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August 2013

Official Newsletter of the Great Western Chapter

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Director’s Cut

By Barry “Bazzzzer” Aggett Hi All,

strolling the streets, looking at all makes of bike and I’m told there are vacan- scooters! cies in the weather fore- Then there’s the next BIG one at the end of August, casting business if the combined canoe glide, rideout and barbecue at you’re interested. Just a the Orchard Trust. This will be our last gathering while ago they thought with the OT, so let’s go out with a bang and also we would be in for 10 witness the naming of the “Great Western Walk” years of poor summers path and see the Pete Marlow memorial bench & and now there’s been a chair. heatwave. That’s the Unfortunately a couple of our members are not havsort of job you want, no ing the best time of it. You may remember I had prematter whether you get in right or wrong, you still viously mentioned that Steve Proud was in hospital, get paid. A bit like Bankers! well, it transpires he had a fractured ankle which Anyway, I can only say the weather has been fantastic and very kind so far to our 10th Anniversary events. We now have seven under our belt and touch wood they’re all turning out to be a great success. The Hogs In The Hayfields Rally was jam packed with excellent entertainment and we raised close to £1000 for charity, £200 of which was given to Breast Cancer support in South Wales and a cheque for £4000 was presented to the Orchard Trust; look out for the rally write-up in the H.O.G. magazine. The Treasure Hunt run by Jeff Gleed & Julie Quick (thanks both) took people on a mystery adventure and the worthy winners were “Decaffeinated Ginger”. I’m sure the team members will get a mention later in the mag.

went undiagnosed for many months and whilst they were sorting that out his colon burst! Also, Sandra Silsbury took a tumble, not on her bike but coffee spilt on the floor and broke both her tibia and fibia. To both of these we say get well soon.

Mixed in with the above events were American Power at W-S-M, courtesy of RKK & Smurf, with congratulations going to Mike & Jo Attwood who won “bike of the night” with their Shovel, yes it’s a bike, not another type of spade! and then American Independence Day at Riders where there was an opportunity to tour the workshop and a chance for potential new chapter members to ask questions about joining GWC.

a unanimous decision not to go forward with a GWC Facebook Group. Background details to follow.

Special thanks go again to Sonja Bedow for sewing on patches at the July Cross Hands Hotel meeting, Sonja raised a staggering £123.50 for charity, well done girl, and being a sucker for punishment Sonja plans to attend the St Mary’s meeting in August. If you’re sat in St Mary’s reading this and thinking “I wish I’d brought my waistcoat”, you need to read your MailChimps!

Thanks also to the new Road Marshal volunteers, three in Wales, Bryn Wiltshire, Steve Link & Neil Next was Rhayader (Rideharder) where about 70 of Lewis and Neil Prescott from the English side. More us took in the stunning scenery of Wales, thanks to hands make light work and lessens the burden of LBD, whilst baking in 30 degrees of sunshine, a rideout planning. combination that is very unlikely to happen again, so I’m so pleased we were there. The Friday rideout to The process of selecting our next Charity to sponsor is gathering pace, so I urge you to fill in the quesSnowdonia had a few complaining about their buttionnaire by the 14th August deadline, either online tocks but after the pain had gone I’m sure they all or at the August meeting nights. thought it was unforgettable. If you were unable to attend I can thoroughly recommend you take a look Your committee has now reviewed the findings from at the video produced by Hardarse on our website. the Facebook working group and in a nutshell it was

And there’s more to come. SOFER will have come and gone by the time you read this, followed by the Bristol Bike Show on the 17th August, which is always a good chill out day for chewing the cud and

For full details of all our events please visit the website as this is being frequently updated as events firm up and if you find anything missing please remind us, we’re only human! Barry “Bazzzzer” Aggett Director Email: Home: 01291 620371 Mobile: 07907 351650

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Secretary’s Update

Hi Everyone! We’ve had a busy time over the last few weeks with our “Meet the Chapter Day” at Riders on July 6th and three of our 10th Anniversary events taking place. We were blessed with good weather for all of them. Several Committee Members were on hand at Riders, to meet with new and potential GWC members on July 6th and Martin Rich kindly provided doughnuts, as well as giving a tour of the shop. As a result I am pleased to report that we have gained some new Chapter members. Our rally was a great success, with plenty of opportunities for people to get involved and have a good time. After all the practicing and waiting, our Gurzel’s routine was over before we knew it!

By Yvonne Roberts the very beautiful Elan Valley and also visiting the Red Kite Centre to see countless numbers of these lovely birds swooping down for the food, so close to us. Dave Watts has recently visited Steve Proud (Sparky), who is in hospital. He will continue to be in hospital for some time yet, as he has to have yet more surgery, but he’s already looking forward to being able to ride his Harley once again when he is fully recovered. Our July Club nights were well attended. Eating at St Mary’s was al fresco – a first! Sonja Beddow spent the entire Club night at the Cross Hands sewing on patches and raised £123.50 for charity! The July raffle raised a total of £119 for the Orchard Trust, thank you as always. Big Al gave the new Road Captains their certificates.

I really enjoyed the Treasure Hunt, which was organised by Julie Quick and Jeff Gleed. It was the first one I had taken part in, so I didn’t know quite what to expect! Thank you to Julie and Jeff for all their time and effort. It was 18 months since Peter, Baz and I visited Rhayader on a very cold January day, to meet up with Alan and his team. We were impressed by their welcome then, but we were even more impressed with the welcome they gave us for our Riding Weekend. There were over 70 GWC members who joined us at some stage over the weekend. Alan delivered good weather as promised and fantastic evening entertainment for us to chill out to, which was centred round the many pubs. Peter became the GWC Rock, Paper, Scissors champion and we all sang along with the Rhayader Jammers. My most anxious moment was when there were only 4 of us who turned up for the wheelbarrow pub crawl and found 12 of the organisers plus about 9 wheelbarrows with dressing up clothes waiting to start! However, my fears melted away as Bryn and Ian materialised to be followed by several other brave souls! It was quite a challenge running round the pubs, carrying out silly tasks and downing a drink at each pub! The Sian showed the certificate which was presented to surrounding scenery was fabulous, but the high (Continued on page 4) points of the weekend for me were riding through

Page 4 her on behalf of the Chapter by the Velindre Cancer Centre for donating £200 to them, which we raised in the Hospitality Tent at our rally. Ian Troughton presented the pennant from the Irish Bike Fest, which will be hung with the rest in Riders. We met Janet Locke, Adrian’s partner at the Cross Hands

Clive Moody from Emersons Green has just joined GWC.

and Roger Chubb from Bristol at “Meet the Chapter” at Riders.

Jos, an already a well-established member, with his wife Caroline who has recently joined the Chapter. Best wishes to Sandra Silsbury for a speedy recovery from her broken leg. Please check out our website for details of all our Merchandise and how to order items, or see me at our Club nights. Ride safe Other new members to welcome to the Chapter are: Richard and Janette Jones from Gloucester, StewYvonne art and Melissa Wallace from Tetbury, Ben Freeman Secretary from Chippenham, John Vickerstaff who is returning from Switzerland to live in Clevedon Email: Home: 01225 751017 Mike and Liz Denton from Barry and Martin and Jackie Jones who are returning from Qatar to live in Swansea were so impressed when they met us at Cangen Cymraeg that they too have decided to join GWC. P.S. For the latest information on our GWC Merchandise, please look at the Merchandise page on our Chapter website, where you will find the details of prices and how to order our range of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and fleeces, which all have our GWC logo embroidered on the front, as well as all of our patches and pins.

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Committee Meeting Round-up

By Yvonne Roberts

For July’s Committee Meetings held on July 20th

Between the Covers

In our July discussion, we held a very useful 2013 Rally debriefing with Tony James and Mike and Caroline Filder, which will help with future planning. As a result of making adjustments, receiving feedback and having further discussion on aligning our Chapter by-laws with the revised H.O.G® Annual Chapter Charter for 2013, we agreed that our bylaws are now compliant. After being signed off by Martin Rich, Baz will send them to H.O.G® We agreed that H.O.G® events should be on our “What’s On” page, on our website, but non-H.O.G® events should only be included if they do not clash with GWC events, or GWC are attending them. Chris will ensure that there are links from the “What’s On” page to anything that GWC is organising. Chris summarised the issues raised by the subcommittee which met to look into the pros and cons of setting up a closed GWC Facebook group. The outcome of our discussion will be explained at the August Club Nights. We commented on two further successful 10th Anniversary events which recently took place and were well attended: thanks to Julie Quick and Jeff Gleed for organising the Treasure Hunt and to all concerned in the Rhayader weekend. Further details of our very last charity event with the Orchard Trust on August 24th will be sent out shortly. We all agreed that it was important to keep a record of Chapter events and GWC members should be encouraged to send photos of GWC events to Tony Yendle, our Photographer and Historian, for the GWC Year Book, the website and RoadHOG. Anita is busily looking ahead to planning events for 2014, which will be discussed at our next meeting.

Hi All and welcome to the August issue of the RoadHOG magazine and this month it’s a big un. Firstly, and before I forget, I’d like to say a big thank you to all those of you that have submitted articles, without you I’d be out of a job. Also - Stu and Richard - I haven’t forgotten you your articles will be in next month’s issue. So what can you expect to find between the covers this month? Well on the 10th anniversary front its been busy what with the Treasure Hunt, Hogs in the Hayfields and the Rhayader Riding Weekend. You’ll find articles for the first two of these events in this issue and I’ll be looking for volunteers for write-ups of the Rhayader weekend for next month’s issue. On a personal note me n Neats attended all three of these events and they were, in a word, fantastic. So what else is there? Well there’s an excellent piece from Duncan involving a free weekend, a rented Road King and the wide open roads of California plus a sobering article from our Safety Officer, Andy Kendall, on the need to take care of your tyres and points to consider when replacing them. I’ll finish hoping the good weather is still with us and we’ve all had plenty of opportunities to get out and ride while the sun still shines. Ride to live.

The date of our next GWC Committee meeting was set for August 31st at 10.30am at Riders.


A full copy of the July Minutes is available on request to me, Yvonne Roberts.

Email: Mobile: 07900 496711


(Note: Views expressed in the articles are not necessarily the views of the Editor)



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From The Front

By Alan “Big Al” Stokes

Hi All Firstly this month I would like to turn the clock back a few weeks to our 6th HITH rally. What a cracker. Personally I had a really good time and thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. For me the Rally rideout is always my biggest consideration and I am glad to say the ride went off without a hitch. All the planning and hard work from the ride team paid off as a result. So it’s a big thank you to all who helped out and for those who turned out to support the ride. I have written an article which goes into more detail and should be somewhere in this issue of RoadHOG. I hope you enjoy it, and it may bring back one or two memories. Next up in what has been a busy six weeks or so, was the Rhayader Riding weekend. Superlatives are so often used to describe such events. In this case though, to say the weekend was of the highest quality and a fantastic blast is well deserved. The riding was extreme at times and the scenery stunning, as were the sheep, so I’m told. I noticed the odd admiring glances from a few of the boys. I wondered why there were Wellies tied to some of the bikes when we set out? To top it all, we were blessed with what has to have been, the best weather the UK has seen for quite a few summers. The highlight for me has to be stood on top of the highest pass in Wales accessible by road. The views just went on and on with Mount Snowdon rising in the background. The other side of the coin was going back down the 17% incline. Not normally a problem but braking hard in the heat I managed to cook my back brakes and soon found I had nothing there. Once over this bottom tweaking moment it was a case of a lower gear, backing off from the rider in front, and hoping the front brake held up. No problem, everything was fine once it all cooled down. Still it’s all part of the fun, although I’m not sure Sue would agree as we loomed to the edge of the road and a sheer drop. And now onto the forthcoming rides ……

Sunday 18th August 2013 – Steph Pocock and Team “Meandering to Sammy Millers” Why not join us and take this fantastic opportunity to combine a good cross country ride whilst also visiting the legendary Sammy Millers museum. Located in the New Forest area you get to see some great countryside combined with a chance to get up close and personal with some of the great motorcycle names from years gone by. The plan is to meet at the Little Chef located adjacent to the A350 roundabout approaching Chippenham (leave M4/J17 and head for Chippenham). Please be fuelled up and ready to depart at 09.30 a.m. Fuel is available at the services next to the Little Chef. The outbound ride will take in “Zig Zag” hill and the lunch stop will be taken at Sammy Millers. The return trip will head across country and finish at Warminster Services (fuel and refreshments available) on the main A36. This is classed as a Level C ride of circa 140 miles on mostly A roads with one complex hill section. Sunday 15th September 2013 – Si Griffiths & Team “The Real Deal” This is a great chance to explore South Wales and the English borders on a ride that offers some superb ridings roads. The plan is to meet at Magor Services for 09.00 a.m. and be fuelled up ready to depart for 09.30 a.m. The ride will head up the Wye Valley on the A466 to Monmouth. We will then take the A49 to Hereford and onto the “American Dinner” at Leominster for a short break. The ride will then continue on the A44 Crossgates where there will be a fuel stop (approx. 85 miles). Next the route will head on the A483 Builth Wells and onto the B4519 / B4520 up over Eppynt firing range to Brecon. Then it’s the A40 to Llandovery for a lunch stop. The return route will take the A4069 up over the Black Mountains to Brynaman and onto the A474 to Pontardawe where the ride will finish. Fuel is available at this point. This is classed as a Level C ride of circa 160 miles on A and B roads.

Page 7 Sunday 29th September 2013 – Stu Scott & Team then be a comfort break at Sparkford Services. From here the ride will continue past the Haynes “Swanning off to Swanage” Motor Museum, Castle Cary and then head back to This ride will be headed up by Andy “RKK” Kendall McDonalds, Brislington via the A37. who has planned a great day out by the coast. The plan is meet up at McDonalds, Brislington (opposite This ride is classed as Level C on mostly A roads and is approximately 180 miles in duration. Riders of Bristol) at 08.45 a.m. Please ensure you are fuelled up ready to depart at 09.15 a.m. The ride will follow the A4 until the Globe pub roundabout where it will go up Pennyquick Hill and on through Norton St Phillips. From here we will go onto Warminster Services where there will be a quick stop for other members to join the ride. The ride will leave the services and head out onto the A350 to Shaftsbury and onto the B3081 past Compton Abbas airfield. It’s then onto the Blanford Forum area for a short comfort stop.

For last minute updates please call the “Hotline” on 08444 994508 and please keep a check on the website for changes. Please see below some guidance details of the rides: Level A - Short and easy below 100 miles round trip. Level B - Fine for average riders but may be a bit longer.

Level C – Can include some complex sections but After the break the ride will head back onto the mainly a longer duration. A350 towards Charlton Marshall and Spetisbury. Here we will follow a scenic route towards Wareham, passing Corfe Castle and on into Swanage for Until the next time, have fun and ride hard. lunch. On leaving Swanage the ride will take a route on the A352 to Dorchester and follow a scenic route past Alan “Big Al” Stokes the Cerne Abbas giant (located in the hillside) and on through Sherbourne, Marston Magna. There will Assistant Director & Head Road Captain

American Power at Weston Bike Nights It was touch and go again this year if the ride to the American Power Night at the Weston Super Mare bike night would go ahead as the weather was a bit iffy in the days before the ride. However I was determined to go even if it was with only a small group as it was also the 4th of July, American Independence day, which was very appropriate for the American Power Night.

By Andy ‘Kenny’ Kendall

Fortunately the weather brightened up, we did not know at the time it was to be the start of a heat wave, and about time too! I arrived at Gordano services at 5:00pm, an hour early expecting to be the first there but as I rode in there were already around 10 bikes there. Keen or

(Continued on page 8)

Page 8 what! In the next hour our numbers had swelled to 29 bikes and a trike with 49 people attending, not bad for a Thursday evening ride.

mation as we could on its operation. It was quite interesting but it appears there is no escape. Boo hoo!

After the briefing we set off down the motorway in the direction of Clevedon, I had made the reluctant decision to make the ride half A roads and half motorway so that we could arrive at Weston by 6:30pm. I had already enlisted the help of the Organiser and the Head Marshal at Weston to save us parking so we could all be parked together. We came off the motorway at Clevedon and followed the roads around to Yatton and Congresbury eventually reaching Weston where we entered via the old road.

I would like to thank all who participated in the ride; it was nice to see you all and a special thank you to Martin James for Sweeping and Big Al Stokes for going ahead to mark a difficult junction outside Weston.

As we rode up the road alongside the grass where the bike night was held the whole event came to a brief stop with all eyes watching us arrive. We parked up and went our own separate ways, each looking at the various bikes which took our fancy. I later bumped into Mike and Jo Attwood who had won bike of the week with his customised 1972 Shovelhead, see pictures above and below. Well done!!

I hope you all enjoyed the ride. My next ride is ‘Swanning off to Swanage’ on Sunday 29th of September which is definitely one not to miss as we have a really good route and the weather is going to be scorching, I hope! In the meantime ride hard and keep the shiny side up!

There were approximately 850 bikes on the night ranging from mopeds to trikes in every conceivable style, shape and colour. Mike Ludwell and I spent a little time quizzing the operators of the Speed, sorry Safety camera van, trying to glean as much infor-

Andy Kendall (RKK)

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Cangen Cymraeg Greetings fellow Harley riders to my efforts to make an article in this magazine reasonable reading for like minded folks.

By Greg Payne Big Al outlined several forthcoming rideouts and especially the Rhayader riding weekend and the Canoe Glide rideout.

Stef, our charity co-ordinator, mentioned the Orchard Trust Open Day and the Canoe Glide and subsequent BBQ in the evening. Some of us have First off I must mention booked accommodation at Ferndale House 10 mins our Hogs in the Hayaway should camping not be your thing. Also menfields Rally which I rate tioned was the charity questionnaire to find out what as one of the best I have type and how long GWC should be associated with attended. The feedback from GWC members and its next charity, yours views are important so please guests unanimously praised our committees enfill it in!!!!!!! deavours to establish our rally as one of the best. I must mention the Rhayader Riding Weekend For those of you who didn’t attend you missed difwhich was held over 3 nights in glorious weather. ferent entertainment which went down a treat (as Should this event take place again I would book did the cider). From rock music, comedy songs, am- your place now because you will be guaranteed ateur karaoke, balloon dance and the awesome laughs, hospitality and scenic rideouts second to Nuns of Anarchy (The Gurzels) I believe the rally none. I suspect that another author will provide a had the lot. So well done Tony James et al mucho more detailed account of this weekend but on the respect and gratitude. Thursday night a Rock, Scissors, Paper competition was held. Now you may think this game is from your The Cangen Cymraeg meeting in July was unusual childhood but in the USA there is a recognised socias quite a few members turned up on their Harleys ety with a committee, rules and regulations and a and a pleasant evening meal was taken on the patio competition worth $10,000 so it is taken seriously. decking area. There I met Martin and Jackie Jones, All 70 of us took part which was expertly organised from Swansea, who had emailed me from Qatar by the Crown Inn locals. How it happened I don’t where they both work, to ask if they could attend our know but the final was contested by an Englishman meeting as my guests. Martin rides a Harley in QaPeter the alchemist Roberts and a Cangen member tar and when his contract finishes and upon his reRichard cool hand Van Gemeren (Welsh because of turn to the UK he intends to join the GWC. Both the 5 year residence rule). I could say it was a were suitably impressed with the warm welcome closely fought final but I can’t. The Alchemist and the diverse activities GWC are involved in. Also slaughtered Cool Hand 2 sets to nil. Richard thought at the meeting were Mike and Liz Denton from Barry his drinks had been spiked but it could have been a who also were sussing out the GWC. Both are encase of too much drink and the hot sun. Ah well thusiastic motorcyclists and Mike was once a motorthere will be another time I am sure of that. cycle instructor (R/C material?). Both have since joined the chapter so they too must have been imOn the Friday night several wheelbarrows containpressed. ing strange looking persons raced around the town drinking strange concoctions the pubs were giving Bazzer outlined various future events taking place out free. later on in the year and also thanked the committee and GWC members who made our rally such a suc- Saturday night is a bit of a blur, did Bryn race cess. This being our last year of support for the Or- around in a mobility scooter, was Big Al hung and chard Trust GWC had raised £20,000 during the did Paul Dark licensee of our HQ The Cornhill pub past 3 years, a well deserved pat on the back to (renamed the Cornharley) set off a fire extinguisher, everyone. perhaps another author can answer these questions. Big Al then presented myself, Si Griffiths and Ian Mead with our Road Captain certificates. That’s all folks. Bazzer was then presented with a Killarney Rally banner by Ian Troughton who had attended on a Guinness tasting holiday.

Greg Cangen Cymraeg Rep.

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Ladies of Harley

By Jane Scott Queenie for sorting that out. Hi Ladies,

Well last month I said I had only ridden to work once this year, this month I can beat that, 4 times at the time of writing this article. Mind you I have had a long break - 6 weeks off from work, and I must admit its been lovely. I can see why once you stop work you don’t want to go back, BUT needs must and the bike won’t run on fresh air. I did stop off in my local town the other day on my way home and several blokes came up admiring the bike, one of them said he had never seen a women sat riding a “ Hot Ass” Harley and gave me the thumbs up, that makes it all worth while. Well what’s there to report? Of course the big one was our rally, best one yet that’s my opinion just fabulous! The hospitality tent seems to be the main hub everyone likes to come for tea a natter and of course our Great Western cake which leads me on to say that we collected a grand total of £200 which has been donated to the hospital Sian Fisher has been using for her breast cancer treatment. Well Done all it was well worth putting on those extra pounds.

The weather of course was amazing for the whole weekend, it was great to get out on the bike, thanks LBD for showing us all a small part of Wales. I was a bit disappointed though cos Baz said we might see snow on the mountain tops? We missed Saturdays adventure as we decided to go our own way as did a few others, so we mooched around the town then Mr & Mrs Cockers and Shirley Meaghan joined us (Shirley rode pillion on Stu’s bike, I think that was an experience) for a trip around the dam finishing up with a cream tea. The scones were fresh out of the oven mmm yummy, sorry Ladies. Our claim to fame for the weekend must be pushing a Triumph Herald which belonged to Eve Best (actress) who played a part in The Kings Speech, how about that Cockers! There are so many tales to tell but the best quote for the weekend must be “you can’t beat cleaning the wax out of your ears its better than sex” I hope you can make it to the Canoe/Glide/Ride to cheer us Ladies on as we’re racing down the Wye. Hopefully we will be leading the way. Its going to be fun, fun, fun. I’ve been reminded about the Dinner & Dance which I’ve booked but I must book my accommodation soon.

Us Old Spice Girls did well on stage although Sporty Once again reminders on the LOH Theatre Weekwas not recognised by her husband, shame on you end balance of £94.95 to be paid either by cheque or BACS payment but please inform Peter when Ian. making these payments, so we can keep track of it. Next of course is the one and only Gurzels, we had All monies need to be in by OCTOBER 19TH many to take a vow of silence to rehearse that one and thanks. Sister Arleen prayed to God every night. Thanks Arleen it just goes to show you have the patience of An update on Lady Riders there are now a total of an Angel…bless you, and the good thing was every- 16 so its time to do a Ladies Only ride. I hope you body enjoyed it…… it was just brilliant and we have are able to support this and will be in touch by the patch to prove it…is anybody up for it next year? email. I’m not going to mention the Balloon Dance, as this is a page for the Ladies, but I thought the rugby player done well lol. All in all a great weekend.

That’s all for this month. Take Care All

As always any moans, queries or thoughts contact I missed the treasure hunt, sorry Julie and Geoff, too much family stuff to attend to before flying off to as below. Rhodes; I hear it was a great day well done you two. We did return from Rhodes to attend the Rhayader weekend a little tired but we got to our bed and breakfast in time for pre dinner drinks, dinner was great too. Everybody had their little tales to tell about the accommodation they were staying in some a little strange. I must say ours was amazing, thanks

Jane x Ladies of Harley Email: Mobile: 07894 086626

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Cockers Bits

By Anita Cockwell Hi Everyone, Well what a month July was events and weather wise! Who would have known we would have more than two days of sun in a row.

So I’m not going over what happened last month as I’m sure this will be covered in more detail in the mag, so onwards with other events which are in addition to the monthly rideouts in August and beyond………… Bristol Bike Show 17th August, which funnily enough is staged around Corn Street Market, Bristol City Centre. If you haven’t been before then why not come along and say hello to us on the GWC stand and help collect money for The Orchard Trust from passing spectators. If you would like to ‘show’ your bike then please contact me asap so we can advise organisers of numbers. There is no entry charge, just remember that you need to be parked up by 9.00am at the latest and won’t be able to move again until 4.30pm-ish at the earliest (but why would you want to move earlier when enjoying yourself so much?) Then………………. The Orchard Trust Fun Day (renamed from Canoe Glide/Ride Out/Orchard Trust BBQ) 24th August

Hopefully we will see you all at The Orchard Trust late afternoon/early evening for a BBQ, plus live music (and yes Pirate fancy dress continues with a prize for the best), so if you can’t make the afternoon events come and join us in the evening. N.B. If going on the canoe glide or ride out don’t forget you can pitch your tent up at The Orchard Trust prior to these events so you don’t need to ride around with them. The Orchard Trust and Wyedean Canoe car park place are about 6 miles apart. Make sure you buy a £1 ticket for the ‘timed’ Canoe Glide (I’m so tempted to say race) and buy an evening BBQ ticket for £10, both tickets available from Steph Evans, GWC Charity Co-ordinator. 10th Anniversary GWC Dinner/Dance on 26th October Tickets are going well although we can still sell more up until early October, but don’t leave it too late. So just to recap ………. Its £30 per person for the dinner/dance, so we will need at least 50% deposits asap please. Monies can be paid by BACS, cheques or cash. For more detail or to register your interest please contact Lynne Avery (St Marys Club nights) or myself. Don’t forget that the hotel is also offering discounted room rate for party goers so look at the 10 th Anniversary Events page/website for more details, but you must book this yourself direct with hotel. GWC Xmas Party 7th December 2013 - St Marys Pencoed.

I’ve gone and renamed this as this is really what the day is all about. This will be another of our 10th AnniLynne Avery and I are now selling Xmas versary events but most importantly this will be the last Party tickets at £27 per person which inmain opportunity for GWC to show support by raising cludes a three course meal and disco. Fanfunds for The Orchard Trust. The day will hopefully cy dress theme still to be agreed, so any suggestions? have something for everyone. So starting with the ear- Maybe leave the Pirate theme out as I think we will liest event: have done that enough this year, or maybe not? Why not join the mystery tour rideout lead by Cap’n Stu Scott. Find the instructions below in Cap’n Scotts own words…..

We are limited by St Marys as to the number of places so please secure yours with a deposit of £15 per person as soon as you can.

Float your boat on the black pearl mystery tour, 11:00 Please book your own hotel accommodation, details of - 11:30 start at Aust Services. This will take in the start which can be found on the GWC website under Activiand finish of the canoe race. ties/Xmas Party. Transport to and from these hotels will be available at a small additional cost. A short ride estimated at 3 hrs riding at Level A. Can’t say too much me hearties, as it’s a mystery tour! Cheers ‘Cockers’ Then at midday all canoeists will meet at The Wyedean Car Park, Symonds Yat to be mini bussed across to Kerne Bridge before entering into a 9 mile canoe glide (optional pirate fancy dress).

Activities Officer Email: Mobile: 07702 073361

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A virgins report on Hogs in the Hayfields 6 Hi Everyone. When the email came through from Bazzer to ask if anyone would like to write an article on the Hogs in the Hayfield I just could not resist it. I joined the chapter late last year as I only passed my test last November. My husband said one night if you pass your test he would buy me a Harley. Silly thing to say to a woman and especially after he had had a beer or three. On joining I had spotted the Hogs in the Hayfields weekend and said to Andy there’s no way we can camp. Well the day had arrived. My Sportster and Andy’s Street Bob were all loaded up ready to go. The weather did not look to good so the Rocker C was tucked up in the dry. This is the first rally I have ever attended and must confess, as you may have realised, it was my first time under canvas. (And I realise now why they say there’s no secrets in a tent). On arriving with our friends, Allan and Bev, on Friday afternoon we were met at the gate to be tagged and then we all headed of to the field to get the tent up.

By Jenny Jeary

bag to take home as other suggestions were made but I thought I better not under canvas. It was great to see all the bikes heading out on the ride out over the bridges and watching them all return. Saturday night was such a highlight. First we watched the band The Skimmity Hitchers who were absolutely fantastic (I think I going to take up drinking a drop more cider now) They were all so talented, funny and sounded just perfect. The Ladies of Harley the Gurzels you were all just absolutely fantastic. Now I realise why you spend so much time rehearsing as you just were all amazing. Well guys what can I say about the balloon dance. You were just so funny. Well done to you all. I’m not sure if I will recognise you all next time fully dressed as I have to confess it was not your faces I was looking at but I will try. The group Devious were just outstanding. What a brilliant talented group. Sunday morning soon came and we thought oh no we have got to take the tent down now. But actually we were very pleased as we even managed to get it back into the bag. Bikes all loaded we head back home.

We both tried to make out we knew what we were doing, not to many fellow members hopefully noticed it was our first time. Battling the wind, I’m not sure how but we man- The weather really was quite good, it could have been a aged to get set up, and yes it was still there Sunday morn- lot worse!! ing. As it was my first rally I really did not realize the extent of We had volunteered for an hour on the gate so off we the organisation that goes into such event. It was so well went. I was a bit nervous as it was something I had never organised from start to finish. done before but I really wished we could have stayed It was such a fantastic weekend! I have not laughed and longer as it was great to meet the bikes and their riders as enjoyed myself in such a long time and I will defiantly be they arrived. At least next year we can put our names looking forward to helping out more next year. down for few more hours. When Andy returned from The Men’s Isle of Wight trip he Well this was an important time of the day so of to the bar told me many tells and mentioned Bryn. Well all I can say we headed. it was a pleasure meeting him. I thought he made an exWe were really looking forward to all the entertainment. cellent security officer protecting all the super ladies The First was Stars in their Eyes which everyone was absoGurzels. lutely brave and just completely fantastic. Whilst I am writing this article I have just made a decision. The band and disco were just brilliant, I haven’t danced in I have decided to book tickets for the SOFER rally. Think I many years but kept going until the early hours of the may have to get a bottle or two out later to let Andy know I morning. I think the drink really helped!!! have just cancelled two days of our Cornwall holiday. Waking up Saturday morning a bit blurry eyed, up we get It was brilliant to meet new friends and other chapter ready to head off for breakfast, which was really delicious. members. I did notice half a bottle of wine left outside the tent. I can’t believe we did not manage to drink that drop but I thought well we can drink that later. Love Jenny J x It was a very relaxing day just chatting to members about there experiences and listening to many great stories about their experiences and travels. The entertainment through the day was great. I had a go on the tombola and won a tub of body butter. I thought I best put that in my

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Page 13 Apart from the obvious damage to my pride the individuals who came to my aid helped me up with the bike. Many thanks go to those concerned. A bit of mud on the crash bars and a rather large divot in the grass was the only damage sustained. Those front and back crash bars are worth every penny. Right then, on to the ride. With that little episode over the riders started to gather and we eventually end up with roughly 50 bikes. Briefing over, the Road Marshals head off in front, leaving the rest of us to fire up the engines and make our way out of the Rugby club. Here Tony James and Mike Filder, sporting bright orange “Safety Crew” T-shirts (acquired at the 2007 Fuengirola European Rally) are stopping the traffic to aid a speedy exit towards the A4174 Ring Road.

Here we are again, another year at HITH and another Rally Ride is upon us. Following many months of planThe ride heads out along the M4 taking in the Old Sevning the day had once again arrived. This year’s ride ern Bridge first. I think it is safe to say at this point, that will take in the 4 bridges in the area. They are the Old I have never experienced such a strong side wind and New Severn Bridges, the Avon Bridge and Brunel’s crossing over the bridge. With a restricted speed limit of Clifton Suspension Bridge. The bridges are something 40 M.P.H. it was tough going, with the river below as many of us living locally take for granted. However for choppy as I have ever seen it. It made for some interthose visiting the area, it offers a unique opportunity to esting riding techniques and I think most were glad ride over, and view some of when we eventually headthe fantastic civil engineered off at Chepstow. On “6th Hogs in the Hayfields” leaving the motorway the ing here on our West Country door step. ride headed through the 22nd June 2013 local picturesque Welsh Moving on, I wake to find a countryside at Wentwood dry morning but a forecast Rally Rideout and on to Major services that is not looking good. for a quick leg stretch and With that in mind, on go the smoke break. newly purchased HD black and orange waterproofs. These are then covered by my matching orange HD Hi- Refreshed we headed off for the New Severn Bridge Viz Road Captains vest as I am leading this year’s ride. and picked up the M49 which took us onto the M5 and The net result of this was an amazing fashion statement. I now look like an oversized orange carrot riding a Harley. On a positive note, there is no way anyone can say they cannot see me at the front. Here is where, as the Chapter’s Head Road Captain, I need to come clean and make a full confession (despite those who doubted I would lol). Confession is good for the soul evidently? Anyway, keen to be at the start point early, I jump on the Iron Horse and head off slowly (about 5 m.p.h.) across the field towards the car park. At this point I see my good lady, Sue coming back from the showers, and decide I need to tell her something before I leave. Not thinking (probably due to a couple of lemonades the night before), I promptly grab a handful of front brake ….. wrong, school boy error! The next thing I know is the front wheel has decided to do its own thing, and I’ve decided to leap sideways off the Harley like a salmon heading up a waterfall. Thinking quickly whilst in full flight, I tuck into a parachute roll which is followed by a superb half pike twist. Hitting the ground in a controlled manner I bounce nimbly back to my feet. Well that wasn’t so bad I think, and I reckon I got away without it being seen… …. wrong again! Unfortunately the highly visible carrot ensemble I am wearing and the Olympic class gymnastics combination had drawn a few early morning revellers to me. B*llocks was my immediate thought when I saw them making their way over.

over the Avon Bridge. Leaving at Gordano (and waving to Bazzer who was marshalling) the ride headed through Ham Green en-route to Failand and the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Crossing over the bridge extended fantastic views of the Avon Gorge and of Bristol. Something which I’m sure everyone enjoyed. Passing through Clifton with its very large mansion houses, we headed down the stunning Bridge Valley road and onto the Portway. Here the road takes the group under the Clifton Bridge affording a different perspective of this mar(Continued on page 14)

Page 14 In total a trip of some 90 miles but one that afforded a good variety of riding challenges. Hopefully something for everyone and it has been great to receive so much positive feedback from within and outside of the Chapter. Thanks to all the ride team for their time and effort put into planning such an event. Namely Dave “LBD” Roberts, Tony “Snappy” Yendle, Andy “RKK” Kendal, Mike “Badger” Brake, Barry “Bazzer” Aggett, Martin James, Andy “Senior” Kendal and Chris “Hardarse” Harding. Also many thanks go to those sober enough who made the effort to turn out and support the ride. Until the next time, Ride Safe. vellous 150 year old structure. Looping around Hotwells Big Al we headed back down the Portway with its views of the Assistant Director & Head Road Captain River Avon and the Avon Bridge on the left hand side. From here it’s into the heart of the Severnside industrial complex. Travelling along the road that runs parallel with the River Severn you once again get the opportunity to see both of the Severn Bridges from a different angle. On reaching Pilning Village, the ride turns right and heads back into the countryside. Whilst travelling its way through the many villages en-route, often traversing the narrow lanes until eventually returning to the rally site. All completed in near dry weather, so the carrot suit could have been left in the pannier bag.

How to win a Treasure Hunt

By Vanessa Presdee


floating in the air!

As the weather looked to be turning in to some semblance of Summer we decided to enrol for the GWC Treasure Hunt and instantly knew who would be the best crew-member to sniff out the gold - our very own Long-John Silver Ian Mead and his beautiful, bountiful blonde buccaneering wife Kay – thus the epic team that is “Decaffeinated Ginger” was created.

When we were all suitably refreshed we made our way back to the starting point and were told that the reigning champions, Baz & Jackie couldn’t make it due to illness (mmh fear of losing the title perhaps!) There was an air of frenzied excitement as people teamed up and thought up team names! We were then handed very professional looking booklets that held all the clues and were told each team, 6 in total, would leave at 2 minute intervals. Let battle commence….

PREPARE FOR BATTLE With the thought that providing funny photos, and the fact that I love any excuse for fancy dress, would gain us valuable bonus points Kay & I decided to pack our pirate hats should an opportunity arise and arranged to meet at Gordano Services – the start of the adventure.


We were told to saddle up and prepare to set sail on the whistle – I was too excited to notice who went first I think it was Andy Kendall’s team – but then it was our turn – I was directing Darren where to go and flashing the picture clues at Ian & Kay as we When Darren and I arrived we spotted the mini decked with pirate ship balloons and headed over – had to keep an eye out for them along the way – we where we were told we were one of the first to arrive arrived at the first stopping point, a quaint little (wow we were already in the lead and it hadn’t even church down a quiet lane – thankfully we knew we started yet!) I nipped in to get the required caffeine were at the right place as the other teams were there scouring the graveyard for the answer to the to fuel our journey and was met by our shipmates, first clue – the congregation were a bit shocked to and others, who hadn’t noticed the pirate balloons

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Page 15 see a lot of leather clad individuals taking interest in the church’s architecture and notice boards so when I went in and asked them if they knew the answer to the clue (that everyone was struggling with) they quickly joined in the hunt – not that they were any use!?! The answer was on a bench that Mark Chinnick was sat on!!! We tried to draw people’s attention away from the bench by going to various places and shouting “ooh here it is” really loudly but I don’t think it worked! The hunt lead us through Bristol: from the old shipbuilders yard (where we overtook the leaders – whoop whoop); past the Gromits being unleashed for the Bristol Children’s Hospital; an Irish-Italian restaurant (yeah weird combination I know! One customer was overheard saying “oh look some pirates have arrived” – strangely we weren’t in fancy dress at the time!); into a Farm Shop to pick up an “interesting” vegetable (which everyone read as “vegetable most resembling private parts” – just shows how the minds of the Great Western members work eh!?!) here we had to drag Ian & Darren off the children’s play area to maintain our lead and into various pubs, one in particular, The Black Horse, had a surprise waiting for us – life-size cutouts of our directors, past and present, Andy Ball & Baz Aggett – we took the opportunity to grab a photo with them – Darren looked particularly fetching in his pink hat and feather duster!

Portishead and were told by Jeff Gleed & Julie Quick that we were the first to arrive – we decided to grab the trophy and have a photo – at which point the bench collapsed! This was promptly posted on Facebook with the caption “and the winners are….” - nothing like feeling confident! Gradually, the other teams turned up and thankfully everyone found where the “X” had marked the spot – there was a slight panic for a moment as the girls had phoned to say a team had just driven past them without stopping and they feared they had gone the wrong way! Taking the opportunity to sit outside and enjoy the fabulous weather we all sat down to a lovely meal whilst the results were being counted and verified, and then the moment of truth, the winners were…… (drum roll please)…… Decaffeinated Ginger – and the crowd went wild (well just us then!). The rest of my crew let out of sigh of relief as they had been worried about what would happen if we didn’t win – apparently I’m just a tad competitive – I did warn people at the start!!! We grabbed the Heineken Bike trophy and the keg and basked in the glory of winning – next stop World Domination!

It was the perfect end to a perfect day and I’m sure everyone who participated would agree with me when I say a colossal thanks to Jeff & Julie (and their helpers) for the most brilliantly organised fun We then came across a mysterious pirate vessel day I have ever attended – the amount of thought, parked up by the water’s edge and a park, we imwork and effort that obviously went into the day was mediately took the 2 girls hostage and told them if immeasurable and I think really they are the true they didn’t dress up with us they would have to walk winners of the day (although I’m not giving up the the plank (or, in this case, take their mini keys!) title!) hence another photo was taken (apparently it FINALLY – REMEMBER THE MOST IMPORTANT gained us 3 bonus points – ooh aar me hearties!) They then told us to toss a teddy over the fence into FACT the park – we all took it in turns to throw and Ian If you do put your name down for the next one – and was the winner in our group but as we turned I strongly urge you to (they’re not to be missed!) around to leave we noticed a little boy (who had then a handy hint towards winning would be – it is been playing in the park) had decided he wanted invaluable to have a driver and a navigator – I’m not the stick so picked it up! The stick was replaced sure how Neil Prescott, Keith Swarbrick, Mark where we think it landed but it didn’t matter in the Chinnick and Andy “RKK” Kendall managed it as end – the biggest tosser of the day turned out to be solo riders – it was a lot easier for Darren & Ian to Mark Chinnick, apparently his helmet can go to concentrate on riding the bikes and me and Kay to great lengths (he put the teddy inside it and then shout out the directions to them – after all, it’s true threw both of them over the fence! Mmh didn’t real- what they say: Behind every successful man is a ise DOT standard meant “Dispatch of Teddy”) woman telling him what to do. SIEZE THE MOMENT We arrived at our final destination, The Royal Inn,

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Hogs in the Hayfields 6

Treasure Hunt


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Sunshine, Sea & Summer Fayre

By Stephanie Evans

Greetings Ahoy! - "Hello!" OK so it’s the River Wye Fair winds! - Goodbye, good luck! and not the sea but the Godspeed! - Goodbye, good luck!

thought was there!

So what do I want to say? Firstly ‘Thank You’ to everyone who has completed the Charity Survey so far, either online or on paper. If you have yet to do it, you still have time – it is available online until Wednesday 14th August and on paper at the Club Nights on the 13th & 14th August respectively.

Insults Bilge rat - Insult Blaggard - "Blackguard." An insult. Dog - A mild insult, Lubber - (or land lubber) ALWAYS an insult. Scupper that - expression of anger or derision: Scurvy - A derogatory adjective, as in "Ye scurvy dogs!" Shark bait - A worthless or lazy sailor Swab - a sailor

Addressing Each Other Bosun - Boatswain; a petty officer – or Committee The more of you who fill in your views the more likeMember in our case! ly we will find a charity that we are all happy to be Cap'n - Short for captain or Director in our case! working with! Buccaneer - Pirates. Bucko - Familiar for friend. Moving on to our next events: Lad, lass, lassie - to address someone younger than Orchard Trust Fun-day (aka Canoe Glide & BBQ) you. Our final big event for the Orchard Trust is the Fun- Me hearties - Typical way for a pirate leader to address his crew. day on Saturday 24th August. Matey - way to address someone in a cheerful fashion. Pirate fancy dress is optional but there is a prize for Wench - Woman. "Saucy" is a good adjective to add to this. the best dressed pirate so please join in and make

merry on the Pirate Ship Orchard Trust!

General Words Tickets are only £10 which includes food, live music Be - Am, is, are. And ye may lay to that! - "You betcha!" and camping – BARGAIN! Avast! - Stop and give attention. Sales are not too bad so far but I encourage those Aye! - I agree of you who are planning to come along to please get Arrr! - can mean, "yes," "I agree," "I'm happy," "I'm enyour tickets as soon as possible so I can get a han- joying this beer” dle on numbers for buying the food – we don’t want Beauty - The best pirate address for a woman. Always preceded by “me,” as in, “C’mere, me beauty,” to run out and have a mutiny! Belay - Stop that. "Belay that talk!" would mean "Shut In preparation for Pirate Ship Orchard Trust oppoup!" site are some useful words and phrases for you to Deadlights - Eyes. "Use yer deadlights, matey!" use to get in the spirit! Gangway! - "Get out my way” Grog - An alcoholic drink, Bye for now – have fun and be safe! Gully - Knife or dagger Handsomely - Quickly. Stephanie No quarter! - Surrender will not be accepted. Rum (adjective) - Strange or odd. A "rum fellow" Savvy? - Understand? Charity Coordinator Smartly - Do something quickly Email: Shiver me timbers! - An expression of surprise or Mobile: 07983 259752 strong emotion. Sink me! - An expression of surprise. Splice the main brace - To have a drink. Or, perhaps, several drinks. Weigh anchor - To leave.

Page 19 Our remaining 3½ Events in 2013! Event 8 – Our Final Orchard Trust Charity Event! Canoe Trip on the River Wye, and BBQ/camping at the Orchard Trust, Saturday August 24th Thirty three 2-person canoes have been booked. Tickets for “guess the finish time” are on sale at Club nights to raise money for the Orchard Trust. The day will end up at the Trust for a BBQ, live band and camping at £10 per person. Tickets are available from Stephanie Evans. Stu Scott is leading a rideout to welcome the canoeists at the finish. Details of the rideout and the location of the canoe event will be sent out nearer the time.

Event 9 – UK Tour Go East, the Road Less Travelled, September 5th to 8th Booking has now closed.

Our 10 Anniversary Events in 2013 Event 5 – 10th Anniversary Rally at the Hayfields, June 21st to June 23rd

Event 10 – GWC 10th Anniversary Dinner at the Hilton Hotel, Aztec West, October 26th

This will be a smart dress event. The cost of a ticket for 3 course dinner and disco is £30 per person, with This was a great success, good weather and wellhotel accommodation at £50 per room for B&B, inattended with a lot of members getting involved. A cluding the use of all the hotel facilities. Afterwards, BIG thank you to Tony James and team! If you there is a late bar for residents only. Rooms can be missed it, watch the rally video on our website which booked now by calling Lucy Robinson on 01454 was created by Christof. 893436. Dinner tickets are available from Anita Cockwell, Activities Officer, 07702 073361 and at Club nights. To guarantee Event 6 – Treasure Hunt, June 30th, a day of mys- your ticket you need to pay at least 50% of the ticket tery, mischief and mayhem! price as soon as possible. The maximum number of Many thanks to Julie and Jeff who did a fantastic job tickets is 140 and are subject to availability, we will of organising a very entertaining day! The clues they continue to sell them up to 2 weeks prior to the event, when final numbers and menu choices are gave were sometimes misinterpreted, but we all confirmed. See our website for details. eventually found our way to the pub at the finish! Event 7 – Rhayader Riding Weekend – July 11th to 14th

Ladies-Only Weekend Away in London, November 23rd

Thank you to everyone who helped make this weekend such a great success! If you didn’t join us you can get a flavour of the weekend by watching the video on our website, thanks to Christof.

Bookings are now closed.

We have sent our thanks to Alan and his team in Rhayader for giving us such a warm welcome, organising the evening entertainment, and for providing the trophy which was awarded to the winning team in the pub crawl. You will be able to see it in our GWC cabinet in Riders.

Bazzer, Anita, Nige Garnett, Dave Norton, Chris, Tony Yendle, Martin Rich, Peter and Yvonne Roberts the Planning Group

Page 20 tered to a stop (so much for having ridden a bike before) this happened on several occasions to my bike, but I did manage it eventually. We went up and down the car park, even going round cones, though Cockers never quite managed the route the nice man had planned. We never got out of 1st gear or found out how their brakes work, but we really enjoyed our hour, it seemed to fly by. Has it inspired us to do our CBT and do our bike test? you’ll just have to watch this space……..

Mrs Too Talls

To be…….Or not to be …….…… that is the question


It all started last year at the new members day at Riders when Cockers got chatting to Kelly from ACE motorcycle training and said she’d never ridden a bike before, to which Kelly said ACE do a free one hour taster session at Bristol City Football Ground and would Cockers fancy doing that? Unfortunately I happened to be standing nearby with Jane Scott our LOH rep, who immediately thought what a good idea for a LOH event in the future, but in the meantime Cockers said did I fancy having a go. I said OK, left it for Cockers to arrange for when the weather got better and forgot all about it. How was I to know this summer was going to be the best for 7 years?. An email duly arrived from Cockers, did I still fancy doing the session, I said of course, looking forward to it (??) so a date was arranged and we duly turned up, only Kelly wasn’t there to greet us (perhaps she knew better!) . Cockers said she was really nervous, I didn’t feel too bad as I had ridden a Honda 50 many years ago in my youth, so yes, a VERY many years ago. We certainly looked the part in our leathers & boots. We had a nice man show us the bikes, he was very patient and, as it turned out, he had to be!!. He brought the bikes out and we sat on them, started them, that was the easy bit. I thought we were having an earthquake, but no, it was Cockers legs shaking, she was that nervous. We were told about clutch control and asked to move off slowly, Cockers managed a very gentle pull away, my bike had been filled with kangaroo petrol so jerked and splut-


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Tyre Safety – the difference!!

By Andy Kendall

After receiving an email from one of the Harley forums I subscribe to, I watched their video on tyre maintenance. This made me more aware of the issues of looking after your tyres, so in written form I will pass on their words of wisdom to you. Tyres are the most important component on our bikes and the need to carry out regular maintenance is crucial. How many of us just jump on the bike and ride off week after week not paying any more attention to the tyres than occasionally kicking them to ’feel’ if we still have air in them. I’m as guilty as the next person. We all tend to put to the back of our minds, that when we are hurtling down the road, the only thing keeping us safely on the right part of the road are two areas of rubber each the size a beer mat. Chilling when you sit down and consider the stress and punishment tyres can take when riding at slow speed let alone when you grab a handful of throttle.

temptation to replace the original tyre with an oversized that will fit onto the original rim or one can reDuring this recent spell of hot weather I have noplace the complete wheel and tyre. Nothing wrong ticed the road surfaces getting a little tacky and with that however if you do increase the size of the even tarmac melting and lifting. This increases the tyre then always check that there is adequate clearextra need for examining our tyres more closely and ance between your swing arm, brake callipers and regularly. fender for the entire suspension travel distance. Tyre pressure changes according to the weather conditions. Air is a gas. Different temperatures can adversely affect tyre pressure. In cold temperatures, tyre pressure drops, in hot weather tyre pressures increase. The basic rule of thumb is one pound of pressure to each 10 degrees Fahrenheit of change in temperature. Replacing Tyres When replacing tyres the information held on the sidewall of the tyre will give you all the information you need such as the manufacturer, tyre size and DOT information. Manufacturers like Dunlop and Michelin make tyres specifically for Harley Davidson and other manufacturers produce tyres for heavy cruisers like Harley Davidson. Tyre size is given on the side of the tyre. There is a

DOT markings. Again on the sidewall of your tyre is a DOT code. All tyres produced from 2000 onwards will always display a DOT 4 digit code. For example ‘DOT 4510’. This example tells us that the tyre was manufactured in the 45th week of 2010. Many people state that a tyre fitted on a bike has a shelf life of five year maximum and recommend replacement whether the tread is worn or not. The reasons given are that certain conditions degrade the rubber compound of the tyre, i.e. UV light, tyre wear, lengthy storage, heavy or just periodic use. Before choosing and buying a replacement tyre do your homework. Research the internet, read bike forums such as ‘HD Forums’ so you get the best advice and comments of other rider’s that utilise the same machine as yours. Make sure you buy the correct model specific tyre, if you have a Road King do not search on Sportster forums. Look at the mod-

Page 22 el specific forum to get the best advice and information on a tyre that you will be happy with. Different manufacturers produce different tread designs and patterns. Some patterns favour wet or slippery conditions. Others have a softer or harder compound tyre for grip in various climates and conditions. Different make tyres are manufactured for different parts of the world.

right and they will treat you right. Pay them close attention, get down and smooth your hands over them. Get to know them intimately. If they are deflated give them a boost, and above all else observe the legal limit. But most importantly, if you notice any imperfections or they are looking worn, then don’t put up with it, trade them in for a newer model.

Do not buy a tyre that just looks good. The right tyre Simples!!!! pattern may not be the most attractive or exciting to Ride safe. look at when it’s standing still but you do want the tyre you choose to be working at its optimum perfor- Andy mance when you are out riding. Safety Officer On a lighter note and one that is closer to my base Email: level. I would encourage you to treat your tyres like Mobile: 07905 397474 your wife, husband, partner or lover. Treat them Hi All Hope those that attended Hogs in the Hayfields 6 had a great time. I’m not sure how we managed to pack in so much entertainment into a single weekend. I don`t want to go on to much I expect there`s plenty of articles on our Rally in this edition of the mag so I just want to take this chance to thank those that helped put all this together. Baz, and all the team that came early on the Thursday night to put up all the bunting and marquees and the Sunday Morning crew who took it all down. Jane Scott, and all the ladies that ran the Hospitality tent and made those lovely cakes. Anita Cockwell, and the Stars acts for a great show on the Friday night. Anita, any chance you got the contact details of ZZ Top, best act of the night, I want to book them for the main spot next year. Al Stokes, and the ride out team who once again put on a spectacular ride. Andy Kendall, and all the guys and gals that manned the Tagging tent, I know this can get a bit of a drag sometimes. And a special thanks to Dave Allen. The Gurzels, what a great routine, it took us all by surprise. Mike and Caroline Filder, and the Games Team who seem to come up with more outlandish games each year. Trouble is, because they’re so funny, most want to watch and not take part. Peter and Yvonne, for all their work behind the scenes. Lorraine, for each year putting up with my moans and groans. And swearing, “I`m not putting on one of these again”. I may have not mentioned everyone by name, but I know who you are and I appreciated all your help. I would like to thank on behalf of Orchard trust. Stephanie and Sue, who prised our hard earn cash off of us for the raffle. Dave Harris (Autoproud). Kari-Anne (Queen of Diamonds Tattoo Studio). And, Riders of Bristol, for their generous donations to our adopted charity. Last but not least. Many thanks to all that came to the Rally. Well that`s it for another year. If you enjoyed it you can buy me a tea at Riders. If not blame your Committee, they talked me into doing another. If you bought a ticket and did not picked up you Patch and pin at the Rally please get in touch, I`ve a few left over. Tony James Rally Co-ordinator

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A Weekend Ride in Northern California The necessity of spending a June weekend in Santa Clara while on a visit to my head-office presented another great opportunity for a weekend of riding. Being a frequent visitor to Silicon Valley over the last 20 years, I have explored the area from Napa in the north to Carmel to the south, but only on four wheels. June weather in the Valley is generally good so what better way to visit old haunts than on a rented Harley.

By Duncan Fisken

weekend, including the possibility of heading further south down Route 1 to Big Sur, an area that I had yet to explore. By amazing coincidence, H.O.T’s annual Big Sur ride was planned for this weekend and was scheduled to end at a restaurant in Big Sur, the River Inn; I was also planning to head for that destination.

I managed to finish all the meetings mid Friday afternoon and, having stopped briefly at the hotel to My last rental experience in the US was last Sepchange into my riding gear, I headed for H.O.T to tember 2012 in the Pacific North West. I used Eacollect my ride, a 2013 Road King. I’d already visitglerider, a nation-wide bike rental specialist, on that ed the dealer on Thursday to deal with the paperoccasion renting an Electraglide. Eaglerider’s Bay work; Albert in the Rentals department was exArea depot is in downtown San Francisco which tremely helpful and very efficient so all was ready meant a challenge getting there on a Friday evening for a swift and trouble-free Friday pick-up. due to the heavy rush hour traffic on the roughly 40 Reaching H.O.T late afternoon on Friday I found the mile journey from Santa Clara. Checking the local bike fuelled and ready to go. After a thorough check Harley Davidson dealers I found House of Thunder for dents, dings and scratches with Andrew (from (H.O.T) in Morgan Hill, just 26 miles south of my the Service dept), plus a victory lap of the car park office and right on Highway 101. H.O.T has a large (probably as much for his benefit as my own), I rental fleet of late models so I booked a bike from locked my rental car and headed back up 101 to Friday to Sunday. Santa Clara. I had not previously ridden a Road King and the 26-mile stretch of freeway didn’t provide any opportunity to get a real feel for the bike, other than the cruise control! Being a warm and sunny evening, I took it for a tour round Santa Clara and Sunnyvale; an area I know pretty well. It was a joy to ride and handled very easily with a good seating position – very comfortable. My only complaint were the standard pipes; not quite loud enough for my taste!

House of Thunder, Morgan Hill, CA Speaking to my colleagues in the office I discovered Ready to go! another Harley rider, Linda (a member of Golden Gate Chapter) and discussed my plans for the

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Page 24 Back at the hotel I started planning the Saturday ride and was very tempted to join the group ride-out from H.O.T. Although all-comers were welcome to join the ride, I decided to set off early morning to make the most of the day; the ride was not scheduled to leave Morgan Hill until 11:00, by which time I planned to be on the Monterey Peninsular and well on the way to Big Sur so leaving plenty of time for photo stops.

comes a series of undulating s-bends, winding it’s way along the Pacific coast, mostly several hundred feet above the sea. The coastal route then moves inland and soon you find yourself riding a road lined with tall Redwood trees.

Saturday was bright and sunny with clear skies and temperatures forecasted to be in the eighties; perfect riding weather. Heading out into the car park to get going, I found the bike covered in marks from water droplets, which was pretty odd considering it hadn’t rained overnight. Then I realized that I left it parked next to an automated sprinkler. Having been all clean and sparkling on Friday it now looked awful; the warm morning sun had dried the water and left the bike covered in unsightly marks. I hate riding a dirty bike so spent a good half hour of hard work to clean off. The River Inn, Big Sur Anyway, with bike now sparkling again, I headed off South down Highway 101. Passing by Gilroy (the garlic capital of the world) and reaching Route 1 at Castroville (the Artichoke centre of the world), the temperature dropped a good 10⁰C. The Monterey Peninsular has a reputation for sea fog and this morning was living up to its’ reputation; distinctly damp and chilly. South of Monterey the fog began to clear and by the time I passed Carmel, a few miles further south, it was a glorious sunny day with clear blue sky. There are numerous vistas along the coast road with plenty of parking so lots of opportunities to stop and take pictures of the spectacular Pacific coastline.

Roughly 20 or so miles south of Carmel is The River Inn; a rather rustic hotel situated among towering Redwoods on the banks of the Big Sur River. The first group of bikes arrived about an hour later and pretty soon the car parks on both sides of the road were full of Harleys. Having chatted to a few of the riders it was time to head back as I wanted to detour via Carmel, 17 Mile Drive and Monterey.

Among The H.O.T Ride-Out Bikes

Route 1, South of Carmel A few miles further south of Carmel, Route 1 be-

Carmel is a quaint seaside town but was just about gridlocked on this hot, sunny Saturday afternoon. After a fruitless search for a parking space I decided to head for 17 Mile Drive, a beautiful coastal drive (Continued on page 25)

Page 25 that passes by the famous Pebble Beach Golf Club and the annual Pebble Beach Classic Car Show. 17 Mile Drive is managed by the US National Parks Service and is well worth a visit. Aside from a scenic drive and golf, the area is also popular with the rich as is evidenced by some of the amazing holiday homes that line the route; you need very deep pockets to afford them at prices in the region of $20M! However, arriving at the park entrance I was met by a rather lovely pistol-packing lady Park Service Ranger who politely informed me, as the words of Ike & Tina Turner’s ‘Nutbush City Limits’ go “Motorcycles Not Allowed In It’… Disappointing but not the end of the world as I have done the drive on a couple of previous occasions; I guess I should Old Fisherman’s Wharf, Monterey have done a bit more homework! Having struck out Monterey is also a great place from where to go at both Carmel and 17 Mile Drive, I headed 15 miles whale watching and on a previous visit I was fortuor so north up Route 1 to Monterey. nate to see both Hump Back and Blue whales. If Monterey was busy but at least there was parking seasickness is a problem (and the Pacific can get space. I asked a parking warden if there were any pretty lumpy), you can watch the sea lions and ocspecial spaces for motorcycles and she told me to casionally sea otters from the wharf. just find a space occupied by another bike and park up there too; no need to buy a ticket if the other bike is displaying one; seems like as long as the space is paid for, you can park as many bikes in it as can fit; how enlightened! Sure enough, I found a space with another bike (a rental from Eaglerider), which was already displaying a ticket!

Monterey Bay Whale Watch Center

Two For The Price Of One

Leaving Monterey I continued north up Route 1 past Santa Cruz to Route 17, which is an interesting ride up over the hills and down toward San Jose. The road is almost one continuous series of S-Bends; a great ride when there is little traffic as most of the cambers are correct, but not so much fun when everyone is heading home from a day on the coast.

Monterey is popular with visitors and well known for By the time I reached the hotel in Santa Clara I had the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium. There is also a clocked 237 miles and was surprising not to be too thriving Fisherman’s Wharf, albeit on a much smallsaddle sore; a testimony to the Road King’s comer scale that the San Francisco version. fortable riding position. (Continued on page 26)

Page 26 I had planned to head north on Sunday, through San Francisco and over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. The weather forecast was rain showers and Saturday morning was dull and grey with leaden skies. It was however dry so I set off up Highway 101. The rain stayed away but on the approach road to the bridge a roadside sign warned of heavy fog. It wasn’t wrong; the fog was a real pea souper and so thick you could not see the bridge towers until almost upon them, much less see the tops of the towers or the waters of the bay. I stopped briefly at the viewing vista on the north side of the bridge but by this time the fog had turned to drizzle. The bridge and bay remained obscured.

still raining when I set off back down south. This made for an interesting ride back as this was the first rain for a while and the roads were fairly greasy. I had also noticed just how many metal manhole covers pepper the streets of San Francisco, especially at intersections; I reckon I found every one of them and that made for some interesting stops and starts in the wet.

Salito’s Waterside Restaurant, Sausalito The rain had stopped by the time I reached South San Francisco and roads were dry so an easy 95 odd mile run back to Morgan Hill, via the factory outlets in Gilroy, in time to return the bike, by now with 451 miles on the clock for the weekend, by late afternoon. Where’s The Golden Gate Bridge Gone? I continued down into Sausalito to Salito’s; one of my favourite seafood restaurants and right by the waterside. By the time I was midway through delicious seafood pasta, complete with fresh mussels and crab claws, the drizzle had turned to rain; it was

For anyone planning a ride in the Bay area, I would enthusiastically recommend House of Thunder. The service is superb, the staff friendly and knowledgeable (special thanks to Albert and Andrew) and the bikes in first class condition. A great experience, from start to finish, and here’s to the next one!

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Peter & Duncan’s Pump Stop submission deadline and trying to keep cool. How do you combine staying cool on the bike, with protection? It’s the legs in particular - leathers are impossible and so-called breathable Draggin Jeans are boiling hot. Despite the expectation, in the back of our minds, that it would inevitably rain during the Rhayader Riding Weekend, it didn’t and it was fabulous, just like being in Southern Europe.

Last month, I started off the column with these prescient words: ‘By the time you are skimming through this issue of the magazine, at the July Club Nights, you might be reflecting on the 3 scorching days we had for the rally – or maybe….’ Well, didn’t we do well? The weather was brilliant and the metaphorical cash tills on the gate were jangling as loads of people decided to join us for the long weekend of fun. After HITH6, next up was the Independence Day celebrations and “Meet the Chapter” at Riders. Another scorching day, with Riders staff suitably attired in Wild West togs, plus lots of food off the Barbeque (Andrea and the other staff in charge of the cook-up looked well roasted!), accompanied by a C&W band, straight from Glastonbury.

Detailed accounts will surely follow in due course, so I’ll be very selective. Personal achievement – winning the Rock-Paper-Scissors contest, beating Richard Van Gemeren (Cangen Cymraeg) in the final. Greg was telling me that I could win thousands of dollars doing this in Las Vegas – Hmmmm! Several people suggested that we needed to invent a new category “D” for the 2 rideouts (very long, hard and hot). Yvonne and I, plus several others who felt like a bit of a chill-out on the Saturday, rode up through the Elan Valley. Never having been there before, and with its not having been on either of the rideout routes, it was an absolute must for us.

What stupendous scenery as the mountain road twists its way alongside the reservoirs up to Devils Bridge. Truly gorgeous! The other “must do”, after we got back into RhayaThe two trays of doughnuts, courtesy of Martin, cer- der, was to walk to the Red Kite Centre to catch the tainly encouraged visitors to stop by our GWC table afternoon feeding session. Fourteen or so other for a chat and resulted in some new members. All-in GWC members had a similar idea and we sat in the -all, a great day. hides waiting for the food and the birds to arrive. Much to probably everyone’s surprise, the tropical (Continued on page 28) weather is still with is, as I write this, one day off the

Page 28 Wow, it was so amazing and it was such a privilege to see so many of these magnificent birds up close.

in Grand Junction, share some beers in the Rock Slide Brewery and go on a rideout together, into the Rockies. Then it’s onwards and upwards to the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and beyond, eventually arriving in Sturgis, the biking Holy Grail. Of course, by the time you see this, in August, we’ll be back home again! Looking at Accuweather now, if this UK heat wave continues, it’s going to be cooler in the USA than here! Well, this month’s “Tip of the Month” just had to be something to do with the heat, so over to Duncan: Keeping your motor cool Hopefully we are still basking in glorious sunshine when you read this, so talking about how to help keep those big twins cool, will help.

Not only did we get to see dozens of Red Kites, plus an albino, there was also an Osprey and two Buzzards – the latter staying on the ground trying to avoid the swooping Kites. All we can say, is that it was a magical weekend with great hospitality shown by everyone in Rhayader, especially Alan and his team in Tourist Information, who put in so much effort to keep us entertained, when we were not riding. As a little gesture, just before the pub crawl race kicked off on the Friday evening, we presented Alan with a Harley-Davidson tee shirt as little memento. He was well pleased and they want us all to go back next year!

I'm sure we are all loving the weather; however it's not the best feeling in the world being stuck in traffic, with your riding gear on, and a hot air-cooled motor ticking away below you. The bigger your Harley, the harder it is to keep cool and, when the air around it is hot, the engine is even more reliant on the oil inside to do its job. A useful accessory in this heat is an oil cooler. With some of the biggest bikes, they even come with them as standard. The Harley- Davidson oil cooler was designed specifically for the big twin to help cool the engine oil by distributing it evenly across the cooling chamber, allowing all the oil in the chamber to cool down when it travels through, rather than just the oil at the edges. It is the same principle as a car radiator, sitting at the front catching the air-flow and cooling the oil while it is outside of the engine. Another helpful item is a cooling fan, which mounts on the left side of the engine between the vee. Tests have shown that a fan reduces the engine oil temp by 20 degrees, which is perfect for riding in any parade of flags. One last great functional little item is the pair of midframe air deflectors, which attach to the frame, just below the seat, and direct heat away from the rider. That's got to be a must. All three of the above are great add-ons in the heat of summer. Why not treat yourself (and your bike)! Once again, Ride Safe

Peter and Duncan@Riders Next Friday, July 26th fifteen of us are flying off to Denver, Colorado to visit our Western Slope friends

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Orchard Trust

By Kathryn

Hello everyone Well, firstly a HUGE THANK YOU for all the fundraising that you’ve done for us and the cheque presented to us at your Rally for the fantastic sum of £4000. We were all so thrilled and grateful for this and everyone’s generosity - it does make such a difference to us here. We’ve been liaising with Stephanie about the items we’re buying and the first will be a kiln for the Learning Centre. This will not only benefit service users from all of our homes who visit the Learning Centre, but adults with learning disabilities from the Forest of Dean and surrounding area who attend the Learning Centre as day students too. We’re also about to order a ’34 in 1 games table’ for tenants living at Morelands, our newest home – so they’ll have plenty to keep themselves busy! We’ll update you as other items are purchased.

At Offa's Dyke, Chris recently enjoyed a lively 40th Birthday party with family and friends. Offa's Dyke was packed with people, and Chris was lucky enough to have two birthday cakes made for him! It was a lovely afternoon, and everybody enjoyed themselves!

Now summer has arrived at last, everyone at Hilltop can sit outside on the patio and the service users are really enjoying using their wheelchair swing. Maureen, supported by Julie and Amanda went to Thank you too for the very warm welcome that you Brean Sands for her summer break and Layla and gave the service users and staff who visited Hogs in Jamie supported by Rachel, Sonia and Julie Ann the Hayfields. In addition to our ‘day visitors’, Gareth have just arrived back from a week in Weston. and Jim camped overnight. This was a first for Hilltop is pleased to welcome a new resident, Kim, Gareth and he thoroughly enjoyed being at the Rally who is settling in well and enjoys going for trips out. and camping! Kim told us that she enjoyed her day at Hogs in the Hayfields and is now eagerly awaiting a coach trip soon to Weston for a day out by the sea. Hilltop said goodbye to Jenny and Debbie who have both recently retired, but say ‘hello’ to Hannah and Donna who will be joining them, along with a new deputy manager. Chris, Nigel and Lindsay, from Kimberley Drive/ Morelands had a fantastic holiday in Dawlish Warren. When they arrived in Devon, it was lovely and sunny; so after unpacking, they had a

Page 30 walk around. One tenant decided to stop and have a pint to watch the football whilst the others enjoyed a drink in the sun. Another day they visited Torquay and the model village at Babbacombe. This was followed by a walk around the town and ice creams by the harbour. The day they visited the beach, the weather wasn’t great, but fortunately the tenants didn't fancy a whole day on the beach, just a look! One of the tenants enjoyed a game of catch whilst the others ambled down the coast. Each night of the holiday, they went to the 'Survivors Club' where there was brilliant entertainment until 12pm each night (I don’t think they left earlier than that all holiday!) The entertainment team were fantastic and the tenants had photos taken with some of the entertainment team as a memory. All in all, the verdict was that the people were great, the place was lovely, but the weather was a bit ‘hit and miss’! However, everyone had a really great time and they have all said they can't wait to go back next year! Tenants have also been enjoying being outside in the sunshine and taken the opportunity of the good weather to paint the fence at Kimberley Drive. Hi Everyone I’m Sian and I have been a member of Great Western Chapter (Cangen Cymraeg) for almost 5 years.

Well, in just over a week, we’ll have our Summer Fayre. There’s been so much to plan and organise – but we’re getting there! We have over 25 stalls/ attractions – including a birds of prey flying demonstration, live music, vintage cars, stocks and wet sponges!, face painting, fake wounds(!), homemade cakes, preserves, plants, bric-a-brac, crafts, skittles and more! We’re just hoping that this good weather holds out! Once Summer Fayre is all ‘put away’, then it won’t be long until the Canoe Paddle! Stephanie is coming to meet me next week so that we can do some more planning around location of tents/campers, planning the BBQ and the breakfast! Looking forward to seeing all the pirates paddling on the river! Thanking you all for your support and best wishes from everyone at The Orchard Trust. Kathryn The Orchard Trust

cheque for £200 to Velindre Fundraising (Breast) and it was very much appreciated.

On February 13th this year I was given the devastating news that I had breast cancer. It was a huge shock and at the time, I felt it was the end of my world. But, after 2 operations and with the love and support of my partner Richard, family and friends, as well as having a positive attitude, I am now well on the road to recovery and feel great. The cancer has gone and I have just finished a 3 week course of radiotherapy to help prevent it from coming back. When Jane Scott told me that she was going to suggest that the monies raised from donations in our hospitality tent at our Hogs in the Hayfields Rally should be given to me to donate to a hospital of my choice, I was absolutely delighted and very touched by her kind gesture. But later, when she told me that we had raised £200, I was speechless! Wow, what a whopping amount! So, without any hesitation, I decided to give the money to Velindre Hospital in Whitchurch, Cardiff, which is where I received radiotherapy treatment. Velindre is the largest non-surgical cancer hospital in Wales and provides treatment for over half the people diagnosed with cancer in Wales. On July 5th, on behalf of GWC, I presented a

I’d like to say a huge thank you to all of you who gave up your time to bake the lovely cakes you made and for those of you who generously donated money. By doing so, you have helped me to help other breast cancer patients to receive the treatment they so desperately need at Velindre Hospital. A huge thank you also to all of you on both sides of the Severn Bridge who gave me your love and best wishes and by helping me to get through what was a very difficult and emotional journey. Having breast cancer was not the end of my world after all and from now on I intend to celebrate every birthday and every New Year and live my life to the full as much as I can, (and eat chocolate – lots of it!)

At a Glance - 2013 GWC Activities Calendar Contact Anita Cockwell if you have any other events you would like to see listed. Tel: 01761 471385 or mobile: 07702 073361 or e-mail: For further details on any event listed visit “What’s On” on the GWC website. Date

Chapter Events



August 11th

Ride Out

‘Big Al’ Stokes

‘Ice Cream Sundae’


Club Night

Bazz Aggett

Cross Hands Hotel, Old Sodbury


Club Night

Bazz Aggett

St Mary’s Hotel, Pencoed




Bristol Bike Show, Bristol


Ride Out

Steph Pocock

‘Meandering to Sammy Millers’


10th Anniversary

Nige Garnett/Steph Evans

Canoe Glide or Ride Out & BBQ @ Orchard Trust


Natter Night

Bazz Aggett

Ferry Inn, Beachley

September 5/6/7/8th

10th Anniversary

Peter Roberts

Go East Tour


Club Night

Bazz Aggett

Cross Hands Hotel, Old Sodbury


Club Night

Bazz Aggett

St Mary’s Hotel, Pencoed


Ride Out

Si Griffiths

‘The Real Deal’


Natter Night

Bazz Aggett

Ferry Inn, Beachley


Ride Out

‘Big Al’ Stokes

‘Swanning off to Swanage’

October 5th



Ride to the Wall


Club Night

Bazz Aggett

Cross Hands Hotel, Old Sodbury


Club Night

Bazz Aggett

St Mary’s Hotel, Pencoed


Ride Out/Activity

‘Big Al’ Stokes

‘Blasting the Big Pit’


Activity/Ride Out

‘Big Al’ Stokes

Hoggin the Bridge


Natter Night

Bazz Aggett

Ferry Inn, Beachley


10th Anniversary

Dave Norton

Dinner, Hilton Hotel Aztec West


Ride Out

‘Big Al’ Stokes



Club Night

Bazz Aggett

Cross Hands Hotel, Old Sodbury


Club Night

Bazz Aggett

St Mary’s Hotel, Pencoed


10th Anniversary

Jane Scott

LOH weekend trip to London


Ride Out

Steph Pocock‘

Wild Wanderings Around Wiltshire


Natter Night

Bazz Aggett

Ferry Inn, Beachley


Xmas Party

Anita Cockwell

St Mary’s Hotel, Pencoed


Club Night

Bazz Aggett

Cross Hands Hotel, Old Sodbury


Club Night

Bazz Aggett

St Mary’s Hotel, Pencoed


Ride Out

‘Big Al’ Stokes

‘Tinsel in Tetbury’



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