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James A. Bock, Jr. Glen Carbon, IL Edward S. Bott, Jr. Belleville, IL Thomas F. Hennessy, III Swansea, IL Dayna L. Johnson Glen Carbon, IL Garrett C. Reuter, Jr. Belleville, IL William A. Schmitt Waterloo, IL Donald K. Schoemaker Shiloh, IL Kurt S. Schroeder Shiloh, IL Russell K. Scott Belleville, IL Kevin Vick Belleville, IL Donald E. Weihl Belleville, IL Andrew V. Wolkiewicz Waterloo, IL David W. Ybarra Fairview Heights, IL

The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.

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January 2016

Edmond Brown, President Elect ELB Enterprises, Inc. Justin Price, Vice President CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP Kevin Vick, Second Vice President Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale, P.C. Dr. Jeff Dosier, Immediate Past President Belleville Township High School District #201

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Lisa Adams, Marketplace Magazine Brett Baltz, Egyptian Workspace Partners Ryan Boike, Belleville School District #118 Cathy Dupertuis, People Ready Mayor Mark Eckert, City of Belleville Carol Haffner, Beacon Ministry Jerril Jones, Center for Racial Harmony Jared Katt, Chelar Tool & Die, Inc. Mary Lamie, Bi-State Development Dan Lovekamp, Auffenberg Dealer Group Tracy McCollum, Standard Rule Promotions Kayla Mitchell, Scheffel Boyle CPAs David Nosacka, Hospital Sisters Health System Jessica Orelt, Albert Orelt Allstate Agency Amy Richter, Hospice of Southern Illinois Bill Rickher, Korte & Luitjohan Contractors, Inc Scott Schanuel, Holland Construction Services Ron Stephens, Bank of Belleville Kevin Vick, Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale, P.C. Emily Vosse, Beno J. Gundlach Co. Ben Wanless, Commerce Bank Joseph Weissert, Ameren Illinois

EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS Chairman Mark Kern, St. Clair County Christine Spargur, Scott Air Force Base


Mike McManus, President Memorial Regional Health Services, Inc.


Executive Committee

CHAMBER STAFF Wendy J. Pfeil Executive Director Diana Goebel Marketing & Communications Manager Beth Tucker Office Manager Peggy Schifferdecker Membership/Event Manager Alicia Slocomb Belleville Main Street Manager

The Chamber Connection

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January 2016

Dr. Jeff Dosier, Belleville Township High School Dist. #201

It has been a pleasure t o serve as

especially import ant considering

President of the Great er Belleville

t he dedicat ion, commit ment , and

Chamber of Commerce for 2018.

sacrifice required of t he milit ary

Aft er having been involved in the

personnel and t heir families.

Chamber for several years, I

Please continue t o be involved in

t hought I knew a lot about what

t he Chamber’s effort s t o support

happens at the Chamber. In my

t he Base and welcome t he milit ary

role as President , I found out

and t heir families into our

about t he amazing support the

communit y.

businesses and organizat ions in the Great er Belleville area provide

Belleville is a wonderful

t o t he Chamber. It t ruly is an

communit y. The volunt eer spirit

organizat ion that benefit s from

and support from t he communit y

the collect ive effort s of it s

are valuable resources for our


communit y. Please continue t o support t he Chamber in 2019. Find

It is import ant t o recognize the

a way t o be involved, whet her it is

st rong leadership t hat Wendy Pfeil

volunt eering at one of t he many

provides for t he Greater Belleville

Chamber event s or serving on a

Chamber of Commerce. Wendy

commit t ee. Bot h of t hese are

works well wit h t he community

essent ial in a st rong Chamber of

and wit h t he members of the


Chamber. She cont inues t o build

our Chamber by focusing on t he

As t he Chamber moves forward in

collective st rength of our

2019 wit h Mike McManus as

membership. I would be remiss if

President, I look forward t o t he

I didn’t ment ion t he excellent st aff

Chamber becoming stronger and

at t he Chamber. Bet h Tucker,

more influent ial as we work t o

Peggy Schifferdecker, and Diana

meet the goals and object ives set

Goebel help creat e a cult ure for

forth in t he St rat egic Plan. The

t he Chamber t hat is bot h

Great er Belleville Chamber of

welcoming and ent husiast ic.

Commerce host s many event s

Belleville Main St reet Manager,

during the year t hat enrich our

Alicia Slocomb, and Tourism

communit ies and provide

Direct or, Cat hleen Lindauer work

members opportunit ies to

well wit h t he Chamber t o promote

network. Many excit ing t hings are

Belleville. We are lucky t o have

happening in Belleville and the

such a professional st aff!

Great er Belleville area. I am eager t o see the continued progress and

The support the Chamber shows

growt h in our communit y. Thank

for Scot t Air Force Base is

you for t he opport unit y t o serve as President in 2018!

The Chamber Connection

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Michael McManus Memorial Regional Health Services, Inc.

As we look forward to 2019, I want

cont inue implement ation of our

to recognize t he individuals and

strategic plan. In addition, we will

businesses who support the

be completing renovat ions and

Greater Belleville Chamber of

repairs t o the Chamber offices and

Commerce – you are absolut ely

building. This is YOUR Chamber.

the best. We appreciat e your

I urge you to make t he most of

cont inued involvement and

your invest ment wit h the Chamber

investment in helping to make the

by joining one of our committ ees,

great er Belleville area a great

volunteering t o help wit h an event

place to live, work and play.

or t wo, and encouraging other businesses to join us or at t ending

Thank you to our 2018 President ,

one or more of the networking

Dr. Jeff Dosier, for his leadership

opportunit ies available to you.

and oversight in implementing our strategic plan. Last year, the

Thank you t o all of our members

Chamber membership saw st eady

for your support . I’d also like t o

growt h and it was exciting t o see

t hank our great Chamber t eam –

the t errific support of Chamber-

Wendy Pfeil, Executive Direct or;

sponsored events t hroughout t he

Bet h Tucker, Office Manager;

year. We continue t o strengt hen

Peggy Schifferdecker, Membership

our partnership with Scott Air

& Event Manager; Diana Goebel,

Force Base; thank you to all who

Market ing & Communications

are part of this wonderful

Manager and Alicia Slocomb,

relationship. Collectively, we

Belleville Main Street Manager.

have built a collaborat ive

They do a wonderful job day in

environment for businesses t o

and day out in making our

grow, prosper and become even

Chamber st ronger.

stronger economic drivers in our communities.  

I look forward t o working wit h all of you during 2019 to furt her

During 2019, I plan to focus on

strengt hen our mission. Thank

programs to enhance member

you for t his opportunity and for

services, promote

all you do to support our

economic development and


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January 2016

Wendy Pfeil, Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce

As 2018 ends I can’t help but to ref lec t

The Chamber has been blessed with

on the journey these past 10 years have

great leadership over the years and this

been with the Chamber. When I started

year was no dif f erent under the

with the Chamber my sons were 6

leadership of Dr. Jef f Dosier. Jef f , I

months and 2 ½ and today I have a

c annot thank you enough f or your

teenager that has learned the value of

leadership in 2018. This year will be no

commitment and volunteerism f rom

diff erent. Under the leadership of Mike

watching the Chamber grow over the

McManus I expec t the Chamber to move

past ten year. I mention this bec ause

in new direc tions under new visions

this is the c ommitment the entire team

that have not been presented bef or e.

has to the Chamber. Beth, Peggy , Diana,

Along with Mike’s leadership The

Alic ia and even Cathleen give up

Chamber has a great Exec board:

c ountless hours to make sure that we

Edmond Brown, Justin Pric e, Jef f

are living our Mission every day of

Dosier and new this year is Kevin Vic k.

“Advancing Business, Supporting

Your expertise and experienc e will help

Community” and many times that means

to propel the Chamber the next several

enlisting the help of our own f amily

years. However, this year we had


several long time board members retire:

Pat Hill, Kevin Ric hter, John Reic hert

In order to live our mission it means

and Roger Wigginton, it is hard to think

making decisions that are not easy

of a time during my last 10 years where

dec isions, ones that take a risk and

you were not on the board. Your

ones that sometimes our members may

guidance and passion you expressed

not understand. I c an remember when I

during your tenue will be hard to matc h.

first started and I would bring an idea


to the table the question back to me

As we looked at our strategic plan, one

was always tell me more and how would

of The Chamber initiative is to build a

that aff ec t or benef it our members.

better Board.By this we mean we want

That is a question that is still proposed

to engage them more. Lean on their

today. In order f or the Chamber to

expertise and c ontinue to have board

move f orward in 2019 we had to take a

members that are passionate about the

hard look in 2018 at ourselves to make

Chamber and our c ontinuing missions. I

sure that our c ommittees, events and

am please d to welc ome new board

policies matc hed the strategic plan that

members: Lisa Adams, Cathy Dupertuis,

w as adopted in 2017.

Dan Lovekamp, Tray Mc Collum, Kayla Mitc hell, Jessic a Orelt and Amy Ric hter.

This has allowed us to form new partnerships with members who were

To you our members, Thank you.

not as engaged. It will allow us to revise

Bec ause of your dedic ation to our

or revamp our c ommittees to allow

mission and vision the Greater

them to have more actionable items. It

Belleville Chamber of Commerc e has

will allow the Chamber to do away with

onc e again been named the 3rd Largest

programs that are not benefic ial to you

Chamber in the St. Louis Metropolitan

our members and focus on programs

area, ac c ording to the St. Louis

that are a benefit. After all YOU are the

Business Journal, Book of List. Your

reason the Chamber exist. You have

support of our events allows us

spoken and the Chamber is listening.

to c ontinue and c reate new programs 

and servic es that best serve you our members. Speaking of partnerships, I would be remissed if I did not thank Mayor Mark Ec kert and the entire City of Belleville. Eac h and every year your team helps the Chamber to put on a safe and suc c essf ul Chili Cook-of f. We truly apprec iate the support we receive from the Polic e, Fire, Sanitation and Streets department. There is no way we could do this without your support. Chairman Mark Kern and St. Clair County; thank you f or being a vast resourc e of knowledge. Every time The Chamber had a question or needed answers you and your team are more than willing to provide advice, guidance and leadership where we need it. All of us working together will build a stronge r f uture f or Belleville, St. Clair County and the surrounding c ommunities inc luding our friends at Sc ott Air Forc e Base. What an enjoyment it is to interact with our Military and support their mission at Sc ott. It is a true gem in our back yard. Finally, when you c onsider your next projec t, purc hase or business partnership, please c onsider our Chamber Members f irst. Together we c an c ontinue the Chamber mission of ADVANCING BUSINESS, SUPPORTING COMMUNITY.

The Chamber Connection

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Chair: Susan Wobbe, St. Clair County Office on Aging

The Ambassador Club is the face of the chamber at many events throughout the year. Ranging from welcoming people at Business After Hours, congratulating individuals at ribbon cuttings for a new business or a milestone in their company, saying thank you to members when they renew their membership, to honoring groups or persons their commitment to the community for their continual investment in Belleville and the Chamber.

61 New Members Celebrated 36 ribbon cuttings. Thanked over 400 members. Awarded 4 Commitment to Community Awards:          Jack Weck            Roy-El Catering            TheBank of Edwardsville            Breakthru Beverage, The Callison Family

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January 2016

The Chamber Connection

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January 2016

Civilian Chair: Geri Boyer, Kaskaskia Engineering Group The mission of the Belle-Scott Committee is to promote a positive relationship between the local business community and Scott Air Force Base personnel. The Committee, comprised of civilian leaders and Base leadership, was established in 1950 and remains strong as it enters its 69th year.

• Participated in two Civic Leader events at SAFB. • Celebrated the 68th Annual Belle-Scott Enlisted dinner, with a packed house of nearly 300, including 90 enlisted men and women, and we honored 5 veterans for their service to our country. • Developed the Golden Eagle Award to honor Belle-Scott distinguished civilian members and gave the first Golden Eagle Award to Bob Dintelmann at the Enlisted Dinner for his 26 years of extraordinary service to the organization. • Provided over $1000 to the 375 Special Christmas Fund to support the enlisted airmen over the holidays. • Hosted a cook-out for the SAFB dorms which included serving 75 airmen. • Sponsored the Belle-Scott Fall Harvest Festival at Eckert's, with deployed families from Scott as our guests. Total attendance was close to 200, including 100 deployed family members. • Held a golf tournament at St. Clair Country Club for military leaders and their spouses. • Hosted a progressive dinner in Downtown to acquaint both civic and military leadership with the many exceptional small businesses on Main Street.

The Chamber Connection

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The Belleville Main Street Committee is committed to the renovation, economic growth, and business retention of downtown Belleville. The Committee works with downtown merchants, business leaders, activity Chair: Scott Schmelzel   Manager: Alicia Slocomb

community members, and the City of Belleville to revitalize downtown.

events including Sparkles, Suds & Sweets Walk, Lucky Leprechaun 5K

Organizat ions financially

Run/Walk, St. Pat rick’s Day Block

support ed by Belleville Main

Party, Home Brew & Music

St reet including

Belleville Main Street

Walk, Craft Beer Walk, Art & Wine

Christkindlmarkt , The Downtown

was voted into the

Walk, Mont hly Diva Nights, Old

Holiday Trolley, Belleville Area

Top 10 in t he Top Main

Town Farmers’ Market

Rose Societ y, Gingerbread Walk,

St reets in America

Saturdays, Sidewalk Sale, Small

and 10 local charit ies through

contest .

Business Saturday, & Belle-Scot t

Diva Night donations

“Taste of Belleville”

Call for To Go Orders, Reservations, Catering and Party Events! Watch

Come Experience

Modern Cuisine and Crafted Cocktails

for our Specials 200 E. Main St. Downtown Belleville (618) 235-5010 Page 12

January 2016

Chair: Scott Schanuel, Holland Construction Services Members of the Economic Development Committee work with the community, Chamber leaders, and other organizations to promote business creation and growth, help retain existing businesses and jobs, stimulate overall economic growth, and improve the quality of life in the greater Belleville area. Economic Development • Work together to leverage   their collective network of   business relationshi ps to   expand the reach of Ci ty staff   by spreading the message   that Belleville is “open for   business” • Interact with commerci al      and residenti al developers   and stakeholders to i denti fy   potential business    opportunities

Work Force Development • Work wi th local schools, industri es and St. Clai r Co.   Workforce Development   Group to help i denti fy ski ll   gaps i n our area • Create an Employment   Showcase where di fferent   trades, ski lled workers, and   local employers can interact   wi th students to i denti fy   future avenues of

Manufacturi ng • Conti nue to focus on the needs of local manufacturers • Host round tables to i dentify   new i ssues they are facing,   supply chai n opportunities,


and workforce shortage

• Faci litate understandi ng of

• Create a Manufacturers

the market and development

Supply Resource Guide that

process in order to create

wi ll be shared among

i nvestments in the Ci ty


6002 West Main Street Belleville, Illinois 62223

separate TASK FORCES will refocus t he committ ee to address needs in t he community

Follow us on Social Media @cpraedcoach @CPR_AED_Coach @the_cpr_aed_coach Our services include: CPR, AED and First Aid Training Bloodborne Pathogens Training Child and Babysitting Safety Training Pet First Aid Training BLS Provider (for Healthcare Professionals) Skills Sessions Online CPR, AED and First Aid Training On-Site CPR, AED and First Aid Training Receive your 2-year certification card the SAME DAY!

The Chamber Connection

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Chair: Brian Mentzer, Belleville Township High School District #201                                                                   The Education Committee is a collaborative effort between schools and the business                                                    community to address issues facing our educational system (public & private). The committee                                        serves as a vehicle to inform the business community about current educational developments, and the                           business community informs the committee of current needs within the community.  The committee also assists           the Chamber with the promotion of instructional materials for relocation purposes of potential businesses and private individuals.

Hosted: • 9th Annual Back to School Fun Fair • Belleville Chamber of Commerce Issues & Eggs with Tony Smith, Ph.D. • Chamber Business After Hours at Belleville West High School featuring Career Technical Education programs Partnered with Scott Air Force Base Belleville Dorm by providing monthly care packages, gifts, and greetings to the airmen. Supported Drive Away Hunger, a community-wide effort to collect food donations for area food pantries.

Belleville Township High School District 201 2555 West Boulevard Belleville, IL 62221

4063 Frank Scott Parkway W.

Belleville, IL 62223



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January 2016

The Chamber Connection

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We’re your link between health and home Private Duty Non-Medical-Home Care

Client Satisfaction Rate of 91%

Home Care Services may be appropriate when you notice: • • • • • •

Changes in daily activities Invrease isolation Declining personal hygiene Negative changes in attitude Deteriorating health condition/cognitive ablitilies Difficulty getting transportation

Our services include: • • • • •

Supportive Services At-Home Nursing Companionship Transportation Homemaking Services

877-884-8480 • Proud Member Of

the Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce

Holland has been providing quality construction services in the Belleville area for over 32 years. Our continued success comes from our clients, subcontractors, design partners, and employees. It is what Bruce Holland is known for and how he built this company – Integrity. That’s what makes us most proud to be Holland. Holland. Built on Integrity.

Holland Construction Services, Inc. 618.277.8870 •

5600 West Main Street Belleville, Illinois 62269 618-416-7539

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January 2016

The mission of the Government Affairs Committee is to address issues regarding county, state and local business issues in addition to presenting the “Issues & Eggs” Business breakfasts. Chair: Bill Rickher, Korte & Luitjohan Contractors, Inc.

Hosted Two Issues & Eggs: • “How Are Today’s Youth Preparing to Become Tomorrow’s Leaders?” featuring students from the Belleville CEO, BASIC, & Teen Court programs who explained and discussed their experiences and their learning derived   from the programs. • "Exploring What the Amazon HQ2 Effort Taught Us and the Path Forward" featuring the Regional Economic   Development. This informative presentation offered several speakers that were intimately involved with   developing, strategizing, negotiating and presenting   the St. Louis area sales and incentive package to   Amazon for their second headquarters. Hosted Annual Government Officials BBQ.

Auto • Home • Business • Life

Call us for a quote today. Yaekel & Assocs Ins Svcs Inc 1915 W Main St Belleville, IL 62226-7479 618-233-0024 S882 Not all companies are licensed or operate in all states. Not all products are offered in all states. Go to for company licensure and territory information.

The Chamber Connection

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Chair: Carla Boswell, Programs and Services for Older Persons The Healthcare & CSA Committee's mission is to bring awareness of resources and services for the health and well-being of the community. 

January – Hosted the Leadership Belleville Healthcare, Aging, &    Community Service Day March – Assisted in collecting food items for the Dist. #118 Drive      Away Hunger Food Drive April - Collected enough items to create over 375 hygiene kits for      those in need in the Belleville area during the committee's annual      Hygiene Kit Drive,  May – Compiled over 218 lbs. of food and $175 for the Inter-Faith      Food Pantry during annual Funnel Cake Food Drive. August - Raised nearly $600 for high school scholarships during Gift      Card Raffle Tree Fundraiser. November – Hosted annual Glove Drive, collecting a generous      amount of winter gloves for the community.

Community Counseling Services

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January 2016

Delivering the Difference throughout the region.

HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital proudly delivers nationally recognized care at multiple locations HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital offers a healing environment that combines technology and expertise in providing region leading, high-quality care to you and your family. We have partnerships with top providers such as HSHS Medical Group, Prairie Heart & Vascular Institute, SSM Health Cardinal Glennon and SLU Family Medicine Residency Program. We also offer numerous outpatient services in locations across the metro-east to provide quick and accessible care for those routine tests and procedures like imaging, lab and other therapies. Be sure to utilize our online appointment scheduling tools for screening mammograms and UrgiCare. Learn more at

Renovations at the Belleville Health Center near completion St. Elizabeth’s continues to provide outpatient health care services at our Belleville Health Center in downtown Belleville. Renovations have further enhanced the interiors for our patients, physician offices and our colleagues.

180 South Third Street, Belleville Heartland Women’s Healthcare HSHS Home Care and Hospice Southern Illinois HSHS Imaging Center HSHS Laboratory HSHS Outpatient Services Outpatient Therapy, Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy, Work Conditioning Pregnancy Care Center Duk C. Kim, MD SIHF Healthcare Convenient Care SIHF Healthcare Additional HSHS clinical and support departments also located here.

200 405 101 102 30

50 100 103 104

311 West Lincoln Street, Belleville Mark S. Feldman, MD Metro East Gastroenterology Ltd. Belleville Family Medical Assoc., Ltd.

100 101 200



Chair: Brandon Voss, Merrill Lynch

Coffee Cup Connections:

The INforM (Information and Networking for Members) committee addresses the needs of businesses by providing informational opportunities, including monthly Coffee Cup Connections and Lunch & Learn workshops as well as other educational seminars. Both Coffee Cup Connections and Lunch & Learn events are free for Chamber members to attend as part of their membership benefits..

• 12 different member businesses highlighted  throughout 2018. • 20-30 people in attendance per event. Lunch & Learn: Presented 8 different topics including "How to Separate Yourself From Your Competition", "Public Speaking", "Tax Reform for Businesses", "Safety in the Workplace", "Generations in the Workplace", "Workforce Development", and "Seeing Opportunities Others Don’t See". Hosted annual "Think Tank" that allows members to provide input on topics for the following year.


Open ! Online


Online Banking Bill Pay Mobile Banking eStatements Debit Card Thank You Gift*

618.234.9500 • *Free Gift may be reported on a 1099-INT or 1099-MISC. Free Gift provided at time of account opening. Minimum opening deposit is $50. Your cell phone provider may charge additional fees for web access or text messages for Mobile Banking. Other fees such as NSF, overdraft, dormant fee on inactive accounts, etc may apply. See bank for details.

Locally owned and independently operated with deep roots across the Metro East

A Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE)

UNIQUE Solutions. THOUGHTFUL Design.

Chair: Tracy Gray, Belleville School District #118 Established in 1999, Leadership Belleville is a program that provides class members with presentations by local leaders in our Belleville area

• Worked with Vertical Performance, the emerging

community. The presentations consist of panel

 leaders established Personal Enhancement Panels to

discussions, on-site tours and question and answer

 define and develop their leadership characteristics.

opportunities. Participants have the opportunity to

• Participants formed invaluable relationships with

learn how many of our community leaders got to

 classmates and with those associated with the

where they are today and how they may have


overcome some challenges along the way. They also

• Participants have become active in the community,

become more familiar with Belleville and learn how

 including various volunteer efforts and a company

they can become or continue to be a part of this

 board appointment.  

amazing community.

• Provided ongoing networking and volunteer


 opportunities to assist in professional growth and    progress of Belleville. • Established requirements and responsibilities for    vice and chair committee positions. • Developed a checklist to assist coordinators in    session planning

Website: Phone: (618) 236-2181


Swansea/Red Bud

Contact us for more information on our full spectrum of comprehensive services including: Free Epilepsy Education, Service Coordination, Support Services, and Advocacy. Funding provided by St. Clair County Mental Health Board, Madison County Mental Health Board, and Department of Human Services.

The Chamber Connection Funding provided in whole or in part by DHS

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LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED Just like our business customers.

If your big bank isn’t serving your needs very well, try a bank that’s more your size. See what a difference it makes when your bank’s owners and directors live in Belleville, and may even be your customers. Let’s talk – small business to small business. • Business Loans • Business Checking • Merchant Services • Small Business Solutions

We believe in small business. Because we are one. Mike Lippert • Liese Lumber Customer since 2018 • 215 South Illinois St. • Belleville, IL 62220

Member FDIC and Our Community

Chair: Terri Dambacher, Compu-Type IT Solutions                                                                   The mission of the PR/Marketing Committee is to assist the Chamber in their efforts to                                                   market value-added benefits to the membership and assist the Chamber in fundraising activities,                                        including the Belleville Ale Fest, Otto Golf Classic, Annual Dinner and Chili Cook-off.

Assisted the Chamber with events including: • Annual Dinner & Silent Auction held at it's new location, the St. Clair County Event Center • 6th Annual Belleville Ale Fest at 4204 Main Street Brewery Tap Room & Banquet Center • Otto Golf Classic at the St. Clair Country Club • 35th Annual Chili Cook-off • 6th Annual Chili Chase 5K Run/walk and Kids Pepper Dash

Avoid the emergency room by working with a Living Room Peer Specialist who helps those in crisis gain coping skills and develop future saftey plans. No Appointment Needed      Free of Charge     

9400 Lebanon Rd. East St. Louis, IL 62203

618-397-0968 ext. 109

The Chamber Connection

Page 23

Hosted: Chair: Diana Goebel,

• 6 socials including locations at GCS Ballpark for a

         Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce

Grizzlies game, Hofbrauhaus St. Louis, and Art on

The Young Professionals is a group open to members of the Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce that connects and empowers young professionals by creating and encouraging a community of likeminded, diverse professionals who have the desire to advance business and support community in the greater Belleville area.

• 5 luncheons with speakers including Kelly Barbeau HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Patty Gregory-Art on   the Square, Jim Schneider & Lynn Clapp-Vertical   Performance, Lisa Phillipson-Hospice of Southern   Illinois, Megan Rector-Regions Bank. Reached over 100 Young Professionals.

Members can also take part in the newly-formed Leadership Committee to help plan and guide as this group grows.

Marketplace Lifestyle Magazine Distributed to 50,000 Metro East homeowners 7 times per year!

Marketplace/Adams Publications Also Offers Complete Publication Services From Start To Finish:

• Sales/Invoicing • Copy Writing/Editing

the Square.

• Design/Production • Distribution

(618) 210-3626 •

Participated in the Belleville Charity Gingerbread Competition.

Enriching Lives Through the Art of the Human Voice

Do You Love

To Sing?

Discover Masterworks at

Books | Annual Reports | Company Newsletters (618) 304-9094 Page 24 Show and Event Programs | and More!

January 2016

Proud supporter of the Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce

Banking Law • Business Law Taxation • Estate Planning Employee Bene�its • Bankruptcy Civil Litigation • Employment Law Commercial Litigation Real Estate Law Broad Experience. Regional Focus.

Shareholders Patrick B. Mathis George E. Mari�ian Kevin J. Richter Mark J. Stegman Mark S. Schuver Gregory W. Coffey William J. Niehoff Kelli E. Madigan Bradley W. Small Mary E. Lopinot Deanna L. Litzenburg Philip D. Speicher Laura E. Schrick Sandra J. Tatoian Beth K. Flowers William W. Asa Associates Natalie T. Lorenz Rebecca K. Wohltman Colin C. Clark Melissa C. Meirink Amy C. Randazzo Allyson T. Schwab Holly A. Rogers Of Counsel Charles M. Lock Barry D. Dix Clyde L. Kuehn

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IMPACT Strategies Impact Strategies began their business in 2002 in the Greater Belleville area. Since then, I mpact has grown to become one of the top construction companies in our area. This is evident by their professionalism, experience, and financial success. Over the years, Impact Strategies has been responsible for many large projects in the area including but not limited to the Belleville E ast High School campus renovations and baseball stadium, multiple Belleville Crossing improvements, TheBank of Edwardsville: Belleville East, SWIC building renovations and baseball and softball drainage systems, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital renovation; St. Clair County building, courtroom and jail renovations, Memorial Hospital West, and the development of the Hofbrauhaus. I mpact Strategies is dedica ted to the Belleville area. Over the years, I mpact has participated several times in Belleville Helping Belleville Services Day. In 2014, their carpenters volunteered to help build the chalets for the Chistkindlmarkt, which was a large part of our Bicentennial Celebration. They are also great supporters of the Greater Belleville Chamber by sponsoring various events including our annual Government Official’s BBQ and tonight’s Silent Auction. Impact Strategies has a history of developing deep trust and confidence from their clients. They value the City’s resources and their impeccable character has truly made a difference in our community.

Grimm & Gorly Florist & Gifts Grimm & Gorly first opened its doors in St. Louis over 100 years ago. I t later moved to East St. Louis, and finally settled in their current location at East Main and South Charles in Belleville during the 1950’s. I n 2000, Jeff Bair became the new owner and embarked on continuing the tradition of florist excellence. His son, Zach, soon joined the team and together they lead an expansive business that includes the floral and gift shop, home decorating for the holidays, weekly floral and plant upkeep for commercial businesses, and now Pour322, coff ee shop and desserts business next to Grimm & Gorly. They also hold community workshops so others may learn in a hands-on setting. When Jeff & Zach see a business niche that needs to be filled, they find a way to fill it. Grimm & Gorly/Pour322 is one of the unsung supporters of the Belleville community. They are consistent supporters of the St. Clair County Junior Service Club, Belleville Area Hu mane Society, Memorial Hospital's Women's Center, Heartlands Conservancy, Art on the Square, Belleville Main Street, The Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce and more.

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January 2016

Amy Richter, Hospice of Southern Illinois Class of 2011 Amy continues to use the expertise she learned in Leadership Belleville, which includes the value of community, through her continued support of the Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce. She currently serves as a new board member for the Chamber and annually volunteers her time during our Chili Cook-off. Amy also supports her staff’s commitm ents to the Chamber by allowing them to attend various events during business hours. As President and CEO of Hospice of Southern I llinois, Amy Richter has invested her company even more into the Belleville community with the recent purchase of their second building in Belleville. The original building sits at 305 South Illinois as their administration building. Their most recently purchase of 333 South Illinois Street will soon be the new home to for their clinical team. Amy is leading Hospice of Southern Illinois into 2019 as a continued proud community partner with the city of Belleville and the Belleville

Kurt Schroeder, Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale, P.C.


Chamber of Commerce.

When thinking about individuals who have outstanding contributions and service to the Belleville community, Kurt proves this through the accomplishments of the or ganizations he works with. With more than 30 years in real estate law, Kurt’s experience representing

national, regional, and local clients in complex legal matters has earned him the respect of peers and clients alike. He has served as a Director for Memorial

Group, Inc. and Memorial Hospital East, and continues to serve as co-chair of the     Memorial Hospital Foundation Capital Campaign. He has also served as a            Belleville Township High School District 201 board member since April

              1999, and served as President of the Belleville Township High School                                           District 201 Board of Education for 8 years.                                                           Kurt has also served the community through

                                                        other organizations such as the Greater St. Louis                                                           Area Council Boy Scouts of America, Okaw                                                           Valley Council Boy Scouts of America, and                                                           Rotary Club of Belleville.

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Belleville, Illinois Tourism Cathleen Lindauer, Director                                            The mission of Belleville, Illinois Tourism is to market and promote the Belleville Community to 5.1 million                                     visitors to bring in additional outside revenues f or the City of Belleville.   Out-of -town visitors enjoyed over                               300 spec ial events and festivals.  Our advertising and marketing ef f orts showc ased Belleville’s attractions, dining                     and shopping fac ilities throughout the city’s borders.  Our holiday season marketing inc luded various media outlets to             make our holiday season another succ ess. New Tourism Highlights for 2018: 1. Hofbrauhaus Opening in April – German Experienc e 2. Expansion at T he Edge with Go-Karts, Bumper Cars, Bowling & more 3. Follow the Route to Fun Broc hure showc ases Rt. 15 Attrac tions & Venues 4. Distributed 100,000 Belleville Calendar of Events & Holiday Broc hures 5. Greeted Bus Tours, Sc hool Tours & the Leisure Market 6. Hosted a 2-Day Belleville Tour f or IL State Mayor’s Conf erence in Belleville Many thanks to our 15 dedic ated c ommittee members who volunteer in providing of f ice assistanc e and helping hands in distributing broc hures.  These broc hures are plac ed and mailed to Metro and Southern Illinois c ities, attractions and various tourism venues throughout Missouri and Illinois hotels, restaurants, attrac tions, and hotels.   On behalf of the Belleville Tourism Committee members and myself , I would like to thank the Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerc e Board & Staff along with Mayor Mark Ec kert & Country Chairman Mark Kern f or their continued support.   Be sure to Shop, Dine, Stay, & Play in Belleville!

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January 2016

elser nteractive solutions



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5825 W. State Rte. 161 Belleville, IL 62223 (618) 398-5556

(314) 231-5556


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Scott Field Heritage Air Park Larry Strube, President This year was a very productive year for our committee as the parking lot curbs and paving was finally completed. The handicap design of the parking lot opens the air park to even more visitors.  Working with the 375 Air Mobility Wing, we laid out future projects to conform to the wing’s strategic vision for the air park.  This fall we received a grant from the St Clair County that will allow us to complete the majority of the sidewalks in the air park.  We are planning on starting this construction in 2019.  Finally, we recognized Brig Gen John Hughes with a plaque on the KC-135 aircraft.  The ceremony for this event included family and friends and was a fitting tribute for Gen Hughes’ military service.  We encourage you to visit the Air Park and learn more about the aircraft assigned to Scott AFB and Air Mobility Command.  The air park is located directly outside the Scott AFB Shiloh Gate on Seibert Road and is open to the general public.

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January 2016

Precision Practice Management

Renae Eichholz, CPC

Precision Owner & Partner

The Business Behind the Practice

Revenue Cycle Management

Proudly serving Belleville for over 25 years!

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MAGNET® Memorial Belleville and Memorial Care Center re-accredited as Magnet facilities, a distinction held since 2008 Memorial East recognized with Magnet status, the ultimate benchmark in quality of care, in 2018

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January 2016

Profile for The Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce

Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce 2018 Annual Report  

Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce 2018 Annual Report