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H.O.G  Chapter 6655

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Features: 5. Orchard Trust 10. Hogs in the Hayfields 11. Sam and Bill’s Wedding 12. Chapter By-laws 15. HITB Poster

Regulars: 2. Director’s Cut 3. Secretary’s Update 4. Committee Round Up 6. From the Front 7. 10 Years of GWC 8. Ladies of Harley 9. Cangen Cymraeg 16. Pete & Duncan’s Pump Stop 17. Bazzer’s Page 18. Members Ads & GWC Merchandise 19. At a Glance

August 2012

Official Newsletter of the Great Western Chapter

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Director’s Cut

By Andy Ball

I was asked by some at our rally - am I standing down as Director? So, just to confirm...yes, I will Hi all, stand down at the AGM in December but more of Our Hayfields Rally has come and that over the next couple of months... I’m looking gone. After a dry start on the Fri- forward to my ‘Has been’ rocker to make it a full set . day morning, the heavens opened for the most of Some have commented on the “red oxide” paint job the weekend. There was a glimmer of hope on the on my bike. For those who haven’t seen it, you can Saturday afternoon when the sun shone just in time find it on page 64 & 65 of the August edition of to do some fun and games. It then proceeded to rain American-V mag, photographed at this year’s Brum again, but a bit of rain can’t dampen our enthusiasm. Bash. It also showed a certain Welsh member wearOverall the rally was a great success and we haven’t ing a scrunched up cowboy hat and toothbrush in had one complaint, as yet ! As a result of the suchis know who you are ….. cess, and after a rethink, we’ve decided to hold ‘Hogs in the Hayfields 6’ for 2013, the year of our Please use the web page to keep up to date with Chapter’s 10th anniversary. It will now be part of the what’s going on, as well as reading the MailChimps 10 events for next year. The dates for your diary are that are sent out ...if I remember! 21st, 22nd & 23rd of June. The rally will stay at Cleve That’s all for now folks Rugby Club; they have served us well over several years, so no complaints there. Going back to this Hi All year I’d like to thank all the Great Western members who supported us, the visiting Chapters, the Just a quick note to let everyone know I am recovermembers who came along and helped set up on the ing well from my recent operation. Can I say a big Thursday evening, manning the gate and other duthank you for all the kind messages and cards I have received. I would also like to thank Yvonne Roberts ties. Bazzer & Jackie’s Friday quiz ...brilliant as usuwho arranged the wonderful bouquet of flowers to be al, but I’m quite sure others were using their iPhones sent from the Chapter. They have brightened up the for Googling not just me! The Gurzels were superb house and made it feel like summer, despite the as usual and well choreographed.... and you all weather. I’m looking forward to being back in circulathought this was the last year, eh girls! Thanks to tion soon and joining you for a glass of wine or two. Big Al, Dave ‘LBD’ Roberts and the rest of the team At the moment the tablets are keeping me off the for a well executed rideout, the Ladies of Harley at drink. the hospitality tent, as well as the many homemade See you all soon. cakes on offer. Special thanks to Tony James, our rally co-ordinator, who loves it so much he decided Sue Stokes to do another next year. Sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone else. We love Cleve Rugby Club so much we were there again two weeks later for the wedding of Bill & Sam. It was more of a rally really with camping, caravans , motor homes & a hog roast with around 250 people in attendance. The sun shone bright ...the start of the summer perhaps! About 95 bikes were in attendance including Great Western, Bridgwater & Birmingham chapter members. Sam looked beautiful and so did Bill in his skirt (All Scots to contact Andy personally- Ed). So a big “Thank you” to you both for a great weekend. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and congratulations and best wishes for the future.

Rumblings from the Editor Hello RoadHOG readers, Thanks to all contributors this month. Please send articles and pictures and MyHOG features by 20th August for the September Mag. I’m running out of pictures … Your Magazine needs you!

Ian Furey-King email to:

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GWC Secretary’s Update

By Yvonne Roberts

Hi Everyone, Great Rally, mainly due to the good company and everyone pulling together! Don’t mention the weather and all that “liquid sunshine”! Everyone seemed pleased with the warm welcome they received, plus the tea, coffee, and cakes. (There wasn’t any need to keep the beer and cider chilled)! There were plenty of places to chat – in the gazebos on the patio, in the hospitality tent, and in the Club house.

and we had loads of ladies wearing the “noodle hair”. The entertainment went down well too. Riders were pleased with their patch in the Club house, and there was plenty of time for some retail therapy. As a Gurzel insider, I was very relieved that I was wearing dark sunglasses, hoping people wouldn’t recognise me! Thanks again to Arlene for coaching us. Only 2 days after our Rally, we were meeting up again at Club nights. The raffles, for the Orchard Trust, raised £100 at The “Cross Hands” and £52 at St Mary’s, thank you. We are pleased to welcome 3 new members to our Chapter: Stephen West from Bristol, Steve Link from Cardiff, and Berwyn, (Bugle) Bilton from Caerphilly. Our total membership now stands at a very healthy 276 and growing steadily. I am always available at Club nights, and you can also contact me by phone on: 01225 751017 or by e-mail:

Ride safe, The pink theme for the hospitality tent caught on

Our Club Nights St M

ary’ s Go lf Clu & Coun b try P e n Hom coed e Bran of the Ca ch o f the ngen Cym Gr r Chap eat West aeg Get t ern ter ogeth er o day o n the 2nd f the W mont ednes7.00p h m- 8 .00 p m sta rt

Plus - “Natter Nights” the “Old Ferry Inn”, Beachley on the 4th Tuesday

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Secretary’s Round-up of July’s Committee Meeting Your Committee held its monthly meeting on July 14th at GWC funds can cover the cost. Riders. There were several matters arising from our last meeting. Andy Ball has booked the 2012 Christmas Party at St Mary’s Golf Club, Pencoed, for December 8th – the only date that was left! 90 people maximum. Accommodation bookings were reported as brisk! The amended GWC Bylaws are now on our website, but are to be included in this magazine and sent by MailChimp. We agreed that an advert should also be sent out, inviting members to apply for the non-Committee position of OTRA Organiser. This is becoming vacant due to Chris Harding stepping down at the end of this year. The Orchard Trust has agreed to keep us up-to-date with its activities by regular articles in our magazine. The minutes were passed as a true record.

We agreed with the donation of £8,500 to the Orchard Trust which will be used to purchase specific items which the Trust is unable to afford. Tony James joined us for a review of our Rally, which was a success despite the wet weather. In view of this, and Tony’s willingness to be involved again in planning a rally, we agreed in principle to holding a GWC Rally next year. However, this is wholly dependent on the availability of a venue at a convenient date. We agreed that our AGM for 2012 would be held at Club night on Tuesday December 11th at the “Cross Hands”. The date of our next meeting will be August 11th at 10.30am at Riders. A copy of the full minutes is available on request.

Several members have requested that, from next year they receive an electronic copy of RoadHOG only. We agreed that full members who choose this option for 2013 Yvonne Roberts would be offered a reduction of £3. We also agreed that there would be no increase in membership fees for 2013. Secretary We agreed to investigate the possibility of offering all of our members who re-new their membership for 2013, a Tshirt and pin to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of our Chapter. This will of course be dependent on whether

On the Road Again

by Chris Harding

For the last 4 years, ‘On The Road Again’ has introduced European & UK Trips to our members with destinations like Italy, Scotland, Belgium and Germany. Whilst 2013 has a full agenda with our 10th Anniversary plans, I thought it would be an appropriate time to hand over the steering of OTRA to another Chapter member, so 2012 will be my last year of organising. Your Committee would therefore like to invite any member interested in assuming this non-Committee role to apply in writing, with a few sentences on what you could bring to the position in terms of experience and organisational ability. So that everyone understands what’s involved, here’s a brief description of what is expected:

 

Research and propose a plan of events for a full OTRA year

 

Co-ordinate routes, accommodation, ferries/tunnel, event registration

Work with Committee members (Activities Officer, Safety Officer & Head Road Captain) to align proposed OTRA events with other Chapter activities Explore and provide full information to members on all OTRA events in good time

Please send your application to me by September 30th at the following address: Chris Harding 9 Down Road Portishead North Somerset, BS20 6EB

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Orchard Trust Hello Everyone

We wanted to say ‘a big thank you’ to Great Western Chapter for inviting us to Hogs in the Hayfields 2012. Everyone here commented on the warm welcome that we received from you all and how much they had enjoyed being at the Rally.

Being presented with a cheque for £8,500 was just amazing! A huge thank you for all your generous donations and the hard work that has gone into raising this money for us, including to those members who took part in the Forest of Dean Half Marathon.

We’ve been in discussion with Bill about the items that we would like to use this money for and will update you again in the next issue of RoadHOG.

With very many thanks for your support and our best wishes to all GWC members

Kathryn On behalf of The Orchard Trust

By Kathryn Hughes

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From The Front

Hi Everyone Fir s tl y, t his month, I would like to say what a great 5th rally we had in July. Despite the horrendous weather thrown at us, the Great Western Chapter once again had a ball. For me, the poor weather always puts a bit of a dampener on the ride-out. Lots of preparation and planning go into the ride but the one thing out of our control is the weather. Still, Saturday morning arrived and we had 28 bikes and 2 trikes out front in the car park, all ready to take on the challenge. Adorned in all types of waterproofs, the riders were a welcome sight, I can tell you. On the Friday night, the ride team really thought it might just be us lined up. There were even mutterings of ‘let’s cancel’ from one light-weight, eh LBD. To those individuals who braved it, a personal thanks for making the effort. The planned route to Tetbury and back was very scenic, and I think most enjoyed it.

We were joined on the day by a number of riders from the Lorraine Chapter, France. Now that made for an interesting briefing by me. I think it was the first time I have had to speak and then wait for a translation of what I have just said. Second Man drops and the French .... well that’s another story! Can I also take this opportunity to thank my team who planned and executed a perfect ride on the day? They are Dave “LBD” Roberts, Andy “Senior” Kendall, Tony “Snappy” Yendle, Mike Sage, Mike “Badger” Brake, Dale Jenkins and Andy “RKK” Kendall. Cheers guys, you did a great job.

Moving on to the Ride–out challenge, I thought it would be nice if I

By Alan “Big Al” Stokes relay the half year position. In terms of who is out front for the most rides completed, currently we have a tie for first place. With 10 rides under their belts are, Mark Chinnick (the reigning champion) and Keith Swarbrick. Following closely behind in second place is Terry Rees on 9 rides. In third place on 8 rides each is Andy “RKK” Kendall, Ian Johnson and Graham Jones. So still all to play for. Let’s get those Harleys out and lay down some miles.

And so to the forthcoming rides:

Sunday 19th August – Sharp, Hard and Wide ...... at the Rear “The Woolacombe Wanderer” It’s back by public demand. This popular ride will take a very scenic route to Woolacombe. It is a full day but great riding and a fantastic destination. There will be Motorway riding initially to Bridgwater, followed by country roads, up hill and down dale. The return journey will also involve motorways.

We plan to spend at least 2 hours in Woolacombe and I can recommend the Fish and Chips.

Sunday 12th August – Graham Roach & Team

Meet at Gordano Services M5/J19 Southbound at 09.00 a.m. Be “Ambling to Aberystwyth “ fuelled up ready to depart at 09.30 This will be a cross-country ride via a.m. This is a Level B ride Brecon to the seaside town of Aberystwyth. A great destination For last minute updates please and maybe even a chance to park call the “Hotline” on 08444 up on the sea-front and have an 994508 and please keep a check ice-cream in the sun. Well this weather has got to change soon. on the website for changes. The outbound trip will take around 3 hours and is approximately 110 Please see below some guidmiles. ance details of the rides: The return trip, via Carmarthen, will take about 1hour 45 minutes and is circa 70 miles. The ride will finish at Pont Abraham services, adjacent to the M4. It promises to be a full day’s riding.

Level A - Short and easy below 100 miles round trip. Level B - Fine for average riders but may be a bit longer.

Level C – Can include some complex sections but mainly a Meet at Cardiff West Services for longer duration. 09.30 a.m. Please be fuelled up ready to depart at 10.00 a.m. Until the next time, have fun, ride hard and stay dry! This ride is circa 180 miles and is classed as a Level B ride. Alan “Big Al” Stokes Head Road Captain

Page 7 Update on our 10 Events in

Event 6: The GWC 10th Anniversary Rally, June 21st, 22nd, & 23rd at the Hayfields


Event 3: 12th Benelux Rally, Silverlake Beach, Mol, Belgium. The Flemish Kempen H.O.G. Chapter’s 20th Anniversary, June 7-9

Yes by popular demand we ARE having a GWC Rally in 2013! Those of you who have already looked at your calendar for 2013 will have noticed that the Night Ride was planned for June 20th/21st, so we are having a rethink on this. GWC organised ride, leaving Bristol on Thursday June 6th with an over-night stop in Ashford, (Holiday Inn, Ashford-North), Eurotunnel Shuttle to Calais, and approx 170 mile ride to Silverlake Beach for the start of the Rally at 12.00. We leave after the Rally Parade on the Sunday, and return to Calais, and the Eurotunnel Shuttle, to spend a second night at the Holiday Inn Ashford-North. We Ride home on Monday June 10th. The Chapter will not be making any group bookings and, in due course, you will need to: (1) book your accommodation at the Ashford Holiday Inn (http:// ashford/asduk/hoteldetail), or e ls e wh e re if yo u pr ef er . (2) purchase your Eurotunnel tickets ( uk/home/) If you have been receiving the messages on this by MailChimp, you will know that we think the Benelux website will be open for bookings sometime in August. We advise you to keep checking both the Benelux website and read our

Tony James is up for his 6th Rally, after the success of the previous MailChimp messages. 5. This is now in place of the 3 Lakes Tour which was part of our Event 5: Rhayader Riding original proposals. Weekend – July 11th to 14th – Event 10: Ladies-Only Weekend update from Yvonne Roberts Away Jane Scott is getting quotes for a coach trip to London to take in a show etc. This is to happen possibly next Spring. She would welcome your thoughts on this and any other ideas please! Contact Jane 07894- 066261

You will have received details of accommodation for this event with the July edition of RoadHOG, to help you book your own accommodation. Several of us have already booked our accommodation, and I recommend that, if you are planning on joining us for this event, you think about booking yours soon. Of course, there is no need to do so if you are camping, as the Wyeside Caravan and Camping Park does not take bookings. We are still waiting for information on how to book the Rugby Club. Please contact me if you need any further information.

Design a 10th Anniversary TeeShirt Competition: First prize – 1 Full Free Membership for 2013! Members are invited to help design a 10th Anniversary Tee-Shirt. Guidelines: an appropriate electronic design in 2 colours for the front of a black, round neck, short sleeve Tee-shirt. All designs should be e-mailed to Peter Roberts at: by October 10th 2012, latest. Judging will be by the 10th Anniversary Planning Group. All 2013 information is updated regularly on our page on the GWC Website.

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Ladies of Harley

By Jane Scott Cornish Cream Rally is at the end of the month and, with a St Ives location, it’s one not to miss; so hopefully see you there.

Hello Ladies, Well what a busy month we have had, what with the rally and Bill and Sam’s wedding, with plenty still to keep us busy this month. Back to the rally, I would just like to say thank you to all you Ladies that helped run the hospitality tent. With the weather I’m sure a hot drink and cake was most welcome, and we did raise nearly £75 which will be going to a Breast Cancer charity. The cakes were amazing; I’ve never taste-tested so many, lol. The noodle hair was very popular and we sold all 48 packs. I even sold one to a friend at work who puts it on when she is stressed. The Gurzels’ performance was brilliant. I know we all had a few doubts on whether we would remember the routine, so thanks to all, especially Vanessa. I’m not mentioning the rain as it didn’t dampen our Great Western spirit to carry on in all weathers.

FOR ALL LADIES THAT LUNCH: Is there anyone out there interested in doing just that? Looking at the calendar it’s not going to be possible until October. I will post more details in next month’s RoadHOG. I am open to suggestions about location for this event, but support would be great.

Last, but not least, have you heard there is going to be a 2013 Great Western Rally? yippeeee ! Gurzels ??? well it seems as though we have a challenge from LBD ( Dave Roberts Esq) so mankinni’s and spandex is it Dave….. Well that’s all for now folks.

Bill and Sam - our congratulations to you both. What a lovely day, with huge support from our chapter and also Bridgwater and Birmingham. To top it off, there was “Devious”; all I can say is Fabulous, and Best Wishes to you both. Hope you’re enjoying your honeymoon.

UPDATE FOR THE 2013 LOH EVENT - I am currently awaiting some quotes for an overnight stay in London, taking in a show, with free time for shopping or sightseeing. Once we have put together the costing for this event, we will need a financial commitment so, as they say, watch this space. There have been a few other suggestions, but as we have to try and cater for all needs, some of the suggestions would not be practical for most members. Take Care At the time of writing this article I’m sure most are looking forward to the rally at Bisley and with all tick- Jane X ets sold I’m sure it will be a good un. Unfortunately not for me this year. I will miss it as I have decided to have a long weekend in Tenby with the Grand And Sue the only way is UP ! Xx Daughters.

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Cangen Cymraeg

Graham Roach

The rally season is now well underway with SOFERjust around the corner, then the Cornish Cream Rally. I am off to Fakker See for the European Bike Week in Sept, can't wait. I can recommend this rally for anyone that likes a good rally combined with scenic riding. It is without doubt the best rally in Europe, bar none, so plenty to look forward to on the rally front.

I popped into M&P's in Swansea on the way home from the wedding. The new shop is now open and is very impressive. I think it is now safe to mention that the first Welsh dealership is definitely on its way, probably in the late autumn. Apparently the name for the new dealership has been agreed, so watch this space. Obviously when the new dealership is up and running it will have implications as far as Cangen Cymraeg is concerned. It will be interesting to see how things develop.

Well here we are in the latter part of July and finally the weather seems to be improving, for those of us that attended, Hogs in the Hayfields brought back vivid memories of our first rally at Margam Park. The rain was relentless, but the rally was still a resounding success, with everyone there quickly getting into a party spirit. It was good to see so many members getting involved with the setting up of the rally site despite the weather. You may all know by now that the rally is back on for next year which is Finally the next Welsh ride-out is on the 12th Aufantastic news. gust, taken by myself to sunny Aberystwyth. Let’s hope we can actually get there this time, as last year I had to cancel the ride-out due to extreme I am writing this the day after Bill and Sam's wed- weather. So get those bikes polished, out on the ding, so still feeling a tad fragile. What can I say? road and lets rack some miles up. What a wedding to remember, the sun shone down and the sight of 92 bikes in convoy leaving the iechyd da, Church for the reception was spectacular. It will be a long time before Bristol sees another wedding like it. I think I can safely say we all had a fantastic day Graham. and evening topped off by the brilliant “Devious”. Best wishes to both Bill and Sam as they embark on a future as husband and wife.

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Hogs in the Hayfields

Sam and Bill’s Wedding

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Chapter By-Laws

Peter Roberts (Assistant Director)

not signing the yearly membership  has no voting rights at the Chapapplication form and/or not having a ter’s AGM. current H.O.G membership, you reIn most respects, H.O.G Chapters op- linquish the right to be a Chapter GUESTS: erate pretty autonomously in partner- member. Guests are individuals who are proship with their sponsoring dealership. spective members of the Chapter. However, a Chapter’s existence and Membership runs from 1st January to Guests may attend any Chapter activist general mode of operation is deter- 31 December of the same year. ty, including rideouts (at the specific mined by H.O.G.. The general rules are invitation of a Full Chapter Member) for laid down in the “Annual Charter for FULL MEMBER: a maximum of three times in total, after H.O.G. Chapters” and the operational The member is the registered owner of which the individual is required to bespecifics in the Chapter By-laws, which a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and is a come a Chapter member (either Full, are drawn up by Chapters, subject to confirmed member of H.O.G. Associate, or Guest Member, as approthe approval of H.O.G. The full member: priate) in order to attend any further  has access to all events, open Chapter activities. All new members of GWC receive a and closed. copy of the By-laws in their Member’s  If a guest is a pillion on any ride, Welcome Pack. They are also available  has voting rights at the Chapter’s they must sign a release form bevia the Chapter website. Very recently, AGM and at other times, where fore the rideout leaves the start the By-laws were revised to address a necessary. point. perceived lack of clarity concerning  Receives a copy of the monthly  If a guest is riding his/her own “Guests”. The key aspect of this is that magazine/newsletter, RoadHOG. motorcycle, he/she must sign a any Full Chapter member may bring a release form before the rideout guest to any of our Chapter activities, JOINT FULL MEMBER: leaves the start point. up to a total of 3 times, after which they Both members (spouse/partner) are are required to join the Chapter or owners of Harley-Davidson motorcy- MULTIPLE H.O.G. MEMBERSHIPS cease to attend. cles and are confirmed members of Members may join as many chapters as they wish. However, membership of In the case of special Chapter events – H.O.G. (The Annual Birthday and Christmas The joint full members have the same another chapter, other than the Great parties, our Rally), there would not be rights as shown above. They benefit Western Chapter, #6655, may lessen an expectation that guest spouses/ from payment of a reduced annual the eligibility of becoming a chapter partners become Chapter members if Chapter membership fee and receive officer of Great Western Chapter, as a one copy of RoadHOG. conflict of interest could occur. this is their only Chapter involvement. The Chapter By-Laws

A copy of the By-laws was sent in July ASSOCIATE MEMBER: by MailChimp to all members with e- Associate Members are primarily pasmail addresses. sengers of full Chapter members. They must be associated with a current fully Since not all members use electronic communication, we are reproducing the paid up member of H.O.G. and, in turn, are a paid up H.O.G. Associate memBy-laws in this issue of RoadHOG. ber. Associate Members pay a reduced annual Chapter membership fee. An Associate Member: Great Western H.O.G. Chapter #6655  is welcome at all events. By-laws  has voting rights at the Chapter’s The Great Western Chapter U.K. AGM and where necessary. (number 6655) is an officially recognised H.O.G. Chapter, affiliated with GUEST MEMBER: H.O.G. UK. The Sponsoring Dealer of Guest Members are primarily spouses/ the Chapter is: partners of Full Chapter Members. Riders of Bristol, 519-521 Stockwood They may be either a passenger of the full member, or a non-rider. Guest Road, Brislington, Bristol , BS4 5LR Members differ from Associate MemChapter Structure: bers in that they are not Associate The Chapter Director acts on the Deal- Members of H.O.G. er Principal’s behalf. A Guest Member pays a reduced annual chapter membership fee (equivalent Membership: to that paid by an Associate Member) All members must agree to abide by the H.O.G. Annual Chapter Charter, A Guest Member: Chapter By-laws and Code of Con Is welcome at all events when duct and sign the annual memberaccompanied by a fully paid up ship application form which conchapter member. tains the membership release. By

PRIMARY POSITIONS: DIRECTOR The Director is: Chosen by the Dealer Principal from the Committee (A statutory one year minimum served on the Committee is required) The Director will remain in office: Until he/she either stands down, or is asked to do so by the Dealer Principal (subject to review, with opinion being taken from the Committee Members) After his/her term of office, upon stepping down, the Director should be available as a mentor/ consultant for the new Director for a period of one year. This is a non-Committee position. ASSISTANT DIRECTOR/DIRECTORS The Director will appoint up to three Assistant Directors from the Committee, whom he/she feels will support him/her during his/her term of office. The post of Assistant Director will be given with the proviso that this person

Page 13

Chapter By-Laws (Cont …) would be willing to be considered for the role of Director if this were offered in the future. These positions will generally be for a minimum period of 2 years and held in conjunction with the term of office of the current Director who chose them. The Director must gain agreement from the sponsoring dealer for all Assistant Director appointments. CHAPTER SECRETARY & TREASURER The positions of Secretary and Treasurer will be appointed from within the Committee by the Dealer Principal and Director, as these roles require specialised knowledge and an understanding of the Chapter and H.O.G. articles. These posts will be held: For a minimum of 2 years or until they either stand down or are asked to do so by the Dealer Principal or Director

through to the election process at the AGM, the grounds upon which their nomination has been declined. The decision of the Committee is final and there is no process of appeal. Secondary Officers positions elected on an annual basis are: Activities Officer Ladies of Harley Officer Head Road Captain Editor Safety Officer Photographer Historian Web Master Charity Co-ordinator Cangen Cymraeg Area Representative Appointment to these roles for a period of one year (with the option of standing for re-election), is to ensure that members wishing to take on such responsibilities recognise that it is a long-term commitment and that this period in office provides continuity in the running of the Chapter. Should a Secondary Officer resign from his/her position midterm, then a replacement will be appointed by the Current Director and will serve for the remainder of the Chapter year until the AGM, at which point they can submit their nomination should they wish to do so.

All Primary Officers will remain in post for the Duration of the Director’s Term in Office. With each change of Director, there will be the opportunity to replace the Primary Officer Post holders. Should a Primary Officer resign from his/her position mid-term, then a replacement will be appointed by the Current Director and will serve for the remainder of that Director’s term in office. All members of the Chapter are eligible to apply for a position on the CommitAfter his/her term of office, upon step- tee, provided that they are fully paid up ping down, the Chapter Secretary & members of both H.O.G. and Great Treasurer should be available as men- Western Chapter. Nominations should tors/ consultants for the new Chapter be made in writing 8 weeks prior to the Secretary / Treasurer for a period of AGM for any of the Secondary Officer one year. These are non-Committee positions providing that: positions.  The member has no conflict of SECONDARY POSITIONS: business interest towards the The following Committee positions will sponsoring dealer. be filled by nomination. Nominations  The member holds no committee will be invited from the Chapter memposition within any other motorbership EIGHT WEEKS prior to the cycle club. AGM. All nominations will then be reviewed at the next available Committee Election to Secondary Positions: meeting to ensure that all applicants This will be by closed postal vote (by have the best interests of the Chapter Full and Associate Chapter/ H.O.G. at heart. This will ensure that anyone Members). Ballot forms, stating the who has been excluded from the Chap- voter’s GWC membership number, ter previously, or who has a conflict of must be received at the Dealership interests, will not be invited to pursue (Riders of Bristol) by the date notified to their nomination at the AGM. Following all members (normally ONE week prior agreement from the Dealer Principal, to the AGM). The eligibility of each balthe incumbent Director will discuss with lot form will be checked against the list any nominee who is not invited to go of current GWC Full/Associate mem-

bership numbers by the Chapter Secretary, and the votes then counted by independents. The winner will be declared by the Chapter Director by the close of the AGM. One vote only per member. Committee Meetings: Meetings will be held throughout the year to discuss and plan the day-to-day running of the Chapter. Committee meetings will normally be held on a monthly basis at Riders of Bristol. The Committee may appoint small subcommittees, including both Committee and non-Committee members. The role of the sub-committees is to assist officers within specific areas and to make suggestions to the Chapter Committee. These areas include – Chapter Social Activities; “On the Road Again” riding programme for the year; Editorial matters for RoadHOG, and the annual Chapter rally. Meeting Attendees: The Chapter Director with Primary and Secondary Officers and, whenever possible, the Dealer Representative. At every meeting, full minutes are taken by the Chapter Secretary. Minutes of Committee meetings are made available to Chapter members:  Upon Request.  A summary is published monthly by the Chapter Secretary in RoadHOG, the Chapter magazine. Accounts: The Chapter Treasurer will liaise with a registered chartered accountant who will audit the Chapter accounts, which will be made available to all members at the Chapter AGM. All expenditure requires prior agreement from the sponsoring dealer. A full set of the audited accounts will be sent to the UK Country H.O.G. Manager at HQ, Oxford Road Captains/ Marshals Marshals and Road Captains will be chosen by the Head Road Captain. Post December 2011, they must have gone through a process of selection:

Page 14

Chapter By-Laws (Cont …)  They must have satisfactorily completed a motorcy-

   

cling proficiency course/test approved by H.O.G. e.g. Bike Safe, Riders Edge or an approved IAM course. Road Captains / Road Marshals appointed, who have previously held either position pre January 2012, are exempt from item 1. They are appointed on a yearly basis. They must organise at least one rideout per season and help on other rides when asked to do so. They must wear high vis. tabards when undertaking their role. Stopping traffic at junctions, roundabouts and traffic lights etc contravenes the law and is not condoned by H.O.G. in any way

 The Director will write to the member about whom      


 The Chapter requires all of its members to treat everyone with value and respect, regardless of their race, nationality, ethnic origin, disability or sex.  The Chapter expects all members to show tolerance, and to respect the beliefs and views of others, even if they are not in line with their own  Honour the Chapter Charter and By-laws. This Code of Conduct applies to members, not only whilst attending Great Western Chapter events, but also in their out-of-Chapter activities, in so far as these relate to H.O.G. , Harley-Davidson Dealers, other chapters, or any other situation directly related to the Great Western Chapter, H.O.G. and Harley-Davidson.

THESE BY-LAWS REFER SPECIFICALLY TO THE GREAT WESTERN CHAPTER AND ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND OR AMENDMENT FOLLOWING CONSULTATION WITH H.O.G. UK The sponsoring dealer retains the exclusive right to make or veto changes relating to any and all activities and memberships within the Great Western Chapter.

Disciplinary and Complaints Procedure As a family-oriented Motorcycle club, it is important that members feel that they are safe to attend events and activities without fear for their own personal well-being or that of their families. In the event that any member should exhibit behaviour which is antisocial, disruptive or disrespectful of the culture or viewpoint of other Chapter members, or in contravention of the ethos of the Chapter and, or H.O.G., then the following complaints procedure will be followed, in order to deal fairly with any such incidents:  A complaint/s should be put in writing to the Chapter Director.

the complaint has been made and make that person aware of the accusations brought against him/her. The member will then have 14 days in which to make a written reply (there will be no discussion on a one-to-one basis). (If the member chooses not to reply, a decision will be made based on the information already received). The Director, in consultation with the Dealer Principal, will then make a decision based on the information received. A letter giving details of the decision will be forwarded to the member against whom the allegations were made. This decision is final and there is no appeal. Action taken against any member exhibiting antisocial behaviour, which is in direct opposition to the ethos of the Chapter, H.O.G. or basic human rights will range from a formal warning to expulsion from the Chapter. In the event that a decision is made to suspend or revoke a membership of the Chapter, the person in question will receive a letter from the Dealer Principal confirming the Cancellation. This letter will give the reason for the cancellation in clear concise terms. The member’s Chapter fees for that year will be refunded, and a copy of the cancellation letter will be sent to the UK Country H.O.G. Manager.

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Hoggin’ the Bridge

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Pete and Duncan’s Pump Stop We are planning to give every GWC member (renewing and new) a special commemorative 10th Anniversary pin during 2013. You will also see on the Update page of the magazine that we have invited designs for the front of a special T- shirt that will be available to all members who renew for the start of 2013. The best designs are often the simplest (e.g. look at our OTRA tee designs). As I type this on the laptop, it’s actually not raining and there is sunshine. Although, from a distance, the garden looks like a tropical paradise, closer up you can see the slugs and snails have been doing their worst. It didn’t rain last Sunday on St Swithin’s day and that, combined with predictions that the jet stream will mysteriously shift north, back to where it should be by the weekend (Bill and Sam’s wedding) maybe Summer has arrived. Could be that the Met Office, with the largest super-computer in Britain (it occupies the space of 2 football pitches and does 1 trillion calculations per second) might actually have got it right, for once.

What else to report this month? Not a lot, with everything being pretty quiet with the foul weather since coming back from Portugal. However, the days are rapidly ticking away until 46 of us head off to Sunny California on September 4th, pick up our 29 rental bikes in San Diego, and set out for 21 days of riding amongst some of America’s most spectacular scenery. It could be that the September Club Nights are a little on the quiet side! We’ll be doing a blog/FB report, so you can keep up with us, at least in spirit.

Talking of Facebook, active Chapter participants will be aware that Yvonne and I have a new “Harley” – at least that’s what we have named him. He is If you were one of the GWC enthusia mystery – we live in the countryside, asts who attended our 5th Hogs in the and 3 weeks ago this little kitten Hayfields Rally (wet, wet, wet and very sprang out of the undergrowth into muddy) I am sure you enjoyed yourYvonne’s arms (she is now very much selves, as we did. With weather like his person). that and everyone having fun, it makes you realise that good weather certainly After sticking him in one of our pet isn’t an essential requirement for a carriers, and spending an hour or so good time. As usual, LOH did a great visiting the outlying farms and nearby job with the hospitality tent, providing houses, we drew a blank. So, what can real GWC hospitality. The innovation of you do – here he is, cute and devilish free beer, lager or cider was definitely and very much at home! a success, though the cider ran out much quicker than I had expected. It was great hearing members of other Chapters commenting that no other rallies they’ve been to provide such a welcome. No doubt many of you have heard already that, due to popular demand, HITH 2013 will be back the weekend of June 21-23rd, featuring as one of the 10 events for our 10th Anniversary Year. Talking of which, you should take a look at our special 10 Years Update page, which brings you up to date on where the Planning Committee has got to with the potential events. Fitting all the exciting things in is itself quite a challenge!

Just one final thing – many people have said to me how much they like receiving a full-colour electronic copy of RoadHOG magazine and that they actually prefer reading that to the hard copy. Although publication trends are moving more and more towards electronic, we don’t plan anytime soon to stop printing the magazine. However,

when you renew your membership for 2013, at the end of this year, you may opt to receive only an electronic version, for a reduced membership fee of £20 (cheque/cash) or £17 (Standing Order). If you pay by Standing Order, you will need to advise your bank that you wish to change the payment details (only you can do this, not GWC). If you don’t do this, your bank will make the regular payment of £20 around December 29th! As long as this doesn’t jinx things, I’m going to start off this month’s tip with . . . Now that the sun has come out and the weather has got a lot hotter we should be thinking about our engines and how hot they are running. 1. All Harleys use the same oil from factory, which is a standard mineral 20/50 oil, except CVO (Custom Vehicle Operations). These bikes use a fully synthetic oil known as syn3.The standard Harley oil is designed for air-cooled motors, not only to reduce wear, but also to reduce engine running tempera - tures. The syn3 oil is not only designed to do the above, but it also allows you to use it in the primary and transmission, which means you can run the same oil all round your bike and only need one type to top it up. The other quality of syn3 is to work with high output engines to give superior high temperature protection. 2. You should be checking your oil on a weekly basis, if you are a regular rider or, if you are an occasional rider, every time you use it. Not all bikes are checked in the same way so read your owner’s manual to find out the best way to dip your oil correctly or give us a call. 3. When travelling long distances make sure your oil is checked before you leave and carry a litre with you. If you are travelling to hotter climates an air- cooled engine will naturally use more oil so you will need to check it more. If you are travelling in a group do not assume your bike will use the same amount of oil as the next one; each engine is different. Whether you are travelling the world, or doing your daily commute Once again, Ride Safe Peter and Duncan@Riders

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Bazzer’s Page Hi All, Another great Hogs in the Hayfields and even the torrential rain could not dampen the GWC spirits. Many thanks to Tony James for ensuring it all went like clockwork and to everyone who played a part in supporting the event; too many names to mention, but you know who you are so give yourselves a pat on the back. Me and Mrs Too Tall’s thank you for attending the quiz and, although it’s only for fun, there has to be a winner and for 2012 it was the “4 Skin Drawbacks” with a total of 66 out of a possible 90. As you can imagine a lot of thought went into that team name and I’m sure there was more than 4 in the team!!

As my article is normally towards the back of the RoadHOG, I’m guessing you have already read that Hogs in the Hayfields is back for 2013 as part of the GWC 10th Anniversary celebrations. A U turn I hear you say! Well, to give a political answer, the circumstances have changed and we’re not afraid to reconsider a decision if it is right for our members. So bring on Hogs in the Hayfields 6 and let's make it special and perhaps another quiz!!

For the month of August you are spoilt for choice. There are 3 cracking rallies to pick from, plus Andy Kendall’s trip to the Somme (there and back by the time you read this), the normal 2 monthly rideouts and the Bristol Bike Show. So, hopefully, there is something there for everyone.

By Barry “Bazzer” Aggett day adult £10.00, senior’s £9.00 (60+) children £5.50 (aged 6-16) under 5 free. You can find more details of the museum on their website and contact the events manager at Brooklands or should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Woody at ian.woodham@virginmedia .com Note, this is not an organised GWC event so it’s go your own way. Then moving into October, its Hoggin’ the Bridge which means the annual GWC curry outing to the Mughal Spice in Chepstow. It seems we cannot get enough of our National dish!! Booking details to follow soon. And finally Christmas is still a little way off but I am keen to hear your optional fancy dress suggestions for the Christmas Party on December 8th at St Mary’s, Pencoed. There are two contenders at the moment, Olympics and Nursery Rhymes, so please feel free to add to the list and we’ll decide which is best for adding a bit of humour to the evening. That’s all for now and if you have any ideas for future activities please get in touch. Home number 01291 620371 Email GWC Blog

And for September it‘s again looking busy with the USA trip to California at the beginning of the month and the“Blazin’ Saddles” Rally at the end of the month. The latter is not an OTRA event, but I think a few are going.

Also, if you are interested, Ian Woody, Woodham of CTB riders UK, is organising a Harley-Davidson owners day at Brooklands museum, Weybridge Surrey on Sunday 9th September. The event has already had some publicity in an earlier edition of HOG news magazine this year but since then Woody has finalised ticket prices. The event will open at 10am and the admission price will give you entry to the museum and all of its facilities. Woody is hoping to have a dealership in attendance, and participation from Harley-Davidson themselves, but this is still in the planning stages. The ticket prices for the event are as follows: on the

Barry Bazzer Aggett – Activities Officer

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Yvonne Roberts

Besides our range of hoodies and full, or ¼ zip, I do have in stock a selection of micro fleeces in sweatshirts, if you fancy one, I can also order round black, and a few of the new T shirts, as well as a -neck sweatshirts at £17.50 limited number of Official H.O.G® GWC Tee Shirts at the reduced price of £14.50 We also have a range of men’s and ladies short and long sleeve, round and v neck T-shirts, sweat- I am usually available at Club nights should you shirts, and polo shirts, in a wide range of sizes and wish to see me about any of these items. colours. We also have micro fleeces, which are Yvonne ideal to wear under riding jackets. All of the above items have the GWC logo embroidered on the left. In addition, we have wickable T-shirts for men and ladies, ideal for touring, with a small embroidered logo. To order, please see the order forms for details of colours and sizes for all these items, which are downloadable via a link from the Merchandise Page on our website, and send to me together with a cheque. Please see the Merchandise page on our website for details of all our stock, the prices of some items have been reduced.

Members Adverts

FOR SALE Deluxe Saddlebag Liners Part Number 91885-97A Fits 94 – Later Touring models equipped With colour matched hard saddlebags. As new £25. Ideal for anyone travelling on

l Band)

(Rock ‘n’ Rol The Firebirds www.thefirebird

The American tour and hiring a Road King or Glide

Contact: Alan Stokes / Mobile 07766 237242

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At a Glance - 2012 GWC Yearly Calendar Contact Barry Aggett if you have any other event you would like to see listed. Tel 01291 620371, e-mail For further details on any event listed visit GWC website “What’s On”

Date August 3/4&5th 3/4&5th 8th 12th 14th 18th 19th 23rd - 27th 24th -27th 28th September 4th to 19th 9th 11th 12th 23rd 25th October 9th 10th 14th 21st 23rd 28th November 13th 14th 11th 25th 27th December 2nd

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OTRA OTRA Club Night Ride out Club Night Activity Ride out OTRA OTRA Natter Night

Chris Harding Andy Kendall Andy Ball Graham Roach Andy Ball Barry Aggett Nigel Garnett Chris Harding Chris Harding Andy Ball

South of England Rally SOFER Somme, Northern France. St Mary’s Hotel, Pencoed Ambling to Aberystwyth Cross Hands Hotel, Old Sodbury Bristol Bike Show The Woolacombe Wanderer Cornish Cream Rally Thunder in the Glens Rally Ferry Inn, Beachley

OTRA Ride out Club Night Club Night Ride out Natter Night

Peter Roberts Graham Roach Andy Ball Andy Ball Steph Pocock Andy Ball

USA California

Club Night Club Night Ride out Activity Natter Night Ride out

Andy Ball Andy Ball Graham Roach Barry Aggett Andy Ball Alan Stokes

Cross Hands Hotel, Old Sodbury St Mary’s Hotel, Pencoed

Club Night Club Night Ride out Ride out Natter Night

Andy Ball Andy Ball Graham Roach Barry Aggett Andy Ball

Cross Hands Hotel, Old Sodbury St Mary’s Hotel, Pencoed

Cross Hands Hotel, Old Sodbury St Mary’s Hotel, Pencoed White Horses of Wiltshire Ferry Inn, Beachley

Hoggin’ the Bridge Curry? Ferry Inn, Beachley The Shaftesbury Scrambler

Evo's to Evesham

Ride out

Nigel Garnett

The Christmas Spectacular


Xmas Party

Barry Aggett

St Marys, Pencoed

11th 12th

Club Night Club Night

Andy Ball Andy Ball

Cross Hands Hotel, Old Sodbury St Mary’s Hotel, Pencoed

GWC Club Nights

Martin Rich

GWC 10th Anniversary Party @ Riders

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Committee Contacts Sponsoring Dealer:Duncan White 0117 9588777 Director: Andy Ball 07970 271151 Asst Director/Treasurer: Peter Roberts 07540 164157 Asst Director/Webmaster: Chris Harding 07801 562011 Secretary : Yvonne Roberts 01225 751017 Head Road Captain : Alan Stokes 07766 237242 Activities Officer : Barry Aggett 01291 620371 Safety Officer : Andy Kendall 07905 397474 Editor: Ian Furey-King 0117 9615016 Photographer/Historian : Tony Yendle 07787 551612 Ladies of Harley : Jane Scott 07894 086626 Charity Co-ordinator : Bill MacDonald 07989 987189 Cangen Cymraeg Rep : Graham Roach 07973 459036 Rally Co-ordinator : Tony James 07940 895921

Road Captains Barry Aggett, Andrew Ball Paul Bromhead, Mark Chivers, Nigel Garnett, Paul Groom, Sean Gully, Chris Harding, Martin James, Ian Johnson, Andy Kendall, Andy Kendall, (RKK), Dave Pocock, Stephanie Pocock. Graham Roach, Dave Roberts, Darren Sharp, Jane & Stuart Scott, Alan Stokes, Tony Yendle.

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Dave Bennett, Mike Brake, Tony Cole, Steve Crook, Simon Griffiths, Ian Mead, Greg Payne, Mike Sage.

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Chris Harding

12th Benelux Rally, Belgium

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Hogs in the Hayfields 6, Cleve RFC

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