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UNC Charlotte’s “Urban Eden” house incorporates truly revolutionary approaches to sustainable design and construction, including the choice of building material (geopolymer cement concrete), an innovative passive cooling and heating system integrated into the walls and ceiling of the house, and responsive technology that allows the house and its inhabitants to adapt to changing environmental conditions.

Envisioned as an urban infill project for empty nesters or young professionals, the house design is defined by a strong connection between indoor and outdoor living areas; even in an urban context, the outdoor living area allows one to privately enjoy the outdoors. The UNC Charlotte team began work on the design in October 2011, broke ground in February 2013, and will complete construction over the summer before transporting the house to California in September 2013. The competition takes place October 3-13, 2013.

9 | march 2013

Greater Charlotte Biz 2013.03 March 2013  

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