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Four Flavors of Fixed-Mobile Convergence VoiceCon Orlando 2009

Christine McKenna Leader, Enterprise Mobility & FMC Nortel BUSINESS MADE SIMPLE


Nortel’s FMC Solution

; Geography Agnostic ; Device Flexibility ; Caters to all types of users ; Unified Communications leader


Mobile Communication 3100 Solution Components and Eco System • Enterprise Call Servers – SIP Enabled CS 1000 (R5.5) and CS 2100 (SE11) • Mobile Communication 3100 Gateway & Client or Web UI • Any type of PSTN connectivity Cellular Voice Network

Enterprise Network


Cellular Data Network

MC 3100 Client

(GPRS/EDGE or 1xRTT/EVDO) HTTPS signaling to MCG 3100 over cellular data network

MC 33100 Clientless Web UI

CS 1000 or CS 2100

LDAP Active Directory

MC 3100 Gateway

Tight integration with established infrastructure Provides continuity of experience for mobile users

Mobile Communication 3100 Receiving an incoming call Desk Set Rings and the 2 Universal Extension extends the call to MC 3100 Gateway

CS 1000 or CS2100



Call to Paul MC 3100 User DN 5000

The MCG 3100 bridges the inbound call to the destination chosen by the user

MC 3100 Gateway



The MC 3100 sends a HTTP(S) notification to the MC 3100 user for the incoming call 6 Converged Office Users

See Paul’s Presence status as BUSY



MC 3100 presents a popup for the incoming call with CLID Paul can choose to answer on Mobile or direct to another local line

Mobile Communication 3100 Call Origination > Direct Mode or Call-Me-First mode CS 1000 or CS 2100


MC 3100 Gateway bridges call to destination DN 4000

3 Or Call me First mode

Mary at DN 4000

5 The call arrives at

Mary’s DN 4000 Displays the Enterprise CLID


MC 3100 Gateway

MCG 3100 makes a call to the MC 3100 Client

3 Direct Mode:

2 The Call Attempt is signaled over

HTTP(S) to the MC 3100 Gateway which is acknowledged

The MC 3100 Client makes a call to the MCG 3100 service DN. 1 Using the MC 3100 Client or Web UI 6 Converged Office Users

see Paul’s Presence status as BUSY 5

makes a call using Enterprise dialing to DN 4000. Call can be initiated on mobile or redirected to a local device

Feature Matrix Mobile Communication 3100 ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

Single Number Reach


Single Voicemail



Cellular Voice Mail Avoidance


In-Call Cellular/Desk Set Transfer


Single Key Device Handoff


In-Call Feature Activation


Call Transfer

Number Control


Transparent PBX

True Inbound / Outbound Caller ID Dual Persona Cellular / Wi-Fi Handoff 他


SimRing, Single Identity (CLID)

; ;

In session Handoff

Presence Notification to & about the Mobile

; ; ; ; ; ; 他

Message Waiting Indication Corporate Directory Access from Mobile


Buddy Lists, Local Directory Access

4/5-Digit Extension Corporate Dialing


Toll Avoidance

Synchronized Mobile/Desktop Call Logs


Inbound calls

Over-the-Air Mobile Client Software Installation / Updates Attendant Features Enterprise Conferencing Instant Conferencing Mobile IM/Presence Call Re-Direct, Call-Me-First Visual Voicemail 他


Mobile Communication 3100 Solution Package/Pricing

Value Adds • Easy to Deploy

• One Stop Cost • Per user licensing: scale at your own pace • Call Server & Mobility license requirements packaged in price

• Leverages established control & management tools/policies

• Cost Management • User selected target device call completion/origination

• Security

• Scalable

• E911 access

• Mobility Gateway HW platform Network deployed to support multiple call servers with up to 1500 users per gateway

• Full Redundancy • Ensures business continuity

• Localized

The whole package 7

; Feature rich ; Device & User Flexible ; Location & Network Agnostic


; One Stop Total Cost


Nortel’s MC 3100

; Building block for UC A richer, simpler communications experience 8


Christine McKenna Leader, Enterprise Mobility & FMC Nortel BUSINESS MADE SIMPLE VoiceCon Orlando 2009 1...

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