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October 2013

Official Newsletter of the Great Western Chapter

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Director’s Cut

By Barry “Bazzzzer” Aggett

Hi All, Whilst most of us have been out and about on our bikes enjoying a glorious summer, please spare a thought for some of our less fortunate members who have not been so lucky. Firstly there is Steve “Sparky” Proud who has just returned from hospital after 23 weeks, Bryan “The Rattler” Sheppard who is now hobbling around after his knee replacement, Sandra Silsbury also hobbling around after the coffee spillage, and lastly Charlie Gray who has lost over 3 stone and had major surgery at the end of September. From all in the GWC we hope you have better luck in the near future. Our 10th Anniversary events are now coming to an end. The canoe fun day on the river Wye, the accompanying rideout and the barbecue at the Orchard Trust were all excellent. It was funny to see Andy & Jenny Jeary looking like drowned rats after capsizing in a foot of water! We waited for hours wondering if Sue Stokes & Jane Johnson had paddled up to Hereford and it was a very touching moment when Graham from the OT made an impromptu thank you speech on the Sunday morning. Go East was a resounding success with many compliments for the meticulous tour planning and the professionalism of the ride team. That leaves only two 10th Anniversary events to go. The Dinner at the Hilton, with prestigious awards being presented for each of the completed Anniversary events and, finally, the LOH trip to London, where Jane Scott will be taking the award in her suitcase, along with the kitchen sink no doubt! Our members have also been enjoying other events. I use the word “enjoying” quite loosely when it comes to Steve Link and Phil Blake who completed the Iron Hog Ride, 27 H-D dealers in 58 hours, 1800 miles and about 8 hours sleep in total. Definite respect guys, take a bow.

take two. That must be a winner especially if Ian Mead repeats his Seven Sisters display! September saw the launch of Project Rushmore which many of us attended at Riders for the VIP event on Thursday and the test rides on Saturday. Thanks to Martin Rich and the team for the informative talks and the usual hospitality. Also, in September, well done to Jane Scott & Steph Pocock for organising a LOH rideout; see Jane’s article for the details. In early October there was our annual attendance for RTTW which was a first for me as Director and an honour to lay a wreath. Looking ahead, the Hoggin’ the Bridge curry is on, yippee, and we’ll be meeting up for the usual ride to Aust Services. Just in case you’ve been living under a stone, the ride this year will finish at Chepstow Racecourse. Please see the website for making a donation. Sonja Beddow has been at it again, sewing that is, with another £55 raised at the Cross Hands for charity, I now make that a grand total of £228.50 The charity survey results have now been analysed and Stephanie Evans is deep into researching possible options based on your feedback. Can I please remind you that Secondary Officer nomination forms must be in by the 15th October and, if you have been taking part in the Chapter Mileage Challenge, the closing date is the 31st October and I need your signed mileage forms by the 30th November. To end this month I would like to say a big thank you to those that contribute to our magazine. In truth, it can only exist if you keep sending in your articles. For full details of all our events, please visit the website as this is being frequently updated as events firm up and if you find anything missing please remind us, we’re only human!

Barry “Bazzzzer” Aggett A number have been attending other rallies such as Director Thunder in the Glens, Faaker See and a few took up the challenge of the Blazin’ Cannons dance-off at Email: the New Forest Chapter rally, with Nuns of Anarchy Home: 01291 620371 Mobile: 07907 351650

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Between the Covers Hi All, Welcome to the October issue of the Great Western Chapter’s RoadHOG magazine and this month I find myself in the exulted position of being at the front with a whole page to myself. I am, however, aware that I’m next to the boss so I’ll have to behave myself.

feel your keyboard needs a bit of a work-out then drop me an email. Rideout Reports  15-Sep ‘The Real Deal’  29-Sep 'Swanning Off To Swanage'  13-Oct 'Blasting at Big Pit'  10-Nov ‘Ups & Downs' or 'Whatever the Weather' Rallies/Events  27-Sep ‘Blazin Cannons Rally’  05-Oct ‘Ride to The Wall’  20-Oct ‘Hoggin the Bridge’

Before I get into my editorial spiel I’d like to assure Stephanie, Neil, Phil and Mike that I haven’t forgotten your articles and that they’ll appear in next month’s issue. I have a highly complex and very involved process for the selection of articles that involves an octopus in a fish tank full of coloured balls. No, seriously, the bigger the bribe the sooner you’re published.

If you don’t know how to get started then take a look at my webpage on the Great Western website (lefthand side ‘RoadHOG Mag’). There you’ll find guidelines on layout and content, hell you can even download a template so that all you need to do is start typing.

So on with the spiel.


It’s another packed mag this month, with articles from 3 different continents, Europe, Australia and the USA, thanks to Lynne, Terry, Mike and Jo. As an aside, I’m starting to note a pattern with Mike and photos with scantily clad beauties. Not that there’s any hint of the green eyed monster from me.

Email: Mobile: 07900 496711

There’s also a great article from Phil who, along with Steve, undertook the ‘Iron Hog’ challenge and I suspect they felt like they’d ridden 3 continents by the time they’d finished. On a personal note me n Neats attended the ‘Go East’ tour and had a fantastic time. It’s not an area of the country that we’d previously visited, so a big thank you to Peter and Yvonne for putting together such an interesting and well organised tour and for the Road Captains and Road Marshals that ensured no one got lost. Peter has made mention of the ‘Go East’ tour in ‘Pete and Duncan’s Pump Stop’ but a fuller article will be appearing in the November issue. If you can cast your minds back to last month’s issue I put out a request to all members for volunteers to produce articles and, to this end, I’m looking for authors for a number of recent and forthcoming rideouts and events. So, if you have already or know you’ll be attending any of the following and


(Note: Views expressed in the articles are not necessarily the views of the Editor)

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Secretary’s Update

Hi Everyone! First thing on my mind has to be our ‘Go East’ tour, in September, when all of our careful planning and preparation paid off and everything went smoothly. Except that is, we didn’t get to see the Lancaster Bomber, as it had flown out a day early, due to the weather. I have to say that, as always, it was the good company, together with the excellent support from the Road Captains and Marshals, which made the trip so enjoyable! I’m looking forward to our next 10th Anniversary event – our GWC dinner and dance! Now onto the next thing on my mind, which is membership renewal for 2014. Yes, it’s that time of the year again! You will have noticed that I have included a 2014 Membership Renewal pack with your October issue of RoadHOG. If you have opted for an electronic copy only, you will have received your 2014 Membership Renewal pack electronically.

By Yvonne Roberts I will then send out 2014 GWC membership card(s) with the next available issue of RoadHOG, or post it to those members who have opted for an electronic copy only. A Five or Ten-year patch, will also be included for anyone qualifying for these. Whilst on the subject of membership, I’ve had several GWC members whose H.O.G.® membership has lapsed because they thought they had requested automatic renewal, so it’s worth checking. Our September Club nights were well-attended as always. Congratulations to the 2 lucky winners of our quarterly “100 Club” draw – Terry Martin who won £60, and Gerry Holmes, a very new member, who won £30. Our next draw will be on December 10th at our A.G.M. Baz managed to catch up with Bill at Club night, to present him with his Past Officer Patch for being our Charity Coordinator.

The pack contains your 2014 Membership Renewal Form and a Bankers Standing Order Form. You will see that GWC fees for 2014 remain the same as they were for 2013. Please complete the 2014 Membership Renewal Form, remembering to sign the release part of the form at the bottom, even if you pay by Bankers Standing Order. It is a requirement of H.O.G.® that all Chapter members sign this form annually, so I cannot process your membership until I have received your signed form. Therefore, if your spouse or partner is re-joining the Chapter as a Full or an Associate member of H.O.G.®, they must also sign the release form. If you decide to change your method of payment for 2014 to a Bankers Standing Order, you need to take the Standing Order Form to your bank or set up a Standing Order online, if you use electronic banking. Please do not send it to me! If you already pay by Bankers Standing Order you do not need to do anything, as the payment will continue unless you instruct your bank otherwise.

Meet Dave Rogers, one of our new members, who is originally from Boston, Massachusetts!

(Continued on page 5)

Page 5 I would also like to welcome Charlie Stockford, a lady rider, who has just joined the Chapter.

Committee Meeting Round-up For the Committee Meeting held on August 31st In our August discussion, We commented on the success of yet another of our 10th Anniversary events; the Canoeing and BBQ event with the Orchard Trust on August 24th and thanked all those who were involved. We also looked forward to the remaining events: the Go East Tour, the GWC Dinner/dance and the LOH trip to London, anticipating that they too will be successful.

We agreed on the format of the nomination forms for Secondary Officers and confirmed the timescale. We also agreed with Peter’s proposal that GWC Our raffles at our August and September Club membership fees for 2014 should stay the same as nights raised a total of £262 for the Orchard Trust, a for 2013 and that there should be a separate form big thank you to all who bought raffle tickets. for new members. This will enable us to create a staggered reduction in membership fees, according to the time of the year that new members join the Chapter. We agreed that Tony should advertise for members who would be willing to act as assistant photographers so that the recording of GWC events can be improved. Anita shared her proposals for activities for 2014, which included a varied programme of events as well as some rallies. This will be discussed further at our September Committee meeting.

Bob and Hilary Smith recently celebrate their Ruby Wedding Anniversary in September, so we wish them both many more happy years together! As our next Committee Meeting is on September 21st, after the deadline for submissions to RoadHOG, I’ll update you with a summary of the meeting in the November issue of RoadHOG. Please check out our website for details of all our Merchandise and how to order items, or see me at our Club nights. Ride safe, Yvonne Secretary Email: Home: 01225 751017

Baz gave a summary of the results of the Charity Survey, in Stephanie’s absence, which the Committee will use as a basis for choosing a new charity. The date of our next GWC Committee meeting was set for September 21st at 10.30am at Riders. A full copy of the Minutes is available on request to me, Yvonne Roberts. Yvonne Secretary

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From The Front

By Alan “Big Al” Stokes Hi All

As I am sitting writing this article the sun is shining, but there is a definite Autumnal chill in the air. It reminds me that the end of the official riding season is only a few weeks away. So we had all better make the most of it before the nights, and probably the weather, close in. Gee, how time flies. Not much to talk about this month other than to say I have received great feedback on the monthly rides. So well done to the ride teams that have planned those events. All the hard work is appreciated by our members.

A470. On leaving, it is only a 5 minute ride to join the M4/J32 for those wishing to travel home quickly. This ride will be classed as Level B of circa 115 miles on mostly A and B roads. Sunday 20th October 2013 – Chris Harding & Team “Hoggin the Bridge & Curry Bash” Meet at ASDA Cribbs Causeway from 08:15 a.m. for a PROMPT 08:45 a.m. departure. Meet at MAGOR SERVICES from 08:45 a.m. for an approximate 09:15 a.m. departure. The Asda group will cross the new bridge to collect the Magor group, the combined group then proceeding to Aust Services.

From here you have the choice of joining the official ride and traversing the route or, if you so wish, By the time you read this, October’s activities will be watch the bikes go off and then make your way into Chepstow for the Curry Bash. There is also the opin full swing. It looks like it is probably going to be tion to go to the Racecourse and join in the events one of the busiest months in 2013, with something taking place there. It really is down to individual happening every week. Something for everyone hopefully, including those that like to get out on the preference. bikes. Sunday 10th November – Ian Mead & Team And now onto the forthcoming rides ……

"Ups and Downs" or "Whatever the Weather"

Sunday 13th October 2013 - Greg Payne & Team

With the onset of winter fast approaching, the weather will play its part on the conditions for the “Blasting at Big Pit” ride. With that in mind, Ian has planned two routes This ride will be led by Greg Payne. It is a chance to and the decision on which one to take will be made do something out of the normal, and visit the old on the day. Either way, it will guarantee you a good mine workings at Big Pit, Blaenavon. So why not day out in the fresh air. So come along and join in come along and join us on a tour with a difference. what should be a great time. The plan is to meet at Cardiff West Services M4/J33 Option 1 for 10.00 a.m. Please ensure you are fuelled up and “Ups and Downs” ready to leave at 10.30 a.m. The ride will head out in the direction of Pontypridd. It will then take a route to Bargoed, Tredegar, Blaenavon eventually arriving at Big Pit. There is ample, good quality free bike parking here. We plan to stop here for around 2 hours. Here there will be an opportunity to take an underground tour which takes about 1 hour to complete. For those not wishing to do so, there are two cafeterias and ample facilities. The return journey will be a leisurely ride along the A470 through the Brecon's taking in Hirwaun and the Rhigos mountain road. En-route there will be a planned fuel stop at around the 70 mile mark. From here the ride will travel down through Treorchy, Pontypridd and finish the ride at Tesco's on the

The plan is to meet at Pencoed Services (M4/J35) at 10.00 a.m. Please be fuelled up ready to depart at 10.30 a.m. The ride will then take the M4 towards Port Talbot leaving at J40. It will then take the A4107 to Cymmer up through the Afon Valley to Bwlch Mt. Then it will head down towards Treorchy taking A4058 Gelli, B4512 Penrhys Tylortown, A4233 Maerdy Aberdare and stop at the ‘Big Bike Shop’ for lunch. After lunch, the ride will head out on the A4059 to Mt. Ash, Abercynnon and Pontypridd. Then it will be onto the B4595 to Beddau, Llantrisant and the ride will finish at the Tesco car park, Talbot Green. (Continued on page 7)

Page 7 Option 2 “Whatever the Weather” The plan is to meet at Pencoed Services (M4/J35) at 10.00 a.m. Please be fuelled up ready to depart at 10.30 a.m. The ride will head out on the A48 towards Bridgend, Ewenny and Ogmore. From here it will pick up the B4524 Southerdown Wick and the B4265 to St. Athan. Then it will be onto A4226 for Barry, Culverhouse, then the A4232 picking up the M4 to Llantrisant. Then the ride will go to Talbot Green, Llanharran, Llanharry, Ystrad Owen, Cowbridge and onto the A48 ending at ‘The Old Post’ pub for Lunch. The ride finishes here.

Timings, Start & Finish points TBC. Further details to follow on the website and in next month’s RoadHOG. For last minute updates please call the “Hotline” on 08444 994508 and please keep a check on the website for changes. Please see below some guidance details of the rides: Level A - Short and easy below 100 miles round trip. Level B - Fine for average riders but may be a bit longer.

Level C – Can include some complex sections but These will be short rides and are classed as a Level mainly a longer duration. B ride(s) on Motorway, A and B roads. Sunday 24th November 2013 – Steph Pocock & Team

Finally I’d like to welcome Paul Evans who joins us as a new Road Marshal.

“Wild Wanderings around Wiltshire”

Until the next time, have fun and ride hard.

Join us on a ride that will introduce you to the sights Alan “Big Al” Stokes and roads of Wiltshire. A great opportunity to enhance your knowledge of the area. Lunch will be at Assistant Director & Head Road Captain the café located by Kemble Airfield, so there will be a chance grab a hot drink and something to eat.

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Cangen Cymraeg

Another month has passed and it’s time for my addition to the RoadHOG Magazine for all my readers in Gods Country and to enlighten you good people. WHATSUP!!!!!!

By Greg Payne Reflective Clothes - This was scrapped soon after its introduction in January 2013; however reflective strips on helmets is heavily policed. Speed limits - The Gendarmes are ultra keen on booking speeders, so stick to the limits. Warning triangles - Not required for motorcycles.

Riding tips 1. It’s illegal to filter through slow or stationary traffic. 2. Give way to traffic merging from the right unless a In a word notalot. So with sign says to the contrary. no juicy gossip to report, I thought I’d enlighten those 3. Keep to the speed limit. people who have never ridden their bikes in France 4. Ride to survive - be extra cautious and try to anticibefore, and are accompanying myself and Ian Johnpate the moves of other vehicles. Ride defensively. son down to St Tropez in May 2014, about legislation, Personal Observations - French drivers appear to riding habits and other general information I have be more aware of motorcyclists than their GB coungleaned on my travels. This concerns only riding terparts. motorcycles in France and Monaco. Crash Helmets - Compulsory for rider and passenger Other riders will acknowledge you by sticking out their right leg. and must have reflective strips on front, rear and sides, four in all (you can get these from Halfords). Be aware that some outlets may not accept your debit/credit card so take a selection if possible. All helmets to conform to EE regs some shorty helmets do not. Lakeside Chapter members were Always wear the right gear for the conditions. Do not escorted to a dealers and made to purchase helmets compromise on personal safety. that did conform; expensive huh, oh they were also Things I carry - bike documents, personal docufined!!!! ments, TOILET ROLL (you never know), spare bulbs, Documents - A valid full driving licence, paper or torch, first aid kit, tyre pressure gauge and tyre sealer. photo type. Original (copies not allowed) of registraMake sure you know the bikes alarm code and know tion document, insurance and MOT and most imhow to arm and disarm the security system. This portantly Passport. could be useful as from past experience mobile EHIC - Do carry an European Health International phone masts near service stations can affect the Card, formerly E111, and check it’s in date. bikes alarm system. First Aid Kit - Not compulsory but a good idea. If you have a passenger make sure they have plenty GB Stickers - Should be displayed near to rear num- of change for the toll booths, if not give the toll booth a big note. ber plate. Health Insurance - Don’t be without. Breakdown cover- Don’t even think of riding with me without some sort of cover, i.e. the HOG Assistance riders pack will give you piece of mind.

I know this article may be old hat to some people but it has given me something to do on a wet and miserable day. If you didn’t like it I will think about writing recipes and knitting, so be warned.

Nearly forgot to mention that I recently talked to CharHorn - Use of your horn is prohibited in built up areas lie Gray who is not in the best of health and is due an unless used in the event of danger. operation at the end of September. He misses the International Driving Permit - Not required. GWC gang and, when in better health, will try to come to our meetings So on behalf of all of us, I wished him Lights - Yellow tints are not compulsory but a spare well. set of bulbs is. That’s all folks. Radar Detectors - Sat Navs with radar detectors must be turned off. Greg Cangen Cymraeg Rep.

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Ladies of Harley

By Jane Scott Hi Ladies,

possibly not again this year due to work commitments but, as they say, watch this space. Perhaps Well what can I say as I we could even do a ride and meet up with the Lawas totally shocked dies that ONLY lunch What are your thoughts on when I saw my rear end that? Anyway that’s the Famous 5 in the pic below. on the front of the September RoadHOG. I Next of course is the LOH London Trip. Hopefully think Mr Cockers must you’ll have all paid your balance by now, that’s the be on commission for £94.95 payable by BACS or a cheque made payasome slimming club… ble to GWC. I still have no details on travel times but it’s certainly given me I will let you know as soon as, plus any other details an incentive to lose some weight. So, the trainers regarding the weekend. There’s a grand total of 30 have come out of the cupboard again and are back going on the trip and we even have a Birthday Girl, in use. Hopefully, with the Dinner/Dance looming I’ll so it should be a fun weekend. be able to get into that LBD, you know what it’s like The weather this week has started to get a little ladies - hard work. cooler so I finally decided to put my lining in my What’s been happening in the Great Western jacket. I suppose next it will be thermals on and the world? Well Queenie and myself had a very enjoya- heated gloves out. ble time on the Wye. We didn’t race as we helped That’s about it for this month Ladies. Of course the our colleagues in need - yes Jayne and Sue you did dinner and dance is looming so I’ll catch up with you really well and all we could hear was you two laughthere. ing and doing a Kylie – “round and around”. So we Take Care. carried on down the Wye eating Doreen’s healthy bar, which Queenie had made… just lovely Doreen, Contact details for any suggestions, queries or moans. A great weekend was had by all. The Ladies of Harley ride was changed to the Famous 5 ride as that was the total of Ladies that turned up. None the less we had a very enjoyable ride and a lovely lunch at the Boat Inn at Redbrook. This was the first ride that Steph and myself have done but we do intend to do some more. However,

Jane x Ladies of Harley Email: Mobile: 07894 086626

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Ladies of Harley Rideout Report

By Julie Quick

The Famous Five Go Biking!

scenery with overhanging trees, all without much traffic. Perfect!

After checking the weather forecast, I packed the bike with the essentials: waterproofs, summer gloves, thermals, heated clothing and sun cream! I couldn’t decide whether to go for a thermos of hot coffee or iced tea, but I did decide to break with tradition … and get there early … a plan thwarted by …. goats! Yes, that well known motorway hazard, goats! I had been saving that as an excuse for Big Al but there were actual goats on the motorway!

Jane kept a nice steady pace, altogether a relaxed enjoyable ride. We turned left in Coleford and wound our way to Redbrook where we parked up. An unexpected bonus was crossing over the river Wye on an old iron bridge, which was very picturesque (not a pirate in sight!). Time for another team photo and time to give the team a name. It wasn’t difficult … there were 5 of us and we were intrepid adventurers … ‘The Famous Five’ it was!

I arrived at the service station and lined up alongside the other Harleys, increasing their numbers by 50%! I went inside and found the ladies in ‘CostaBucks’, so I got myself a coffee and joined them.

Across the river was a really lovely pub and we settled down to talk about bikes, beer and baked potato options … not necessarily in that order. So engrossed were we in our conversation that it wasn’t until we got up to leave we realised the pub had filled up around us with men in lycra. I We spent some time catching up while waiting for considered staying for a while longer… but it realany other riders, in case they too had been dely was time to head back to the bikes. The girls in layed by the ‘goat’ incident! As usual when a the car had to head off so Jane, Steph and myself group of Harleys gather, people randomly start headed back down the Wye valley along a great conversations; we set one guy straight about the biking road with lots of corners and lovely scenhandling on his Sportster Custom, so he was ery, passing the impressive ruins of Tintern Abhappy and another lady took the official rideout bey. photo for us. Once we realised no one else was likely to turn up, we took to the road. At Chepstow Jane peeled off, waving goodbye and Steph and I continued back over the Severn Jane was Road-Captain, Steph was the sweeper bridge. We parted ways when I turned onto the and …. I was the ride-out! Two more ladies, Jean M5 towards home. and Julie followed by car. Jean was suffering from a frozen shoulder which stopped her riding A great day out! but didn’t stop here taking part. Thanks Jane and Steph for organising it. We Jane quickly took the decision that second man must do it again..soon! Maybe next time there drop was probably unnecessary … and the brief- will be enough to make the Dirty Dozen! ing was very short! She then led the way out of the service station (which was helpful because it Julie wouldn’t have been the first time I had been round Aust services more than once looking for the exit!). We crossed the old Severn bridge and rode through Chepstow, passing The Baz and Jax Curry House on the way. We turned left just outside Chepstow and then right on to the B4228 heading up in to the Forest of Dean (cue scary music). The route took us through a nice mix of gently sweeping bends, up hills, down hills, nice

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Cockers Bits

By Anita Cockwell

Hi Everyone, October is here and by the time you read this we will have already had the Ride to the Wall, but there’s still Hoggin the Bridge, the curry and our 10th Anniversary dinner dance still to come. So in date order….. Sunday 20th October Hoggin the Bridge annual curry buffet or as Mark called it ‘Hoggin the Mughal’ is on! Yes it’s the annual curry feast after the Hoggin the Bridge ride. Baz and Jac’s selfless dedication to curry eating at the Mughal Spice has ensured that we can benefit from this annual event once again. I’m pleased to say that despite the official ride ending at the Race Course this year the Chapter will make its way to the Mughal Spice in Chepstow. Doors open from 12.30pm-ish. This is a member/one guest only event so please remember to provide your GWC membership number at time of booking. Cost per person will be £11.50 and with not much time to get your money to us, by the time you read this, I suggest that monies are paid by BACS or cash. We do need to reach the minimum number of 50 places to ensure it’s worth the owner opening up specifically for GWC. Monies will be collected at both Club nights too so bring your wallets/ purses. 10th Anniversary GWC Dinner/Dance on 26th October This really is the last call for dinner dance tickets so email or ring me to book. We are selling tickets up to the 9th October but the full amount must be paid by the 12th October at the very latest. Don’t miss the last 10th anniversary event to celebrate our special year.

GWC Xmas Party 7th December 2013 St Marys Pencoed. Lynne Avery and I are now selling Xmas Party tickets at £27 per person which includes a three course meal and disco. Fancy dress theme still to be agreed, with suggestions so far of Myths and Legends, Historical Figures (and no I don’t mean like 1066!) and the 1940’s, don’t groan that was my suggestion. If you want to put something forward then let me know. We are limited by St Marys as to the number of places so please secure yours with a deposit of £15 per person as soon as you can, with final balance by the end of November at the latest. Please book your own hotel accommodation, details of which can be found on the GWC website under Activities/Xmas Party. Transport to and from these hotels will be available at a small additional cost. And then into 2014…….. Ride to St Tropez taking in St Tropez HOG Rally Join Greg (Payne) and Ian (Johnson) and their long suffering wives on a ride down to St Tropez in time to take in the St Tropez HOG rally. This is now an official ride/event. The group will arrive the day before the St Tropez HOG rally (rally is held 8th -11th May 2014). Please contact Greg if you want to join the main group riding down, but please book your own accommodation, channel tunnel, etc. and I suggest you do this as soon as you can. Many of Greg’s suggested hotels are already full but there will be plenty of others available.

The Eurocamp accommodation at Port Grimaud, which we’ve managed to secure for GWC members, has now all been allocated but you may still find someone willing to share a spare room. Please contact me for any late Eurocamp availability and don’t forget you can camp or book your own accommodaSo just to recap ………. Its £30 per person. Monies tion in the surrounding area. can be paid by BACS, cheques or cash. Please Catch up with you all soon! contact Lynne Avery (St Marys Club nights) or myself. Cheers “Cockers” Don’t forget that the hotel is also offering discounted Activities Officer room rates for party goers so look at the 10th AnniEmail: versary Events page/website for more details, but you must book this yourself direct with hotel (make Mobile: 07702 073361 sure you ask for Lucy).

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Charity Update

By Stephanie Evans Hi there! Hope you are all in good health and not too fed up with the weather now that the nights are closing in and the rain and temperatures are coming down.

So what have we been doing on the charity front? The Canoe Fun day has been and gone and a good time was had by all on the good ship Orchard Trust. See the centre pages more on this event.

My aim is to be able to announce our new charity at the November or December club nights. Finally I would like to say a BIG thank you to Sonja for her wonderful patch sewing service which raises lots of money every club night she attends and that all comes to the charity. It’s a bargain £2.50 per patch regardless of size so if you need patches sewing on do come to Sonja and spend less money and give to a good cause at the same time. I also have a new product to try out with you – two vinyl stickers costing £1.50 with all profits going to our charity.

The Charity Survey has been completed and the results are in. If you were at the Club Nights in September you would have heard the summary but here are the results in case you missed it. 109 surveys were completed - just over a third of our membership which is a healthy response in survey terms. Three charity groups came out as your preference: Hospices, Children & Youth Rescue Services You voted to support the next charity for 2 years and there was an even split between giving specific items and providing a cheque to the charity.

The stickers are a window sticker – white on a clear background or a standard sticker black on a white background. They are oval and measure When asked what sort of activities you wanted us to 14cm x 9.5cm at the do to raise funds the following came out on top: widest point (or 5.5 x Raffles 3.75 inches for those Introduce bike parades/demonstrations that prefer as I do!) Seasonal Events Great for the car winBBQ’s dow, bumper, noteQuizzes books etc. Available Sponsored Events and developing products we can from me at Club sell to the general public also had good scores. Nights. We also had 22 votes of interest in supporting chari- See you all soon! ty events and being part of any charity subcommittee that was set up. Thank you to all volunteers as there is quite a lot of behind the scenes Stephanie activity that goes on and any support will be very Charity Coordinator welcome. Email: The next stage is for me to identify 6-8 specific charMobile: 07983 259752 ities in our location within these three groups and present them to the Committee for discussion.

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Ride of Respect - Saving Our Heroes Chapel of Rest I am sure you will all be familiar with the Ride of Respect organised events where, each year, up to 10,000 bikers ride to show their support to the brave Service men and women killed in both Iraq and Afghanistan and also to thank the towns where they are repatriated, for their treatment of our Heroes and their families.

up and headed out of the town waved on by the supportive people of Wootton Bassett. We ended up quite close to the front and all you could see behind was a long line of headlights and flags disappearing into the distance - quite a moving moment when you realised why we were all there. As we rode towards the entrance gates at Lyneham the families of the bereaved applauded our arrival and must have been moved at the show of support from strangers to their cause. After everyone had parked up and moved towards the main gates a short memorial service had been organised. This involved some very moving and tearful speeches by family members, the last post being played and the laying of wreaths and mementos of the fallen by the families at the Lyneham base entrance sign. But

Having attended the first three events in Wootton Bassett (Now Royal Wootton Bassett after having been recognised for their support of the repatriations) I was saddened to hear that the Chapel of Rest at Lyneham, where the bereaved families saw their loved ones for the first time after their bodies were returned to the UK, was planned to be demolished as part of the redevelopment of the now former RAF airbase. The bereaved families started a campaign and petition to save this iconic building that obviously meant so much to so many. Part of this was an organised perhaps the most poignant reminder of what the day vigil at the gates of the airbase and once again a was all about was the reading out of the names and call went out to bikers to support this worthwhile ranks of all of the 345 servicemen and women who cause. had passed through the Chapel of Rest that was So, Sunday dawned, Union Jack flags fixed to the now planned to be demolished as part of the airbike & trike and off we set to Royal Wootton Basbase 'development' . sett. The High Street was again filled with bikes and The plans proposed are to create a Garden of Retrikes with flags of support everywhere - a great membrance on the site but as the campaigners say sight to see. Word had obviously got around as both - it's not 'just a building' but a place of sanctity, a BBC and ITV television crews were in attendance safe haven, a sacred place and the last link beit made most local TV and radio stations that night. tween the Army and their bereaved relatives. A Ride of Respect wreath-laying ceremony was orJudging by the support to their cause thousands of ganised at the war memorial and it was bikers with other people believe this as well, and if by Riding to patches from many clubs and organisations who Show Respect supports this then I will be there at stood in silence side by side to show their support the next one. something as a biker we all see time and time again. Kevin Lear The time came to depart, engines roared into life and the town was gridlocked as the ride out formed

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110th Harley Anniversary - Rome

By Terry Martin

The morning had arrived at last after a year of planning and we set off on our brand new Road King Classic. We headed off for the Eurotunnel. When we arrived in France our first stop was Reims. The next morning, whilst making our way to Troyes, we developed a problem with the clutch. We managed to find the Harley dealership just as they were closing for lunch. They very kindly took us out to a really lovely restaurant to have lunch. On our return they speedily fixed the problem and we were on our way again and found a very nice campsite by the lakes just outside Troyes, when problem number two struck. That evening Victoria became quite unwell. Next morning I took her to the hospital where, eventually, an infection of the lung was diagnosed. This held our journey up for a few days. We were in the services discussing what we were going to do, as we were now quite behind with our schedule, when we met up with a group of bikers from Flanders Fields Chapter from Belgium. They invited us to ride with them as they had already booked a hotel in Valance and they very kindly called the hotel to book an extra room for us. We had an evening of fun and cross channel banter.

Early next morning we were taken on a wonderful ride with the most stunning views up into the mountains, although the road was quite a challenge what with all of our gear and a tent on the back of the bike. After a six hour ride we reached Nice. When we got to the hotel there was no room at the inn but our kind friends offered to give up one of their rooms (in usual Harley family kindness) by sharing one room between them so that we could then be accommodated.

We said our goodbyes the next day and travelled the whole 850 kilometres to Rome and when we finally got there our behinds were very grateful. We booked in at the Eurocamp for the four days of the anniversary. The people in the chalet next to us were from the Guernsey Chapter and we became good friends and the following day we all rode into the Port of Ostia.

I shall never forget the image of hundreds of Harleys parked in the port and all along the seafront. Everything was extremely well organised and, on the third day, we found we had been lucky enough to have drawn the tickets to ride with four thousand other bikers into Rome. We set off very proudly displaying our Great Western Chapter flag. It was an amazing feeling of unity between each and every (Continued on page 15)

Page 15 one of the riders and we were well received by the people of Rome on our arrival.

Harley had arranged another base with trade stands Then we made our way down to the beautiful walled and a stage with bands playing for the whole day city of Siena (really worth a visit). creating a wonderful atmosphere. We stopped the night in a beautifully converted 18th Although we had been warned about the traffic situCentury Farmhouse in the mountains. ation in Rome we had no idea about the volume and speed of the traffic on the road. This again was an We then rode on to the amazing city of Pisa and experience we will NEVER forget. then stayed in Genova for the night. From here on we rode a whole day and a night to reach Troyes where we stopped for a couple of nights at the same campsite as we had on the way out and from here back to the Channel Tunnel and home again. This will be a trip never forgotten and always treasured.

It came as a great surprise when we received an email from Baz saying there was a ticket for us to take the bike to the Vatican the next day where 1,400 bikes were to be blessed by the Pope. It was an awe-inspiring spectacle to watch the Pope on his PopeMobile mixing with the people and then blessing the bikes. This was the final amazing event of our four wonderful days and all of the wonderful new friends we had met during this time. After our hectic time in Rome we went and spent four lovely relaxing days by the lakes in Anguillara.

Orchard Trust Canoe Glide & BBQ

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! That’s what Andy & Jenny won as the Great Western Pirate fancy dress winners. We also had three winners from the Orchard Trust who won a voucher and a large box of Thornton’s chocolates.


The Canoe Fun day was our last official event for the Orchard Trust. The event began with 30 canoes taking in 9 miles of the River Wye with a mix of Orchard Trust staff, service users and Great Western members taking part – some in their pirate costumes! It was not meant to be a race but I don’t think everyone remembered that! Despite a few groundings and a capsize or two everyone had a great time and there were some aching arms the next day. Whilst this was going on, another group were off on a rideout around the Forest led by Stu – named the ‘Black Pearl Mystery Tour’ but everyone, whether canoeist or biker, rounded the day off at the Orchard Trust site in Lower Lydbrook to enjoy an evening of BBQ, fun games and live music from local band ‘Smokeroom’. The path to the wildlife garden, was officially opened by one of the service users Jane and everyone then took a nice walk along it. It has been named the Great Western Walk in honour of the fundraising we have done which paid for it and many other items for the Trust. In the 3 years supporting the Orchard Trust, we have raised around £20,000 and this money

We raised funds by naming the biker bear donated by Yvonne – one of those we send to our poorly Chapter members and he was won with great glee by Julie Q who correctly guessed his name was Tank. The Canoe Time raffle was won by Darlow from Cangen Cymraeg who had a bottle of wine for his prize. “Gwneud yn dda” Darlow (“Well Done” to those non-Welsh speakers reading this!) The Treasure Tombola also did very well and I could have sold many more goes – I didn’t realise that chocolate was the magic ingredient to any fundraising event despite my years of experience doing so.

Orchard Trust Canoe Glide & BBQ

has been used to purchase specific items such as specialised equipment for the Swim Gym and Sensory Room, an adjustable worktop for the Training Kitchen, outdoor furniture and gazebos and the latest purchases were a pottery kiln, 34 in 1 games table and mini Wii to be used by service users. More purchases are still to be made and we will hear about them at our December meeting when the Orchard Trust joins us for a farewell drink.

Those who camped over had breakfast served on the patio the next morning by me and OT volunteers Helen, her daughters and Kathryn. We then helped clear up, take down the gazebos and made our way home for a quiet afternoon in front of the TV in my case! Stephanie Charity Coordinator


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Sturgis “73�

By Mike & Jo Attwood smoothie which was lovely. As the weather was very hot we sat for a while to soak up the atmosphere and watch the ever increasing number of bikes. It was nice to see all of the different Harleys and old Indians. Finishing our walk along Main Street we then went around the back of town and down the side streets.

Monday 5th August We were up early, had a good breakfast, and were off to Sturgis "73". It was a 30 mile ride to Sturgis from our hotel in Rapid City along the I-90 and what a great experience joining all the other bikes that were heading the same way. When we arrived in Sturgis we were able to park the bike right on Main Street outside of the "H.A." shop where they were selling all of their merchandise. Walk along Main Street it was amazing to see all the bikes riding in and parking up. We watched them for a while and then it was time for some shopping. There were more bikes there than in Daytona and many more in the surrounding area. At 12 p.m., the first official photo was taken from a tower in Main Street but, unfortunately, we were at the back of the crowd and were hardly visible. After the photo we spent some time talking to various people in a bar and heard their stories, mainly about bikes, gun laws and Obama, and then were given a free peach

Soon it was 5.0 p.m. and time for the second official Sturgis photo. This time it was a smaller crowd and we were able to get in front by a flag and this time be in the picture. Lots of photos were taken throughout the day, some of Mike with girls wearing only body paint. The best I could do was a Gonk with horns. As the sky was getting darker it was time to leave and head back. Ten miles outside of Sturgis the sky turned black and there was a lot of fork lightning over the hills toward Rapid City. It then started to rain. We took shelter under a bridge, that went over the I-90, along with twenty other bikes also sheltering from the storm. Just after we pulled in, a bike with 20" apes, came in so fast he skidded half way up the grass embankment much to his and everyone's amusement. Once the rain stopped we carried on to Rapid City and our hotel. It was a fantastic day and a great experience to ride with all the other American bikes and to do it in and around STURGIS.

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Iron Hog

By Phil Blake ship, take a photo of the clapperboard, your number plate and a copy of today's paper (The Sun does nice big headlines). If the dealer is closed fill up with fuel or snacks to prove date and time via a receipt.

To avoid being caught in the rush I emailed straight back to confirm my interest. Steve started planning a route using Google maps, I had a Sat Nav so I agreed to lead. This was our first major headache the Sat Nav. As in all journeys, good preparation is vital and as time was of the essence I decided to update the maps on my Garmin. What a bloody misThere is an ancient Hindu proverb that states "lets take! It took me 10 hours to update and load all the ride to all 28 H-D dealers in the UK in 62 hours, POIs and connect to my Scala headset. On the Frithat'll be good for a laugh!". day before the August bank holiday Steve had My advice is to ignore this and go to the pub and booked all the hotels and sent me an email confirwait for the pain to go away. mation with addresses of the hotels. Last thing to go into the Sat Nav before leaving on the following 速 Warning to Bridgwater H.O.G. members - this tale Tuesday. I switch on, try to enter the addresses and contains no fancy dress and is an ALCOHOL FREE all I get is no data available! Engage panic circuits, ZONE. This is about riding bikes! Also no motor panic circuits engaged Agrrrrrrr!!! Now part of my homes were hurt in the making of this story. Iron Hog deal with the lovely Mrs B was to go away Newbie rides again and again and again.... for the bank holiday weekend. So at 6pm I was still on the phone to Garmin trying to breathe life into Being a member of Bridgwater and GWC H.O.G.速 this lump of junk. In our long marriage I have has great advantages - you get double the fun and learned never to give the lovely Mrs B the moral twice the opportunity. One of those opportunities high ground and as I finally threw in the towel a quilanded in the form of a MailChimp from a felet voice came from the lounge, saying "I don't rant low GWC member Steve Link. He was looking for and rave at you when you delay us by 2 fellow members to join him in doing the Iron Hog. I'd hours..." My defeat was final!! I sent a text to Steve never heard of it before but this is how it works: You explaining what had happened and my first hint of have 48 hours to visit 4 mandatory H-D dealerships Steve's character came through "OK, we will do it by - Plymouth, Maidstone, Norwich and Edinburgh and map and a car Sat Nav." for every dealership visited you get an extra 30 minutes added to the total time. So you have 50 On the journey to Dorset inspiration hit me - our lord hours to visit 4 dealers and 62 hours to visit all 28 and master Sir Tel of Portland has the same Sat dealers. When you arrive at a dealer, first you fill the Nav! Grovelling texts were sent and Terry very kinddetails in the log book. Then you have a clapperly agreed to lend us his Sat Nav and I arranged to board to fill in with mileage, name of the dealer and pick it up on way home on Monday - sweet. get the dealer to stamp it and sign to confirm you were there. Then you stand outside each dealer(Continued on page 20)

Page 20 The Tuesday arrives, bike all loaded and off to Bristol Riders at 5.45am to meet Steve for a 7am start and fuel up to prove our start time. The one bonus was we had glorious sunshine so we get over to Riders and start filling in the paperwork. It takes forever - the plan was 10 minutes a dealer but we decided the process would eventually get quicker. Onto Bridgwater, dive in and get Billy to stamp the clapperboard - all the admin done. Off to Plymouth again a dealer stamp, photos, etc. and a quick brew. Southampton next - this is the first major detour. Near Charmouth, on the A35, we run into this traffic queue, so start to filter to get to the front only to find a car fire and the emergency services blocking the road. So I detour around and of course the clock is ticking down and the mileage is going up. Finally we get to Southampton by 1.45pm, time for lunch. Now, the plan for the day is 12 dealers ending in Norwich by 10pm - not looking likely? The day goes on, Guildford next. It was between here and Shaw H-D in Lewes that a friendship was tested! We are in another traffic queue, it’s hot, the heat is pouring off the engine, we still have to visit 7 more dealers and Steve leans over and says "I could murder a pint." Tempting though it was, we had to stay focussed rather than running to the nearest pub. Into Shaws, more coffee, same process. Onto Maidstone, do the biz, then London - ahhh yes the smoke - the stupidity begins. First is Lakeside, West Thurrock - we head off following the Sat Nav and end up going through Canary wharf past the 02 and through the Blackwall tunnel. It takes eons to arrive at Lakeside and Steve says there's something wrong with the Sat Nav, he reckons we should have come over the QE2 bridge. Rummage through the settings and find the Sat Nav was set to avoid toll bridges - bugger! It's already 8.20pm, we have 2 dealers in central London to visit, then Newmarket and finish in Norwich. Steve offers the choice of binning central London and go on to Newmarket but the spirit of adventure was high so, in the words of Delboy, "He who dares Wins, Rodney". Back into central London, its stop, start, still busy, cameras everywhere. Got lost several times but at least we can use the bus lanes. Visit both dealerships in London and time for McDonalds on the Kings Rd. It's 10.55pm, I'm sitting there thinking I'm in London. I can get anything: drink, drugs, parties and lovely eastern European ladies who might pleasure my tired body - just remind me what the attraction is to go to Norwich? Steve hauls me out of Maccy Ds and say he'll lead to the M25. We get to the M25 but our junction is closed. Stop, get map out, go to the A1M and cut across to Newmarket. We arrive at

12.30am, visit the dealer, look for the address for the Hotel only to find Steve has printed the Scottish booking confirmation twice... so I say oh dear several times, this day couldn't get any more daft. We push on to Norwich, I lose Steve on the way into Norwich but finally we get to the Hotel at 1.50am. We have been riding for 20 hours and ridden 672 miles. The original plan was to leave Norwich at 6am, that was quickly binned and we rearranged to visit the Norwich Dealer in the morning at 8am. Now the revised plan is 7 dealers the next day but the same mileage so less admin as it's only 7 stops. Steve is full of optimism as tomorrow will have a lot more motorway and less dealers. We leave Norwich at 8 and on to the following dealers: Sycamore, Robin Hood, Lincoln and Chesterfield and around 4pm we hit a motorway on the way to Leeds. Steve can't believe it! Into Newcastle, through the Tyne tunnel and get to Newcastle H-D at 19.00. Scotland next, Edinburgh and finish just outside Glasgow. Get on to the A1 to Edinburgh - what a beautiful road - forests, moorland, fast straights, nice bends and herds of graceful sodding Gatsos everywhere. If ever a road was ruined this is it! It's like someone went to Holland and said can I buy all your Gatsos and have you got any spare? Edinburgh - a shame that it’s dark, it’s quite spectacular in the gloom. You would expect most dealers to be on business parks like Riders but they are in all sorts of locations including normal streets which makes them trickier to find, Edinburgh being one of those. We find Edinburgh and head off to Glasgow, tea is in the Services on the M8. We find the Glasgow dealership and push on to the hotel. Now Steve assured me that the hotel was 6 miles from the M74. Bloody Sat Nav takes us off-roading but eventually we find the hotel - what a nice surprise, we've managed an early finish - only 11.50pm. During the day we had managed to talk ourselves into the fact we had to finish at Bristol Riders by 7pm so decide to leave at 5am to guarantee getting Swansea in. The night porter offers us breakfast at 4.30am, what a gentleman! Get out to the bikes at 5am, it's raining, we gear up and set off on our final day. Funnily enough the Sat Nav takes us on the 6 mile easy route to the M74!!! Straight down the M74, on to the M6 in to Preston. Forgot to get a paper in the services so leg it into Lidl - have to settle for the Star today. Chester next, get lost between Chester and Stoke trying to avoid the M6, end up on the M6 filtering through the traffic. At least its stopped raining. Get to Stoke, on (Continued on page 21)

Page 21 to Wolverhampton and Birmingham - the traffic and roadworks are killing our schedule. Our plan was Birmingham, Oxford, Cheltenham, Swansea and Bristol and we needed 3.5 to 4 hours left to get from Cheltenham to Swansea to Bristol. Cheltenham is decision time if we are going to do the 28 dealers. We had wrongly worked out we had to be in Bristol before 7pm ( in fact we had to be there by 9pm....muppets!). So we leave Birmingham, avoid the roadworks, get onto the M42 and down the M40. Now those of us that own a Garmin Zumo 550 will know one of its most outstanding flaws. It has the most optimistic arrival time ever. Punch in a destination it will say arrival of an hour, stop at the first junction and it will add another hour and so on, it is the most depressing Sat Nav ever. I think we actually gained time once on our epic journey and that was between Birmingham and Oxford. Flying down the M40, the Sat Nav was giving us time back! I have to admit things were starting to blur as I was riding along. I had been considering a Scooby Doo paint job for a long time as no one else has one, but had decided that I needed something more classy, more mainstream so I came up with a Captain Caveman paint scheme. What was I thinking? Time to get to Oxford and start snorting coffee! Then I realised that Steve was missing...bugger. Nearly at Oxford, get to the dealership, call him, no answer. I can only wait, oh and lose the 5 minutes we gained. Eventually he rolls in holding bits of his bike, what had happened was the heel shift had worked loose and jammed between the frame and the engine. So every time he leaned left it was grinding the road. He had to stop on the hard shoulder and yank it out. Steve gets to Oxford and his engine is smothered in oil - into the workshop it goes, he's lost 1.5 litres of oil. The mechanic tops up the oil, says this can happen when a tourer is worked hard, just keep an eye on it. We have lost an hour or more and 28 dealers is game over. A pleasant ride up to Cheltenham, spend 30 minutes doing the last 4 miles into the dealership. Get to Cheltenham at 5pm we have to be at Bristol now by 6.30pm. An hour and a half to get to Brislington across the city. For some reason I don't think we're going to make it and start to panic. I had completely forgotten motorbikes can use the bus lanes in Bristol.. We slide through Bristol with ease, pull into Riders at 5.55pm they were just closing. I get Jeremy Parrot to stamp our final clapperboard and he's in our final photo. Celebrations all round we've done it! It was a fun trip, very different. If you are looking for an idea for a reasonably long trip do this, but over a week or ten days. You ride some good scenic

roads. This is open to anyone and to get the patch you only need to visit the 4 mandatory dealers, roughly 1200 miles in 50 hours. Any Harley will do including a Sportster, as you need the fuel receipts as evidence! Our thanks go to most dealers who where open who offered free coffee, water and directions. Anyone want to try for 28 dealers next year? Words Phil (Newbie) Blake Grammar Punctuation Paragraphs Missing words Making sense Swear word removal The Lovely Mrs B

Fob Off You’re miles from home, you go to start your Harley and your ignition will not come on …. Help! Three things could have happened. 1. Your key fob battery has gone flat. 2. You are near a radio transmitter, typically abroad. 3. You’ve lost your key fob. All is not lost and you don’t need to call recovery. Your Harley can be started by entering a five digit PIN number by operating the handlebar switches in a certain sequence. How to do this is explained in your Harley owners manual or you can ask another chapter member or a dealership. Your Harley is supplied with a factory set PIN number which can be insecure, I strongly recommend you change it to a number known only by you and you understand how to use it. My fob has failed three times abroad due to radio transmitter blockage and I got going again each time by using my PIN number. Note that in the UK we do not have this problem. I also recommend you renew the fob battery every 2 -3 years as they are cheap to buy and easy to install. Si Griffiths

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Motorcycling in Australia

By Lynne Avery pore Sling at Raffles.

The Great Ocean Road March 2013 This trip had been a long time in the making. Australian friends we had made on previous USA and Canadian biking trips were keen for us and our friends from the North East to sample the delights of Oz culture by biking along the Great Ocean Road. Daz and his wife Janet (own a splendid 1986 Harley Ultra Classic 80 cubic inches - enough of the technical bit) put in an enormous effort planning the route, finding accommodation and things to do along the way. John, his mate (owns a Honda Goldwing - well what can I say someone has to) supported Daz in spirit during the planning I was led to believe.

We then flew to Melbourne for a couple of chill out days visiting Victoria Market and St Kilda's with our friendly guides (Daz and Janet) and meeting up with the rest of the people joining us. This being our friends from the UK, Andrew and Jean, who flew in from New Zealand straight from a three week biking trip there, John, Gel an Australian lady from Wombat (with an email address hobbithole - I did check her feet but they were not hairy) who rode for seven hours all on her own on her Yamaha Star to join us and finally her friend Kathie from Sydney who came along for the ride - literally.

March ,we were informed, would be like a nice summer back home as it is then end of summer in Oz. Kathie, who thought she was going to be sat with Expect temperatures of about 240C Janet, who was driving the support vehicle, had 24th February we left the shivery UK and began our never been on a bike before but she had "the time journey to Melbourne which was the starting point of her life" as pillion on John's Goldwing - no acfor the biking part of our holiday - the Great Ocean counting for taste even though it is a very pretty blue Road. We nearly had to cancel the trip as poor Bar- colour! rie was not at all well but I was determined to get th him on that plane. I made an excellent Sherpa get- Monday 4 March ting three large suitcases and Barrie onto the shuttle The UK contingent picked up their hired bikes a Harley Ultra Classic and a BMW RT1150. There bus and checked in. Barrie did his best to help, was then another problem with Barrie - he had forbless him, but one of the cases attacked his thigh and to add insult to injury he had a dead leg for sev- gotten his plastic driving licence without which one cannot hire a motorcycle OMG! Thank goodness eral days! for the wonders of modern technology. It was 9am Anyway onwards and upwards to quote Mr. Payne. in Melbourne and 10pm back home but few phone We stopped off at Singapore for three nights encalls to my son and brother who collaborated in getroute. A fascinating modern city along the river inter- ting to our house, finding the driving licence, scanspersed with some old colonial buildings and a suning it and emailing to the hire place in Melbourne perb MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) system. As tradition (Continued on page 23) requires, I had to force myself to imbibe in a Singa-

Page 23 and three hours later we were on our way. Hoorah!

ing, drinking - seem to be doing a lot of that so far. Lorne can be found on a bay named after Captain Our first destination was Healesville stopping for two Louttit, who sought shelter there in 1841 while sunights. We visited Healesville Sanctuary along the pervising the retrieval of cargo from a nearby shipway and saw Cuckaburros, Lyrebirds, Emus and wreck. Strange to see cockatoos flying around in the Kangaroos to name a few. Then through the Yarra Valley with its abundance of wineries hence dinner wild. Similar to our seagulls as they tend to hang around restaurants but are much more colourful. that night in a Winery/Brewery. Saturday 9th March 2½ hours riding today. First stop for morning tea at Apollo Bay. Apollo Bay is located between the Wye River and Cape Otway situated along one side of the Great Ocean Road, overlooking a wide, grassy Tuesday 5th March foreshore which fronts the main swimming beach. A 5 hour tour around the area visiting Marysville a Weather has been getting progressively hotter so no township which was still being rebuilt after bush fires tea this morning but ice creams. However did draw three years ago. Swathes of burnt out spruce trees. the line at Vegemite and Mushroom flavoured ices. Winding roads through forests. Advisory speed lim- Yuk! its on bends mean what they say (the bends are Another Aussie culinary delight was a dessert called tight!). Lots of refreshment breaks along the route. Frog in the Pond. Wednesday 6th March Left Healesville for a 2½ hours ride to our destination Cowes, Phillip Island for one night. Along the way visited a Wildlife Park where we fed kangaroos and Cassowarys large flightless birds. The clutch on the hired Harley was now slipping. We could have returned it but the rider insisted on putting up with it. We could see black clouds above his head.

Morning tea at Koo Wee Rup, Lunch at Rhyll. The evening was one of the highlights of the holiday. Phillip Island The frog bit was OK - chocolate. Nature Park at Summerland Beach. Watching the nightly crossing of Little Penguins. Up to 100 penFantastic scenery today. guins come ashore at dusk when it is free from predators and find their way back to their partners and burrows in the surrounding hills. Some have been away for just a day others for two/three years. Thursday 7th March Left Cowes for a 4½ hour ride today. Morning tea/ coffee stop at the Packing Shed which is what it says on the tin - a huge shed full of antiques, retro and kitsch stuff. On to Sorrento for lunch after which we caught the ferry to Queenscliff. Passing through Torquay and Angelsea - certainly have been around a bit today. Reached our destination of Lorne which is the beginning of the Great Ocean Road. Friday 8th March Day spent relaxing around Lorne - swimming, eat-

(Continued on page 24)

Page 24 Stopped to take pics of Koala bears in the wild. Even some of the Aussies had never seen Koalas in the wild before (Tip - never hug a Koala Bear as apparently they will wee on you). Through the rugged and bushy Great Otway National Park, which includes a lighthouse at Cape Otway which we climbed to the top. It began operating in 1848, serving as warning beacon for sailing ships navigating along Victoria's southern coast. Also toured the surrounding historical buildings which includes lightkeepers' residences, a telegraph station and a radar room. On to our two night stop at Port Campbell. Along the way the breathtaking Twelve Apostles - a collection of limestone stacks off the shore of the Port Campbell National Park. Magnificent sight with spray and mist hitting the apostles. I believe only eight remaining now due to erosion according to our Aussie friends - reckon sold some of them off to the Chinese.

Sunday 10th March Took a short stroll along the shipwreck coast. Loch Ard Gorge is the site of a 19th century shipwreck 'Loch Ard' which was lost on the rocks below after making the voyage from England. An 18 year girl and the ship's apprentice being the only survivors. A coast line with steep vertical cliffs where we walked down to the beach with the surf waves breaking in the Southern Ocean. It's getting even hotter. Monday 11th March Before heading inland stopped at Thunder Cove.

Today's destination is Ballarat. Stopped for our morning break at Camperdown a rural township. Driving through flat farming counting, very arid with several dried salt lakes. John on his Goldwing and us on the BMW RT1150 (have been keeping that quiet). As Barrie was poorly at outset of holiday cancelled our Ultra Classic but after a few days in Melbourne he felt a little better but unfortunately the Ultra Classic had gone). (Continued on page 25)

Page 25 Well there we were - John on his pretty blue Goldwing (think I was his pillion that day being a little cheesed off with the BMW) and Barrie alone on the said BMW. But where were the rest of the group? The hired Harley Ultra Classic had a flat tyre. Fortunately, John and us had stopped at an air conditioned cafe waiting for the rest to catch up. It was 370C by now. Apparently the hottest March since 1940. As it was the day before last upon our return to Melbourne the hired Harley bike was loaded into the horse box - the horse was none too pleased. Wednesday 13th March Unfortunately heading back to Melborne today stopping at Daylesford in the heart of Victoria's spa country along the way. Strolled beside the lake. A cool 280C. Drop off the hire bikes. Say a sad goodbye to everyone - Daz and Janet and John now back in their home city. Gel back to Wombat on her long biking journey home and Kathie to catch a flight back to Sydney. A wonderful biking trip (despite the BMW) all due to Daz and Janet's organisation. Poor Janet who was driving the support vehicle only managed a turn on Daz's bike for one day. Well done to her - I wouldn't have wanted to drive a horse box around. Thursday 14th March Barrie, I, Andrew and Jean then spent two more nights in Melbourne before flying to Sydney for four nights where Kathie very kindly invited us to dinner. We then flew to Cairns and hired a car to take us to Port Douglas for four nights where we visited the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree Rain Forest and the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway. Eventually we arrived at Ballarat a gold mining community with lovely buildings and wide streets. Tuesday 12th March Walked to Sovereign Hill, the site of an outside gold mining museum. Comparable in size and quality to the Museum of Welsh Life at St Fagans, Spent the whole day there. 370C again. Luckily we had an indoor pool at the hotel where we could all cooled off.

Eventually we arrived at Heathrow early morning with 00C temp. The car had been sat there for four weeks - lo and behold a flat battery. We waited in the cold for the RAC for an hour and a half to finally arrive at our front door after 40 hours of nonstop travelling since leaving Port Douglas.

Page 26

Peter & Duncan’s Pump Stop where we received a warm reception from Jim and also from Dave Martin, Director of Lindum Colonia Chapter.

We have certainly been lucky with the weather this year, for almost all of our 10th Anniversary events. Aside from the Gentlemen’s IOW Tour, when it peed down remorselessly (still great fun), and the predictable attack of the brass monkeys, during the Night Ride, it has been brilliant. However, this was not how it was appearing in the days leading up to the “Go East” Tour. The forecast was dismal and we could see all our planned scenic routes becoming a soaking ordeal. Well, once again, the GWC gods were feeling pretty well disposed to us. Our first day, riding up the Fosse Way to Lincoln was a real scorcher – the further East we went, the sun shone brighter and the hotter it got. We really couldn’t believe the prediction of rain for the following day but, indeed, the morning began with leaden skies, drizzle and then heavy rain. Fortunately, it didn’t last long, in contrast to back here in the west, where we gather it was pretty foul. For us, we then had clear, fresher weather for the rest of the trip. More on the ‘Go East’ tour will appear in next month’s issue, so I’ll just add that our tour included visits to two dealerships – firstly to Lincoln Harley-Davidson

The dealership is small compared with Riders, but they did have some pretty custom bikes to ogle over. This Ultra was particularly nice, with its paint job having been inspired by the Lancaster “City of Lincoln” that has its home at the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

Our second dealership visit was at Uppingham, (Continued on page 27)

Page 27 following our ride round the southern shore of Rutland Water. This is Sycamore Harley-Davidson, the home of the Rutland Chapter. Earlier that day, the dealership and Chapter had organised a new Harley -owners ride around Rutland Water, followed by a barbecue back at the shop. They kept everything going entirely for our benefit, so there were burgers, donuts and hot drinks for everyone. We met up with a good number of the Chapter, including Assistant Director, Mike Grant (flowers were for his wife)

While Yvonne and I put together the complex itinerary for the tour, over many months, and reccied, modified and refined it earlier this year, its execution would have been impossible without the fantastic support of the Road Captains, co-ordinated by Christof. Nobody got lost or left behind and the one “breakdown” – a puncture, was quickly dealt with without recourse to Harley Assistance. A big thank you, to you guys! Lots of people have admired and lusted after the ultra-bright Harley-Davidson LED headlamp on my Street Glide. I first spotted these in the States last year, didn’t buy one there and then, pondering on the $$$. Of course, back home, I decided I really did want one and asked Paul, in Riders, how much one would cost. Big disappointment – the LED headlamp was not available in Europe. So, it had to wait for our next visit to San Diego to get one. Well, lust no longer, so over to Duncan for our tip of the month: This month I have teamed up with Paul, in parts, and he has come up with a special offer just for Chapter members

and there was the usual flurry of t-shirt buying (as at “We’ve all noticed it’s getting darker earlier at this Lincoln). time of year but that’s no reason to cut your late The Chapter was pretty impressed with our tour and summer riding short. New Harley Daymaker LED how, for most members, it was new territory. Taking headlights produce a far more natural white light when compared to traditional headlights, reducing a leaf from our book, they are thinking about a “Go rider stress when riding at night. These upgrades West” tour for 2014! also give a far better spread of light on both low and Rather unexpectedly (certainly for the dealership) high beam and “punch” further through the dark to was this happy chappie (Dave Vass) discovering his improve rider safety. Available to retro–fit most Hardream bike – a 2011, low mileage, bronze- coloured ley models, these long-life LED units are shock and Heritage, with a truck load of accessories. He did vibration resistant and are a “plug and play” fit. the deal there and then. Hopefully by now, he has We are currently offering free fitting on this fantastic ridden all the way back up to Uppingham to collect product so you can prepare yourself from just £395. it! Also available are LED upgrade kits for customers with existing auxiliary light kits. Please give us a call if you have any questions about these units.” Once again, Safe Riding

Peter and Duncan & Paul@Riders

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Orchard Trust

By Kathryn

Hello Everyone, Well the Canoe Paddle weekend event was so good! Everyone who canoed said that they really enjoyed it and several people have asked me if we could make it an annual event! There were some great pirate outfits! Steven, who lives at the Orchards and Caroline and Chris, who live at Morelands were really pleased to win prizes for their costumes. Lee, our Head of Support, was so well disguised, that even those of us who work with her didn’t recognise her at first! Service Users and staff enjoyed the music provided by Smokeroom, Caroline as a Pirate particularly Graham playing his guitar with the band, Steven with his tambourine and Dean and David dancing with everyone. I was pleased that GWC members got to see the official opening of the path that they'd fundraised for and hopefully people also noticed the chair and bench by the camping area next to the Lodge, in memory of Pete Marlow as well. I think the campers enjoyed their cooked breakfasts - a good end to the weekend! Thank you to everyone who organised/helped in any way to make it such a success, particularly Stephanie and Anita. Thanks also to Jane, Stu and Martin for solving the ‘puzzle of the gazebo frame’ in torrential rain! Thanks also to everyone who helped to pack away/clear up on Sunday morning!

then on Saturday they did a sponsored climb to the top of Snowdon. This was a fantastic achievement, as many had never attempted anything like this before – so well done everyone! Funds raised are going towards creating/equipping a sensory room at Offa s Dyke. Still on the fundraising theme - staff from Hilltop held a very successful Jumble Sale in a local village hall to raise funds on the same day as the climb. Also Lorraine and Lee from Sevenoaks attended a local Church Fete to raise awareness of The Trust and the work that we do. Clare who lives at Sevenoaks also went with them and helped with setting up the table and display and enjoyed interacting with visitors to the fete. There was much excitement at the Learning Centre yesterday – as ‘the kiln’ had arrived, from Germany. They’ve wanted one for a long time now and were so pleased when GWC donated the money for one. We’ve had the electrics upgraded in readiness and now the kiln will just need wiring in to the supply. We’ll let you know how using the kiln progresses.

We’ve been especially busy here in the Training Team this month, as we submitted a funding bid to ‘Skills for Care’ for a project to train Activity Coordinators across Gloucestershire, who work in Elderly Care homes or Learning Disability homes. Forty two people have signed up for the programme and will attend eleven sessions, from mid-September until end March 2014. One of the great things about this project is that their managers are involved as well, The Canoe Paddle inspired Bev, who I share an and they will attend five of the sessions too. The office with, to ‘put pen to paper’– so see below for focus is on a ‘whole home approach’ to activities in her ditty – thanks Bev! the workplace and it’ll be a really fun programme to This month has been busy as usual, particularly last work on. Saturday. Nine members of staff from Offa’s Dyke (Continued on page 29) left the site on Friday to travel to North Wales and

Page 29 Kimberly Drive and Morelands tenants have been out and about. They enjoyed a day out, organised for the Trust by the Blue Birds Club. They went on a boat trip from Gloucester to Bourton-on-Water, where they stopped and had some lunch, and then came back again. The trip took around 4.5 hours in total and the guys even got to drive the boat! Fantastic!

For there, upon the river blue, a-paddling right below, Were 30 boats with pirate crew - all going with the flow! Complete with parrots, skulls and beards, they cruised upon the water, Some doing well, some being nagged, not paddling like they ought ter! From high up on the bank we watched, and had a few surprises, A couple hit the shingle bank and turned into capsizers! But we all cheered and waved them on, all paddling with a thrust, Our hardy lads and lasses from GWC and Orchard Trust! And afterwards, when all were back with feet on solid ground, A horde of pirates round the bar and barbie could be found! With a swig of beer, a burger, and a rousing, “Oy, me hearty!”, The pirates shook their booty – and they

Thank you all for your support and best wishes from showed us how to party! everyone at The Orchard Trust.

Kathryn The Orchard Trust

GWC PADDLE DITTY (from an Orchard Trust spectator)

And so the evening carried on, into the wee small hours, The good times there were fun for all, but the pleasure is all ours, Because, Great Western Chapter, you’ve been so kind, with all your giving,

If I had been a passer-by on an August Saturday, That you’ve made a massive difference to the lives that we are living. Just strolling by the River Wye to pass the time of day, I might think I had drunk a bit, become a bit too Thank you to all of you, From Everyone at Orchard Trust jolly, Cause something must have sent me well and truly off my trolley!

For all aspects of running the joint, these are the men to see! Martin on the left, Duncan on the right.


Duncan To buy your new Iron Horse, you need to talk to these guys:




Now you have the new bike – you’ll need some shiny bits for it, upstairs in the Parts Dept you’ll find these guys willing to help:




To look the part, you’ll need to see:

For servicing and MOT’s, speak to:



Dave is the man to see for Demo’s & Rentals

For all things “office”, these are the girls who keep it all running smoothly




After all that you will need a cuppa, the girls in the Cafe are:



Gemima Page 30


At a Glance - 2013 GWC Activities Calendar Contact Anita Cockwell if you have any other events you would like to see listed. Tel: 01761 471385 or mobile: 07702 073361 or e-mail: For further details on any event listed visit “What’s On” on the GWC website. Date

Chapter Events



October 8th

Club Night

Bazz Aggett

Cross Hands Hotel, Old Sodbury


Club Night

Bazz Aggett

St Mary’s Hotel, Pencoed


Ride Out/Activity

Greg Payne

‘Blasting at Big Pit’

Committee Contacts Sponsoring Dealer Duncan White 0117 9588777 Director Barry Aggett 07907 351650 Asst Director/Treasurer Peter Roberts 07540 164157 Asst Director/ Head Road Captain Alan Stokes 07766 237242 Secretary Yvonne Roberts 01225 751017 Webmaster Chris Harding 07801 562011


Activity/Ride Out


Hoggin the Mughal (formerly Hoggin the Bridge)


Natter Night

Bazz Aggett

Ferry Inn, Beachley


10th Anniversary

Anita Cockwell

Dinner Dance, Hilton Hotel Aztec West


Ride Out

Ian Mead

'Ups & Downs' or 'Whatever the Weather'


Club Night

Bazz Aggett

Cross Hands Hotel, Old Sodbury


Club Night

Bazz Aggett

St Mary’s Hotel, Pencoed

Photographer/Historian Tony Yendle 07787 551612


10th Anniversary

Jane Scott

LOH weekend trip to London

Ladies of Harley Jane Scott 07894 086626


Ride Out

Steph Pocock

‘Wild Wanderings around Wiltshire’


Natter Night

Bazz Aggett

Ferry Inn, Beachley


Activities Officer Anita Cockwell 01761 471385 Safety Officer Andy Kendall 07905 397474 Editor Mark Cockwell 07900 496711

Charity Co-ordinator Stephanie Evans 07983 259752 Cangen Cymraeg Rep Greg Payne 07976 913004

December 7th

Xmas Party

Anita Cockwell

St Mary’s Hotel, Pencoed



Bazz Aggett

Cross Hands Hotel, Old Sodbury


Club Night

Bazz Aggett

St Mary’s Hotel, Pencoed


Ride Out

‘Big Al’ Stokes

‘Tinsel in Tetbury’

Rally Co-ordinator Tony James 07940 895921

Road Captains Barry Aggett, Mike Brake, Paul Bromhead, Nigel Garnett, Simon Griffiths, Paul Groom, Chris Harding, Martin James, Ian Johnson, Andy Kendall, Andy Kendall, (RKK), Ian Mead, Greg Payne, Dave Pocock, Stephanie Pocock, Dave Roberts, Mike Sage, Darren Sharp, Jane & Stuart Scott, Alan Stokes, Tony Yendle.

Road Marshals Tony Cole, Steve Crook, Paul Evans, Neil Lewis, Steve Link, Neil Prescott, Bryn Wiltshire.

All details on GWC web site

RoadHOG is printed by the Woodside Press

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