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“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.” Isaiah 60:1



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Boneza, Rwanda




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VISION A thriving Boneza, Rwanda with Christ-centered, educated leaders and residents creating hope, health, and sustainability for all people.

MISSION To positively transform the people of Boneza out of extreme poverty by focusing on sustainable vocational education, clean and safe water systems, pastoral care, and community/economic development.

MOTIVATION We answer the call of Jesus Christ to love, equip, and serve the people of Boneza by joining them on their journey out of poverty.

Founder, John Gasangwa Arise Rwanda Ministries was founded by John Gasangwa in 2011. John was born in a Ugandan refugee camp in 1981. He witnessed all the horrors of famine, rape, murder, and human cruelty one can imagine. At age 10, he prayed to God and made a promise “that if He would see me through my education, I would spend the rest of my life serving the poor people of the world.� At age 13, he traveled back to Rwanda to find that his father had been killed in the Genocide. Against incredible odds, John was raised in an orphanage, schooled, graduated from college, and began working for World Vision, Opportunity International, and KIVA in microfinance. In 2011, John completed his MBA in Global Social Sustainable Enterprise at Colorado State University. With the founding of Arise Rwanda Ministries and the support of many people he has met in the past five years, John returned to Rwanda to fulfill his promise to God and to the people of Rwanda.


BONEZA, RWANDA Since 2011, Arise Rwanda Ministries has focused it’s efforts and resources on the community of Boneza in the Western Province of Rwanda. Located on the shores of Lake Kivu, Boneza’s villagers are primarily agrarian, tending their personal gardens for their family food as well as larger plots of tea, coffee, bananas, and potatoes for trade. The beautiful region is rich in human resources but underdeveloped in the areas of education, clean and safe water, economic development, and essential infrastructure. Our mission is to work with community leaders in identifying priorities to build hope, health, and sustainable progress for the people of Boneza.




EDUCATION Education is the foundation of a community. Our first mission was to provide a preschool education and a “Bowl of Porridge� feeding program for the poorest children in the villages. The first school was in a community building with no roof, door or windows. Today we support five preschools in the four villages of Nkira, Bushaka, Kabihogo, and Remera, and one on Bugarura Island. This vision has expanded further to Kivu Hills Academy (KHA), post-eighth-grade education. The campus construction is now complete, growing student numbers to nearly 150, and with goals of reaching 300 students. The curriculum currently includes training in construction and masonry, agriculture, computer science, tourism trade, and student-led businesses including bakery and soap making. KHA will also be a multi-generational educational facility providing vocational skill training for all ages.


Above: Kivu Hills Academy completed campus.

OUR METHOD To provide a preschool education and porridge feeding program for impoverished children in the (5) key regions identified within the Boneza community. Above: Original preschool with no roof, door or windows.

To begin the early development of future teachers and leaders for the community and the country. We believe education is the foundation of a community. To build a multi-generational vocational and educational facility that meets ongoing educational challenges and develop specialized skills training that can be appropriately applied within the region. Above: Current updated preschool setting.




Clean water is the essential cornerstone of our mission. Since 2012, ARM has drilled ten

and drilled by Living Water.

clean water wells in the villages of

Locals no longer have to hike long

Boneza. Two of these wells are now

distances to a stream or lake to

mechanized, greatly increasing their

retrieve their daily supply, which is

reach and capacity. All of our wells

often dirty and disease infested.

have been fully funded by faithful,

This is making a huge difference in

dedicated individuals and partners,

the Boneza community.


OUR METHOD To bring safe water to the villages of Boneza through the drilling of wells. To teach good health and hygiene methods. To assure sustainability of the wells through local partnership and commitment for oversight and maintenance.




We embrace the entire community in support of the local leaders and individuals. We believe that through community

groups and businesses have developed

development and support for local

to support the local economy. Some of

entrepreneurs, a sustainable founda-

these business include a sewing

tion will be built, fostering personal

cooperative, fruit and vegetable stands,

ownership and community pride. Over

making doughnuts and fry bread, and

1,200 women are presently in savings

sewing school uniforms.


OUR METHOD To develop the means of sustainability for small business development in Boneza. To facilitate connecting all local church leaders for Community Outreach, and Pastor Training and Support Programs. To develop community savings group programs.






Before our work started, Boneza had

Not only do we provide education for

no preschools or high schools. We were

our students, we promise a daily feeding

grateful to begin the first local school

program. We recently added a vegetable

programs and today we educate nearly

garden and a cow for extra nutrients.

400 students total.







Since 2011, we’ve built 10 clean water

We currently reach 65% of the Boneza

sources for the community of 24,000,

community with our clean water sources.

with more wells on the way. Women

Prior to clean water becoming available,

and children no longer have to walk

over 80% of the deaths in this region

long distances for this basic necessity.

were water related.






We empower the Boneza community

Since 2013, we have donated 150 cows

through financial savings groups and

to poor families in Boneza. These cows

entrepreneurship training. We’ve started

provide milk for the children, manure for

25 savings groups and supported

the gardens, and a source of wealth

thousands of locals with training.

for a poor family.


2018 GOALS


Reach 1,200 new women in 30 trust groups and help start 500 small business through the trust group savings. FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITY Over the last two years we’ve started 25 savings groups, averaging 40 members each. The weekly saving is about $30 cents per member. About 300 new businesses have been started by these women.

family planning and hygiene in their families. Boneza is a rural community with limited access to finance, especially for women.

Women in trust groups also receive trainings on Biblical values in the market place, unity and reconciliation, Bible teachings, and

The average family in Boneza has 5 children. All the women in our trust groups were able to buy family health insurance and send their children to school. Health insurance is $3 per person and school fees are $10 a year!

It costs Arise Rwanda $800 per month to run our trust groups.

Over 60% of the people in rural Rwanda live below $2 per day.


2018 GOALS


Reach 80% of Boneza with access to clean water by installing additional water wells. RUSORORO VILLAGE In 2018, we will provide clean water to the village of Rusororo in Boneza. About 1,000 people in this village live without clean water. With this well in Rusororo, we will cover about 80% of the whole community of Boneza with clean water. This water well project will use a gravitation pump as Rusororo has no electricity.

It costs $10,000 to provide a clean water well with a gravitation pump.

We have 10 clean water wells located throughout these small Boneza towns: • Nkira: 2 wells • Kabihogo: 3 wells • Bushaka: 4 wells • Rugamba: 1 well • Bugarura Island: 1 well These wells reach about 65% of the total Boneza community with clean water. 35% of Boneza’s popuation still has no access to clean water.


2018 GOALS


Expand the education curriculums for our high school and preschool and reach grow our student numbers. EXPANDING EDUCATION In 2018, our goal is to expand the Kivu Hills Academy (KHA) educational curriculum by teaching new trades. In addition to our present trades of construction, masonry, and computer science, the new trades and curriculum development will include hospitality training, tourism and agriculture. We now educate over 140 high school students utilizing our newly constructed

The total cost to support a student for a year is $400.

classroom space. KHA is now fully accredited and becoming known as a top school in Rwanda. A new kitchen is being built and a new Chapel and Community Center are funded and under way. We also plan to develop a new preschool curriculum for our 5 preschools and reach 300 new students.

The cost to support a teacher’s salary for one month is $100.


2018 GOALS


Provide 10 new cows to poor families in Boneza through our Have A Cow program. THE IMPACT OF A COW The government of Rwanda has a policy for very impoverished families in Rwanda to have a cow. Since 2013, we have donated 150 cows to poor families throughout the community. This has made a huge impact, however we still need 600 donated cows in Boneza.

The cost for a cow and a cow shed in Boneza is $500.

Cows are greatly impactful to poor families in Boneza. Cows provide essential nutrients from their milk to the impoverished children, manure for the family gardens, and a source of wealth for a poor family in Boneza. Once a calf is born, a local neighbor can receive a cow, and the cycle continues.

Many of the donated cows will go to widows of the 1994 Genocide.


2018 GOALS


Train 50 local pastors and reach 2,000 youth through our Pastoral and Youth Ministry. LOCAL MINISTRY We work with local pastors and church leaders in Boneza by offering pastoral and leadership training conferences. We also donate Bibles throughout Boneza. We have donated over 400 Bibles in local churches since 2012. We would like to donate 250 Bibles to the people of Boneza in 2018.

The total cost of Bible donations in 2018 is $2,000, or $8 per Bible.

In 2018, we started a Youth Ministry in Boneza. Our goal is to reach 2,000 youth by working with local youth committees in churches and schools to hold youth camps, conferences, community crusades, soccer games, leadership training and entrepreneurship training.

This Pastoral Ministry will cost a total of $5,000 for the whole year.




Prayer is our greatest tool. We encourage and invite you to join us in praying for the community of Boneza. It is because of the Love of Christ being shown through our loving supporters that our mission is made possible. Please keep the local Pastors, Churches, ARM and KHA staff, and all of our comprehensive outreach to the community in your prayers. May Christ’s love continue to transform hearts and lives through the ARM/KHA ministry and projects on both sides of the world!






Because of donor generosity, we’ve been able to dramatically impact the lives of thousands of people in Boneza, Rwanda. Since our mission began in 2011, we’ve been on the forefront the community’s clean water sources, educational opportunity for both youth and adults, and numerous community support programs. Your gifts make the difference. Customize a recurring donation, give once, support a local project or campaign, or take fundraising into your own hands.




Connect with Arise Rwanda Ministries to stay up-to-date on the latest news, campaigns, and other ways to make a difference in Boneza. Share emails and posts with your friends to get involved and to continue expanding our circles. Sign up for our emails by visiting the website at (we promise to not flood your inbox).

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Want to get involved first-hand? Curious about the culture in Boneza? Rwanda is an incredibly unique, inspiring, and beautiful country. We welcome and encourage you to experience Boneza for yourself. We’ll help you plan your visit to Western Rwanda where you can see the community transformation, assist in the classrooms and churches, get to know our bright students and local leaders, and much more. Explore the opportunity. Reach out today!


We hope that the vision and programs of Arise Rwanda Ministries will spur your thinking about how you might get involved with our mission. You may feel adventurous and want to experience the wonderful culture of the Rwandan people. Or, you may want to volunteer at home to support the people of Rwanda. Your church, business, or service club may be interested in having one of our board members speak or help initiate an outreach program. And of course, financial and prayerful support are always welcome and needed.


Please feel free to contact us at any time. Arise Rwanda Ministries, Inc. 8333 SE Stark Street Portland, OR 97216

Arise Rwanda is registered in Rwanda as a Non-Governmental Organization and Arise Rwanda Ministries is a registered as a 501(c)(3) in the US.




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Arise Rwanda Ministries 2018 Overview  
Arise Rwanda Ministries 2018 Overview