journal last October, highlighting the need for a change in paradigm in mentoring. In these days of fast changing technology and fluxing markets in membership and finances, one mentorship may not be enough! How would it be if you had ten great minds working on the tough issues in your career and life? What if you had a challenging board member or a problem department manager and you didn’t know where to turn for good advice? What would you do? The idea came from a book by Napoleon Hill titled Think and Grow Rich where the author was inspired by Andrew Carnegie to study the most successful people of their time. Intrigued by this book an d one princi ple in speci fic: Masterminding, or the creation of a group for regular discussion sessions, Christopher Boettcher, CCM, created his own: “I decided to try a similar concept myself and created a Mastermind Group made up of 10 club industry leaders. I chose friends and acquaintances from across the country with varying fields of knowledge and backgrounds because I felt diversity would help us all. We meet on the phone monthly and then in person at least twice a year. Initially, we created a mission of basically helping

An example of an issue my Club Leadership Mastermind Group helped me through was with a board director whom I felt was micro-managing a process for me. As I talked it out with this group, they helped me realize, I just needed to give the situation time and prove myself to be more patient. The group has done so much more for me professionally and personally than I could have ever anticipated. I have asked each of them to comment on how our Mastermind Group made a difference to them.” Jill Philmon, CCM, General Manager, The Columbia Country Club, Columbia, South Carolina: Besides creating friendships that will last a lifetime, the Mastermind Group has opened doors for me on a whole new level of thought processes. This group helps me to think globally and not just in my comfort zone. They have shown me the value and inspiration of teamwork and the success that a support system provides. I am so fortunate to be part of this Mastermind group. When I’m with them no idea is too small nor task too great; everything is possible! Kevin MacDonald, Clarity Success Coaching, Delta BC, Canada: I belong to two mastermind groups. Here are the things I value that I truly experience in both groups. With my mastermind groups I have an environment where I can access the thinking, education, experiences and resources of others. It is pretty simple. If I think and operate the way I always have I shouldn’t be terribly surprised if I continue to get the same results. My world has changed because I have sought and been open enough to listen to the wisdom of the people in my mastermind. Beyond the thinking there have been deep connections with some pretty amazing human beings. We know what we have. We know that when one is hurting the others are there and when one is celebrating we will celebrate with them. You are more likely to be open to thinking that is very different or bigger than yours when you trust the person who is thinking it. We have built wonderful trust in our mastermind. I recently spoke at a

conference and three of my mastermind partners were in the audience. It gave me an incredible feeling of pride and I felt bigger, stronger and wiser with them in the room. It is a wonderful experience to learn and support and be supported. It is a place where deep relationships are possible and integrity is a must. It is a gift! Andrea Curthoys, Assistant Manager, The Beach Club, Santa Monica, California: The art of personal networking through a Mastermind group is best displayed through the inter-workings of the group and is dependent on the active participation of each individual. For me, the results of participating in this network are many. First and foremost, I've developed strong personal relationships with each person in the group because of its size and frequency of connecting. Secondly, because this group consists of people who represent different careers within the Club Industry and are from all over the nation (and Canada), the discussions tend to be of a more global interest even though the networking serves each individual's needs. Lastly, the group is a dynamic one and has created a mission to reach out to the greater Club Industry community by taking what we've learned together and helping others to form their own personal networking groups and to continually address issues that affect all of us in the industry in the hopes to affect change. Personal networking is very powerful if developed and facilitated well and is a vehicle on the road to future success. As the world becomes smaller and technology stronger, interpersonal relationships are becoming even more crucial to our human race.

Kim Pasquale, Senior Vice President, Club Managers Association of America, Alexandria, Virginia: From the first official sit-down meeting in Hawaii in 2006, I knew I was hooked! The Club Leadership Mastermind Group is truly one of my favorite professional experiences to date. Our meetings and monthly phone calls are filled with strategic thinking, purpose and fun; we talk, we share, we laugh, we cry and we learn. I have new mentors, but more importantly, amazing friends who I can call or email for absolutely anything. I feel privileged and blessed to be a part of this group - it sure makes the ride worthwhile...

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The Club Leadership Mastermind Group Lawrence “Skip” Avery, CCM, General Manager, Nakoma Golf and Country Club, Madison, Wisconsin: Our Mastermind Group has become an important part of me. Being involved with this group of people gives me the opportunity to share my ideas, my thoughts, my dreams and my fears. I can do this without the worry of being judged. I look to this group for open and honest discussion and the nice thing is that it is all done with my best interest in mind. I can do the same for any of them. Rick Coyne, Club Mark Corporation, Dallas, Texas: The Mastermind Group has been important to me for three specific reasons. First, it has brought me closer in touch with the issues affecting the operations of clubs and how, as consultants we can contribute to solutions. Second, relative to my own business, by having an open forum with other consultants and managers, I have developed a much keener understanding of what I need to offer in order for my business to remain viable. Finally, open discussions on issues affecting the industry provide us individually and as a group, the opportunity to present solutions that can positively affect our environment. A intangible result of this group is the opportunity to share openly the issues that concern us; personal, work related or otherwise. The intellectual and emotional sharing we have is less the result of a smart and savvy group of people than it is a group that has come to care deeply for one another. Todd Marsh, CCM - General Manager, Conway Farms Golf Club, Lake Forest, Illinois: The Mastermind Group affords me the opportunity to converse monthly with a special and diverse group of colleagues and business leaders from all over the country who have relationships with the Club Industry. During our hour long dialogue and twice a year meetings, discussions range from the club related topics to leadership ideas and to professional advice. The opportunity to communicate with these individuals and friends helps me to have a better understanding of the ever changing club business. The coaching opportunity with these nine mentors is valuable to me for professional growth as a General Manager, which in turn benefits Conway Farms Golf Club and my staff. As Club Industry leaders, we have to keep looking at the future for the betterment of the Private Club Industry as a whole. The core values and philosophies of the Mastermind Group embody the ten members who have the same true love and passion for the club industry. Dick Kopplin, Kopplin Search, Scottsdale Arizona: I have experienced two incredible benefits since participating in our "Mastermind Group." The first is the ability to access the thoughts and advice of some very bright people who often give me a perspective on a business problem that I would never have discovered on my own. It doesn't matter if the issue is minor or is one that could have a major impact on my business growth my Mastermind Group has always been forthright and candid with their counsel. I can't imagine how to put a true value on their suggestions and recommendations, all I know is that the best business decision I have ever made was to access these talented individuals. The second has been on a personal level. There are friends and then there are friends that you connect with on an emotional and intellectual level in a way that seems to make you a better person for the experience. My Mastermind


Group has given me an understanding of how friendships can run deep in a person's life. These friends have forever changed how I share personal and meaningful conversations and actions. Life has become richer and more varied because of my Mastermind Group. Three Carpenter, CCM, General Manager, Dallas Country Club, Dallas, Texas: Being a member of the Mastermind Group is priceless as it acts as a career center of advice, consulting, and networking beyond any online library or "how to" book. To be able to openly discuss concerns, trends, ideas, and successes with other industry specialists is truly a blessing. I feel comfort in knowing they are not only trusted colleagues but great friends that I can count on for their opinion, advice, and feedback. I feel honored to be a part of this group and know that this group has made a significant impact on my career, me personally, and the job that I do every day. “As all of my Mastermind Group colleagues have suggested, ten minds working together on any one issue has a much more dramatic impact than one. Masterminding can happen for us on many levels. Dick Kopplin once mentioned that during an interview process, a candidate related club committees as his mastermind group for that area of the club. That is a great example! By taking the positive approach of using the committee process versus fighting it, this candidate really gets it. The expertise and deep thought produced can make a huge difference in any tough decision you make. You can enjoy a similar result by creating your own group. I would highly recommend the Mastermind Group experience to leaders from any field. It works especially well in our industry, filled with change and constant concern of the human condition. Join us on the 9th for an introduction of how to create your own Mastermind group.”

To find more information about creating your own Mastermind Group, see the website at where you can find links to books about how to create your own group, more information and articles by our group and even a place where you can ask questions of the group and get feedback. Christopher Boettcher can reached at .


450 E. Gundersen Drive Carol Stream IL 60188 T 630 221 1212

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2008 Foundation Golf Outing

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2008 Foundation Golf Outing

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Tournament Committee Update - Hal Axelrod, CCM The Tournament Committee was busy later into the year than we originally had planned. Th e C hi ca go Club Managers Foundation Golf Outing was scheduled for September 15th at Olympia Fields Country Club. U n fo r t u n a t e l y , Mother Nature didn’t shine on us and we cancelled the event the Saturday before because of unprecedented rainfall. We rescheduled the outing for October 13th and held our breath. The new date turned out to be spectacular. After signing in and picking up their tee gift, which was the new Wilson Fy-Brid golf club, the full field was welcomed by host Manager Russell Ruscigno, and then enjoyed a breakfast buffet. Once we were all assembled the group got in their carts and headed out for a gorgeous day of golf filled with various surprises along the way. Mahi Mahi tacos, burgers, grilled chicken, meatball, sausage, and pepper and egg sandwiches were placed strategically around the golf course so no one would go hungry.

Following golf we convened on the expansive terrace and were treated to a buffet with items prepared by some of Chicago’s name chefs. An extensive adult beverage tasting sponsored by Brown Forman with a line up from Jack Daniels and wines from Bonterra Vineyards. The silent auction bidding was fast and furious, while the 4 great raffle prizes helped build excitement for the drawing. Yes it was quite an event. Russell Ruscigno, Chef Jeff and the entire staff at Olympia Fields Club did a great job taking care of us all day.

North Course Results 1st Place -- Rabine Paving Team 2nd Place -- Risinger + Associates Team Closest to the Pin -- Brett Grapenthin Longest Drive -- Matt Atkinson

South Course Results 1st Place -- Southern Wine & Spirits Team 2nd Place -- Wells Fargo Team Closest to the Pin -- Ryan Christianson (this was a Hole-in-One!)

2008 Foundation Golf Outing Sponsors Patron Sponsor Harris Golf Cars

Longest Drive -- Len Halpin

Eagle Sponsor Raffle Prize Winners Broadway Weekend in NYC -- Don Kiszka (Indian Hills CC) Florida Golf Trip -- Dave Lecinski (TurnKey-IT) Hilton Head Golf Trip -- Tim Mayes (University Club) Pinehurst Trip -- John Rebello (Wabash Seafood)

TriMark Marlinn

Birdie Sponsor Hub International Whittingham Meats Riis Borg Boelter Corporation

Par Sponsors The event itself reached new heights in fundraising. Some expenses are still to come in but the net proceeds are expected to be over $50,000. We were able to grow the Foundation Outing with more sponsorship, and a record 240 golfers. The outing raised enough money that our foundation was able to make $3,000 in charitable contributions to the following foundations, Sunshine Through Golf, First Tee and, Illinois Turf Grass

I thank all of you who participated in this great event. Congratulations to our winners, and to those who found time to enjoy a great day. I also give a special thanks to my Co-Chair John Wichman of Joyce Bros. and the rest of the committee for all of their hard work. Without them none of this would be possible. Finally, I thank all of our wonderful sponsors. Because of their support, the Foundation Golf Outing has been raised to a higher level.

Respectfully Submitted, Hal Axelrod, CCM Tournament Committee Chairman

Clubtec Textile Management Allen Brothers Buedel FORE Supply Reinders, Inc. Althoff Industries Wells Fargo University Club Ronnoco Risinger & Associates Rabine Paving Miller Finer Foods OKW Architects Joyce Brothers Southern Wine & Spirits Judge & Dolph Bulley & Andrews Contessa Wabash Seafood Edward Don Valley Linen Ecolab VGM Badger Murphy US Foodservice Meats by Linz Daniel Wohlfeil Design Country Club Supply Jonas

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Student Development - Millie Cadd On Tuesday, August 12, 2008 the Student Development Committee hosted it’s 2008 Scholarship Awards Celebration at Biltmore Country Club. In attendance were 2008 summer interns, 2008 scholarship recipients, John Spidalette, President of the Chicago Club Managers Foundation, members of the Student Development Committee and Scholarship Interviewing Committee. The summer began with a Vendor Tour and Bowling in June, a Community Involvement Beach Clean Up and BBQ in July, scholarship interviews in July and ending with the Awards Celebration in August as the conclusion to the GCCMA Summer Internship Program. Scholarships were awarded to twelve very special individuals. It is no wonder that these twelve students were chosen by various clubs to represent our Chapter as interns. Combined they make the perfect intern; smart, successful, strong work ethic, creative and hungry for acceleration. Individually each has their own endearing qualities which left each interviewer wondering: “When does he graduate?” or “I wonder if she would work for me?” From southern hospitality and kindheartedness to an outstanding personality or just the evident ambition and drive to succeed - each of these students proved exactly why they were selected for a scholarship from this chapter. Congratulation to the following Chicago Foundation Scholarship Recipients: Greg Pierce - Michigan Shores - Purdue - $500.00 Kassandra Garske - Biltmore CC - Cornell - $750.00 Jessica Lebens - Milwaukee CC - UW Stout - $750.00 Kevin Buchanan - Westmoreland - U of South Carolina - $1,000 Tiffany Carter - Rolling Green - Kansas State - $1,000 Kara Demling - Westmoreland - Purdue - $1,000 Matthew Garcia - Rolling Green - Kansas State - $1,000 John Pierce - Rolling Green - Kansas State - $1,000 Rachel Stackman - Ivanhoe/Westmoreland - Purdue - $1,000 Stephanie Stawski - Ivanhoe - UW Stout - $2,000 Melinda Sue King - Valley Lo - Ferris State - $3,000 Shelby Swartz - Ivanhoe - Kansas State - $3,000 A few parting words of advise given at the awards ceremony from Student Development Chairman Millie Cadd. “Continue to work hard. Work harder than what you think is hard. It will pay off. Be humble. Be honest. Be sincere. Keep your eyes and ears open. Remember that you don’t know everything! Learn from your mistakes - Yours, and those of others. Find a great mentor and ask a ton of questions. Bug them. LOVE what you do. Congratulations!”

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Education Update - Judy Higgins, CCM

Jon Briscoe Northern Illinois University

Leadership in the Workplace

50 Points of Profit

Presented by Jon Briscoe

Presented by Ron Yudd

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lake Shore Country Club

Location TBD

Jon Briscoe is an Associate Professor at Northern Illinois University where he has taught for nine years in the Department of Management teaching classes in Leadership and Human Behavior.

Ron Yudd will help you fill your leader tool box and provide “take home” ideas that you can apply immediately in your business. We then provide follow up coaching and consulting to ensure that the techniques and practices are actually implemented in the day-to-day operation of your business. This session will feature front of the house and back of the house points!

Leadership fads come and go, but personal values have always and will always remain key to effective leadership. Everyone has values but people vary in the intensity to which they are aware of their personal values and the degree to which they leverage them to lead more effectively. The Goal of this workshop is to help you understand your own values and priorities well, and to learn to translate those values into effective leadership behaviors that can impact your group the most. In this workshop we will focus upon:

“Think you can, think you can’t; either way, you’ll be right.” - Henry Ford

1. Discussion of leadership bests/worst and how these may be changing. 2. Self assessment of values and leadership skills. 3. How to focus your values and skills to be noticeably better leaders and increase your organization’s success.

Learn where and how to explore the profit enhancers in your club. Walk from the back door to customer service exploring where the profit problems and profit opportunities are lurking. Learn to construct an action plan for profit awareness and profit enhancing. This is a hands on presentation filled with take home application. Registration: 8:00 AM Seminar: 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon Lunch: 12:00 Noon Seminar: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM 3 Credits $75.00 per person RSVP to or on the website at

Registration: 11:00 AM Lunch: 11:00 AM - 12:00 Noon


Seminar: 12:00 Noon - 3:00 PM

Midwest Regional Education Forum April 19 - 21, 2009 Michigan Shores, Evanston Golf Club and Green Acres Country Club

3 Credits $50.00 per person RSVP to or on the website at

This is an educational experience you can’t afford to miss! Incredible speakers covering the following topics: External & Governmental Influences, Management, Membership Marketing, Accounting & Financial Management, Human & Professional Resources, and Marketing.

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2009 Expo

Wine Committee

SAVE THE DATE! Monday, March 9, 2009 Drury Lane Exposition Center

I want to thank Kate Newton who chaired the Wine Committee during most of the past year. Along with the collaboration of committee members Neil Smith, Brian Wallace, Michael Andersen, Ed Conter and Mike Drury we laid groundwork for the direction we want this committee to take. Increased International Wine Society membership from chapter members, set up two wine dinners for the membership in the spring and fall, wine education for the chapter and collecting wine for the CMAA annual wine auction at conference.

It may seem a little early to be talking about this subject, but the annual GCCMA EXPO will be here before we know it and planning for the event is well underway to improve upon the 2008 show that was held at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center. I am happy to announce that on Monday, March 9th the GCCMA will be returning to Drury Lane in Oakbrook for the 2009 Vendor EXPO. After listening to feedback from our Chapter Members and Vendors we made, what I know is the right decision, to return to Drury Lane after a two-year hiatus. Although the Renaissance was a great location, we as the Board of Directors took a step back to evaluate what has worked the best for us over the last five to ten years of the EXPO and the opportunity to return to Drury Lane was too good to pass up. You will notice once you receive your EXPO information in the mail that we are locking in pricing for the third year running, but for our vendors we have created an opportunity to save a few dollars in these difficult economic times by introducing a early registration option. In addition to the early registration we are also returning to our previous format of including two reception tickets with each booth purchased. These hold a value of $60.00 per ticket, so there is some additional savings as well. Another detail that we are excited about is the return of the GCCMA Roster Books being given out at the EXPO itself rather than being sent in the mail a month or two after the event. We realize what a useful tool this is to us as employees of Clubs, but also for our vendors and potential new clients and contacts. Lastly, make note of the date early and get it onto your calendars. Traditionally this show has fallen on a Tuesday, but without knowing what the weather will bring us in early March we decided that a Monday might give us the opportunity to get new members of your respective management teams and staffs to the show that might otherwise be stuck in the office or be running back to the Club for one of our early warm weather spring days. You may remember that in 2007 it was 70 degrees the day of the show. We will continue to listen to the input of our members and vendors as an effort to continually improve the show from year-to-year. These changes have come from the Board level of the GCCMA, but are all directly related to comments and feedback that we took from our members and vendors. Please continue to give us your ideas and feedback, and let’s look forward to a great EXPO in 2009.

Vendor Pre-pricing invitation is available on the homepage of the GCCMA website.

The committee will be targeting GCCMA members for membership into the IWS. We would like to double our current membership of 30. Our first wine dinner was held at Bistro Monet in Glen Ellyn. Those attending had a wonderful dinner accompanied by some great wines. We are in the process of select a date for our fall wine dinner. If you are interested in attending please call me.

We are also beginning our efforts to collect wine for the annual auction held during World Conference. Last year we helped raise $43,000 at the auction. Our chapter help contribute substantially to the auction. The proceeds from this year’s wine auction will go The Club Foundation. We are asking our chapter members to check their wine cellars for slow moving bottles they might want to donate to the auction. This year we will be putting wines together in lots with a minimum value of $500. The wine society wants to “raise the bar” on the auction where “less is more”. So please dust off some of your bottles and donate them for a good cause.

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Save the Date! Sunday, January 11, 2009

GCCMA Mission Statement The Greater Chicago Club Managers Association *Advances professional and social relationships *Creates success through education

Vision Statement By 2010, GCCMA will be the premier chapter in CMAA by: applying best business and Bryn Mawr Country Club will be our host for the 2009 GCCMA Dinner Dance! Be sure to mark your calendar and arrange to invite your staff for what is sure to be a memorable evening.

organizational practices, embracing diversity and sharing resources, facilitating participation and offering cutting edge professional development programs.

Community Involvement Update The Greater Chicago Club Managers Association in alliance with Reading is Fundamental (RIF) organization is collecting books for Chicago’s neediest. We are asking Club Managers to please support this worthwhile endeavor by donating new books at EVERY GCCMA event. Help us reach our goal of 1,000 books!

Fall Collection of Used Golf Equipment Begins For the good of the game and to help the youth of the Chicago Public Schools, the Club Managers of Chicago are teaming up to donate used golf equipment to the Chicago Public Schools Junior Golf Program. We would like your assistance by soliciting your members to donate to this worthy cause. Simply hold onto your forgotten clubs between now and Thanksgiving, and we will arrange for them to be picked up and made available to needy students. The Chicago Public Schools system currently offers golf programs at 30 high schools and 52 elementary schools, serving over 1500 youths. Your assistance in this program allows the game to grow while providing valuable life skills to some of the neediest youths.

November December GCCMA Newsletter  
November December GCCMA Newsletter  

Association Newsletter for Members of the Greater Chicago Club Managers Association