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elcome to mxSpeedDream, an international yacht design firm led by renown naval architect Vlad

Murnikov. mxSpeedDream is the answer to slow, unimaginative boats. They are all crafted with unique styling and innovative features such as an extreme canting keel and leeward lifting foils. From the innovative mxNext to the extraordinarily fast SpeedDream27 and SpeedDream36, two boats that will change your idea of how fast boats should sail, to the ultimate thrill-ride SpeedDream100, these boats will forever change the way we view speed and high performance sailing. Innovation115 is a new global racer and mxMatch is one of the new designs chosen for the World Match Racing Tour. Both boats incorporate the SpeedDream look, style and performance and are a class apart from the run-of-the-mill designs being churned out by other design studios. The ultimate classic cruiser SpeedDream65 and the Super Yacht MegaDream bring performance and elegance to a sector of the marine market sorely in need of some fresh thinking and ideas. These designs are timeless, yet futuristic. We invite you to look through our portfolio. Let your imagination take you to far away places. If the careful innovation and creative styling of one of our designs pleases you, we will be pleased to craft you a distinctive yacht in the elegant SpeedDream style. Give a call or drop an email and let’s let the creativity flow.



ll SpeedDream yachts share the same unique styling and performance attributes. It’s this distinctiveness that has

set the company apart from all the other look-alikes and the main reason why SpeedDream has attracted so much global media attention before the first boat is even launched. This media attention includes feature articles in all major sailing publications from as far away as China and India, as well as a BBC produced program entitled “The Science of Speed” which was viewed in over 70 countries. The principal driving force behind the SpeedDream Design Concept is the understanding that performance is enhanced through increasing efficiency, not by simply adding power. In order to achieve this efficiency all SpeedDream designs incorporate one or more of the following features:

• A narrow Sculpted Hull that sheds water in order to reduce weight and drag. • A revolutionary Flying Keel that reduces drag and greatly increases efficiency. • A true Wave-piercing Bow that slices through waves and resists pitch-poling. • A Stepped Hull that reduces surface friction and adds balance at high speeds.



xNext is the next generation of super-fun, super-fast one person skiffs. Building on the revolutionary mxRay, the first single-handed skiff ever

to carry an asymmetrical spinnaker, the mxNext will once again change the way sailors view speed, boat handling and ultra high performance. mxNext is taking everything we learned from mxRay to the next level. All-carbon, all-performance in a package that is both easy to handle, and affordable, the mxNext is the boat for the sailor who appreciates innovation and excellence on top of high performance.



imed at a broad market of sailors who have tired of overcomplicated, overpriced boats that need a crew of stout sailors, SpeedDream27 is a

two-person boat that delivers full-on fun and excitement. The boat is simple to rig and easy to set sail, yet as you can imagine with any thoroughbred, it’s a challenge to master. Challenging yes, but not beyond your capability and taming any beast is always a reward unto itself. SpeedDream27 is delivering sailing excitement in a way that no other boat can….. or perhaps it’s because no other boat has dared.



very so often an idea so simple, yet so powerful, launches itself into the ether waiting to be plucked by the right person, at the right time,

in the right place. So happened with SpeedDream36, a concept destined to revolutionize the way we view boats and their relationship with speed. SpeedDream36 is the extraordinary idea to create a new generation of sailboat capable of reaching - and often exceeding - powerboat speeds yet powered only by the wind and sun. This high performance production sailboat will become the ultimate (speed) boat for a generation of eco-minded thrill seekers. Where a Porsche parked in your driveway once denoted success and prestige, a SpeedDream36 tied to your dock will speak volumes about your accomplishments, both financial and personal.



he mxMatch is a big boat, but with a little twist. The boat looks and acts like a 48-footer, but it’s essentially a much smaller boat. The distance

from the transom to the headstay is only 39ft with the rest being a sharp wave-piercing bow, or if you wish, a bowsprit extension faired into the hull. The resulting sleek, relatively narrow, low volume hull has low resistance, less total wetted surface, and weighs less than that of a similarly sized boat. Even with a moderate sail plan this is a fast, easily driven boat with her performance derived primarily from a very efficient, slippery hull and not from raw power. Styled along the lines of the mxSpeedDream Design Concept, but adapted specifically for inshore One Design racing, the mxMatch stands out in a field of largely unimaginative boats.



here is a hunger for global around-the-world racing on an affordable budget and the Innovation115 is aimed squarely at this market. Where

the dominant circumnavigation races, the Volvo Ocean Race and the Vendee Globe are suffering from massive budgets and extremely complicated boats, the new Inovation115 is relatively inexpensive and easy to sail. The same SpeedDream innovations apply; a sleek, easily driven hull, a sculpted deck, massive power and a simple sail plan will ensure that this design becomes the benchmark for all future around-the-world races. Innovation115 is truly innovative.



t’s been said that each new generation of innovators borrow from the past to build a brighter future, but those that are truly successful also borrow

from the future. Such is the new SpeedDream65. This design incorporates the modern ideas and aesthetics that will typify the next generation of performance cruising sailboats. A futuristic yet classic and elegant style, a slender, low resistance hull, a functional deck layout, a bright and airy interior and a sail plan that provides ample power yet is easy to manage with a small crew. The sleek, low drag hull easily translates the immense power added by the canting keel into astonishing performance with “cruising” speeds reaching 25 knots!



peedDream100 is the flagship of mxSpeedDream and the SpeedDream Design Concept. This extraordinary quest to build the worlds fastest

monohull centers around SpeedDream100. The ideas, innovations and the creative thinking that is applied to the record setter will filter down to the smaller mxNext, SpeedDream27 and SpeedDream36, upwards to SpeedDream65 and MegaDream and also applied to mxMatch and Innovation115. Ideas like the Extreme Canting Keel, Curved Lifting Foils and Sculpted Hull and Deck can improve the performance of any size boat from a small, fast daysailers to Super Yachts.



legant. Timeless. Futuristic. Three words that describe MegaDream one of the most creative and forward thinking designs to enter the Super

Yacht market. The same SpeedDream creativity has been introduced to the Super Yacht market. While this area of the sailing industry has grown exponentially, there has been a distinct lack of imaginative thought and the slab sided, lumbering behemoths that grace our waterfronts are an indication that lots of money does not necessarily mean lots of innovation; until now. MegaDream is a new, fresh look at what boat owners want. Yes they want elegance and with MegaDream they will get elegance from the sculpted deck to the slender wave piercing hull.

mxSpeedDream Design Portfolio  

A portfolio of designs from the mxSpeedDream yacht design studio.

mxSpeedDream Design Portfolio  

A portfolio of designs from the mxSpeedDream yacht design studio.