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6 1 8 2 33 2 0 15                                                      www. bel l evi l l ech amb er .or g 2 1 6 Ea st A St re e t , B e llev ille , IL                        i nf o@bel l evi l lechamb er .o rg

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January 2016

Edward S. Bott, Jr. Belleville, IL John H. Chassaing Belleville, IL John C. Hanson Glen Carbon, IL Thomas F. Hennessy, III Swansea, IL Garrett C. Reuter, Jr. Belleville, IL William A. Schmitt Waterloo, IL Donald K. Schoemaker Shiloh, IL Kurt S. Schroeder Shiloh, IL Russell K. Scott Belleville, IL

Southern Illinois businesses… ... count on Greensfelder’s attorneys to protect their hard work and grow their businesses. We address the legal needs of business organizations in all sizes and industries and take the time to learn our clients’ needs and goals and help them stay on course.

Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale, P.C. • www.greensfelder.com Offices in Belleville, IL • St. Louis, MO • Chicago, IL

L. Kevin Vick Belleville, IL Donald E. Weihl Belleville, IL Andrew V. Wolkiewicz Waterloo, IL David W. Ybarra Fairview Heights, IL

The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.

The Chamber Connection

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CHAMBER STAFF Wendy J. Pfeil Executive Director

Executive Committee Edmond Brown, President ELB Enterprises, Inc. Kevin Vick, President-Elect Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale, P.C. Amy Richter, First Vice President Hospice of Southern Illinois Mary Lamie, Second Vice President Bi-State Development Mike McManus, Immediate Past President Memorial Regional Health Services, Inc.


Lisa Adams, Adams Publications Jeff Bair, Grimm & Gorly Florist and POUR@322 Brett Baltz, Egyptian Workspace Partners Ryan Boike, Belleville School District #118 Cathy Dupertuis, People Ready a True Blue Company Mayor Mark Eckert, City of Belleville Jerril Jones, Center for Racial Harmony Dan Lovekamp, Auffenburg Dealer Group of Illinois Tracy McCollum, Standard Rule Promotions Brian Mentzer, Belleville Township High School District #201 Kayla Mitchell, Scheffel Boyle Paula Nixon, Ameren Illinois David Nosacka, HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Jessica Orelt, Allstate Insurance Scott Schanuel, Holland Construction Services Ron Stephens, Bank of Belleville Ben Wanless, Commerce Bank

Diana Goebel Marketing & Communications Manager

EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS Peggy Schifferdecker Membership/Event Manager Alicia Slocomb Belleville Main Street Manager

Chairman Mark Kern, St. Clair County Christine Spargur, Scott Air Force Base

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January 2016

Michael McManus Memorial Regional Health Services, Inc.

Advanci ng Busi nes s. Suppor t ing Communit y.  That is the mi ss i on of t he Gr eat er Bellevill e Chamber of Commer ce.   I am not s ur e how long we have had t hat mi ssion s tat ement but I love i t .  It t r ul y sums up what the Chamber i s al l about .  As out goi ng Chamber Presi dent , I would li ke t o t hank al l of t he member s of t he Chamber for t heir s pi rit of vol unt eer is m; you come out when we need you. I woul d al s o li ke to t hank my fellow boar d members f or t heir wi s dom and thought fulness , t he government l eaders who wor k closely wit h t he Chamber and wit h our Scot t Ai r For ce par t ner s who we collabor at e wi th on a r egul ar bas i s .  And fi nally a huge t hank you to t he Chamber s t af f who put i n t he hour s t o make our event s a s ucces s and work cont i nual ly t o pr omot e our

1. A f riend of mi ne is a member of t he Chamber – he

communit y. I am pleased t hat we wer e able t o

pays dues but does not part i cipat e and I can

upgr ade the bui ldi ng, i nt er ior and I T sys t ems over

hones t ly s ay I have never s een him at one event or

t he pas t year . Servi ng as t he Pr esi dent of the

f unct i on. Yet , when he learned t hat I was i ncoming

Bel l evi l l e Chamber , and s er vi ng on t he Execut ive

Chamber pres ident he s aid t o me “I am a member

Commi t tee f or t he past sever al year s, has been a real

but t hey do not do much f or me." Part icipation in

pl eas ur e. I have l ear ned qui t e a lot and hopeful l y I

t he Chamber is j us t l ike going t o t he gym – you get

have been able t o cont r i but e a lit t le to the cause as

out of it what you put into it . It ’s an ol d cl iché but

wel l .

it is accurat e. Pl eas e get involved. My parti cipation

Having spent s ome t ime wi t h t he Chamber t he pas t

never woul d have met ot her wis e. For that, I am

wit h t he Chamber has all owed me t o meet people I f ew year s, you gai n a lit t le per spect i ve and dr aw a f ew concl us i ons. Given that t hi s is my “far ewell address” I would l i ke t o take t hi s oppor tunit y t o shar e a f ew

gr at ef ul . 2. I woul d encourage t he Chamber t o cont inue down the path of br oadeni ng it s s cope t o f ocus mor e on

obs er vati ons / conclus ions t hat I have ar r ived at

economi c devel opment . We have wonderful events ,

concer ni ng t he Chamber :

we f acil it at e bus i ness t o bus iness net working and

we do a great j ob promot ing our bus ines s communi ty. Economi c devel opment was ident ified in our member s hip s ur vey as an area of interes t. Let ’s cont inue to expl or e where we can be of value. 3. Thi nk r egi onal l y, act l ocal l y. We have a wonderful opport uni ty t o be a regional convener, working wi th our f ri ends in communit ies t o the nort h, west , s out h, and eas t of us . Our mi ss ion of " Advancing Busi ness , Support ing Communit y" is an open i nvi t at ion t o t hinking a bi t dif f er ent about ours el ves going f orwar d. Thank you f or t he oppor t uni ty t o s er ve and best wis hes t o t he incoming president , st af f and board for a gr eat 2020. I t has been a pri vi l ege t o be invol ved wit h t he Chamber.

The Chamber Connection

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Edmond L. Brown, ELB Enterprises, Inc.

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January 2016

Wendy Pfeil, Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce

I am p rivi leged to serv e a s t h e E xe cu t i v e Di r e ct o r o f t he G r e at e r Bellevi l le Ch a mb e r o f C o m m e r ce a n d , a l o ng w it h my t eam , to serv e ou r g r e a t c o mm u n it y. 2 01 9 h a s b e e n a y ea r of Ch a ng e f or t h e C ha mb e r . Ev e r y y ea r w hen w e me e t wi t h t h e B e l l e v i l l e C E O g r ou p I al w ay s t ell th em th e o n l y c o n s t a n t is l if e is c h a ng e . I t h o w yo u deal wi t h ch a n g e t h a t ma k e s yo u o r y o u r

D o s i e r, Ed m o n d B r o w n , K e v i n V i c k & Am y Ri c ht er f o r

or ga ni z ati on wh a t i t i s a t t h e mo me n t .

t h e ir e x c e l l e n t a n d m u ch a ppr e c ia t e d l e a der sh ip on t h e

Ex e c ut i v e C o m m i t t e e .

S o m e of t he c h a nges i n 20 19 a r e v e r y v is ib l e su c h a s up gr ad es t o th e ex t eri or a n d i n t e r io r o f o u r o f f i ce s a n d

I n o r d e r t o c o mp l e t e l y un de r s t a n d al l t he wo r k in gs o f

s o me w er e n ot a s visib l e bu t th e y w e r e m u c h n e e d e d

t he G r e a t e r B e l le v i l l e C ha m b e r o f Co m m er ce , I

s u c h as s oftw a re up da te s to br i n g u s i n t o t h e n e w

e nc o ur ag e y o u to r e a d ea ch c o m m i tt e e r ep o r t fo u nd i n

c en tu r y . W e even h ad a p e r s o n n e l c h an g e a s w e w i s he d

t hi s r e po r t. M a n y a c ti v i t ie s an d e v e n ts ha p p en u nd er th e

B et h Tucker a ll th e be s t o n h e r r e t i r e me n t in M a y.

l e a d e rs h i p o f o u r c o m m i t t e e c h a ir s a nd th ei r ver y a ct i ve

c o m m i t t e e s . T h e bu s i ne s s c o m m u ni t y a n d o u r g rea t

T he Cham ber h a s b ee n f o r tu n a te e n o u g h t o h a v e a

r e s i d e nt s o f B e l l e v il l e ar e v e r y w e l l s e r v e d b y t he ef fo r t s

s u pp o r t ive board to be o pe n t o t h e c h a n g e s t h a t a r e

of t he s e h ar d w o r ki n g c o m m it t e e s . Th a n k y o u fo r a ll

ne e de d b ut no t r ush e d to ma ke th os e c h a n g e s e it he r .

y ou r h a rd w or k in 2 0 1 9 .

I nst e a d lo o ki ng a t o ur s tr a te gi c p l a n t o ma ke s u r e th e s e

c h an g e s a li g n w it h w h a t ou r m e mbe r s n e ed .

T h a nk y o u t o t he b o ar d m e mb e rs w ho e nd ed t hei r

s e r v i ce in 2 0 1 9 an d I w a n t w e l c om e o u r n ew est

Th e C h a m b er under t h e d i r e c t i on i n 201 9 o f M ik e

m e m b e rs : J e ff B a ir , B ri a n M e n t z e r a n d Pa ul a Ni xon . I

Mc Ma nus a nd c urr en t l e a d e r s h i p o f E d mo n d B r o w n is i n

l oo k fo rw ar d t o w o rk i ng w i t h e a c h of y o u i n t h e co min g

a p o sit i on t o ma ke eve n gr e a te r c h a n ge s .

y e a r . T o t he r e s t o f m y b o a rd , th a nk y o u f o r y o ur op en

c o nv e r s a t io n s a nd e n d l e s s s u pp or t . I t r ul y ap p r eci at e

S o m e o f t h e ch a n g es t he C h a mbe r ha s ma d e or m a y l o o k

e a c h o f y o u a n d t he t im e y o u g i v e t o t he C ha mb er .

t o m ak e ma y se em o u t of t he o r d i n a r y b u t t h e y a re

n e c es sa ry to t he f utur e of th e o r g a n i za t io n an d t h e

I w o u l d a l s o l i ke t o t ha n k t he C i t y o f B e l l ev il le, M ay o r

r es o u rc es t ha t are av ai l ab l e . J u s t r e m e m b e r t h a t ch a n g e

M ar k E c ke r t , S t . C l a i r C o un ty an d C ha i r man M ar k Ker n

c an b e dif ficul t i t i s no t a p e r s o n a l de ci s io n , b u t i t i s

f or t he i r co n t in ue d s upp o rt o f C h am be r ef f o r t s a s t r u e

ab o u t t h e fut ure st ren gt h a n d g r ow t h o f t h e Gr e at e r

p a rt ne r s . I a l s o w an t t o t h a nk al l o f o ur f r iend s a t S c ot t

B e ll e v i ll e Ch a mb er of Com me r c e .

Ai r Fo r c e B a s e fo r t h e ir c o nt i nu e d s up po r t a nd

co n t ri b ut i on s t o ou r c o m m un it y .

T h is C ha m ber h as a g r e a t t e a m. Di a n a Go e b e l , Pe g g y

S c hi f f e rdec ker, Al ic i a Sl o c om b an d my b on u s me m b e r ,

I l o o k f or w a r d t o w or ki n g w i th 2 0 20 C h amb er Bo a r d

Ca th l ee n L inda uer, We s ome t i me s w o r k e n d l e s s h o ur s

Pr e s id en t Ed m on d B ro w n a s he be g i ns h i s t er m.

fo r o u r m ember s a ssu r i n g t h e i r n e e d s a re me t a n d w e d o

E d m o nd ' s v i s io n fo r a g r e a te r re g i o na l ap p r o ach wi ll

s o wi th out q ues ti on, e v e n w h e n th a t me a n s s t a nd i n g in

ke e p th e C ha m b e r fo c us e d on b ui l d i n g f ro m ou r

po u r ing down freezi n g r a i n t o e ns ur e w e h a v e a

s u c c e s s e s w h il e b u il d i ng ne w s tr a t e g ic p a rt ner sh ip s. I

s u cc e s sf ul Ch ili Coo k- of f . S o I p e r so n a l l y wo ul d l ik e t o

a l s o w a n t t o w e l co m e M ar y L a m i e to t he E xec ut iv e

t h an k t hem fo r a ll t hei r ha r d wor k a n d d e d i c a t io n .

C om m it t e e .  

The C ha m ber c onti nu e s to h a v e o u t s t a nd i n g l e a d e r s

F in a l l y , re m e m be r t he C ha m b e r bu i l d s c om mun it y a nd

g u ide t he futu re of t h e Ch a m be r . M ik e M cM a nu s w a s n o

c o m m u ni t y i s w h a t ho l d s us u p i n go o d t i mes and b a d so

e x c e pt i on. H is ded ic at i o n t o me e t in g t h e n e e d s a n d

w h e n y ou co n s i d e r yo u r n e x t pr oj e c t , p ur ch as e o r

a ddr e ssin g t h e c o nc er n s of ou r m e mb e rs we n t a bo v e a n d

b us i ne s s p a rt n e rs hi p , p l e a s e c on s i d e r o u r Ch a mb er

be yo n d. He p r o vide d s ou n d a d v i c e a n d m u c h n ee d e d

M e m b e r s fi rs t . T og e t he r w e c a n c o n ti n ue t h e C h amb er

f o re t h o ug h t . M ik e h ad t he s u pp or t of a we l l - r ou n d e d

m i s s io n o f “A D V AN CI N G B U S I NE S S , S U P PO RTI NG

Ex e c u t ive C omm i t t ee a s w e l l . I wa nt t o th a n k J e f f

C O M M U N IT Y .”

The Chamber Connection

Page 7

Chair: Terri Dambacher, Compu-Type IT Solutions

The Ambassador Club is the face of the chamber at many events throughout the year. Ranging from welcoming people at Business After Hours, congratulating individuals at ribbon cuttings for a new business or a milestone in their company, saying thank you to members when they renew their membership, to honoring groups or persons their commitment to the community for their continual investment in Belleville and the Chamber.






COMMITMENT TO COMMUNITY AWARDS Rose Marie Fitzgerald Kaskaskia Engineering Group, LLC Union United Methodist Yaekel Insurance

Page 8

January 2016

LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED Just like our business customers.

If your big bank isn’t serving your needs very well, try a bank that’s more your size. See what a difference it makes when your bank’s owners and directors live in Belleville, and may even be your customers. Let’s talk – small business to small business. • Business Loans • Business Checking

• Merchant Services • Small Business Solutions

We believe in small business. Because we are one. BankofBelleville.com • 215 South Illinois St. • Belleville, IL 62220

Member FDIC and Our Community

The Chamber Connection

Page 9

A Top Partner for Your Bottom Line Busey has your backing. Your business thrives because of your dedication to its success. Whether you’re considering a loan to expand, succession planning or treasury management services, Busey promises sound advice and simplified solutions. Because we understand that small business is big business.

busey.com 618.659.6354 Member FDIC Page 10

January 2016

Civilian Chair: Geri Boyer, Kaskaskia Engineering Group The mission of the Belle-Scott Committee is to promote a positive relationship between the local business community and Scott Air Force Base personnel. The Committee, comprised of civilian leaders and Base leadership, was established in 1950 and remains strong as it enters its 70th year.

Participation in the Military Affairs Committee. Celebrated the 69th Annual Belle-Scott Enlisted dinner, with a packed house of nearly 300, including 90 enlisted men and women, and we honored 3 veterans for their service to our country. Provided $1,100 to the 375 Special Christmas Fund to support the enlisted airmen over the holidays. Stocked the SAFB Belleville Dorm’s kitchen with pots and pans, dishes, small appliances, utensils and other supplies.  Hosted a cook-out for the SAFB dorms which included serving over 60 airmen. Sponsored the Belle-Scott Fall Harvest Festival at Eckert’s, with deployed families from Scott as our guests.   Total attendance was close to 180, including 90 deployed family members. Held a golf tournament at St. Clair Country Club for military leaders and their spouses. Hosted a progressive dinner in Downtown to acquaint both civic and military leadership with the many exceptional small businesses on Main Street. Hosted an early “Way of Lights” showing and dinner at the Shrine.

The Chamber Connection

Page 11

Manager: Alicia Slocomb The Belleville Main Street Committee is committed to the renovation, economic growth, and business retention of downtown Belleville. The Committee works with downtown merchants, business leaders, activity community members, and the City of Belleville to revitalize downtown.



incl udi ng Spar kl es , Suds & Sweet s

Wal k, Lucky Lepr echaun 5K Run/ Wal k, St . Pat rick’s Day Bl ock Par ty, Home Br ew & Mus ic Wal k,   Cr aft Beer Wal k,  Art & Wi ne Wal k,  Mont hly Diva Ni ghts ,   Old Town Far mer s ’ Market Sat urdays ,   Sidewal k Sal e,   Smal l Bus ines s Sat urday, &  Bel le- Scot t “ Tas te of Bel l evil l e”


ORGANIZATIONS FINANCIALLY SUPPORTED by Bel l evi l l e Main St reet incl uding Chr is t ki ndl mar kt , The Downt own Holi day Trol l ey,   Bel l evil l e Ar ea Rose  Society,  Ginger br ead Walk, and 1 0 l ocal charit ies through Diva Night donati ons.

Page 12

January 2016

Chair: Missy Taylor, Belleville Township High School District #201                                                                 The Education Committee is a collaborative effort between schools and the business                                                    community to address issues facing our educational system (public & private). The committee                                        serves as a vehicle to inform the business community about current educational developments, and the                           business community informs the committee of current needs within the community.  The committee also assists           the Chamber with the promotion of instructional materials for relocation purposes of potential businesses and private individuals.

Sponsored 10th Annual Back to School Fun Fair at Belleville West High School and gave away over 600 backpacks filled with school supplies to area students School leaders partnered with the Economic Development committee to include 8th grade participation in local Construction & Trade Expo Partnered with Scott Air Force Base to provide monthly care packages and greetings to the airmen residing in the Belleville Dorm Supported Drive Away Hunger - a community effort to collect food donations for area food pantries Supported a change of venue for the annual Teacher Appreciation Reception, resulting in stronger attendance

Belleville Township High School District 201 2555 West Boulevard Belleville, IL 62221 Call for To Go Orders, Reservations, Catering and Party Events! Watch

Come Experience

Modern Cuisine and Crafted Cocktails

4063 Frank Scott Parkway W.

Belleville, IL 62223

for our Specials

200 E. Main St. Downtown Belleville (618) 235-5010 The Chamber Connection www.thecopperfire.com



Page 13 (618)222-7500

Partners in Quality Care. Here for You.

HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and HSHS Medical Group proudly partner to bring high-quality, Franciscan health care to southwestern Illinois and beyond. The new HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in O’Fallon, Illinois offers stateof-the-art technologies, professional, compassionate caregivers and the highest quality care in a beautiful, new facility. Through focused care integration partnerships with top providers at HSHS Medical Group, the community has access to state-of-theart medical technology, physicians and advanced practice providers committed to patient-first care. Combined, we are the health and wellness destination delivering excellent care, close to home.

HSHS Medical Group HSHS St. Elizabeth’s

® HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital 1 St. Elizabeth’s Blvd., O’Fallon 618-234-2120 • steliz.org


HSHS Medical Group Multispecialty Care 3 St. Elizabeth’s Blvd., O’Fallon 618-641-5803 • hshsmedicalgroup.org



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January 2016

Chair: Sarah Anderson, Family Hospice The Healthcare & CSA Committee's mission is to bring awareness of resources and services for the health and well-being of the community. 

January – Hosted the Leadership Belleville Healthcare, Aging, &    Community Service Day March – Assisted in collecting food items for the Dist. #118 Drive      Away Hunger Food Drive April - Collected enough items to create over 300 hygiene kits for      those in need in the Belleville area during the committee's annual      Hygiene Kit Drive,  May – Compiled over 200 lbs. of food and for the Inter-Faith Food Pantry during annual Funnel Cake Food Drive. August - Raised over $500 for high school scholarships during Gift      Card Raffle Tree Fundraiser. October – Hosted annual Winter Accessory Drive, collecting a generous amount of winter gloves for the community.

The Chamber Connection

Page 15

Chair: Brandon Voss, Merrill Lynch The INforM (Information and Networking for Members) committee addresses the needs of businesses by providing informational opportunities, including monthly Coffee Cup


Connections and Lunch & Learn workshops as well as other educational


seminars. Both Coffee Cup Connections and Lunch & Learn events are free for Chamber members to attend as part of their membership benefits.


Open ! Online



Proud Member of The Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce Online Banking Bill Pay Mobile Banking eStatements Debit Card Thank You Gift*

618.234.9500 • myprovidence.bank

Your proud community not-for-profit hospice provider

•Over 300 Volunteers To Help Patients And Families •Proud We Honor Veterans Partner •Full-Time, On-Staff Physician, Dr. Ellen Middendorf, To Support Our Patients’ Needs ASK FOR US BY NAME www.hospice.org 618-235-1703

Fairview Heights • 4600 N. Illinois Street *Free Gift may be reported on a 1099-INT or 1099-MISC. Free Gift provided at time of account opening. Minimum opening deposit is $50. Your cell phone provider may charge additional fees for web access or text messages for Mobile Banking. Other fees such as NSF, overdraft, dormant fee on inactive accounts, etc may apply. See bank for details. Page 16

January 2016

Chair:Â Lynn Selden, St. Clair Country Club The Leadership Belleville program began in 1999 and offers the opportunity for participants to learn from local leaders in a variety of industries. Each month the group learns about leadership through panel discussions, on-site tours and question and answer opportunities. Not only do those in the class learn how many of our community leaders got to where they are today but also how they may have overcome some challenges along the way. Lastly, one of the most important components of the program is learning about all the wonderful things Belleville has to offer and how they can become or continue to be a part of the community while building lifelong friendships.

16 18



The Chamber Connection

Page 17

Precision Practice Management

Our Belleville Office

The Business Behind the Practice

Revenue Cycle Management

Proudly serving Belleville for over 25 years!


(618)-207-6114 | reichholz@precisionpractice.com

SIHF HEALTHCARE BELLEVILLE LOCATIONS 2810 Frank Scott Parkway West, Suite 828 2900 Frank Scott Parkway West, Suite 950 2900 Frank Scott Parkway West, Suite 980 Holland has been providing quality construction services in the Belleville area for over 33 years. Our continued success

180 S. Third Street, Suite 103

comes from our clients, subcontractors, design partners,

180 S. Third Street, Suite 104

and employees. It is what Bruce Holland is known for and

7210 West Main Street

how he built this company – Integrity. That’s what makes us most proud to be Holland. Holland. Built on Integrity.

Holland Construction Services, Inc. 618.277.8870 • hollandcs.com


Page 18

January 2016

Chair: Kirk Schilling, Invelop Now, LLC. The mission of the PR/Marketing Committee is to assist the Chamber in their efforts to market value-added benefits to the membership and assist the Chamber in fundraising activities including the Annual Dinner & Silent Auction, Otto Golf Classic, and Chili Cook-off.

Assisted the Chamber with events including: • Annual Dinner & Silent Auction - Successfully raising over $10,000 • Otto Golf Classic at the St. Clair Country Club • 36th Annual Chili Cook-off

618-688-0990 East Belleville and Fairview Heights WWW.ASHLANDSTORAGECENTERS.COM The Chamber Connection

Page 19

Held three Socials including a Grizzlies game at GCS Ballpark and Speed Networking.

Chair: Diana Goebel,            Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce The Young Professionals is a group open to members of the Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce that connects and empowers young professionals by creating and encouraging a community of like-minded, diverse professionals who have the desire to advance business and support community in the greater Belleville area.

        Held six luncheons and heard from guest speakers including Megan Rector-Regions Bank, Christine Litteken-Hospice of Southern Illinois, Barb HohltSt. Clair County Health Dept., Tracy GrayBelleville School District #118, and Loretta Graham-Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois          Hosted first Speed Networking lunch and social.          Reached over 100 Young Professionals.

Come visit us at our new office Services:

Contact us:

*Bookkeeping *Management *Notary *Real Estate *Tax Prep

Willie Logan & Ericka Logan

Elegant Banquets and Creative Catering



Location: 821 South Belt West, Belleville, IL 62220 Let us be your back office!

“Providing you with all of your accounting needs”

Ellie Miller Manager

Tim Faltus Owner

225 E A St, Belleville, IL 618-233-8490 info@bellecourtbc.com bellecourtbc.com


Over several decades, the Shrine Restaurant and Banquet Center has earned a reputation for serving delicious food and delivering topnotch hospitality. Our location at the beautiful National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows creates a peaceful and welcoming environment for everyone regardless of religious affiliation. Whether you're planning a wedding for hundreds, or a business meeting for your management team, we have a perfect facility and years of planning expertise to make your event perfect.

Restaurant Hours: Soup & Salad Buffet Monday – Saturday 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Sunday Brunch 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.   Dinner Thursday – Sunday 3 p.m. – 8 p.m. Try our New Family Style Dining and Nightly Features

Visit us online at www.ShrineRestaurant.org www.ShrineRestaurant.org/Banquets (618) 394-6237 or call (618) 394-6466 to schedule an The Chamber Connection appointment.

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Website: www.efgreatersil.org Phone: (618) 236-2181 Contact us for more information on our full spectrum of comprehensive services including: Free Epilepsy Education, Service Coordination, Support Services, and Advocacy. Funding provided by St. Clair County Mental Health Board, Madison County Mental Health Board, and Department of Human Services.

5825 W. State Rte. 161 Belleville, IL 62223 (618) 398-5556

(314) 231-5556


www.hanksel.com INFO@HANKSEL.COM

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January 2016

618.465.4288 | Alton, IL 618.656.1206 | Edwardsville, IL 618.277.8100 | Belleville, IL 618.654.9895 | Highland, IL 618.498.6841 | Jerseyville, IL 618.281.7605 | Columbia, IL 217.942.3821 | Carrollton, IL


The Chamber Connection

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Chair: Terri Dambacher, Compu-Type IT Solutions

The Business Excellence Award is the most prestigious award given by the Chamber at the Annual Dinner & Silent Auction to a member who best exemplifies the following criteria: Evidence of success given company’s expansion and financial accomplishments, development and/or utilization of innovative or creative business methods and


contributions to community.




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January 2016

The Leadership Belleville Alumni award recognizes those alumni who have made an impact through their service to the community and to the Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce.


The Citizen of the Year Award recognizes an individual member of the Belleville Community for their outstanding contributions and service.


This distinguished award is presented to the Ambassador who has demonstrated a strong commitment to the community and to the Chamber through their volunteerism throughout the year.


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Cathleen Lindauer, Director of Tourism The mission of Belleville, Illinois Tourism is to market and promote the Belleville Community to 5.1 million visitors in bringing additional outside revenues for the City of Belleville. Out-of-town visitors enjoyed over 300 special events and festivals. Our advertising and marketing efforts showcased Belleville’s attractions, dining and shopping facilities throughout the city’s borders. Our holiday season marketing included various media outlets to make our holiday season a success. Shop, Dine, Stay & play in Belleville!

New Tourism Highlights for 2018: 1. Midwest Meetings Magazine, Fall 2019 featured Belleville's German Holiday Hospitality for customized meeting experiences with a free half-page ad. 2. Marketed the expansion at The Edge with go-karts, bumper cars, bowling & more. 3. Distributed "Follow the Route to Fun" brochure showcases Rt. 15 attractions & venues. 4. Mailed and distributed 75,000 Belleville Calendar of Events & Holiday brochures. 5. Welcomed group bus and school tours. 6. St. Louis Traveler Magazine highlighted a free fullpage ad, "Find the Best in Belleville, IL" with a variety of Eat, Drink, Shop, & Play Belleville businesses and events.

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January 2016

The Chamber Connection

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Scott Field Heritage Air Park Larry Strube, President At the end of the year will received permission from the 375th Air Mobility Wing to complete the majority of the sidewalks at the air park. Unfortunately, the approval was received late in the construction season so we’ll have to wait for spring 2020 to begin construction. Our plan is to have the new sidewalks in place prior to the Air Show in May. We’re also working to finalize the design for the flag plaza in order to begin construction on this project in 2020 as well. We encourage you to visit the Air Park and learn more about the aircraft assigned to Scott AFB and Air Mobility Command. The air park is located directly outside the Scott AFB Shiloh Gate on Seibert Road and is open to the general public.

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Adams Publications, Inc. phone: 618-410-5308 5343 Belleville Crossing St., PMB 44 john@marketplacemagazineonline.com Belleville, Ill. 62226 www.marketplacemagazineonline.com

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January 2016

“I could not have received any better care.” Julie

Breast cancer survivor Harold & Dixie LePere Breast Health Center

Patient Safety Excellence /// Nation’s Top 15% /// 3 Years in a Row healthgrades Best Regional Hospitals

U.S.News & World Report

When our patients with breast cancer share their uplifting stories with us, it means more than any award we receive. After her breast cancer diagnosis, the Breast Health Center Medical Director Dr. James Clanahan provided the compassionate care Julie needed to thrive. Learn more about her experience at mymemorialnetwork.com/julie

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Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce 2019 Annual Report  

Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce 2019 Annual Report