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Product Guide 2013

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Introducing the Grumpy Gardener Product Range

GreanBase, what makes us different? We are a British tool manufacturer that prides itself on solving your customers problems. Since the successful launch of the Wheelbarrow Booster on Dragons Den in 2012 GreanBase have been working with numerous gardening inventors to bring their products to the market place. Therefore we do not manufacture to copy others, we manufacture so your customers will come looking for our quality tools that will increase their gardening pleasure. The Grumpy Gardener understands the frustration and the joy of everyday garden chores, he is a symbol of innovation which ensures quality crafted long lasting tools and when possible he wants to buy British. In short, he is Grumpy so your customers don’t have to be. Following on from our innovations you will find Grumpy Gardener giftware purely designed by British artists. Every person within the horticultural sector knows a grumpy male or female gardener and what better gift is there than a beautifully designed seed tin / mug or canvass recognising the individuality of their personality? Please find inside the 2013 Grumpy Gardener collection.

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New for 2013

A brand new British developed eco friendly, non caustic soaking agent Enabling you to clean your BBQ without any harmful chemicals, without loosing out on cleaning performance compared to caustic products.

First of a kind. A first and revolutionary BBQ grill soaking agent that cleans any grill in a very simple way. Non caustic Only version on the market that is eco friendly and non caustic. No need for gloves and completely safe around pets and children.

Unlike caustic products, BBQ Gleam™ works on all metals including aluminuim

3 Applications per bottle Outstanding value as one bottle can be used up to three times unlike other caustic comparatives. All Metal safe BBQ Gleam uses a biological soaking action to clean. Because of this BBQ Gleam is safe to use on all metals including aluminium.



Soaking action of BBQ Gleam™ ensures your grill keep looking great

Perfect for Camping Rucksack safe due to being non caustic, BBQ Gleam makes a perfect option to clean your BBQ and utensils whilst on a camping trip. From The



New products for 2013 - BBQ Gleam™

Range 4

New for 2013

Leaf Eazi


Another invention by a British gardener looking to save time and energy when clearing his garden. There is no quicker way to fill your wheelbarrow with or without a booster or even take your waste to a recylicing bin.

Complementary Product Potential to be sold separately or in a pack with the wheelbarrow booster Multiseason use All year round sales opportunities, can be used for hedge cuttings and all light garden waste Saves time and energy Saves continuous bending to pick up garden leaves / waste in your garden. Easy and convenient to use Wide entrance to directly rake / sweep into with specially placed handles to ensure minimum effort to lift. Sturdy and built to last Durable corex design can be used to store tools or as a potting tray

Moving leaves from the garden into a waste bin made simple

Simple flat pack design Comes flat packed with easy to assemble instructions

Leaf Eazi - GGLE


New products for 2013 - Leaf Eazi™

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Durable corex design to last many seasons of use



Designed by a UK Landscape Gardener to aid when moving lighter materials such as leaves, grass, hedge cuttings, garden waste and bark.

Extend capacity by up to 300% A first and revolutionary design to increase the capacity of your wheelbarrow by up to 300%. Attach in seconds Such a simple design the wheelbarrow booster attaches to a standard wheelbarrow in seconds, providing you with extra space. No need for a larger barrow With the outstanding space increase you no longer need a second wheelbarrow as a standard size along with the wheelbarrow booster will do the job.

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Comes in free standing point of sale display unit All year round sales opportunities Can be used throughout all seasons


Wheelbarrow Booster - GGWBB


New products for 2013 - Wheelbarrow Booster™

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Range Diarmuid Gavin, BBC Gardeners’ World


New for 2013

P antWell


The PlantWell is a UK designed and manufactured water irrigation tool. Invented to save water in hanging baskets and pot plants. This simple device assits in giving greater blooms and saves wet feet when watering.

Easy to Display in Store Sold in packs of two with a convenient euro slot for hanging displays. Water the Roots Directly Unlike other watering devices on the market the Plantwell delivers water to where it is most needed, the roots. Saves you Water With less water spilt on your feet and more water getting to the roots the PlantWell not only saves you water but means you’ll spend less time watering. Place in the middle of your pot or hanging basket

Unobtrusive, Yet beautifully crafted Beautifully crafted to be functional yet unobtrusive in hanging baskets or tubs whilst assisting in greater yields. High qaulity reusable product The two part snap together design makes the PlantWell easy to clean and perfect for multi-season use

Simple and easy to water your hanging baskets or pots From The



New products for 2013 - PlantWell™

Range 10

New for 2013 TM

Holds the bag open whilst the other hand is kept free


Close down the upper jaw

Lock the two


over the refuge sack.

jaws together to secure the bag.

Simple and easy to use, place in the bag and close

Revolutionary new product for easy disposal of rubbish and refuge. Now one hand can be holding any bag open whilst the other is free to sweep or place in any rubbish.

5 Year manufacturer’s guarantee With expert manufactuing on the Litter Gripper™ we will stand behind our product for 5 years should anything go wrong. Designed in the UK Beautifully designed and manufactured in the UK. The ultimate tool to take the frustration out of getting rubbish or sweepings into any bag. Ergonomic by Design Ergonomic handle for easy use and supplied with its own starter refuse bag. Branding The litter gripper is customisable with a choice of color options to suit your company image *depending on order quantity. Display in Store Easy to display and hang in store along with simple to use instructions

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Litter Gripper - GGLG MADE IN THE UK


New products for 2013 - Litter Gripper™

Range 12

New for 2013



Seaweed Plant Fertiliser

100% Concentrated The first 100% organic granular seaweed fertiliser of its kind

High quality product representing excellent value in the organic market place Available in 2kg tubs with application Instructions Easy to stack in store and promote with other Grumpy Gardener products All year round sales opportunities

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New for 2013 Compliments Grumpy Gardener organic fertiliser and can be sold alongside the Grumpy Gardener culti-mate Weeder Helps reduce weeds, retains soil moisture, reduce watering with no need for pectisides and increases yields Manufactured from UV protected durable material for multi season use Specially placed heat sealed holes to prevent rips and tears along with a helpful guide for spacing on a varity of vegetables Easy to to display with a euroslot hanger Grow Grid™ seen here with Diarmuid Gavin BBC Gardeners’ World

Comes in 4 sizes

Size A - GGGGA

Size B - GGGGB

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Size C - GGGGC Size D - GGGGD


New products for 2013 - Grow Grid™ Sea Grow™




New for 2013



The Culti-Mate is the best all-purpose small garden tool made. Use it to break up hard soil piles. Use it for planting. It creates furrows easily and completes small transplants. Make small seed and bulb holes. Its an excellent edging device and mud scraper for cleaning other tools. Turn the blade sideways and use it as a weeder for paths / sidewalks and rock gardens. Strong and durable The handle is extremely tough and durable and molded around the blade shaft in a way that the blade cannot work loose. Comfort and ease of use The softgrip ergonomic handle is comfortable for either right hand or left hand use. Removes weeds at the roots Due to the unique shaft the Culti-Mate gets right under the weed pulling it up from the roots

Simple and effective when weeding around plants

Muli-function tool This product does the job of numeous other tools and will be the gardeners best friend. Comes ready to hang in store Can be easily displayed and has an extemely competitive RRP

Great tool for weeding and cultivating around the garden From The

Culti-Mate Weeder - GGCMW


New products for 2013 - Culti-Mate™

Range 16

Grumpy Gardener Secateaurs

All New for 2013

Quality anvil secateurs in Grumpy Gardener branded colours. Ergonomic soft grip and rotating handle to save on wrist strain with a safety lock 4 ratchet cutting system to save on strain when cutting Non stick high quality carbon steel cutting blade Suitable for left and right handed use Euro slot with its own “try me� packaging

Secateaurs - GGS

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Plant Labels Beautiful and useful gift product. Can be sold by tills and on seed isles as an impulse buy Artwork designed by a UK artist Can be packaged and displayed with other Grumpy Gardener products

Plant Label - GGPL


New products for 2013 - Grumpy Gardener Products

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Range 18

Grumpy Gardener Kneeler Mat Extra large size compared to other kneelers (50 x 25cm) Extremely light and easily portable and easy to store Designed in collaboration with a UK artist Outstanding gift product Comes in easy to display packaging Comes in two colours

Kneeler Green : GGKCG Kneeler Blue


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Seed Tins Beautiful and useful gift product. Can be sold by tills and on seed isles as an impulse buy Artwork designed by a UK artist Designed to be displayed with Grumpy Gardener products Choice of two colours

Tin Green : GGSTG Tin Blue


New products for 2013 - Grumpy Gardener Products


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Range 20

New for 2013

Staffordshire Made Fine Bone China Mugs Designed by UK artist Shelley Marsden. Her Four Seasons Grumpy Gardner vision is expressed in the Fine Bone China Mugs of outstanding quality.





The finest bone china mugs made in Staffordshire, the home of the Pottery Industry. Our range of china mugs make ideal gifts for family and friends.


New products for 2013 - Four Seasons Bone China Coffee Mugs

Spring - GGMSP Summer - GGMSU

Autumn - GGMAU Winter - GGMWI

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Range 21

Great quality canvas prints designed by a UK Artist Shelley Marsden. The four season design’s gallery mounted on chunky frames ready to hang that will look stunning on any wall.

New for 2013

Four Season Canvas Prints

Spring 24 x 10 inch canvas print

Spring - GGCSP

Summer 24 x 10 inch canvas print

Spring - GGCSU

Autumn 24 x 10 inch canvas print

Spring - GGCAU

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Range 22

New products for 2013 - Four Seasons Canvas Prints

Winter 24 x 10 inch canvas print

Spring - GGCWI


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