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elcome to mxSpeedDream, an international yacht design firm led by renown naval architect Vlad

Murnikov. mxSpeedDream is the answer to slow, unimaginative boats. They are all crafted with unique styling and innovative features such as an extreme canting keel and leeward lifting foils. From the innovative mxNext to the extraordinarily fast SpeedDream27 and SpeedDream36, two boats that will change your idea of how fast boats should sail, to the ultimate thrill-ride SpeedDream100, these boats will forever change the way we view speed and high performance sailing. Innovation115 is a new global racer and mxMatch is one of the new designs chosen for the World Match Racing Tour. Both boats incorporate the SpeedDream look, style and performance and are a class apart from the run-of-the-mill designs being churned out by other design studios. The ultimate classic cruiser SpeedDream65 and the Super Yacht MegaDream bring performance and elegance to a sector of the marine market sorely in need of some fresh thinking and ideas. These designs are timeless, yet futuristic. We invite you to look through our portfolio. Let your imagination take you to far away places. If the careful innovation and creative styling of one of our designs pleases you, we will be pleased to craft you a distinctive yacht in the elegant SpeedDream style. Give a call or drop an email and let’s let the creativity flow.

mxSpeedDream Design Portfolio  

A portfolio of designs from the mxSpeedDream yacht design studio.

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