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pring has sprung. I took the time to stall on writing this month’s editorial to follow after the St.

Patty’s Day weekend. Even though it cuts close to our schedule, I saw the importance to follow up for one heck of a great weekend following the celebration.


I took a personal spot at the St. Baldrick’s Foundation event at RiRa’s, presented by American Haircuts, on March 14th. This night was amazing! The energy was so high, and the cause is worth every penny donated. There is an in depth article in this month’s issue, but I would like to make some of my points as a participant. This charity hits home. There are only a few charities we get involved with anymore; support our Veterans, support the children, and support our fur kids. Though every charity is important, these are the ones that are not “profitable”. What do I mean by that? I mean simply that. Companies do not see it profitable to invest into these charities or programs to fight kids cancer, to be specific, when discussing and focusing on St. Baldrick’s. It is painful to see us continue to spin out of control when we clearly have cures, or could have cures, if we actually want to. Why do you think “pot” is still not legal? Simple. The pharmaceutical industry won’t allow it. Well, at the event, I saw gals who grew up with long hair cut it all off and donate their locks in addition to raising money. I saw a gentleman raise thousands of dollars and his only haircut all year is at St. Baldrick’s. I saw college kids involved. I saw families involved. I saw one check for $10k dollars be contributed. The night was amazing. This was the event for me that kick-started the season for us. To be even a small part of it was overwhelming. I can not wait until later in the year when No Shave November begins. I have made the decision not to shave or cut my hair until the next St. Baldrick’s event in March 2019. I only hope to draw more attention to what they are doing, and just wait to read to see how much American Haircuts has contributed to this awesome cause... Just look ahead in this month’s issue. After the event, I must say it was an enjoyable great festive weekend celebrating my heritage. We did one of those DNA tests this past year, and it was fun. Though I knew a solid foundation of my ancestry, it was interesting to see other influences you would never think. We have an on-going joke at the home of “those are my peoples”, but I will say that my true peoples are deeply rooted with Irish blood. Well over 50% running through these veins is of Irish decent, so it is always a good time. We made plenty of new friends on the deck of a local pub, while enjoying several pints and some great bag pipes. We saw some funny sights to say the least that will leave a mark until the next unexpected shock moment of the day! We ended on a high note as we worked with some new folks at RV World in Buford, followed by the annual St. Patty’s Party at Killer Creek Harley-Davidson. The season is here! So, let’s get out and ride or cruise... There is plenty to attend and enjoy this season. Make sure you connect with us online to keep up to date on everything happening in your area, plus scroll through this month as we have a ton of new show announcements leaking out... Slainte!| |APRIL JULY 2016 2018

Photography by Brian L. Whitcomb

8 | APRIL 2018

Owner: Gary Aragon Make: Mercury Model: Monterey Year: 1954 Built by: Gary Aragon Time: 5 Months Body Body Work: Danny Almendarez Engine Year: Unknown Model: 390 FE Rebuilder: Unknown Ignition: MSD Cyclinders: 8 Carb: Edlbrock 4 BBL Exhaust: Flowmaster 10 Series 2.5 Transmission: C6 Year: Unknown Shifting: Mild Shift Kit Rear End: 8 inch Suspension Front: Full Air (Stock) Rear: Full Air (Stock)



Paint: Body and Interior by Danny Almendarez of Wicked Onez Kustomes Livermore, CA Painter: Roof by Joe Martinez by Joez Shop Albuqueruqe, NM Color: Cobalt Blue and Oriental Blue Type: Water Base, Candy Accessories Headlight: Stock Taillight: Stock Dash: Custom Molded: by Danny Alamendarez of Wicked Onez Kustomes Livermore, CA Steering: Stock Windows: Stock Electrics: Kicker Sound System Seat: Stock Upholstery: Custom Upholstery Wheels Front Chorme stealies with Bullet Shannon Cones Size: 2 0 5 / 6 0 / R 1 5 Rear Chorme stealies with Bullet Shannon Cones Size: 2 3 5 / 7 5 / R 1 5 Tires: American Classic Brakes Front: Stock Rear: Stock Car Club: Support of the Beatniks C.C.

10 | APRIL 2018


he Downtown Showdown was brought together from an idea to bring early '60s traditional rod and custom cars together in a show, the way I remember as a kid with my father. One day, I was talking to a few of my bros about other custom car shows that we had attended over the years and that is when an idea popped in my head on putting together a show. I started to gather information that was needed to make this idea a reality. The first Downtown Showdown was held on my birthday, thinking that if it didn’t work out at least I would have one hell of a day. I needed a location that was accessible to all; I decided to use the streets located in front of my mother-in-law's restaurant, Cecilia’s Café, located off of 6th and Silver, which is one block south of the historical Route 66. In the first show we had 25 custom cars and one live band. The band called The Shadow Men played for 4 hours under an EZ-up in the middle of the heat. The Downtown Showdown was created with a collaboration between one great idea and the support of Cecilia’s Café backing it up. In our last show, 95 cars were in attendance meeting criteria and with a total of 4 bands: 2 band at the show, one band for the pre-party, and one band for the post party. (Bands over the years included Mad Max and the Wild Ones, Double Clutchers, Shadow Men, Fleix y los Gatos). We wanted to offer more than just an 8 hour show. We wanted to provide our friends and attendees from out-of-town a show to remember. The pre-party kicks on Friday at Joez Shop with live music and food sold by the Café, giving everyone a chance to mingle and unwind. Also, this provides our guests a chance to view the shops' creations and to pre-show their cars. On Saturday morning the show kicks off promptly at 7 am, with local mariachis welcoming in the cars in with a nice, warm New Mexican tradition. From the café, the amazing smell of the roasted red and green chili fills the air. The sounds of blues, rockabilly, and rock 'n' roll playing on the stage. On sight you will be able view the well-respected pinstriper on hand ready to make a mark on your car. This show is definitely unique for New Mexico,


featuring cars: with candy, flake, from tape fades to panels and pastels, from Supremes to thin whites, to smoothies with bullets and Shannon cones with fat whites, to traditional hot rods. The show is based off of the '60s, '50s, and earlier, with a New Mexico twist. The post-party is follows promptly at US Kustoms, with a nice ride four miles away. With live music and food sold by the Café,

this allows attendees to view the shop with metal worked chopped cars and the use of an English wheel. This provides you with the total experience on the amount of work that it takes to build a custom. This whole show was design based on my passion with early customs, hot rods, and the love of live music! “Stay true to what you do and you will never fail."

5th Annual Downtown Showdown Rod and Custom will be held September 7 and 8th Live music performed by: Phil Rocker out of South Columbia, The Despots, Rockabilly Strangers, DK and The Affordables. Featuring Street Rodders top 100 pick “Jetson” chopped 1960 Buick, built by US Kustoms Traveling guests such as Kyle Lauman Holmes from Night Shift Kustoms out of Utah, Los Boulvardos out of Arizona, and many more. | APRIL 2018

By Joshua Hudson


ometimes waking up with a shaved head and a hangover is a good thing. And believe you me, we’ve all had long nights at the Clermont Lounge that could have ended similarly, but to me shaved heads this time of year mean one thing: St. Baldrick’s. It means getting together with some of the finest folks in and around Atlanta to raise money to fight childhood cancers.

14 | APRIL 2018

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a national organization dedicated to raising money for doctors and research dollars going specifically to childhood cancer cures. These guys are serious with only 3 cents of every $1 donated going to administrative costs. They are making sure as much of the money you donate as possible goes directly to helping these amazing kids. That’s what distinguishes them from so many other adult cancer “charities”. Worldwide, 300,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year. In the U.S., more children die of childhood cancer than any other disease— more than AIDS, asthma, cystic fibrosis, congenital anomalies, and diabetes combined. Of the total federal funding for cancer research, only 4 percent of federal government funding goes to these kids. Whaaaaat?! That’s why it’s so important to get out there and get involved. St. Baldrick’s relies on regular people like you and even some irregular people like myself to give a damn and open your hearts and wallets. I’m proud to say the incredible people I work for at American Haircuts Barber shop have been doing just that. American Haircuts, along with Ri Ra Irish pub in midtown Atlanta, has been putting on an annual event for the last 9 years that has raised $1.3 million for the battle against children’s cancers. Not bad for a neighborhood shop that’s usually more known for chopping mops and busting chops. If you’ve never been to an American Haircuts St. Baldrick’s head shaving event then you have no idea what you’re missing. Hundreds of men and women volunteer to take it upon themselves to go out and collect donations from friends, family, coworkers, and even strangers who want to see them completely hairless! So, they set and exceed goals raising anywhere from a few bucks to tens of thousands of dollars to part with their luscious locks. This year, as the whisky and beers flowed at Ri Ra, we shaved over 300 people. People came for various reasons. Some had either themselves or a family member affected by cancer. Many were fraternity brothers from GA Tech giving back to the community. And, many more came just because they wanted to make a difference in a child’s life that was struggling with this awful dis-

16 | APRIL 2018

ease. Why, even the editor of this very magazine gave up his signature pompadour for the cause, along with many of our own staff. I’m sure some were lured into the pub this year just to listen to yours truly run his mouth as MC for a few hours. Thank God there was copious amounts of booze. I’m an especially hilarious host if you happen to be intoxicated. Just FYI. In addition, to the traditional sponsored shavees, we of course had our signature hair auction. Where for a small donation you can stop any shave in progress when you feel enough hair has been removed. This is your chance to get a little payback on your buddies for a good cause. Of course, we always finish the shave once the *cough* victim, I mean shavee, has gone around and found a few dollars more to give him or her that classic Mr. Clean hairdo. Things like this happen when Irish whisky and barbers get together. What can I say? Whatever the reason you come to one of these events, just come, and bring your wallet. Some say give ‘til it hurts. I say give until your heart is full, and your liver hurts. It’s one hell of a party for one heck of a cause and I can’t wait until we’re back at Ri Ra next year when we celebrate our 10th year with St. Baldrick’s! Though our event is over this year, you don’t have to wait until next year to participate. For more information on how to get involved or find out more about this wonderful cause, or even just to make a donation, please visit, or


We are always looking for submissions. Simply email us with sample pics and a brief story. If it what we are looking for, we will connect with you on further details. We love to hear from our readers. Send your pics and story to, subject: Submission. *all pictures become property of Hot Pan Productions, Inc. upon receiving for any and all use for publications, promotions, and events.


Photography by Brian “Big Boy” Whitcomb

18||APRIL JUNE 2016 2018



Exclusive Interview with Brian L. Whitcomb Photos provided by Trashy Betty Photography


ecently, we sat down with Lesley Swift of Little Lesley and the Bloodshots. We got a great look at some influences, current projects, and what’s ahead for 2018. Here is what Lesley had to say.

What’s happening with the Bloodshots these days? So much!! We just released our new album “Heartbeat” from Western Star records that we recorded in England last fall. We’re also changing things up a bit. Brian is leaving the band, and two of our friends from The Quasars are joining us. I’ll be playing mostly rhythm guitar, with a few on bass still and a little piano

Where do you think your creativity comes from? As a kid, there was an old piano in our play room, so I grew up playing piano along with all the other toys. I was playing songs by ear before I started lessons in kindergarten. My uncle also played piano and when he came over he’d play old rockabilly music- Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard. So I attribute that old piano to where I am now in a lot of ways.

What are you working on currently that excites you? The new sound we’re getting with the addition of rhythm guitar is super exciting. It’s more dancey and just bounces but still has that edge. I’m really loving it and having the most fun I’ve had playing yet.

Are you inspired by anything new these days? I get inspired on the road pulling into a new town then playing to a roomful of total strangers to find they dig what we’re doing. No matter where you go people who come out to see live music have so much soul. The energy from an audience is very inspiring. It’s one of the best things about playing in a touring band, making friends through music.

What other artists are unappealing to you? I like way more music than I dislike, but Frank Sinatra immediately comes to mind as someone everyone else loves that I can’t stand. I’m not much of a Beatles fan either.

What artist or band would you say influences your work most? I have so many influences, but if I had to pick the biggest one I’d have to say Wanda Jackson. Hearing her music is what first made


me interested in having a rockabilly band. It’s been such a thrill to play some festivals with her over the last five years, she is a true national treasure.

What are your thoughts on being a musician in today’s world? I think it’s a very strange time to be a musician. It’s so shocking to me how long auto-tune has been prominently used in popular music across the board, not to mention the fact that music stores are pretty much a thing of the past. But I do appreciate that even though our music and sound isn’t mainstream, we’ve been able to appeal to both general audiences and to those within our scene.

If we were going to talk about your music, where would you want to start? I guess I’d want to start with the songs themselves. The songs I write are the reason I do any of this. I’ve got 29 original songs recorded now with the Bloodshots, which has been a labor of love. I write songs to keep people going. To see them smiling, dancing and singing along is what keeps me going. That’s what my music is about. Here are some upcoming shows for Little Lesley and Bloodshots. Make sure you look them up on-line and follow them on social media... April 14 – Chills N Fever with Bloodshot Bill in NYC (Diviera Drive, Brooklyn) April 20 – Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender May 4 - Motor Social at The Showboat, Atlantic City May 19 – Waldorf Rock N Roll Weekender, Germany May 26 – The Nashville Boogie We’re on iTunes, and you can buy our music online here: and | APRIL 2017



22 | APRIL 2017

Lesley Swift, aka Little Lesley 2. April 11 3. Little Falls, NY 4. Married – to Bloodshots guitar player Brian Swift 5. Hot Pink 6. Running, cooking, smoking dynamite 7. BS in Mathematics 8. Musician, Songwriter for Little Lesley & The Bloodshots 9. 1 cat – Pepper 10. French fries 11. Chavellas in Brooklyn, NY 12. I can’t live without music and listen to everything from classic country to hip hop. 13. The Violent Femmes 14. Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin 15. Mary Poppins 16. Rock n roll clubs, honkytonks, tiki bars 17. Sailor Jerry and cola 18. Beards, pretty eyes, creativity 19. Whining, narrow-mindedness 20. No, pumping gas is about as far as my car maintenance skills go



t u b e m w o n k u u o o Y y . g k n n i i h h t t a u “Yo n’t know t all before i o d d r u ” a . e g yo h n e i v ’ n e u t o s i y l k t ’ n i n e r th e w u o y t bu ft,

y Swi

le – Les

My ‘Spell


Voted Best Patio

Thirsty Thursdays with

Live Blues Cruise-in Saturdays Season Kick Off Event April 14th with beginning at 4pm

Live Music Every Saturday Night 138 Powers Ferry Road Marietta Georgia 770-694-6428

28 | APRIL 2018


e get the pleasure of seeing and receiving many small crafted items and goods from across the country. What we really like to see is when a smaller brand continues to grow and thrive. You heard me a while back bragging on these guys at Oddball out of Texas. Well, they did it again and created for a limited time, the King’s Brew.



Oddball Pomade’s Limited Edition King’s Brew is made with 100% natural ingredients. It has a medium hold with a semi-gloss finish. This product has the capabilities of rejuvenating and conditioning your hair with the Vitamin E and Omega-6 fatty acids found in its natural ingredients. The limited edition of King’s Brew is frankincense and myrrh scented, giving you a sweet and smoky vibe. Ingredients included: • White Beeswax (Filtered) • Grape Seed Oil

• Shea Butter • Arrowroot Powder

• Essential Oils (Frankincense and Myrrh)

Oddball Pomade is made and packaged in Bay City, Texas - U.S.A. You can order on-line at: and follow them on social media at:

30 | APRIL 2018



his month I’m bringing out a ‘70s vibe with a new style from Joanie Clothing. The Tiggy Floral Print is just gorgeous and completely feminine! I don’t recall wearing a burnt orange color and I’m absolutely loving it. The fabric is polyester and has a full lining. The style is perfect for windy spring days. The sleeves are also a nice change! The whimsical sleeve with the fitted wrist band is a really great touch. The midi dress falls mid-calf and has a very full skirt. The neck is a crossover style and does plunge pretty low, so you may want to wear a cami if you aren’t comfortable with the cut. The wide fitted waistband is flattering and the zipper is in the back. Oh, it also has pockets! I love a pretty floral print and this Joanie Dress has it going on! It has just the right amount of pattern if you are someone who doesn’t particularly gravitate towards florals. The white and different shades of green foxgloves on the orange background is gorgeous! I think this is a dress you’ll be happy to have in your collection. Joanie Clothing offers sizes in UK 8-22. I would go by the clothing size chart when ordering, and for this Tiggy Dress I recommend sizing up, as there is no stretch. Since 2015, Joanie Clothing has been dedicated to making high quality vintage reproduction clothing that women can feel great wearing. Whether you are looking for a casual style or a wedding dress, you’ll find something at Joanie to wear! I have always been pleased with the quality and friendly service! has it all, so head over to the site and prepare yourself to fall in love! I chose to accessorize with green and orange, a combo that I would normally not think about, but I like the way it turned out! My earrings are from the “everything going green” collection from Retro Verte. They are 1940s inspired bakelite replicas. Her earrings are available in clip-ons, too. You can find Retro Verte on Etsy. There you’ll see authentic vintage clothing, reproduction items, and of course fabulous accessories! The necklace is a vintage piece from For Guys and Gals, I love the orange and white! I wore green and white heels from Lola Ramona to tie in the theme.

Photos by: Pinup Power Photography

32 | APRIL 2018


Wheels Events Calendar NMRA NMCA All Star Nationals Car Show Commerce, GA Time: April 7, 2018 from 8am to 6pm Location: Atlanta Dragway Street: 500 E Ridgeway Rd City/Town: Commerce, GA Website: Event Type: Car Show, Drag Races, Autocross Organized By: NMRA/NMCA/UMMC

GSRA Annual Swap Meet Marietta, GA Time: April 14, 2017 from 8am to 3pm Location: JR Miller Park Street: 245 Callaway Road City/Town: Marietta, GA

Charlotte AutoFair


Charlotte, NC Time: April 5, 2018 to April 8, 2018 Location: Charlotte Motor Speedway City/Town: Charlotte, NC Website: Phone: 704-841-1990 Event Type: Car Show, Festival, Fair Organized By: AACA Hornets’ Nest Region

Phone: 770-517-6701 Event Type: Swap Meet, Car Corral Organized By: GSRA

Lanier Corvettes & Buyavette Spring All Corvette Show Atlanta, GA

Cool Dad’s Ride, ’18

Time: April 14, 2018 from 10am to 3pm

Durham, NC Time: April 7, 2018 from 10am to 5pm Location: Aldersgate United Methodist Church Street: 1320 Umstead Road City/Town: Durham, NC Website: Phone: Event Type: Motorcycle, Show, Ride, Charity Organized By: Cool Dads Ride

Location: Buyavette Sales Center


Street: 3762B Dekalb Tech. Parkway, City/Town: Atlanta, GA Website: Phone: 678-576-4681, 678-772-9379, 770-605-2056 Event Type: Car Show, Fundraiser Organized By: Larry Dunn, Dave Turner, John Ivankovich||APRIL JUNE 2016 2018

Wheels Events Calendar Cruise-In at The Varsity Gwinnett

Monthly Dixie Cruisers Cruise-In

Norcross, GA

Winder, GA

Time: April 15, 2018 from 4pm to 7pm

Time: April 22, 2018 from 5pm to 8pm

Location: The Varsity Gwinnett

Location: Winder Corners Center Parking Lot @ Los Vaqueros

Street: 6045 Dawson Blvd

Mexican Restaurant

City/Town: Norcross, GA 30093

Street: 17 Monroe Hwy


City/Town: Winder, GA

Phone: 404-732-6842


Event Type: Free Cruise-in, Cars & Bikes, Charity

Phone: 404-414-4060

Organized By: Rick Ellis

Event Type: Cruise-In, Fundraiser Organized By: Dixie Cruisers

Gear Jam Spring Nationals / Swap Meet Commerce, GA

US Military Vets MC-5th Annual Charter Party

Time: April 21, 2018 to April 22, 2018

Barnesville, GA

Location: Atlanta Dragway

Time: April 28, 2018 from 12pm to 5pm

Street: 500 E Ridgeway Road

Location: Barnesville VFW

City/Town: Commerce, GA 30529

Street: 361 Old 41 Hw


City/Town: Barnesville, GA

Phone: (706) 335-2301, Brad 706-424-5035


Event Type: Swap Meet, Races

Phone: (770) 584-3957

Organized By: NE Georgia Swap Meet

Event Type: Motorcycle Ride & Show, Festival Organized By: Barnesville VFW

2018 Pinwheel Run Homosassa, FL

Summit Atlanta Motorama at AMS

Time: April 22, 2018 from 9:30am to 5pm

Hampton, GA

Location: Crystal Harley Davidson

Time: April 28, 2018 to April 29, 2018

Street: 1785 S Suncoast Blvd

Location: Atlanta Motor Speedway

City/Town: Homosassa, FL

City/Town: Hampton Georgia



Phone: 813.609.BIKR (2457)

Phone: 770-855-8588

Event Type: Charity, Motorcycle Ride & Show

Event Type: Car Show, Festival

Organized By: Bikers CARE

Organized By: Chas Sydney

The Wheels Events Calendar is online at where up to date information is available and all Car and Motorcycle Events are promoted for free. Call Mike Thies at 770-883-0160 for assistance or email at 40||APRIL JUNE 2016 2018




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42 2018 | MARCH | JUNE 2016

1931 Austin 7 Solid Body, Mustang Frame, Channeled, Great Roadster Project $1800

1979 Lincoln Continental runs, have all paperwork, good interior, complete survivor $2500

1964 Cadillac 4 door, very clean, solid body, no dents, runs $3500 firm




DIXIE MOTORCYCLES WORKSHOP We Specialize in and build vintage British motorcycles, we build Cafe Racers, Bobbers & Choppers, We also work on Harley Davidsons, Vintage and Evo. We supply and fit tires on All makes and models of motorcycle.

Call English Phil, 706 300 2635 Now Hiring

EXPERIENCED MOTORCYCLE MECHANIC Join Blue Moon Cycle and you’ll never have a dull day in the shop again. We service: • Vintage • Late Model • New Motorcycles Last year we serviced everything from a 1911 Henderson to 2017 Ural Russian Sidecars and Zero Electric motorcycles. You MUST have your own professional tool kit & a solid track record of success in the industry. We offer strong pay & benefits plus factory certifications. Our air-conditioned shop is located in Historic Norcross, GA. John Landstrom, owner of Blue Moon Cycle 770-447-6945 x20



2017 Harley-Davidson® FLHTCU Electra Glide® Ultra Classic® Pre-Owned Mileage: 1,265 6-Speed $21,995.00

2017 Harley-Davidson® FLHXS Street Glide® Special Pre-Owned Mileage: 1,373 6-Speed $24,900.00

2017 Harley-Davidson® FXDB Street Bob® Pre-Owned Mileage: 6,678 6-Speed $12,995.00

2017 Honda® Rebel®300 Pre-Owned Mileage: 1,1845

2016 Harley-Davidson® FLHXS Street Glide® Special Pre-Owned Mileage: 8,300 6-Speed $21,995.00

2016 Harley-Davidson® FLSTC Heritage Softail® Classic Pre-Owned Mileage: 1,795

2016 Harley-Davidson® FLTRXS Road Glide® Special Pre-Owned Mileage: 22,074

2016 Harley-Davidson® FLTRXS Road Glide® Special Pre-Owned Mileage: 2,972




2016 Harley-Davidson® FLTRUSE CVO™ Road Glide Ultra® Pre-Owned Mileage: 9,233 6-Speed $34.995.00


Custom Tattoo Studio Specializing In: Full Color Black and Gray Illustrative Japanese Sci-Fi Comic Book Horror

by Owner & Artist

Nick Wagner

@blackhivetattoo @oldmanwagner


Black Hive Tattoo | 2063 Gilmore Street | Jacksonville, FL |

Many of our readers and followers often ask, “what are we doing next?� Well, each month we will now give you a little tease and flash of what is coming your way from events, happenings, articles and more. Thank you for all your support and if you have any suggestions, submissions or requests, email us at

46||APRIL JUNE 2016 2018

Grease Inc. April 2018  

Exclusive Interview with Little Lesley of the Bloodshots Oddball Pomade St. Baldrick's Fight Kids Cancer '54 Mercury Introducing the Vagabon...

Grease Inc. April 2018  

Exclusive Interview with Little Lesley of the Bloodshots Oddball Pomade St. Baldrick's Fight Kids Cancer '54 Mercury Introducing the Vagabon...