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“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps” (Proverbs 16:9). As long as we strive to honor God in our lives, nothing is impossible. “But now the Lord says: ‘Far be it from Me: for those who honor Me I will honor’ “ (1 Samuel 2:30). If we will highly esteem God: worship and honor and respect who He is, God never fails to plan the best things for us. “He has made everything beautiful in its time” (Ecclesiastes 3:11). In 1985, Craig and I were blessed to attend a David Wilkerson Repentance Seminar for pastors that was held in Dallas, TX. During one of the meetings, Craig went to the altar to pray, and I knelt at my chair. At that time we received a simultaneous call to a ministry with the Native American Indians. Many years followed that call which included church ministry and then later gang/street ministry in Dodge City, KS. The past two years we have been involved in street ministry, ministry with the Nava family, homeless shelter ministry, and Craig is involved in jail ministry in Billings, MT. Don’t ever think that God has forgotten about that specific calling on your life. The call we received many years ago to minister to the American Indian is just being fulfilled this year. God is never late in fulfilling His promise to us. “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful” (Hebrews 10:23). I will share with you the following quotation: “Your greatest opportunities of service may not come until you break away from the shore (your comfort zone)” (Anonymous). I hope this encounter in our life will bring to you an encouragement to reach out to others. A few years ago, while living in Dodge City, KS and working/ministering with gang members, we set up a Block Party on a vacant lot next to a known gang home. I call it a gang home because the two brothers living in the home were leaders of one of Dodge City’s main gangs. Bullet holes around the front door spoke of drive-by shootings. Today these two brothers are out of the gang life, raising families and holding respectable jobs in society. Following our Nicky Cruz Crusade -- this is the home where Nicky Cruz was given a wonderful Mexican dinner that evening – my wife Lita, accompanied by a female friend, Continued on page 2

started the program with keyboards and singing. We had a former gang member give his testimony. Refreshments were provided for those who chose to stop by. As the evening progressed, I noticed about five or six gang members standing on the corner across the street, holding their beers. They were doing their thing and even mocking us at times. When we ended our program, I asked Lita to accompany me and said, “Let’s go meet those men on the corner.” We did. We shook hands and conversed for a few minutes. One of these men was Tom – Big Tom – T.O., a man in his late 20’s. Lita’s first impression of Tom that night was that he was a hard, tough-looking individual. She later told me she was somewhat intimidated by Tom that night. She will now tell you that Tom is a “pussycat” because of his kind and gentle nature. God changes people. We made a visit to Tom’s a couple of evenings later. Through our nightly visits, we came to know two things about Tom: First, his favorite basketball athlete was “Pistol Pete” Marovich; second, Tom was a big – and I mean big – Kansas Jayhawk fan. I was eventually able to give Tom a book and a Christian tape about Pete Marovich; thus began our sharing Jesus with Tom. When we first walked across the street that night to shake hands with those young men, little did we know what our Lord had in store for us – a lasting and joyous relationship with a young man that at first was so intimidating to my wife. We have come to love this young man and have many fond memories of the times of fellowship we had together. Tom is out of the gang life, has purchased his own home and has a respectable job. He has been working with the city athletic department announcing games during the summer, and it brought us joy as we watched him coach PeeWee basketball players. The joy is his growing walk with Jesus. Tom is a blessing! With the help of the leadership on the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana, we have scheduled a five-day Crusade from Wednesday, July 30th through Sunday, August 3rd. The leadership would like to have two nights at the Crow Agency, two nights in Lodge Grass, and one night in Pryor. They want to use a flatbed trailer and do the crusades on the streets. Lita and some Native American Indians will provide the music. We are bringing in Steve Saucedo, a former gang member from the Dodge City/Liberal, KS area to share his testimony plus sing some of the street songs he has written. Steve sang/testified for us during our Nicky Cruz Crusade. The leadership of the tribe seemed very interested in our street/gang ministry. I am impressed with their enthusiasm. – CH (LTC) Craig and Lita Mathews, Power Alive Ministry, Bridger, MT

CH Chris Crawford brought this message to the attention of CFGC: With the recent ruling by the California Supreme Court that allows homosexuals to marry – there will likely be requests [real demands] made of the church to conduct such weddings. To refuse may bring a civil lawsuit. After all, their goal has always been to destroy the church. Is there a non-confrontational way to respond to such a demand? The answer, of course, is yes! CFGC has a standard policy that deals with this issue: CFGC believes that homosexuality, and every sexual

perversion is sinful (Lev. 18:22 etc.), offensive to God and destructive to society (Gen. 13:13, Romans 1:27). We believe that homosexuality is a choice, perverting the soul, and disqualifying the homosexual from the Kingdom of God (1 Cor. 6:9). As such, CFGC believes that dynamic ministry must be offered to homosexuals in the hope of conviction, repentance and restoration, setting the soul free from the bondage of homosexuality. Other information and support elements can be found at Federal Policies do not recognize same sex marriages, therefore, as it stands today, this issue is strictly a State matter, and should not affect all Pastors and Chaplains. Each of you can be assured that CFGC will stand with its Chaplains.

Waiting on the Lord In a society of haste and impatience the word “wait” most often takes a backseat in our plethora of daily activities. The word wait takes on two in one: be a servant of the Lord while waiting for his power, strength, and directions. When I visualize the word wait in action I see someone already in movement and proceeding ahead. So, if there is a reason for a person not to go any further at the time, the typical response is, “Wait”. For those whom God has called to a work of the ministry, when He says, “Wait,” He may or may not provide the reason for this command at the time. But when the time arrives for one to carry out that assignment, then God will provide the necessary pieces to the puzzle. Total confidence in God’s promise, and His desire and ability to perform it, is necessary for a peaceful and patient waiting in life. Before Jesus ascended into Heaven after His resurrection, He instructed the Apostles to go back to Jerusalem and wait for the promise of the Father, for in Acts 1:8, they would receive power after that the Holy Ghost would come upon them. The reason Jesus said to wait was because they needed to wait for the power that was necessary in order to carry out the call upon their lives. Without Jesus’ instructions and the power of the Holy Ghost it would have been impossible for them to perform their assignments. So it is for all others who have been sent by God; we must wait for whatever God needs to tell us regarding our ministries, i.e. if they are going to be fruitful. The Apostles waited with expectation of the power from on high. On the other hand, there was another group called the Israelites who saw matters differently from God. In Isaiah 40 it can be observed that they were complaining that God was taking too long to deliver them from exile (Isaiah 40:28). But the prophet Isaiah responded rhetorically and asked, did they not know, had they not heard, that God is everlasting, that He created all things and that He never faints, or grows tired? In other words, God knows of their situation, has the ability to help, desires to help, His strength is inexhaustible. And then Isaiah places a spin on his rhetoric by stating: “His understanding cannot be searched” (v.28). God has all wisdom concerning all states of being and knows exactly how and when to intervene in them. Moreover, Isaiah presents that if Israel waits on the Lord’s timing which is perfect in it’s working, and is never late, that they would receive the power, strength, instructions, and deliverance that they desired (v. 29). In comparison to God, the youths in all their strength are nothing to His power, since they too shall eventually wear out and fall (v.30). But all that wait upon the Lord’s power. which is furnished by the Holy Ghost, will be refreshed with new strength, ideas, and in all their speed they shall not grow tired or faint, because it is not by human might, nor by their power, but by the Spirit of the Lord this shall be done (Zech 4:6). Attempting to do God’s work without His power is like a car without a battery. You can push it with your hands but it won’t be very long before both you and the car will be inoperable. That word wait is not static (sitting still), but is accompanied with whatever he puts in your hands to do -Stay faithful in what you are doing. If you are doing nothing, find something productive to do while you wait on that next assignment. Of course, I believe that every productive thing that we do is an assignment; some greater than others, however. The idea is to praise, pray, worship God while being productive in your daily servant-hood of life until He guides you to the next step, as you wait with expectation for a visitation from God. Having said this, it is very important that we do not put time constraints on God since time is in His hands. Did you know that God will actually speak to you? Be faithful in whatever you are doing and God will direct you into whatever your assignment is. But you must have faith that He will. Anxiety is never necessary because if you have a heart for God (Matt 6:33), even if we sometimes miss Him, He will lovingly bring us back on the path that He has predestined from the beginning of time. In all of our zeal for God, we sometimes too often approach Him in an effort to find out what we are suppose to be doing. I can say this because I, along with many others, have been there. Fear not! When He is ready for you to make a move He will be the pursuer, and He will tell you. Review Moses, Abraham, Noah, Samuel, Saul, and the Apostles, etc. One final thought: God’s plan has been in operation since the world was, and before, and there are appointed times when He will include us in that plan. Ultimately, His plan is that of redemption of all creation Continued on page 4

from the curse of the fall of Adam and Eve. Isn’t it fascinating that He chose us to be participants in this Great Plan? Hallelujah!! My prayer is that these words will resonate in your hearts and souls, providing an everlasting gateway for the flow of the anointing of God and will create, peace, strength, power and instructions in exchange for your waiting forevermore. Amen. --Rev. Eunice Trotter, Missions and Evangelism A Family Affair Just a short little story from Africa. I just returned a few days ago from Kenya where Al Barrett, the Director of Threads of Hope, and I worked together on his Kenyan sewing project. Our base was at an orphanage in the Masai where the Nairobi Church cares for the needs of many young children. On the last day the little children were coming up to us and behaving like kids do, fooling around and having a little fun. My heart went toward one young boy. He was standing near me, and I asked him, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” He said, “I want to be a pastor.” This little guy did not know anything about me, and he was the only child I spoke to about this. He wanted to be a pastor. I felt the Lord say, “Lay your hands on him and pray for this calling to be established in his life.” I took time and prayed and blessed him in the Name of the Lord Jesus and spoke encouraging words into his life. While we were at the orphanage, I met with Pastor William, Pastor Jotham and Pastor Richard about the possibility of new colleges in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. I thought maybe this young man, when he leaves the orphanage, would attend one of the Bible colleges started by your partnership with us. Why not take a moment and pray for this little man, that the Lord will make a way for him. Avis and I want to say thanks for your prayers and financial giving as we go around the world training men and women to labor in His Kingdom. Joyfully awaiting His promised return. -Pastor Bob Stegemann, Missions & Evangelism Chaplain

Civil Air Patrol Responds to Indiana Flooding Grissom AFB, Indiana: June 8, 2008 volunteer members of the Indiana Wing of Civil Air Patrol are once again responding to the needs of fellow Hoosiers. Recent heavy rains in Central Indiana have resulted in flooding in many areas of the central and southern parts of the state. Indiana Wing of Civil Air Patrol has been activated to assist state and local officials in assessing flood damage and in assisting those affected by it. Beginning Saturday and continuing through Sunday, Civil Air Patrol teams from the Morgan County area began assisting the Morgan County Emergency Management Agency with sandbagging, evacuation of local residents, and locating shelter for evacuated citizens. In addition, Civil Air Patrol assisted the United States Coast Guard in identifying appropriate landing zones for the helicopters brought in to assist in the efforts. In the air on Sunday, Civil Air Patrol began performing aerial reconnaissance to assist state and local officials in the assessment of the flooding situation. Aircrews have been photographing areas of Bartholomew, Johnson, and Sullivan counties in Central Indiana. Civil Air Patrol, the official US Air Force Auxiliary, is a civilian, volunteer, nonprofit service organization. The unpaid members perform more than 95 percent of the inland search and rescue missions, as tasked by the Air Force Rescue and Coordination Center. Additional duties include aerial reconnaissance for homeland security, disaster relief and damage assessment, transport of time-sensitive medical materials, and counter drug missions. Volunteers also take a leading role in aerospace education and conduct one of America’s finest youth programs through CAP Cadet Programs. There are over 900 Civil Air Patrol members in Indiana. – CH, LTC William Patrick, CAP Chaplain

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