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s Spring here? Is it? It’s funny how so many of us forget how insane the weather of February and March can be, myself included. I am a person that needs sunshine to function. I may be considered by many as a person that prefers the later hours; however, clear skies and warmth on my face are included in that descriptive. Though rain may be the source of life, can we please regulate it a little better? I mean, come on here. We have the “power” according to some to predict the future of mankind, but we can’t ensure everyone enjoys moderate temperatures, like California. I mean, come on...

All kidding aside, slowly winter exits, with the promise of warmer weather right around the corner. As we begin to warm up, the tempo begins to pick up and we all come out of winter hiding. Slowly, you see the leaks of announced festivals, races, shows, and events spread throughout, but there is something missing this year... Do you see it? Have you been noticing the changes? Well, if you haven’t noticed it, then you are gonna miss out. What I am talking about is where is Kustom Kulture heading? It is rapidly changing, and are any of us ready for it? At one level, it is eras in history of a sub-kulture just following an evolution of time and age, but where is it going? For us, it is taking us more and more to our roots. You see, this past winter while hibernating, we have been working on our plan to hit roads less traveled. We are extremely excited about some of the early festivals we are intimately involved with, including Angel City Kustom Kulture Rally & Music Fest and Rockin’ Route 66 on historic Route 66 in Tucumcari, NM. For us, our focus continues to nostalgia, but in a way that is all-inclusive for families and friends of enthusiasts to enjoy, just as much as the true ‘motorhead.’ You’ll see several changes with our pattern this season. We may or may not be at some of what was considered a staple event for Garage71 or Grease Inc. to be at due to these changes in the wind. But you know us, too. Just because we might not be there in the aspect of promotions doesn’t mean we won’t be in the crowds of people enjoying whatever show or event is going on. We have some great major partners across the country and value these kinds of relationships. We listen to and watch everyone while traveling coast to coast. It is amazing how many stories have the same ending, but people and places seem to be the only thing that changes in them. We are all creatures of habit. Some of our habits are good, while other habits -- let’s just say we won’t talk about that. As we roll into this season, you’ll see many of these partnerships we are referencing moving ahead and creating some great, exciting, and memorable events, like Hellbender Harley-Davidson’s After Party for the Great American Motorcycle Show back in January. Now


that was a ‘cabin fever’ party to say the least, and many we bump into on a nice day that were there are still talking about it. I mean, come on! You’re at PBR at the Braves Baseball Stadium throwing down with Harley-Davidson. It was an epic night. Well, that’s the goal this year: to continue creating epic moments throughout the year that each of us will talk about for years to come. We have some ideas and again are working with both partners as well as who we believe are influencers in the Kustom Kulture. You can clearly see this month how much our content is evolving, like getting behind-the-scenes interviews during recording sessions with some great talent, like Slim and the Gems. Or, how about sitting down and talking with talented artists like Billie Jayne DeVille. Trust me when I say this is just part of a new trend beginning. As people elevate their expectations and experiences, you will see Grease Inc. right there beside you the entire time. Enjoy this issue and we will plan to see you this spring at Angel City on either two wheels or in your kustom rod. Cruise on down for one of the best line-ups ever in this Ghost Town. You can check out all the details in the program section of this issue. | ISSUE 121: 2019

We are always looking for submissions. Simply email us with sample pics and a brief story. If it what we are looking for, we will connect with you on further details. We love to hear from our readers. Send your pics and story to, subject: Submission. *all pictures become property of Hot Pan Productions, Inc. upon receiving for any and all use for publications, promotions, and events.

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CHEVY 3100 Photography by Billy Hawkins



Owner: Jose Garcia Make: Chevy Model: 3100 Year: 1952 Body: all original 1952 body, with years of rust and 4 coats of clear on top, sits on s10 frame, grill has been swapped out to a fresh Chrome piece, new chrome front and rear bumpers will be next with fabbed brackets to sit lower Engine: 350, with edelbrock quadrajet Trans: 350 Rear end: stock s10 2wd Suspension: airlift 3p management,2500 bags, dual tank, dual viaair compressors Paint: original green patina with 4 coats of clear done by Johnny Cintron out of winder Ga. Headlights: original style Taillights: original style Dash: all original and rusty Windows: replaced with fresh glass, except vent windows, electric door windows and fresh vent windows will be next. Seats and Upholstery: all done by shawn from 626 upholstery in baldwin GA Wheels: custom set from intro wheels 20x8 4" lips 225/35 upfront, 20x10 8" lips 275/35 in rear, thanks to Alex Martinez from texas for the wheels Brakes: not pictured, wilwood 6 piston calipers 13" drilled and slotted rotors upfront, and wilwood rear disc conversion with 11" drilled and slotted rotors 4 piston calipers, thanks to James of EBTEC in powder springs Ga for brakes kits. Future Plans: an LS swap is definitely in the very near future since I have 2 sitting in my driveway, either a stout allmotor 6.0 setup or a nice turbo 5.3, continue to fine tune suspension with addition of tubular control arms, and fresh bushings through out and upgraded bags, add a nice little retro system to bump some jams while we out cruising, the list will grow as time goes on but that's all current soon to be plans, but the most important is enjoy the truck in all its rusted glory. Also wanna send a huge thanks to family and friends for their support and your mag for the feature, also could you add "Gang Gang foo" somewhere in the feature lol maybe in the title lol, thanks brother

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Photography by Jimmy Tee Photography Photos are shot on-site at Kingpin Kustums and ‘Rats, Tatts n’ Pinup’ Shows and events in Melbourne, Australia

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BEHIND THE RECORDING OF By 'Rockin' Rob Davis Photography by Photos of Siren


t’s not often that I get the opportunity to get back in the studio to record music. It seems most of the work I get is all live sound. So when the chance does come around, I jump on it. That’s exactly what I did when I had a conversation with my friend Monroe Slim. Slim had just left a band where he played bass to start his own project with him being the main songwriter and frontman. He had mentioned to me about finding someone to record the music from his new project Slim And The Gems. I immediately got excited and proclaimed my interest in doing this project for him. When he accepted, we immediately found a studio to do the tracking that was closer


to them than where my studio was located. We chose Reservoir Studios in Jackson, Ga. Recording this album for Slim was one of the best recording experiences I’ve ever had. These guys came prepared to play. From the songs and performance to the overall attitude

and vibe of the band, I knew from the moment I hit record we had something special. From the thunderous precision of drummer Zen Ford, to the finger-slapping magic of upright bass player Rob Russo, to the man himself: guitar-picking, smooth-singing, Skinny Weight Champ of the World Mr. Monroe Slim!! These dudes came to play and were serious about what they were doing and I think that is obvious with how the final product came out. This is by far the happiest I’ve been with a final product in all the years I’ve been doing this. I hope all of you get a chance to listen to this album and get as much enjoyment of Slim's songwriting as I did.


TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT HOW SLIM AND THE GEMS WAS FORMED Monroe Slim: It actually took a while to get it started. I got into rockabilly music a few years ago, and it gave me a charge about playing like I hadn't felt for years. I started writing a few songs and decided that's what I wanted to do at this point in my life, so I gave Zen a call because we have been playing together off and on for a lot of years, and he was totally on board. The original line up had me on the upright because I had been a bass player for 30 plus years, Zen on drums and a guitar player to be determined. We tried out guitar players for almost a year and could never find the right "fit" for us. So one night I was at a Psyco DeVilles show and Hot Rod Walt, whom I had met in the course of my journey, suggested to me that I move over to guitar and try out a bass player. Of course he happened to know one who was available and hooked me up with Rob. I'll admit I was skeptical at first that it could work, but things just kinda clicked for us and here we are!!

WHAT'S THE INSPIRATION BEHIND YOUR MUSIC? MS: Shoot, I can be inspired by just about anything! It can be anything from pretty girls, to Cars, to my cat chasing her tail!! It could be something someone said, or a phrase Ive heard a lot , anything really. When I get an idea I write it down, or put it in my phone. I play guitar every day and usually get the music first, then Ill look back at those ideas and see if anything fits what Im playing. I write whatever comes out and try not to over analyze what genre it may fit in, but Im usually directly affected by whatever Im listening to in a given time period.

WHAT ROLE DOES YOUR MUSIC LEND TO THE SOUTHEAST MUSIC SCENE? MS: I think that we, as well as the other amazing bands on the scene, give a fresh alternative for someone who is tired of the standard "Good Ol' Boy" bands that the area is flooded with. The whole rockabilly/ kustom kulture scene is so much more vibrant and just plain fun!! We play fun toe

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tapping original music and a wide variety of covers, and people have been really receptive to that.

WHAT IS EACH OF YOUR'S CURRENT FAVORITE SONG TO PLAY? WHY MS: My favorite to play at present is a new one that we've only played in public once to date, which I wont name yet, but I really like playing "Taking Names"... Its kinda straight forward rock and roll and I dont have to think about it too much!! ha ha Rob Russo: I would have to say "Let Er Rip" because its the first one that we played that was good right away, and its only gotten better. Zen Ford: Im going to agree with Slim on the "un named" song... but as far as our regular rotation, I will go with "Chasin Tail". I like the progression, and the lyrics say something that most people can relate to.

WHAT HAS BEEN SO FAR YOUR MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT PERFORMING? MS: I think our performance at Angel City for the Hell on Wheels event this past October has to be it for me... ZF: I gotta agree with Slim... AGAIN! Amazing set up and good people totally into what we were doing.


RR: I would have to say our "sink or swim" moment at our first show!! Last years Ramone's Tribute at Star Bar.

Brian Setzer, and a lot of the upper tier bands that are on our scene today.


RR: Geezer Butler, Buddy Holly, Gary Moore, Alice Cooper, J.Giles, Johnny Cash, They all offer something different and interesting.

MS: I'm not real sure about that one!! I have always had quite the imagination, and been a bit of a dreamer, but without dreams we wouldn't have reality. Each of us is a little creative and a little crazy in our own way.

ZF: Mid 70s rock and roll for me, Boston, Foreigner, The Doobies, I always liked Jimi Hendrix stuff, then later, old country... Haggard, Jones, and Strait.



MS: Man... So many have made an impact over the years. In the past, Jerry Reed, Chet Atkins, Merle Haggard, then Kiss, Led Zepplin and the like. As of late, Rev Horton Heat,

MS: Hopefully we can continue to grow and improve as a band and grow a fan base. Our debut' album will be out soon, and I would hope that we would be moving on to bigger and better shows and continue write music that people enjoy. | ISSUE 121: 2019

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Photography by George Ratley



DOB: 03/10/1979 Hometown: Columbus, Georgia Marital Status: Single Favorite Color: So many pretty colors to choose from, but I own a lot of black Hobbies: Floral Design, Gardening, Motorcycles, Yoga, Antiques, Education: Enviromental Horticulture Occupation: Floral Designer Pets: 3 dogs Favorite Food: Crab Legs Favorite Place to Eat Out: I am not really picky, but if it has seafood, steak or pizza I am down What type of Music do you like? Otis Redding to FFDP, Janis Joplin to Flogging Molly, Prince Seriously wide variety, except a lot of rap What is your favorite Band? Queen Favorite Song? Fat Bottom Girls What is your favorite Movie? Clerks, Bottle Rockets What type of Hang Outs do you go to? I mainly hang out at work these days (enter sarcasm here) What is your Drink of Choice? Diet Mountain Dew What is a Turn On? Chivalry with a touch of asshole, tattoos, beards What is a Turn Off? over inflated ego, high maintenance, self entitlement issues Do you change your own oil? No, but I probably would if someone taught me My life moto: ‘Don’t be a Dick’

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nd a ; l a m r e u h t t ist f na s o e s r be ’t y n rie t i o e l s a is a anges. D . Let re d in r e f a i w “L rw o ch o r f s r y u so all eo s r n e u a t t t a spon nly cre s flow na ey like” h o that Let thing er way t y. ev t Tzu t i l a a h – Lao w re



et Steady Clothing take you from daytime work or play to a romantic evening look! Steady has all the staples you’ll need for your wardrobe to achieve this! They are definitely one of my favorite clothing companies for so many reasons. Steady Clothing was founded in 1994 and has stayed true to its roots from the start. They consistently put out high-quality clothing, made in the USA! They offer vintage-inspired styles for men and women and can also make custom logo shirts, embroidery, and silkscreen. Let’s start with a perfect daytime look for the office, a fun day out, or really anywhere! You can feel well-put-together in this blouse and skirt combo. The Harlow Tie Top in Black and White Stripes fits like a dream! It’s so comfortable and stylish. The material is soft and has a slight stretch. The tie collar and fitted bodice gives it a vintage yet modern feel. You could wear this with some great jeans or dress pants, throw on some black pumps, and look super chic! This top is available in S-4X. I am wearing the High Waist Thrills Skirt in Royal Blue here. This is probably my favorite skirt ever! I love the high flattering waist and the way the skirt falls on your hips. However, the coolest part is the pockets! They are deep and large enough for phones, etc., but also don’t stick out! This skirt has a perfect length and fullness. It’s available in a ton of colors and trust me, you need several! Moving onto a romantic look for a date or an occasion where you want to look like a bombshell. You’ll need one of Steady’s Full Swing Diva Dresses. This one is burgundy and oh so pretty! You can also get it in black. This classic has a plunging neckline and fitted waistband to really show off your curves. The skirt is very full and perfect for dancing! This one also has some stretch and is available up to 4X as well! Steady truly has something for everyone to feel beautiful in.

Photos: Brooklyn Brat Images

Jewelry: Splendette, Luxulite, and Bow and Crossbones Hair flowers: Shazam Pin Up Hair Flowers and Jazzafine. Pieces full of verve Heels: Bettie Page Shoes

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The southern ghost town of Angel City rises again this spring with the Wild West Kustom Kulture Rally & Music Festival. Angel City has been taking place twice a year for over a decade now. During this time, the entire family and crew have been working hard on some new ideas that will blow you away. This spring, Angel City plans to take us all back to Wild Bill’s Wild West Show! We continue to listen to everyone that has been coming for years to Angel City. Over time, we have added some very interesting and fun entertainment to the mix, and this spring offers even that much more! It’s time to ride that Iron Horse to town each day to participate in everything from the mechanical bull, to our “Rowdy Gents” Man Games, to our Bike Show, and now a Hot Rod Rodeo, a traditional rod and kustom show. We will be bringing back some of our vixens for the late night cage dancing at the world-famous Captain and Maybelle “Vagabond Side Show”. The main stage, hosted by Garage71’s “Big Boy,” will have a national artist line-up, bigger than Angel City has ever seen. From Rockabilly to Southern Rock, this line-up is the BEST yet!!! You can check out the sneak releases beginning in January 2019 of our entertainment. You can expect some returning artists as well as some amazing award-winning talent that some may have seen on national TV shows like “The Voice” and ‘Real Country’: For USA Network’s Music Competition Series. Connect with us on social media via Facebook and Instagram. *Kustom Kulture is a neologism used to describe the artworks, vehicles, hairstyles, and fashions of those who drove and built custom cars and motorcycles in the United States of America from the 1950s through today. It was born out of the hot rod culture of Southern California of the 1960s.[1] In the early days of hot rodding, many fashions and styles developed. Over time, each of these distinct styles of customizing has blended and reshaped our everyday life. Artists such as Von Dutch (Kenny Howard), Robert Williams, and custom car builder Ed “Big Daddy” Roth along with Lyle Fisk and Dean Jeffries; hot rod and lowrider customizers such as the Barris Brothers (Sam and George Barris);[2] and numerous tattoo artists, automobile painters, and movies and television shows such as American Graffiti and The Munsters (The Munster Koach, DRAG-U-LA) have all helped to form what is known as Custom Culture. Custom Culture is usually identified with the greasers of the 1950s, the drag racers of the 1960s, and the lowriders of the 1970s. Other subcultures that have had an influence on Custom Culture include the Skinheads, mods and rockers of the 1960s, the punk rockers of the 1970s, the metal and rockabilly music, the scooterboys of the 1980s, and psychobilly of the 1990s. Each separate culture has added their own customizations to the cars, added their own fashions, influenced the music, and included their own ideas of what is cool, what is acceptable, and what is not. Everything from wild pinstriped paint jobs, to choptop Mercurys, to custom Harley-Davidson and Triumph motorcycles, to metal-flake and black primer paint jobs, to music, cartoons, and monster movies have all influenced what defines anyone and anything who is part of this automobile subculture.

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The Waymores

The Waymores is a romantic honky tonk love story of two musicians sharing their love of music and each other. The ‘imfamous’ honky tonk legend, Willie Heath Neal and Kira Annalise get together to share some fun stories of the road together as they kick back and share some originals to covers at the Angel City Saloon. Winners of Ink-n-Oil’s choice for Honky Tonk bands in Grease Inc., this duo kicks everything off Wednesday night. Check out their write up in Grease Inc.’s November issue; docs/grease-nov18

Matt Brantley

Hailing from the heart of Georgia, The Matt Brantley Band Is a country and southern rock experience that you won’t want to miss. The love they have for the music that they play and the fans that come to see them definitely shines through in each and every performance. You are guaranteed to have an amazing time at a MBB show. After auditioning and placing 2nd in the 2012 Milledgeville Idol competition Matt realized that being a professional musician wasn’t as much of an improbability as he once thought. He soon after began putting a band together and after a couple of personnel changes finally landed on the lineup that felt just right, consisting of ; Matt Brantley (Lead vocals & rhythm guitar), Rowdy Hood (Lead guitar), Jesse Perkins (Bass) and Brayden Long (Drums). Since forming in 2013 the band has caused quite a stir in the south eastern music scene with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Winning such awards as Georgia country’s male vocalist of the year (2016) and the 11th Hour’s best local band (2017), the band is always looking for that next big thing that will help them grow in their musical journey. Much Love, The Brantley Boys



Matt Rogers

Music City SongStar Winner, NSAI Top-40 songwriter and Georgia Country Awards Overall Artist of the Year, Matt Rogers, is no stranger to the stage. With over 200 performances a year playing venues across the southeast and sharing the stage with some of country music’s hottest names including Blake Shelton, Old Dominion, Clint Black, Jake Owen, Cole Swindell, LOCASH, Clay Walker, and Michael Ray, Matt has built a devout fan base with his electrifying stage presence. When Rogers isn’t on the road he is writing music with some of Nashville’s best songwriters. He was recently awarded the top award from Music City SongStar for his song, “She Was Everything.” Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) and CMT selected his song “I Was Raised” for a songwriting achievement award. It went on to be selected by NSAI as a Top 40 song. The Georgia native creates a connection with his listeners through his emotionally gripping lyrics and unmistakable melodies. His talent has caught the attention of thousands of fans as well as country music legends like TG Sheppard, “[Matt’s] the real deal…the total package. [He’s] a great singer, a great picker and a great songwriter.” Rogers also received commendation from industry tastemaker, Robert K. Oermann. Oermann selected the title track of Matt’s EP, Richest Place On Earth, for Music Row’s DisCovery Award. Oermann praised the track saying, “Extremely well written and sung with fire and conviction. Play this.”


Rogers recently released the music video for the title track from his sophomore project, Richest Place On Earth. Emmy Award Winning production company, Tytan Pictures, filmed the video in Matt’s hometown of Eatonton, GA. The video for “Richest Place On Earth” followed the release of his lyric video for his previous single, “Britches,” which debuted exclusively on The Boot earlier this year. The release came just in time for Matt’s second appearance at CMA Fest 2018 where he performed on stages such as CMA’s Spotlight Stage, Maui Jim Hard Rock Stage and the legendary Wildhorse Saloon. He also met fans from across the world inside Fan Fair X where he signed autographs at the Durango Boots booth. In 2017, Matt became one of the first Brand Ambassadors for Durango Boots. “Matt has a rich, unique and bold style to his music that authentically connects to his fans which is the type of artist that represents our brand perfectly,” says Erin DeLong, Durango Marketing Manager. Breedlove guitars and 64 Audio also sponsor Rogers. Matt’s touring schedule is continuing to grow, spanning across the country. “I’m really excited to reconnect with my fans that have been supporting me for so long and to get the chance to connect with some new fans along the way,” says Matt. “I can’t wait to get on stage and share my new music I’ve worked so hard on with them.” | ISSUE 121: 2019

Atomic Boogie

Take a vintage Sun Rockabilly 45 RPM record and a classic Chess Blues 45 RPM record; apply enough musical heat to fuse them together into a toe tapping, body gyrating boogie explosion; and then you’ve got a band like Atomic Boogie! Taking their name from an eclectic 1950s radio show called The Atomic Boogie Hour, this rockin’ three piece band has been tearing up the Georgia club circuit for the past six years. Ink-n-Oil goes to a 20 year veteran group within the Kustom Kulture scene. Crossing boundaries at all levels Atomic Boogie have played with some of the legends of Sun Records, to countless stand in appearances. They stand on their own as one of the most energetic Rockabilly bands of today, Atomic Boogie. Check out the exclusive sit down interview with John Barton of Atomic Boogie and Brian Whitcomb of Grease Inc.. https://issuu. com/greaseinc.magazine/docs/grease-issue120-19

Zach & Cheyloe

Zach & Cheyloe are a duo from the deep south. They, quite literally, draw a blank when it comes to genre. “Fire Tests Gold” may make you think of blues rock until “Without You” tumbles you headlong into indie folk. You may be able to hang out there for a while but eventually songs like “Actin’ Like a Fool” or “Drag in Home Tonight” will take you right into the country and beyond. Z&C often march under the “alt-country” banner but their sound is a jigsaw puzzle: many different pieces that come together perfectly to create a picture of two people who love the craft of songwriting.



Red Dirt Mountain

Red Dirt Mountain has been called “Southern Sludge” with the blues slides, the high gain and the unpredictable drumming. We play in low tunings to give us Low southern sound we want. If you are looking for a different southern sound then check us out. Get Some Dirt On Ya !!!! “Playing original music like you’ve never heard it played before. we are blue collar workin class from the southside. you aint heard nothing like this..we will bring the show when we come and you will be entertained!!! playing southern rock is what we do..”

DB Bryant

Began playing guitar at 7. Gigging locally at 9. Went full time on the road at 18. Recorded and toured with Great Southern Railroad, Copperhead, and Elijah Prophet. Played the “Skynyrd Cruise” w/ Preacher Stone. Released four solo CD’s and recently a CD with Pinetop Lightning. Currently recording new music for the “db Blue” Album and playing select dates while performing across the southeast with his solo acoustic show. DB has opened for: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kid Rock, Blackberry Smoke, Brantley Gilbert, Big and Rich, 38 Special, Jackyl, Devon Allman, Eddie Money, Blackfoot, Molly Hatchet, Preacher Stone, The Wreckers, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Bad Company, Alice Cooper, Johnny Winter, Blue Oyster Cult, Kansas, REO Speedwagon, Montgomery-Gentry, Mother’s Finest, Los Lonely Boys, Edgar Winter, Pat Travers, Joan Jett, Sugarland, Rick Derringer, BTO, Outlaws, Charlie Daniels …and many more

40 | ISSUE 121: 2019

Smokey Jones and the 3 Dollar Pistols

Smokey and the boys are bringing back 70’s trucker country and honkey tonk one gig at a time. After successful stints in other Atlanta bands this group of hillbillies got together to bring back real country. For fans of Jerry Reed, to George Jones, Waylon Jennings, and a long list of other country outlaws, the band has a classic sound and great stage presence. Bring your dancing boots if you go see these guys live and an aspirin for the next morning after all the whiskey. - Frank Simone [GA Country Magazine]

Adairs Run

Adairs Run is a country rock duo with a fiery edge based in Nashville, TN. Their sound encompasses the roots from rock and roll all the way to melodies that tie into the heartfelt storytelling in today’s country music. The band is made up of two members; Todd Cameron and Pat Pollifrone. ​ The band was recently featured on USA network’s new music series, Real Country. Real Country’s executive producer and celebrity judge Shania Twain launched the TV show with her extended panel of country music stars Jake Owen and Travis Tritt. The band was hand chosen to be on Jake Owen’s team. The season premier aired on Nov. 13th, 2018 showcasing the bands dynamic live performance style and proves why Adairs Run is the next hot act in all of country music. ​Recently the band worked with multi-platinum grammy award nominated artist, Chris Daughtry, on a new song entitled “Wild Heart.”



Captain and Maybelle

Captain and Maybelle have become household names. “A shock and a laugh is what you get from us! We are partners in crime and focused on taking over the world. Performing classic sideshow entertainment with a contemporary twist and delivering zingers and stingers is what we do best! You can call him a sword swallower, human blockhead or fire breather; I call him the mister. You just call me Maybelle; we’ll get along fine! You may have caught our act at Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, on “America’s Got Talent” Season 6, Six Flags Over Georgia’a Annual Fright Fest, “Atlanta & Co.”, “The Soup”, Coney Island’s Sideshows by the Seashore or a myriad of other equally impressive opportunities.”

The Boondock Kingz

Country Rap Duo, Danny O’Moore and Kuntry Strong make up the ambitious group BoonDock Kingz.They bring their own sound and experiences to the game, constantly implanting their footprint in this new genre. Danny O, Appalachian born and raised in the shadows of the Blue Ridge in North Georgia, spent much of his youth hustling, weathering the struggle of poverty in the hills around Buford and Gainesville,GA. His creative aspect, brings hope to many stuck in hard times. Kuntry Strong is from Upstate New York, a rural environment that rivals any. The backwoods and backroads, not only help cultivate his style, but help create it. Both being from different environments, music brought them together and an obligation to represent the lower and working classes. Their styles are intertwined perfectly like an ‘Outkast’ match made in heaven. Their tenacious journey to transcend genres, get back to the roots and express themselves freely without constraints has resonated effectively with their fans and fellow artists in the industry!

42 | ISSUE 121: 2019

Blackjack Billy

Blackjack Billy is bonded together by no-holds-barred, good-time, party-down rockin’ country music that is endearing them to fans internationally. Members include dynamic frenetic lead singer Noll Billings, hit songwriter/ producer/guitarist Jeff Coplan and a rock solid driving rhythm section consisting of virtuoso drummer Weston Jordan and gritty singing bass player Clayton Shay. They first gained widespread exposure with their breakout single “The Booze Cruise”, which became a platinum-selling hit in Canada, a #1 chart hit in Australia and was the best selling iTunes US country single in 2013 from an independent artist. Since then they have released their debut album Rebel Child in 2014, had a platinum selling top 10 single with Got A Feeling featuring Canadian superstar Tim Hicks and had record deals with Reviver Records in the US and Open Road Recordings in Canada. Known for their high octane must see live shows BjB has toured several times all over the US, Canada and Australia.

Bette Machete

Bette Machete is a freelance model, performer and producer. She travels internationally, during that time posing for artists and photographers as well as performing burlesque and sideshow. She has her very own production company, Ragbag Productions, which specializes in turn-of-the-century style variety shows.



Willie Heath Neal

In the era when the “Outlaws” - Wille Nelson, Billy Joe Shaver, Waylon Jennings etc. - ruled the radio, another little outlaw was born in the back of a cop car somewhere in Gwinnett County Georgia. It took him many years and many roads (including stays in foster homes, a stint in the Navy and a run with a punk band) but eventually Willie Heath Neal returned to his roots and began bashing out the kind of outlaw country that used to be so famous but now is in short supply. Back then, “Outlaw” was more than a marketing ploy, it was a way of life. The myths mixed with the music. Neal remembers that time, and he delivers his trashed up take on honky tonk with that same sense of honesty on his latest Chicken Ranch release Out of Highway. Neal has long been popular with his peers such as likeminded touring partners from the past ala Wayne Hancock, the Rev. Horton Heat, and J. D. Wilkes of The Legendary Shack Shakers(who makes an appearance on the record). Hank Williams IIIeven cut (but not yet released) one of Neal’s tunes. Now it’s time for their fans to make note of Neal. Because now with Out of Highway Neal has made the album of his life, one that should make the original Outlaws proud to call him one of their own

Kira Annalise

She wasn’t born in some small town where everyone knows everyone else’s name. She didn’t grow up listening to Hank, Johnny or Merle. For Kira Annalise, hearin g country music for the first time changed her life. “I heard Willie Heath Neal play Hung it Up by Junior Brown at some dive bar in Marietta, GA and I was just blown away. I went home, learned 3 chords on the guitar and started writing songs- then I just kinda kept doing it.” -Kira Annalise In 2017, Kira put out her first full length album chock-full of heartaches, bad intentions and even one she wrote with her daughter about their Home Owners Association (I’ll give you a hint, they aren’t fans of the HOA). Kira’s album, The Damsel, blends that old country sound with some modern elements and creates something that is unexpected and powerful.

44 | ISSUE 121: 2019



Early Arrivals Vendors and Sponsor Arrivals


Early Arrivals Vendors and Sponsor Arrivals


Vendors will be open beginning at 5PM 11AM - Registration begins for Hot Rod Rodeo, Traditional Rod and Kustom Show at the Grease Inc. Booth #15 or see ‘Big Boy’ on the Main Stage 5PM - 7PM - Happy Hour at the Angel City Saloon 5PM - Chicken Shit Bingo with the Magnificent Black Cock and other Bar Games 1. Beer Pong 2. Corn Hole Tournament 3. Games 8PM - 11PM - The Waymores acoustic (Willie Heath Neal and Kira Annalise)


11AM - Registration begins for Hot Rod Rodeo, Traditional Rod and Kustom Show at the Grease Inc. Booth #15 12PM - Angel City Scavenger Hunt, begins at the Main Stage 3PM - Final Rounds of Corn Hole Tournament begins 3PM - Chicken Shit Bingo



(CONTINUED) 5PM - 7PM - Happy Hour at the Angel City Saloon 5PM - 6:30PM - Atomic Boogie on the Main Stage 7PM - Frozen T-Shirt Contest on the Main Stage 7:15PM - Vibrator Races with Surprise Parties 7:30PM - 9PM - Kira Annalise on the Main Stage 9:30PM - 11PM - Matt Rogers on the Main Stage 11:30PM - 1AM - Matt Brantley Band on the Main Stage


It’s a Wild West theme day... Wear your best Wild West Gun Slingin’ Little Whore House on the Prarie Outfits all day and night... ‘Big Boy’ of garage71 will be tossing out to those ‘dressed to kill’ random prizes all-day from the main stage... be part of the Angel City lifestyle this weekend with some old time Wild West ideas 11AM - R egistration begins for Hot Rod Rodeo, Traditional Rod and Kustom Show at the Grease Inc. Booth #15 12PM - Angel City Scavenger Hunt, begins at the Main Stage 1PM - 3PM - G  entleman’s Brawl Man Games with your host Stretch of Garage71 *Bowling Ball Toss *Iron Cross *Mechanical Bull Challenge *Bear Hug 1PM - 3PM Zach and Cheyloe on the Main Stage (Continued on to next page)



3PM - 6PM at the Freaky Tiki Bar: Jello Wrestling, Cock Fights, and Vibrator Racing with Surprise Parties, followed by Chicken Shit Bingo 4PM - 5:30PM - Red Dirt Mountain on the Main Stage


(CONTINUED) 2PM - 3PM - Costume Mini Bike Races at the Dirt Track 2:30PM - 4PM - Bike Games with Uncle Earl 4PM-4:30PM - B ike Show and Hot Rod Rodeo Show Awards on the Main Stage

5PM - 7PM - Happy Hour at the Angel City Saloon 4:30PM - 5PM - Veteran’s Tribute on the Main Stage 6PM - 7:00PM - Side Show with the World Famous Captain & Ms. Madam Maybelle on the Main Stage 7:00PM - 8:30PM - D.B. Bryant on the Main Stage 8:45PM - 10:15PM - Smokey Jones and the $3 Pistols on the Main Stage 10:30PM - 10:45PM - Bette Machette Burlesque Performance on the Main Stage

5PM - 6PM - Burn Out Contest at the Freaky Tiki 6:00PM - 6:45PM - S ide Show with the World Famous Captain & Ms. Madam Maybelle on the Main Stage 7:00PM - 8:45PM - Willie Heath Neal on the Main Stage 9:00PM - 10:30PM - B lackjack Billy on the Main Stage 9PM - Fire Performance by Captain

10:45PM - 12:15AM - Adairs Run on the Main Stage 10:45PM - Fire Performance by Captain

11:00PM - 11:15PM - B ette Machette Burlesque Performance on the Main Stage

12:30AM - 1:30AM - Wet T-Shirt Contest

11:20 PM - 1:00AM - Boondock Kingz on the Main Stage

1:00AM - 3:00AM Garage71’s After Party at the Angel City Saloon

1:00AM - 3:00AM - Joe Santana and the King Fish on the Main Stage



9AM - 12PM Car and Bike Show Registration is open. Car Show registration is located in Grease Inc.’s booth, #15. The Traditional Rod and Car Show will be in the west lawn of Angel City. The Bike Show registration is presented by the CMA, located on the east lawn of Angel City. There is NO show registration fee for Car or Bike Show.

Biker Church Service with Earl the Pearl Breakfast at the Wagon Wheel before you head out... Last minute close out deals throughout town with all vendors

12PM - 1:30PM - Final Round of Gentleman’s Brawl with Stretch of Garage71 *Arm Wrestling 12PM - Angel City Scavenger Hunt, begins at the Main Stage 1PM - 2:30PM - Joe Santana and the King Fish on the Main Stage *Schedule subject to change without notice **Make sure you FOLLOW us on Instagram at: to get up to the minute details, schedule announcements, and more!!! Tag all of your photos this week with #angelcityrally

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48 | ISSUE 121: 2019

Photography by Trashy Betty Photography


orn and raised in Athens, GA, Billie Jayne DeVille has made her home Anderson, SC. As a kid, one of her favorite things to do was flip through the family photo albums. "I loved looking through the countless black and white images of my handsome grandpa posing beside his ‘53 Chevy, my beautiful grandma in her pretty dresses beside her ‘57 Bel Air, and many other memories of a simpler time and place. I would listen for hours, fascinated as they told me stories of the way things were "back then”. I truly believe these people and this era played a major role in making me who I am today."



Billie Jayne has been going to car shows for as long as she can remember and has always felt at home in the kustom kulture scene. Having a lifelong love of art, classic cars, Pinups, and oldies music, pinstriping has been the perfect way for her to merge her love of Art and cars. "I started pinstriping several years ago as a hobby. I striped in the evenings and every weekend!" In October of 2017, Billie Jayne DeVille was fortunate enough to turn a long-time passion into a full-time career. Working together with John Parnell of J-RAP Restorations in the center bay of the historic McLees Garage in Anderson, South Carolina, has provided Billie Jayne the opportunity to do what she loves in an environment that inspires her every day. With car show season creeping upon us, it is always a busy time for Billie Jayne. From getting pieces of art together to showcase, to scheduling events and jobs while maintaining her weekly commissions, there is never a dull moment! "We recently held another car show here at our shop and I was very excited to host my very first panel jam with several artists from all over coming together to spend the day painting and sharing stories." "I usually spend my spare time studying the work of other pinstripers and artists that I admire and discussing different techniques. I find myself constantly being inspired by other artists, one of which being one of my biggest inspirations, fellow pinstriper David Piatek. He has been a close friend of mine for many years and whether it's painting together at a show or just talking shop in his driveway, he is always a pleasure to be around and definitely a major contributor to me doing what I do." You could say that art is in Billie Jayne's blood. Her grandpa was also a pinstriper who was very talented at doing paint and body work, woodworking, and portraits, just to name a few things. Unfortunately, he passed away before Billie Jayne had really decided to get serious about pinstriping but she would like to think that he would be very happy with what she is doing now and that in itself is a motivator for her to continue. People often ask: "What's the strangest thing you've ever pinstriped?" Nothing really seems strange to Billie Jayne anymore. "I've pinstriped anything from toilet seats, high heel shoes, purses, and KitchenAid mixers to luggage and countless other odds and ends. I've always pretty

50 | ISSUE 121: 2019



much gone by the motto "If it will sit still long enough, I will stripe it!'' Some of my favorite things to stripe aside from vehicles are guitars. It's fun to work with the different shapes and curves that they have and I enjoy making the design flow to compliment them. I like to use colors outside the box sometimes that people might not think to use together. I have found some really great combos that way and it's amazing how color can change many designs for the better." "A lot of times people have an idea of what they want when they bring me their car or truck or whatever they are having me stripe but it is truly an amazing feeling when someone trusts your ability and says, "Just do your thing!" It's an even better feeling when the piece is complete and I get to see the excitement on their faces as they look at what has been done. That has to be above all my favorite part. I consider myself very fortunate to do what I love to do and to be trusted to be part of personalizing someone's pride and joy by adding the artistic finishing touches of a project or purchase and I will always be grateful for that. " Keep an eye out for Ms. Billie Jayne DeVille at shows throughout the Southeast. Though Billie Jayne has made a choice to stay closer to home this year and focus on her work at the shop, don't be surprised if she makes an appearance at some of her favorite shows including Hell on Wheels in Georgia and Steel in Motion in South Carolina. You can connect with Billie Jayne by going to


Billie Jayne DeVille BIO: Location: Billie's Pinstriping/ J-RAP Restorations Truck owner: Jay Sloan Make/Model: 1946 Chevrolet

Photography/MUAH: Trashy Betty Photography Find us on Facebook: B illie's Pinstriping, J-RAP Restorations Find us on Instagram: @rockinbillie | ISSUE 121: 2019




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2 MONTHS $29.95 $49.95 $79.95

RUNS UNTIL SOLD $49.95 $79.95 $99.50



NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS: Grease Inc. provides a service to you, as an advertiser and also to those who read Grease Inc., so please print clearly your description, be accurate and it is to your advantage to list a price and send the best photo possible. Information of your ad (pictures, description, payment and personal information) must be sent together by mail or Internet including e-mails, to make sure nothing gets lost or mixed up. Please check your advertisement accuracy the first issue it appears and notify us if there is an error, so it can be corrected. Changes such as price, change of phone number, etc., or a whole new description will have $5.00 charge and must be mailed in with the page number and issue elate (errors and saids must have page number and issue date also but can be phoned in). Deadline is the first Friday of the month by 9:00 am. No refunds after ad appears in magazine or internet. RATE CHANGE: Rates are subject to change on notice from Publisher without any advance notice to the public. Publisher guarantees that signed orders and contracts will be honored at contract rates. Verbal contracts will be honored to 2 months following announcement of change. After ad appears in Magazine or internet there is no refunds.


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We Accept: Mastercard • Visa • American Express • Paypal

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Tell people you saw it for sale in “Grease Inc. Magazine” 54 121: 2016 2019 | ISSUE| JUNE

1985 Cadillac Hearse, Fleetwood Has been showcased in Dragon Con Parade Active hearse in Cartersville for 25 years 678-525-6650 $500 FIRM

Red Stage 2 Drift Trike Custom Frame, Front and Rear Brake, Fat Front Tire: 26”x3”, 212cc Preditor Motor, 3 Sets Tire Sleeves – $2500

1974 Corvette body parts You pull. 1 Piece Eckler front cap $350. Sweet quarters, power window doors, nice bumper, selling complete rolling chassis separately. Call Gary Pizzarello



1931 Austin 7 Solid Body, Mustang Frame, Channeled, Great Roadster Project $800 678-765-7819

Dixie Motorcycle Service & Restoration Facebook page = Dixie motorcycle service

706 334 0182


1972 Cougar RX7 convertible Running restoration project. $3400. May entertain partial trade on 67-76 F100’s or Chevy or Ford cargo vans. Call Gary.



Events Calendar GSRA Annual Swap Meet, Flea Market and Car Show - Marietta, GA

Time: March 9, 2019 from 9am to 3pm Location: JR Miller Park - Fairgrounds Street: 2245 Callaway Road City/Town: Marietta, GA Website: Phone: Mikey White 956-371-1937 Event Type: Swap Meet, Flea Market and Car Show Organized By: Georgia Street Rod Association

Friday Nights At The Track - Braselton, GA

Time: March 15 & April 19, 2019 from 6pm to 9pm Location: Lanier Raceplex Street: 5301 Winder Hwy City/Town: Braselton, GA Phone: Mike - 770-883-0160 or Event Type: Benefit Cruise In Organized By:

Revenant Warriors-Spring Bash - Willow Spring, NC

Time: March 16, 2019 from 4pm to 11pm Location: The Spring Street: 3616 NC Hwy 42 City/Town: Willow Spring, NC Website: www.revenantwarriors.… Phone: Event Type: Motorcycle Event, Bash, Festival Organized By: Revenant Warriors

Monthly Dixie Cruisers Cruise-In - Winder, GA Time: March 23 & April 27, 2019 from 5pm to 8pm Location: Winder Corners Center / PUBLIX Parking Lot Street: 17 Monroe Hwy City/Town: Winder, GA Website : Phone: Charles 404-414-4060 Event Type: Fundraiser, Car Show, bike, show Organized By: Dixie Cruisers

DC National Guard Annual Car & Bike Show - Washington, DC

Time: March 29, 2019 at 2pm to March 31, 2019 at 3pm Location: D.C. National Guard Armory Street: 2001 East Capitol St SE City/Town: Washington, DC 20003 Website: Phone: Mike McKelvin 202-327-1881, Stan People 301-272-0625 Event Type: Car & Motorcycle Show Organized By: DC National Guard – Unity Thunder

Charlotte AutoFair - Concord, NC

Time: April 4, 2019 to April 7, 2019 Location: Charlotte Motor Speedway Street: 5555 Concord Pkwy S City/Town: Concord, NC Website or Map: Phone: 704-841-1990 Event Type: Car Show, Swap Meet, Corral, Festival Organized By: AACA Hornets’ Nest Region

Annual NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals - Commerce, GA

Time: April 4, 2019 to April 7, 2019 Location: Atlanta Dragway, Street: 500 E Ridgeway Rd, City/Town: Commerce, GA Website: Phone: 706-335-2301 Event Type: Drag Races, Cruise In Organized By: NMRA/NMCA

Caffeine & Octane - Dunwoody, GA Time: April 7, 2019 from 7am to 11am Location: Perimeter Mall Street: 4400 Ashford Dunwoody Road City/Town: Dunwoody, GA Website: Phone: 404-713-9225 / 770-883-0160 Event Type: Cruise-In, Car & Motorcycle Show Organized By: Caffeine and Octane Pack the Park Car, Truck and Tractor Show - Decherd, TN

Time: April 13, 2019 from 10am to 2pm Location: John L Sanders aka Babe Ruth ball park Street: 117 College st City/Town: Decherd, TN Website: Phone: Norman Sons 931-308-6977 Event Type: Car & Bike Show Organized By: Park the Car Car-Club

Bull City Bike Rally - Durham, NC

Time: April 13, 2019 at 6pm to April 14, 2019 at 7pm Location: Downtown City/Town: Durham, NC Website: www.bullcitybikerally… Event Type: Motorcycle Rally, Festival Organized By: Bull City Bike Rally

Annual Outer Banks Bike Week - Harbinger, NC Time: April 20, 2019 to April 28, 2019 Location: Outer Banks Harley-Davidson Street: 8739 Caratoke Hwy City/Town: Harbinger, NC Website: Phone: (252) 338-8866 Event Type: Motorcycle Rally, Festival Organized By: Outer Banks HD Boy Scouts of America Scout Show Car Show

Time: Saturday April 21, 2019 from 10am-2pm gate will open at 9am Location: Gwinnett County Fairgrounds

Atlanta Motorama Motoring Festival - Hampton, GA Time: April 27, 2019 to April 28, 2019 Location: Atlanta Motor Speedway Street: 1500 Tara Place City/Town: Hampton, GA Website: Phone: (770) 797-5309; (770) 954-1237 Event Type: Car Show, Festival, Autocross Racing Organized By: Chas Sydney, Bruce Wilson

For a complete Calendar of Vehicle Events go to published by Mike Thies 770-883-0160 58 2019 2016 | ISSUE 121: | JULY



Many of our readers and followers often ask, “what are we doing next?” Well, each month we will now give you a little tease and flash of what is coming your way from events, happenings, articles and more. Thank you for all your support and if you have any suggestions, submissions or requests, email us at

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SPONSORS OF THE 2019 ROCKIN’ ROUTE 66 PIN-UP CONTEST JUNE 27-29, TUCUMCARI, NM A night’s stay at the Roadrunner Lodge is a step back to the 1960s. This refurbished Route 66 motel is a classic piece of Americana, built in 1964. Call ahead or reserve a room online for an experience you won’t forget.

1023 East Route 66 Boulevard Tucumcari New Mexico 88401 (575) 282-RT66 (575-282-7866)

Traveler rating as of 10/2015

Profile for Grease Inc. Magazine

Grease Inc. March/April 2019 Issue #121  

In this issue we are excited about some amazing Kustom Kulture interviews including: *Slim and the Gems *Cover model and interview with Bill...

Grease Inc. March/April 2019 Issue #121  

In this issue we are excited about some amazing Kustom Kulture interviews including: *Slim and the Gems *Cover model and interview with Bill...


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