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CH Jenny Geddes, CH (MAJ) Rodie Lamb, CH (2LT) Arthur Dickerson and CH (CPT) Loy Sweezy at Ft Jackson Army Chaplain School A recent trip to North and South Carolinas during the week after Easter (April 5-9) gave an opportunity to connect with some chaplains and celebrations with the graduating class of 113 Army, National Guard Chaplains as well as Chaplain Candidates from the CHBOLC graduation ceremony and banquet at Ft Jackson. We continue to appreciate the leadership and ministry of CH (LTC) Harry Reed who is posted at Ft Jackson with the faithful support of his wife Lillie. These appointed chaplains and their families have made their mark at the post, while welcoming countless new and mid-grade chaplains who come to Ft Jackson for basic and advanced training. New graduates include Army CH (CPT) Loy Sweezy who will be posted with his wife, Nyouka to Ft Bliss in Texas and Army National Guard Chaplain Candidate CH (2LT) Arthur Dickerson with his wife, Laura, who will await the next step post-graduation from seminary in their pursuit of ministry in the National Guard. We are grateful for our chaplains who are continuing to shine!


In his recent quarterly update, CH (MAJ) Michael Frailey stationed with the 43rd Sustainment Brigade, Kandahar Army Airfield spoke of his Easter Service and other aspects of his ministry. Our email dialogue would cover a couple of days but with his permission we share his update. “Easter Sunday here was awesome. We had almost 200 Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Coalition troops and civilians attending. We had three accept Jesus as Lord and Savior!! Next we began our Bible studies along with morning devotional. Please put us on your prayer list. Especially families and friends of those killed in action. We have at least 2-4 Ramp Ceremonies a week since we arrived. I pray with the Soldiers just before they go out on the road, and I remind them there are others earnestly praying for them. I thought Memorial Ceremonies were touching, but I'm finding the Ramp Ceremonies more so especially together with Coalition Forces. Military personnel from the unit of the Soldier being honored line up making an aisle to the C-130. Then you see US Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines march out on both sides behind the buddies of the fallen. I look at it as "Prayer Support" without laying on of hands. Then the British, Canadians, Dutch, Slovakians, and others march out and fall behind them. It is interesting to see how other countries march and make their facing movements. Everyone is called to attention and present arms as the US and Service flags "the Colors" march down the aisle. After the Colors post, the Unit Chaplain reads a passage, obituary and leads all in prayer. The Soldiers are brought to attention and present arms; the chaplain steps in front of the fallen to lead the casket into the C-130. The crew of the C-130 starts up the plane and raises the tailgate. Order arms is commanded, then Officers are dismissed turning left / right face toward the plane and present a final salute as the Chaplains and Assistants take hand in hand and pray for the family and friends of the fallen. It s the same for Coalition honors. We've had three British Soldiers fall in combat since I arrived just four short weeks ago. What is more sobering is, there may be a small UHaul truck drive in after the Soldiers leave. It backs to the rear of the plane. The tailgate lowers. The rear of the truck is opened. Within it is another casket, more remains of the fallen. As it is brought out, the Chaplain leads that casket into the plane with all present rendering the honor salute once more. With that, the crew of the C-130 prepares for take off toward the sunset in the west. The flags of all countries represented here fly half-mast from morning to night on that day.” As Chaplain Frailey prays for each soldier and their family we ask all to do the same adding Chaplain Frailey and his assistant, SSG Rush names as well. -- CH Skip Dalle Molle, Administrative Officer Mercy … Micah 6:8 He hath showed thee, O man, what is good; And what doth Jehova require of thee, but to do justly, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with thy God? ASV

From the Director s Desk Now that I have been in this position for a little time, I must tell you that we continue to get marvelous ministry updates everyday that our chaplain s are sharing with us. What a joy it is to be part of all the blessings God is showing through these men and women of God. For each person or organization that supports us in prayer and finances, you, too, share in these blessings. Without your faithful support, we could not provide the support these chaplains need which enable them to share the love of our Lord and Savior with those they are called on to serve. Being a “Chaplain� is more than a ministry; it is a calling to serve many who do not know God personally. A chaplain is there and available when there is no one else to turn to. The chaplain will offer a smile, a listening ear and the good news that the Creator loves and cares for them just as they are. The chaplain brings encouragement as he or she shares the good news with people who face difficulty in offering assurance that each one is loved and is not alone. Once the door is open and people learn that they are cared for and loved, the chaplain has the opportunity to disciple and assist in building life long relationships with those who before didn't even pay any attention to God. What an honor it is to be a part of such a calling. Whether in the military, healthcare, emergency services, workplace, or other ministries our chaplains serve faithfully with the love of Jesus Christ our Lord. Please remember our chaplains in prayer. Many of them are serving far away from home and loved ones. All serve willingly and are eager to share the love of God. We are told to pray for our leaders, so please remember our national, state and local leaders who have so much influence in the daily lives of so many. Please support your local pastors with much prayer, for they have an important calling as they shepherd the people of God. Pray for our nation, that we may seek and do the will of God. May God bless, keep and guide us in all that we do and may all that we do be done for HIS honor and glory. Spouses Corner One bright and sunny morning as I held the door open for the woman who was walking slightly behind me, I summoned the courage to say, "Hi.� I'm new, and this is my first time at Bible study. Could we sit together?" She turned, smiling, and said, "Sure. I'm new, too and this is my first time." What a sweet and dear friendship God developed in us during our time at that duty station. It has sometimes taken courage, time investment and commitment to be in fellowship with others. At other times, relationships have come naturally and then time investment and commitment have developed friends who feel like family.

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Ft Jackson, SC – Dr Klon Kitchen Dedication for Naval Chaplaincy School & Center, Air Force Chaplain Corps College, and Armed Forces Chaplaincy Center – Dr Klon Kitchen Ft Campbell, KY – Dr Klon Kitchen Ft Leonard Wood – Dr Klon Kitchen

God had great blessings waiting for us as we cross paths and "live with" other people. And, He has placed in us gifts to be given to others. Do we allow God to work in this way; do we enable God, through obedience, to work; or do we reason that "someone else will be at the chaplains' dinner or spouses coffee, they'll never miss us or miss me?” We are called as Christians to love people as God loves us. All people need connection. Jesus knew that and really "lived with" people, pouring Himself out as an offering to the Lord. We are called as spouses of chaplains into ministry just as they are, though to different daily work. Hebrews 10:23-25 says, "Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful; and let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds, not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more, as you see the day drawing near." My friend, and dear sister-in-Christ, Sharlett has gone before us to be with our Lord. However, the love and encouragement that she invested in me are still present. I'm so thankful she was obedient to God's Word! – Cheryl Kitchen ***************************************************** NOTE: Please be sure to send all correspondence to our new address: CFGC 150 East Highway 67, Suite 260 Duncanvile, TX 75137-4411 And make a note of our new fax number: 972-296-2251

The New CFGC Logo The Cross of Jesus – the sign of Salvation: The cross is the vessel for the act of redemption, the greatest gift, which overshadows and takes away the sins of the world. Blue: speaks to us of the eternal presence of YAHWEH. In general blue should be viewed as a heavenly color, the Lord s commandments – Numbers 15:38-40. Blue symbolizes the heavenly realms; prayer; priesthood; authority; revealed God; grace & divinity. The shadow of the cross is representing where all the ministries CFGC are done. The price and person of Jesus is the main message and always in front of everything we do. Silver: symbolizes the price paid for redemption; price of a soul; Word of God; strength; Spirit; Revelation; Grace; The Word of God; divinity; wisdom; purity; strengthened faith lMatt. 27:3-8. The open book, the Bible, God s own Holy Word given by God and available to all. The White Dove, represents the Peace and Love of God the Father which also turns into the Fire (Red) of the Holy Spirit bringing God s Gifts and Power to His people. White: portrays purity, righteousness, joy, light. Red: symbolizes redemption; sacrifice. The Red Stars represent the rewards in heaven for all the works of ministry that Chaplaincy of Full Gospel Churches empowers and enables.

April 2010 Newsletter  

April 2010 Newsletter