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STAFF Lori Aakre Office Manager, First Year Programs and Office of Student Activities

Layne Anderson


Our Mission The Student Union and Activities builds community to advance

Director of Student Union and Activities

student success and

Shireen Alemadi

spark DragonPride.

Assistant Director for Community Engagement

Becky Boyle Jones Assistant Director of Campus Activities

Jayce Branden Office & Administrative Assistant, Student Union Administration Office hired May 2018

Steve Fox Assistant Director for Leadership and Organizations

John Graves General Maintenance Worker

Braden Kuznia Assistant Director of Event Services

Sandy Schob Activities Business Manager/Athletics Business Manager

Norman Sifuentes General Maintenance Worker

Annie Wood Associate Director for Student Life hired May 2018


DEPARTMENT INITIATIVES CAMPUS OUTREACH: Implemented new opportunities to engage with the local community in meaningful ways by participating in the United Way’s Annual Day of Caring and hosting Dragons Give during Homecoming to benefit the Rape & Abuse Crisis Center and Great Plains Food Bank.

FACILITIES: Room 105 is being remodeled into a multi-purpose conference room and will be ready for use in Fall Semester 2018. The main lounge stairs and railing will be replaced and completed by August 2018. A schematic design and cost estimate was completed for the replacement of CMU room section B ($732,000). LEADERSHIP: Created a new Student Leadership Awards Ceremony to highlight student success and achievement across campus by redesigning the awards given, which resulted in 112 nominations and 160+ attendees. STAFFING: Annie Wood was hired as the new Associate Director for Student Life and started on

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Updates on 2017-2018 Initiatives

May 16, 2018. Shireen Alemadi, Assistant Director for Community Outreach and Engagement was integrated into the department; however, in June 2018 it was determined the position would move into a new reporting structure with Academic Affairs.

STUDENT LIFE: Bi-weekly meetings of the student life programming group increased communication about event planning to minimize event overlap or competition. Additionally, with increased promotion of DragonCentral to track event attendance we know that 50% of students attended a campus event with recorded attendance. STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS & GREEK LIFE: A focus on increasing awareness and use of DragonCentral resulted in 2201 people logging in since August 1, 2017. DragonCentral was used during Welcome Week and as part of FYE assignments. Additionally, Sigma Tau received their associate charter and re-established a chapter at MSUM.

The Student Union hosted 4,287 events July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018. This compares to 3,750 events July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017. A 14% increase in the number of events. Those 4,287 events created 22,479 event hours. Room 208 was reserved 321 times with 648 event hours. Room 203 hosted the most event hours, totaling 859.


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Event Reserved Hours Booked Hours Booked


BUDGET The Student Union operating budget continues to be impacted by enrollment decline and a decrease in fee generating credits due to online course offerings. The impact of this decline required a pause in filling a vacant general maintenance worker position and office manager position in order to determine a long-term sustainable staffing plan. It necessitated a minimal investment in R & R funds for future capital improvement projects. University conversations began this past year to look more closely at our fee structure oncampus and determine if any recommendations will be made

for changes in FY20. The following charts depict the revenue streams and how those funds are best utilized to support MSUM students and the campus community.


Student Fees Dining Royalties


Rent & Misc Revenue

78% 9% Rent & Misc Rev

Rent & Misc Revenue : 6 %

Debt Service

Dining Royalties

Student Fees

Dining Royalties : 16 %

Student Fees : 78 %

Employee Services R & R Investment




Other Operating Expenses



EXPENSES FY 2017 CLOSE Debt Service

Employee Services

R & R Investment

Debt Service : 40 %

Employee Services : 30 %

R & R Investment : 12 %

Other Operating Expenses

Other Operating Expenses : 9 %

FACILITY In collaboration with the Physical Plant and Information Technology, the student union is remodeling the old food court seating area Room 105 into a flexible, visually appealing, multi-purpose room that represents MSUM and supports current and future technologies. The space will support a variety of student, student organization, departmental and University needs as well as MSUM’s recruitment efforts. The project also includes the replacement of the main lounge stairs and railing system. The project construction and furniture expenses are being funded from the Student Union Repair and Replacement funds with the technology portion of the project being funded from the Student Technology Fee.


Utilities : 9 %


$750,000 pg. 3



by the numbers

Numerous student life programs are created or supported by the Student Union & Activities. By hosting events, such as the CMU Open House during Welcome Week, collaborating with other departments, and supporting the Dragon Entertainment Group, we work to provide a wide variety of events and contribute to a vibrant campus community. Additionally, DragonFest, student Homecoming, and DragonFrost activities are supervised by SU&A staff.


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$673,459 SABC funds requested with $399,461 allocated in FY18 $103,754 Travel Funds allocated by SABC $14,306 Supplemental Funds allocated by SABC 99 organizations allocated $383,031 in SABC funds for FY19

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STUDENT LEADERSHIP 50 active students and 12 graduates for Dragon Leadership Program 37 students earned certificate for Emerging Leaders 25.8% completion rate of Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership students

logged service hours

ENGAGEMENT & OUTREACH 885 pounds of food donated to Great Plains Food Bank 107 Moorhead Seniors registered by MSUM students for United Way Day of Caring 5 staff from MSUM attended the Campus Compact Conference pg. 4



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STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS 563 leadership positions in student organizations held by 448 students 123 recognized student organizations 25 Students participating in Student Senate

STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS Our department supports 110+ student organizations with 550+ officer positions. We provide support and training to the officers on DragonCentral, campus policies, and budgets during the year. Additional support we offer includes processing contracts, payments, and signing (100+) special expense forms so that student organizations can use their allocated funds. In 2017-18 we also emphasized the use of DragonCentral by creating tutorials, guidelines, and expectations for use of this tool. For 2017-2018, we redesigned the awards process for organizations and student leaders by creating the

Student Leadership Awards Ceremony. This evening event included students from across campus with 13 award categories and 17 recipients. The program also included recognition for Emerging Leaders, the Dragon Leadership Program, and Student Senate. The goal of the ceremony was to increase awareness of involvement opportunities and, in a meaningful way, to recognize those students who are participating and contributing to campus.

STUDENT PROGRAMMING Our department supports a number of programming initiatives for students across campus throughout the year. Within our department, The Dragon Entertainment Group programmed events in six categories, including EVENT travel/service, variety, ATTENDANCE coffeehouse, issues/culture, late night, and Dragon Pride. Each category includes events that relate to at least one of MSUM’s strategic anchors.

Additionally, our department plays a large role in MSUM Homecoming activities. This year, Becky Boyle Jones led a collaborative Student Life Programming group of professional staff from various departments to develop a shared calendar, promote cross-departmental support, and increase the focus on leadership, diversity, and wellness programming. pg. 5



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to implement MSUM’s Civic Action Plan and beginning the campus process for Carnegie Community Engagement Classification in 2020. MSUM was also selected as a host community for the Minnesota Humanities Center “Minnesota Remembers Vietnam” initiative to convene and host a variety of gatherings to honor the stories and experiences around the Vietnam War.


K-12 Outreach

New to our department this past year was the integration of the Community Outreach and Engagement program and Assistant Director position into the staffing structure. This program involves creation and implementation of summer K-12 educational programming including group visits to campus, College for Kids and Teens, SCRUBS camp, and a variety of other camps. Another area of focus was leading the engagement work group

LEADERSHIP MSUM participated in the 2018 cohort of the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership (MSL) with a 25.8% completion rate (higher than the national average) and will receive the data report in July 2018. Staff re-designed the Emerging Leaders Program into a 10-week spring semester program that is targeted to first-year students. Through a nomination process, 47 students signed up and participated, with 37 students earning the certificate. Of participants, 91.5% are enrolled for fall semester.

ASSESSMENT For the academic year, we measured how our students demonstrate healthy working relationships with their co-workers, specifically effective communication and conflict resolution. These align with UWSLO #2 and #5.

OUR GOALS: • 75% of student employees will meet or exceed expectations after one year of employment • 100% of student employees will meet or exceed expectations after two years of employment • 24% of student employees will be exceeding expectations are two years of employment

Student Union & Activities staff continue to support the Dragon Leadership Program as well. The new cohort in Fall 2017 had 27 students. During the Student Leadership Award Ceremony, 12 students were recognized for completing the Spark requirements (phase 1) and 12 additional students were honored for completing all program requirements. At the end of the spring semester, 50 students were active in the program.

  

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USING A RUBRIC AS A TOOL, WE ARE ABLE TO DETERMINE: • 90% of students scored as meeting or exceeding expectations in both areas after one year of employment (Goal Met) • 66% of students scored as meeting or exceeding expectations in both categories after two years of employment (Goal Unmet) • 33% of students scored as exceeding expectations in both categories after two years of employment (Goal Met) pg. 7


CMU CELEBRATING 50 YEARS To continue the celebration of the Comstock Memorial Union’s 50th year, we hosted an event for students, alumni, and community members during Homecoming on October 7, 2017. Hundreds of people enjoyed an evening in the CMU following the Homecoming Football Game. A meal with some old favorites – like chicken tortilla soup and monster cookies – was served in the ballroom, which we transformed into a cozy, living room-like space by arranging lounge furniture in the room and having live music. Other activities included a mini golf course, party hat decorating and crafts, a virtual reality station, a roving magician, and selfie / scrapbooking station. To hearken back to the good old days, we served ice cream from a canoe in the Sun Garden Lounge, had Dragon Ambassadors give tours of the CMU with then/ now pictures, brought in arcade games, served drinks that came from the Underground’s recipe book, and created a goofy bowling game. The event brought Dragons of all ages together for an evening to remember. As the culmination of the 50th year festivities for the Comstock Memorial Union, we pg. 8

hosted a re-dedication celebration on February 14, 2018 – exactly 50 years to the day when thenpresident John Neumaier performed the original dedication. In addition to the celebration, the CMU commissioned two works of art from alumna Olivia Bain (2016) that are now installed in the Main Lounge and a hand-crafted “time capsule” from Tom Kemmer. The celebration included a leadership talk by alumnus Najam Usmani (1992) who traveled from his home in North Carolina to share with current students his message, “The Power of Connections.” Following his talk, the re-dedication ceremony began with a performance by the student a capella group Solfire and welcome from Student Body President Kaleen Kruger. Following messages from President Anne Blackhurst and Najam Usmani heralding the value of a student union at MSUM, artist Olivia Bain shared the meaning of the two art pieces “Growth” and “Spark.” Finally, Director Layne Anderson offered a closing message and invited the crowd to spend time in the CMU enjoying conversation and specially prepared desserts. Guests were also invited to share a memory to be included in the time capsule, which also contains photos and memorabilia from the CMU’s 50th year celebrations.

SU&A Annual Report | 2017-2018  

MSUM's Student Union and Activities' annual report for 2017-2018 Fiscal Year 18 including topics such as department initiative updates, budg...

SU&A Annual Report | 2017-2018  

MSUM's Student Union and Activities' annual report for 2017-2018 Fiscal Year 18 including topics such as department initiative updates, budg...