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re you someone who craves speed? Simplicity? Do you love

following and has inspired many people from

sailing for the pure pleasure of experiencing the thrill and

around the world.

excitement of competition? How about innovation? Do you have big dreams and ambitious goals? We thought so and with that in mind we invite you to become a part of our dream; SpeedDream.


t’s our stated goal to make fast sailing more affordable, more accessible and more fun

and with that in mind we invite you become part of the dream. Help us build SpeedDream


peedDream started as a simple idea, a quest to

into a global movement that changes the

build the world’s fastest sailboat, but along the

way we race boats. Sailing journalist James

way something magical happened. As a first step in

Boyd, who runs thedailysail website, had it

what’s rightfully considered an enormously ambi-

right when he said “aside from the AC72s,

tious project, we built a scaled prototype, a 27-

prize for the coolest boat to be launched in

foot version of the boat principally to test some

2012 must go to SpeedDream.” We like that.

of the innovations like the flying keel,

We want you to become an integral part of

stepped hull and wave piercing

the success of the entire SpeedDream pro-

bow. SpeedDream27 is now a real-

gram, to feel a part of something bigger than

ity and the boat is really cool, quite

just a new idea. Join us as we pioneer this

stunning, simply amazing. Those

new Development Class and be there with

are not our words; they are some

us as we attempt the ambitious ini-

of the comments on our Facebook

tiative of building the fastest

page. Without trying, our crazy lit-

and sexiest sailboats on

tle rocketship has gathered quite a

the planet.



ver the last decade there has been some very real pushback

Dream27 is all about keeping the keel fly-

against professionalism in the sport, not at the extremes like

ing. Our test pilot Cam Lewis, no stranger

the Volvo Ocean Race and Vendée Globe, but among weekend

to helming fast multihulls, states it clearly.

warriors. Sailing in not cheap, but still you should not have to

“There is skill required to get the keel flying

have the deepest pockets to win. How many times have we

and to keep it flying, but it’s a skill that can

heard the lament that regatta’s were lost because the boats

be learned, and honed. The better you get at

that won were able to bring in a crew of hired guns? Some

it the faster you will be able to sail. Racing

of the fun has been taken out of racing and we plan to

a SpeedDream27 will simply be about going

put it right back in again.


peedDream is all about speed. It’s not about calling wind shifts on the windward leg. It’s not

about hiring the best tacticians and helmsmen to help you spend your money to go


fast and having a blast without the complications, and expense, of a large crew.”


e have creative plans to get you out sailing both locally and on an international

scale. For the entrepreneur, someone who has

fast while you watch the action from

craved to make his passion for sailing his live-

the weather rail. SpeedDream is all

lihood, we have a plan for you as well. Think

about you taking the helm and re-

along the lines of shared ownership, turnkey

fining your skills as a helmsman to

arrive-and-drive and a little business model

see how fast you can go.

that builds a fleet and takes it global

ust as catamaran sailing is all


in partnership with an already

about keeping the windward hull

established international

out of the water, helming a Speed-

racing circuit.


boat as different as SpeedDream deserves some different

It’s not about picking wind shifts on the

thinking when it comes to round the buoys racing. We are

windward leg; it’s about maximizing the

reinventing it and we think that you will like what we are pro-

time spent with the keel flying and the boat

posing. It’s a sharp idea...:)


et me introduce you to the SpeedDream SpeedWay.

Loosely based on slalom ski racing where two skiers

race through gates on parallel courses, the SpeedDream

flying along at top speeds.


he course provides short, fast, reaching legs with a crossover point so that all

competitors sail the same waters. If there

SpeedWay will be raced on two spear shaped courses.

are more than two boats the starts will be

Yes the reference to the spear is deliberate; racing

staggered; the winner is the boat with the

the SpeedWay will be one-on-one combat.


lowest aggregate time over a number of

he SpeedDream SpeedWay is designed to

races. Simple, fast, fun, creative and best of

challenge the speed skills of each team.

all, you are in control.

VLAD MURNIKOV Project Leader and Design Coordinator skype - vladsailing1 1 (617) 861 7184

BRIAN HANCOCK Creative and Marketing Director skype - callbrianhancock 1 (617) 271 0712


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