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NOTE from Jim Ammerman: Things like this will change Afghanistan! Volunteer Community Relations & Resources Senior Consultant: Major General Dutch Remkes (US Air Force) Organizer/Resources: P, Christian Biscotti (CFGC-US AirForce) Force) Organizer/Resources: Ch, CH,Capt, CPT Christian Biscotti (CFGCUS Air Mission- VCR program volunteers will seek to distribute donated resources amongst the needy and underprivileged within the Greater KABUL Area on a bi-monthly basis, or when needs/capacity permit. This voluntary activity takes place in order to provide limited respite from poverty, ease the suffering of those neglected by society and demonstrate compassion through human interaction, between the volunteers and the people of Afghanistan. Who Are We- A team of volunteers from ISAF HQ, each with daily operational responsibilities separate from VCR. Military and Civilian representatives of NATO countries. The heart and hands of generous people from all over the globe. VCR ISAF HQ Contact Information- LT Jessica Gandy (US Navy), President/Public Affairs and Team. E-mail: Our Core Values- Compassion, Care, Service, Support, Safety

Ch,CH, Capt, P, Christian Biscotti CPT Continued on Page 2

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11/4/08 3:19:49 PM

Stats and Facts- 55 successful missions involving 780 personnel from 22 Nations (Norway, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Hungary, Afghanistan, Denmark, Lithuania, UK, Slovenia, Germany, Turkey, Pakistan, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Sweden, Macedonia, Spain, US); 40 boxes a day; 7,500 boxes or resources delivered worth $900,000; $900,00; $12,000 given to Khorasan House; 400 donors; 2 storage facilities (40 ft) that can hold 3,000 boxes; 241 ruck sacks worth $250,000 full of cooking equipment and winter necessities from the Norwegian Army and 100 boxes of clothes and toys from the German Army; $50,000 worth of medical supplies that curved cholera outbreak in eastern Afghanistan; 1,500 lbs of donations from USA Honor Squad in Minnesota, USA. Life expectancy for women is 45; for men is 47. Maternal mortality rate is 2nd highest in the world. Under five years old mortality rate is 26%; infant mortality is 23%. In a country that is the fourth poorest in the world and with the highest mortality rate for women and children, VCR is truly making a difference. Our Vision And Future: To continue to grow and adapt to the ever-changing social and political atmosphere in Afghanistan so that the one constant remains: VCR is here to stay and is here to help. To develop such a grounded and fundamentally safe mission that the removal of any or all key VCR coordinators will not disrupt, alter, or discontinue the bold and important mission of ISAF VCR. Projects: Indira Ghandi Children s Hospital, Afghanistan s only pediatric hospital. Located in Kabul, it houses 10,000 children. VCR is adopting the burn ward and plans to renovate the ward with medical supplies and paint. (2) Refugee Camps a) 5,000 displaced people from throughout the country containing 500 families of widows and orphans. b) 3,000 displaced people from throughout the country containing 600 families of widows and orphans. *Located on the outskirts of Kabul, VCR is providing the basic needs: food, water, shelter and clothing to both. The Khorasan House 40 single-parent families in footprint throughout Kabul. Many of these families have more than 3 orphaned children. VCR is providing clothing and resources. Girls, Boys, Hazara Schools 14,000 of the poorest, lower-cast system children attend these schools in Kabul. We are assisting female and male students ages 5-10 years old. Conducting a Bible Study in Iraq Dear Family, Thank you for your continued support and prayers. Grace and peace to you. Jamison Bowman

CH (CPT) Jamison Bowman, Kalsu, Iraq (2nd row, left)

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11/4/08 3:19:52 PM

Testimony from Olympia, Washington I had the privilege of praying with a patient in critical care to receive Christ, not knowing he would be in eternity that night. I heard testimonies of patients who had “been to the other side.” One godly lady, who had come out of a coma, told me earnestly, “God is love, and love is the most powerful force in the universe.” She told me I had helped bring her back from death, i.e., letting go of life. … She had spent a month in a coma from acute leukemia, but had been brought back – in her words – on the wings of a cherubim. … I met other patients who described angelic visitations or (visitations) of the Lord. -- CH (COL) Henri Fischer, US Army, Retired From Kuwait Hello Team, First I want to thank you for your prayers and support as we provide ministry to men and women in uniform and to civilians. I wanted to share this article from a 9-11 prayer breakfast: Sgt. Tracy Ellingsen with the 311th Command (Expeditionary) wrote, “ … CH (LTC) Ken Revell from the 1st Sustainment Command (Theater) continued on with the remembrance by reading a stark run down of the events of that fateful day. As listeners wiped away tears he went through a minute-by-minute account … Revell also spoke of a three-fold response in dealing with the tragedy. First is a call to memorialization, he said. Second is a call to mission. Third is the call to life giving, life sustaining, and life undergirding prayer. In addition to the helmet, weapons and boots issued to troops by the military, Command Sgt. Maj. Jerry Ayala, the 311th s senior enlisted soldier, encouraged those in attendance to turn to a verse from the Bible to provide another element of protection. Ephesians 6:10 says to take up the whole armor of God. Put on the helmet of salvation, the breast plate of righteousness, the belt of truth, the shield of faith, put the gospel on your feet, and carry the sword of the spirit. The Command Sergeant Major also encouraged the listeners to pray for the troops now in harms way in his closing remarks. “We have soldiers who face the enemy everyday. Not only is there a physical battle, there is a spiritual battle as well.”

As the Command Chaplain of the 311th ESC I organized this Interfaith Prayer Breakfast and CH (LTC) Ken Revell was the guest speaker. CH (LTC) Revell serves as the Deputy Command Chaplain (Forward) for the 1st Sustainment Command (Theater). He is responsible for technical oversight and supervision of all Unit Ministry Teams in the 1st Sustainment Command footprint to include Kuwait, Iraq, and TF Force Sinai. As the 311th ESC Command Chaplain I am responsible for some 5,000 troops throughout Kuwait, with several Unit Ministry Teams (UMT s) working with me. Also, I am the pastor for the Gospel Services and have had about 100 baptisms since July of this year. -- CH (LTC) Milton Herring CH (LTC) Ken Revell and CH Herring

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11/4/08 3:19:54 PM

From Fort Riley, KS September 10th we conducted a 2BCT UMT deployment Luncheon at Morris Hill Chapel. During the luncheon we gathered the entire 2BCT UMT together and prayed for them, their units and their families.Earlier that morning we conducted a Chaplains Run on Custer Hill. – CH (LTC) David Waters, 1st Inf. Div.

From an Army Chaplain Candidate As the club advisor for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Club at East Orange Campus High School in East Orange, NJ I have asked other Christian teachers and local churches to partnership in prayer for our students and staff. Following is a prayer guide that we are all touching and agreeing on. May you do like wise. July 13, 2008 I had the privilege to minister as the guest preacher at Peaceful Zion Baptist Church in East Orange, NJ. Glory to God!! Three people gave their lives to the Lord and recommitted their lives to Christ! -- 2LT Walter McCall Campus Prayer Guide Pray for the Christian students The students are in the most strategic position to reach the school with the message of the Gospel. Pray … • • • • • • • • • Pray … • • • • •

For the salvation of students That God would raise up campus missionaries for each school For the safety of the students and faculty at schools For God s anointing and blessing on the campus Christian clubs For the effective distribution of gospel literature That everyone on campus may receive a clear presentation of the gospel That Jesus will be glorified For the school(s) For school boards, principals, teachers and counselors in key positions to influence the campus For the salvation of administrators, teachers and staff That God would give wisdom to the administrators, teachers and counselors at your adopted school For the school board and superintendent of the school district For high school staff, teacher assistants, security officers, school police officers, cooks, bus drivers and maintenance personnel For Christian teachers, administrators and local Christian Education Associations

CFGC Staff Schedule Nov 09


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Veterans Service, Des Moines, IA Kingsway Church, Jim Ammerman Washington Nat l. Cathedral, Washington, DC – Jennifer Geddes Norfolk, VA - CFGC Chaplains – J. Geddes

Nov 11 Veterans Day Dec 13-14 Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, TX - Jim Ammerman, Feb 18-21 CFGC CONFERENCE, La Quinta, Hotel Arlington, TX

11/4/08 3:19:56 PM


VCR ISAF HQ Contact Information- LT Jessica Gandy (US Navy), President/Public Affairs and Team. E-mail: Senio...

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