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4 Days of Music Classic Car and Motorcycle Show Taste of New Mexico Celebrity Builders Pin Up Contest Fashion Show Carnie Side Show Kustom Kulture Art

Rockin’ Route 66 was created to celebrate the history of historical Route 66 and the rich vibrant days of “good time rock n roll”. Following WWII, America went through some amazing changes and life ws celebrated a little different than it is today. From the developing sounds of swing to rock n roll, to the power and muscle of the American car, to the styles and tradition of a country so rich and vibrant with life, Route 66 was the lifeline between two sides of our country. From Illonois to California, Route 66 has created a time capsule of stories, monuments, and music that has never been forgotten. Though times have changed, and an interstate built, the nostalgic history is full of life on Route 66 in Tucumcari, New Mexico. The crew of Hot Pan Productions, Inc. has been a part of creating many memorable events, including: Hell on Wheels, Rockabilly Rumble, the Monster Mash, the Vagabond Side Show, and Vintage Fest to name a few. We have also been a part of countless major productions, coast to coast including: Downtown Showdown, the Nashville Boogie, Muddy Roots Music Festival, the Smoke Out, Motorama at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, Thunder Beach, Daytona Bike Week, and Angel City Rally, just to name a tiny portion of our 10 year journey. Our crew has created such brands as Garage71 radio, Grease Inc. magazine, Ink & Oil, and the Rag Dolls. Garage 71 Radio Station is geared to all motorheads alike. This station covers all your favorites from Rockabilly to wrench bending Garage Rock. Tune in to our feature shows including: Reverend Andy's Psychobilly Freakout, Erin RadioFox Watson, Two Wheel Adventures, Friday Night's Junkyard, Tabernacle Sundays and so much more!!! Garage 71 is your “American Radio Revolution”!!! Grease Inc. Magazine is your Americana print source for motorcycles, pinups, hot rods, rat rods, music and the “Kustom Kulture". Every month Grease Inc. will cover features on local artists and builders. The crew gets behind the scene details from your favorite local and national music acts! The Grease Inc. crew promotes local shops and events. We enjoy hanging out, participating and providing insight for upcoming acts and where to go & what to do. “You see us on the street, you hear our music and now you can take us with you!"

Garage 71 and Grease Inc. magazine is a kulture! The crew here is all about the 'gear head' scene from music, turn wrenches, life style, art, pinups, hot rods/rat rods, motorcycles, bobbers, tattoos and the life style. The crew dedicates themselves with being builders, entertainers, artists and DJ's. We live the scene daily and want to bring it to life in creating events, in print and on-air. Rockin’ Route 66 is one of our creations with emphasis on Swing, Ska, and Rockabilly. We are currently working on a line-up with major national artists coast to coast including singer-songwriters to complete ensambles of one-of-a-kind acts. We will bring our signature Traditional Hot Rod Show and our Vintage and Hand Built Motorcycle Show to Tucumcari showcasing several national builders. We include acts from our traveling Vagabond Side Show with World Famous performances. We will be celebrating the unique flavors of New Mexico and create a beer garden packed full of local and regional food vendors. We are encouraging everyone to take more of a part in the celebration with dress and attire. We will be hosting a fashion show with unique designers and vintage clothiers. We will be showcasing a nationwide Rag Doll search for Ms. Rockin Route 66 with a complete vintage pin up classic shoot for Grease Inc. magazine and to represent Rockin Route 66 for the following year in 2020! Rockin Route 66, as we mentioned earlier is a celebration of Tucumcari and New Mexico. We will be working and showcasing several locations throughout Route 66 in town and create a fun schedule that is packed full of entertainment and good times, no matter if you only hit a small portion of the show, or the entire show. There will be something for everyone of every age during the celebration of the Mother Road, Route 66 and the City of Tucumcari. The following pages list all availble sponsorships and vendor options available. As a full kustom kulture media house, we will be creating unique packages that include event space, nationwide advertising, marketing materials, access to all events, event notoriety and appreciation, banners, artwork, and so much more. We want to thank you for your participation. A portion of the event directly supports the Museum of Route 66 here in Tucumcari, New Mexico.

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Terms: _____________________ agrees to participate at Rockin Route 66. ___The festival is held at the Convention Center and Route 66 Museum in Tucumcari, New Mexico. Usage Agreement. I _______________________________ ____________________agree to the instructions and terms. Hold Harmless Agreement ___________________________ and/or its affiliates hereby releases, holds harmless and indemnifies the representatives, volunteers, Rockin Route 66, Garage 71, Grease Inc., Hot Pan Productions, Inc., Tucumcari Convention Center, or the City of Tucumcari, or any other vendor or sponsor from any and all injuries, accidents, deaths, and all acts and omissions for any damages or injuries to its property, employees, or volunteers while participating at the June 26th-30th, 2019 event, Rockin Route 66. Signature Owner/Agent: _________________________ Date: _______________. Print Name ________________________________ Rockin Route 66 Sponsor/Commercial Application Company: _________________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________________ City: ________________________ State: _____________ Zip_______________ Reservation made by: ________________________________________________ Individual to be present and responsible: _________________________________ Contact number: ____________________________________________________ Sponsor requests space to: ____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ You are responsible for all your set-up needs. Power is provided. Explain your presentation: (Please provide a photograph if able). _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Will literature or product be distributed? (Please attach a copy) Special request: _____________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Level of sponsorship/Commercial Vendor: ________ Enclosed Fee: $ __________ All payments are non refundable. Rain or Shine event. ___________ Approved ________ Denied (reason) _________________________ By: ________________________________ Date: __________________________ Payment: __________________ Check No.________ Recpt No. ______________

Hot Pan Productions, Inc. creator and producer of Rockin’ Route 66

678-765-7819 Rockin’ Route 66 is a City of Tucumci, New Mexico Official City Event

Producer of Rockin’ Route 66 Brian L. Whitcomb Hot Pan Productions, Inc. 404-437-6069 *Rockin Route 66 is a brand and product of Hot Pan Productions, Inc.

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Rockin Route 66 Sponsor & Vendor Packet 2019  

Created Packet for Sponsorship & Vendors for the Rockin Route 66 Festival in Tucumcari, New Mexico, the last weekend in June 2019.

Rockin Route 66 Sponsor & Vendor Packet 2019  

Created Packet for Sponsorship & Vendors for the Rockin Route 66 Festival in Tucumcari, New Mexico, the last weekend in June 2019.