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==== ==== The Fast and Easy Way to Learn Your iPad! See how: ==== ==== What Are the New Features in The iPad 2? The iPad 2 has been in the news, so most of us are aware that it has been released. There is invariably a good deal of ballyhoo when it comes to Apple products. Maybe it's due to all the fan boys, or is it just because Apple makes quality products? From an unbiased standpoint, I think it is a combination of these. Following on one year from when the original iPad was introduced, the iPad 2 can now be purchased. The one question that comes into virtually all people's minds is 'is it worth getting the new iPad?', and that is the question I will try to resolve in this mini-review. The iPad 2 is not as big as the original iPad model. The iPad 2's screen size has remained the same at a decent 9.7 inches; however, the thickness of this newer model has been reduced by 33% of the original size, which of course is a great thing. The weight of the iPad 2 has also seen a decrease with it now hitting the scales at six hundred grams. Light by any criteria. If you handle the iPad and the new iPad 2, the alteration in design can be experienced. It would be an inaccurate presumption to think that this skinnier, lighter version does not operate as well. The iPad 2 works faster than the initial model. For the new iPad, the performance of the graphics is said to be nine times as rapid according to Apple. That is a big improvement, if what they state is accurate. The thinking behind this is because of new cameras and what is necessary for games. An A5 chip would mean that Apple also now has a processor that is a good deal speedier. The latest iPad's A5 dual core processor is what makes it faster than the first model. I surely found it was a lot faster, even with several programs running in the background. If I use the different media on the first model and then the new iPad, the improved load speed time is marked. The iPad 2 now features two cameras. One is on the front and the second camera is on the rear. If you care for the idea of having a camera, then you will like this shift of stance since when the iPad was originally released, there were no cameras. There is a difference in that one of the cameras can record in 720p HD. The iPad 2 included FaceTime and Photobooth, giving you the ability to video call and shoot all sorts of pics. The back camera, when running FaceTime on the iPad, exposes where you are as opposed to the front camera that permits you see each other. Moving up from the iPad to the iPad 2 is, I would state, for those who feel the need for the speedier processors and have money. While the upgrades are an improvement, it's nothing groundbreaking, apart from maybe the camera which is a brand new addition. ==== ==== The Fast and Easy Way to Learn Your iPad! See how: ==== ====

What Are the New Features in The iPad 2?  

The Fast and Easy Way to Learn Your iPad! See how:

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