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How Can Physiotherapy Help? ––– Margarita Gurevich & Justin Balbir –––


hysiotherapists see many patients with wrist pain. Given that it is such a prevalent problem, let’s review some common causes and more importantly, talk about what treatment options are available. When it comes to diagnosing the cause of pain in the wrist, the first step is to determine whether it’s a true wrist problem or whether the pain is ‘masquerading’, i.e. being referred to the wrist from another part of the body. The most common areas


which can refer pain to the wrist are the neck, shoulder and elbow. To understand how this can happen we will use the neck as an example. Imagine that you have a bulging disc in your neck. This disc can put pressure on the nerves which supply the wrist and consequently, you will feel pain in the wrist. Treating the wrist, however, will not result in an improvement as the problem is in the neck, not the wrist. Thus, in this example, it will be necessary to treat the neck, not the wrist, to abolish the symptoms. GREAT HEALTH GUIDE | 15