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INTRODUCTION In recent years, online shopping has gained popularity in all shopping categories – from food to electronics to clothing items. With online shopping, you get the advantage of not waiting in lines, easy and secure transactions and shopping at your own pace. Overall, the online shopping experience is convenient.

INTRODUCTION Online shopping is accommodating but are there ways in which you can save money? This presentation will look at some ways that you can enjoy the financial savings of online shopping.

WAYS TO SAVE 1) Sign up with an online coupon service. These services typically provide coupons for online shopping in addition to coupons for traditional shopping methods. Coupons from many different merchants can be found in one location and are typically categorized to allow you to quickly find the coupon you are looking for. Some services even offer cash back rebates when you purchase items online from the merchants that the service features.

WAYS TO SAVE 2) Do your research. Online shopping allows you to quickly locate the item that you are looking for at various places and compare prices between the different merchants. Get the best deal possible by doing a little bit of research.

WAYS TO SAVE 3) Consider shipping costs. Incorporate shipping costs into the price of your purchase if shipping is not free. For some merchants, you may not have to pay shipping if you buy over a certain amount or buy more than a certain number of items. Plan ahead and assess what you need. Buy items together in order to take advantage of reduced/no shipping fees.

WAYS TO SAVE 4) Read product reviews. Access online product reviews quickly and evaluate what others have written about the product which you want to purchase. The reviews provide valuable, insider information and may save you money if the item you want to buy is not rated well by other consumers.

WAYS TO SAVE 5) Patience is important. As seasons pass by, stores try to get rid of old inventory and promote new items. Prices may initially be high but are typically reduced as time progresses. With online shopping, you can continuously check if prices are lower without leaving the comfort of your home.

CONCLUSION Online shopping is becoming increasingly prevalent in our fast-paced world. Online shopping is convenient and using the tips provided can help you to save on purchases and keep your money in your wallet!

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