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Lasvit Collections

Nendo / Lars Kemper and Peter Olah / Rony Plesl / Jitka Kamencová Skuhravá / Gabriela Náhlíková / René Roubíček / Bořek Šípek / Arik Levy / Maurizio Galante / Michael Young / Jan Plecháč & Henry Wielgus

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Designed and Manufactured with Pride in the Czech Republic




Lasvit Collections

Artistry, craftmanship and Czech glassmaking tradition associated with the inventiveness and creativity of respected international designers. Light and the beauty of glass. Emotions and skills. Such are the Lasvit Collections.

Láska — Love / Svit — Light The Lasvit Group is a leading designer and manufacturer of bespoke light fittings, feature glass installations, and award-winning collections.

OUR MISSION IS TO TRANSFORM GLASS INTO BREATHTAKING LIGHT AND DESIGN EXPERIENCES Leon Jakimic founded Lasvit with a single vision – to create the perfect experience through the quality of light, glass, and design. The list of Lasvit’s art pieces includes hand-blown objects in private residences, public spaces and luxurious hotels as well as in high-end boutiques and extraordinary interiors. Lasvit is currently developing and producing a wide range of glass panel sheets for the architecture industry. Lasvit’s commitment to creativity and innovation has resulted in creative collaborations with some of the world’s most celebrated designers including Ross Lovegrove, Nendo Studio, Arik Levy, Fabio Novembre or Michael Young. Lasvit projects span the globe from London, Paris and Prague, to international cities including Moscow, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Singapore. Projects vary from glass sculptures for private residences, to large-scale installations for luxury boutiques and hotels. The company has 10 international offices in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, North and South America.

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The chateau was intentionally chosen for a photo shoot for its unique atmosphere, which combines splendor and decline together. This created a perfect spiritual and aesthetical environment with which to contrast to our current collections. We are pleased to have the possibility to, symbolically at least, contribute to its rescue by renting this unique place.

Lasvit Collections

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Týnec Chateau comes from the beginning of the 18th century and, in the spirit of Baroque landscaping, is on the brow of a hill as a prominent landmark. The architectural value of the current building, in consummate Baroque style, is among one of the most precious in the Czech Republic. The fusion of architecture with the landscape (one of the Baroque ideas) is taken to the maximum here – the chateau spans over the entrance driveway. Together with the park and several adjacent historical buildings, it creates an enclosed area. The architect of the chateau, unknown for a long time (confirmed in 2002) was the renowned Giovanni Battista Alliprandi. This is one of his largest and most important constructions; others include Lobkovic Palace (today the German Embassy in Prague). We can see the origins and existence of such a chateau in a Šumava foothills village as a materialization of the “dream of a mad Baroque cavalier”.

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Lasvit Collections

Created by famous designers easy to assemble and fix with defined size, shape, canopy and set of colors. Only minor exceptional defined customizations are possible.


Provocatively ice clear “pleated” lamp-shades with right angle cranked legs stand in contrast with the ornamental composition of shadows that appear on the walls after you switch on the light. The classical design together with an optical projection merges into an unexpected form of peculiar “romantic functionalism”. Light, its reflections on the sharp-cut edges of glass and shadows are the main means of perception and depicting of the space and matter providing possibility to seize them and create an outstanding atmosphere and mood at the same time. The shadow and light are not of material substance by themselves but yet define them, reflect, hide and unveil them even though they are only an optical illusion – an insubstantial postscript. Shadows are virtually all around, but only those thrown by the Glitters collection are capable of creating neat and magnificent make-up of the space, day and night. Light, translucent texture of the glass and striking expressiveness have the ability to call forth memories but also enhance plastic beauty of the room and make it real, more real, for the shadows that always reveal more than the light itself.

Lasvit Collections

Glitters 07G090-00A 07G090-00B  10G005-00 07G090-05 10G007-00 10G004-00 07G090-01

Table lamp half Table lamp Floor lamp Pendant 1 Pendant 2 Pendant 3 Wall sconce

L 230 × W 200 × H 210 × OH 390 mm Dia 310 × H 210 × OH 390 mm Dia 310 × H 1400 mm Dia 320 × H 300 × OH 805 mm L 515 × W 320 × H 300 × OH 805 mm L 700 × W 320 × H 300 × OH 840 mm L 230 × H 210 × OH 390 × projection 220 mm

Lasvit Collections

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The press design is availabe in two types: a pendant lamp and a floor lamp. In this design, glass tubes are pressed as though they have been pinched, and the light source is fitted into the narrowed space that results. Unusual in the fact that it does not rely on a metal form, the compression of the glass produces a soft, organic form and imbues each lamp with a singular appearance.

Lasvit Collections

Press lamp 12X007-00 12X007-01  12X008-00 12X008-01 12X009-00 12X009-01

Pendant Pendant Floor lamp Floor lamp Floor lamp Floor lamp

Dia 90 × 450 mm clear Dia 90 × 450 mm smoke Dia 140 × H460 mm clear Dia 140 × H460 mm smoke Dia 140 × H630 mm clear Dia 140 × H630 mm smoke

Lasvit Collections

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Lasvit Collections

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The lamp was formed by blowing glass into the form of an air bubble then sucking the air away. Ordinarily, glass is made by blowing air into the molten material. The inhale lamp, on the other hand, comes from the act of inhaling. It‘s a form created by negative air pressure.

Inhale lamp 12X004-00 12X004-02

Dia 410 (approx) × H315 mm clear Dia 410 (approx) × H315 mm opal

Lasvit Collections

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HYDROGENE / BY LARS KEMPER AND PETER OLAH Hydrogene is a highly versatile architectural system of illuminated glass pieces. Combinable, artistic elements in various shapes create a wide range of possibilities for use in interior decoration as well as lighting design. Symbolic of the movement of liquid, air bubbles in water, and the fluidity of glass, this design delivers sufficient light with a modish style. Hydrogene, designed by Lars Kemper and Peter Olah exclusively for Lasvit, brings together an architectural arrangement of light elements with a special bubbly texture that is illuminated by a series of LEDs reflecting in the adjacent mirror components. The textured, luminous surface of these unique, contemporary fittings creates a playful show of light that boasts an incredible depth of radiance. The thoughtful system of light elements provides ambient yet concentrated lighting for architectural spaces. The design of Hydrogene allows convenient augmentation with both circular and rectangular frames and fixtures to create the perfect gallery of light. A simple pendant style fitting serves as a ceiling lamp while other styles include mountings for vertical walls to create a light-grid or compact lighting elements, like a table lamp, for illumination of a dedicated work space. Individual panels can create wall art and artistic surfaces for bars, walls, and partitions.

Lasvit Collections

Hydrogene 11X001-00 11X001-01 11X001-02

Dia 750 mm Dia 500 mm Dia 380 mm

Lasvit Collections

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The Neverending Glory collection reflects nostalgic emotions and interprets opulent candle chandeliers in new way to symbolize prime moments of appreciation and glory. In individual silhouettes it is possible to recognize iconic chandeliers from five of the world’s most eminent concert halls and theaters; La Scala in Milan, Palais Garnier in Paris, the Metropolitan Opera in New York, the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, but also the Czech Republic’s Estates Theater in Prague.

Prague Estate Theatre

Palais Garnier

La Scala

Lasvit Collections

Neverending Glory Collection 13X008-00 13X009-00 13X010-00 13X011-0 13X012-00

Bolshoi Theatre Metropolitan Opera La Scala Prague Estate Theatre Palais Garnier

Dia 550 × H 780 + L mm clear / opal Dia 500 × H 410 + L mm clear / opal Dia 550 × H 600 + L mm clear / opal Dia 440 × H 730 + L mm clear / opal Dia 510 × H 555 + L mm clear / opal

Metropolitan Opera

Bolshoi Theatre

Lasvit Collections

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Lasvit Collections

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Jar RGB is a lighting project connecting thin colorful glass blowing techniques and the idea of RGB color mixing. Using white glass for one of the hanging jars allows it to turn into a large light bulb generating the light for the entire fixture. Observing one jar through another and the space surrounding them gives one a unique and everlasting discovery of color superimposition.

Jar RGB 13X004-00 13X005-00

Jar 3 Jar 7

Dia 305 × H700 + L max 2000 mm opaque white, green, blue / opaque white, green, red / opaque white, red, blue Dia 465 × H700 + L max 2000 mm opaque white, red, green, blue

Lasvit Collections

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Lasvit Collections

38 / 39

The Labyrinth is inspired by fluidity, connections, nature and relationships… The fabric covered colored electric cables enter the Borosilicate glass tube and exit at different locations from which light bell form shades are hanging. The labyrinth stem can be placed in various locations along the wires and create a sensation of suspension in space.

Labyrinth Small

Labyrinth Large

13X006-00 13X006-01 13X006-02

13X007-00 13X007-01 13X007-02

Dia 320 × H 967 + L mm clear Dia 320 × H 967 + L mm clear glass sandblasted, color Dia 320 × H 967 + L mm clear glass cut decor, metal coated

Dia 500 × H 967 + L mm clear Dia 500 × H 967 + L mm clear glass sandblasted, color Dia 500 × H 967 + L mm clear glass cut decor, metal coated

Lasvit Collections

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Lasvit Collections

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Lasvit Collections

High quality design pieces with possible customizations. Sophisticated and luxurious products are usually more difficult to assemble.


Like something from a fairytale, Uovos or “Eggs” sparkle like a radiant and mystical gem in a faraway land. These reflective art glass lighting sculptures shines like a mountain of precious rounded mirrors, capturing nearby objects and multiplying them to infinity. Uovos exudes matchless charm and creativity due to the fact that it’s been designed in two pieces with exceptional technique. One of the sculptures, Uovo d’argento, comprises silver eggs, handcrafted by silvering clear blown-glass components from the inside. The matching piece, Uovo d’oro, features golden eggs, with the colouring achieved by silvering the insides of amber glass components. At the large version the finished designs are nearly two meters high, 1.2 metres wide, and 130 kilograms in weight. There is also smaller version of the Uovo designes available.

Lasvit Collections

Uovo Small 11R002-00 11R002-01 11R002-02 11R002-03

Uovo Large Dia 880 × H 1200 × OH 1500 mm perla nera Dia 880 × H 1200 × OH 1500 mm smoke Dia 880 × H 1200 × OH 1500 mm gold Dia 880 × H 1200 × OH 1500 mm silver

11R001-00 11R001-01 11R001-02 11R001-03

Dia 1200 × H 1637 × OH 2100 mm gold Dia 1200 × H 1637 × OH 2100 mm silver Dia 1200 × H 1637 × OH 2100 mm smoke Dia 1200 × H 1637 × OH 2100 mm perla nera

Lasvit Collections

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Lasvit Collections

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52 / 53

Fine matured Bubbles popped up from the art of the Czech glassmaking designers and glasswork masters, always fresh with a versatile reflexive tone, smart, space friendly and always of an outstanding aesthetic class. The object can fulfil the function of lighting fixture as well as it has a power to fill up the room with specific atmosphere. Its remarkable conception makes it impossible for the viewer to perceive it only in a practical sense. Multiplicity, spatial make-up, an abstract form of it and a light installation ensure this emotional lighting whirl with a stir of emotion. The sphere, the bubble, in other word, which stands for the determining shape of the object, is also the natural constituent of the glass material and obvious part of the matter. Its surface reflects the world around and transforms the image of it due to its ability to cast optical spells prompting the viewer’s imagination into the plays of light, shape and motion. Popularity of Champagne wine steadily grew, among other reasons, for the bubbles in wine somehow speed up the flow of alcohol into the blood. The Bubbles in Space by Lasvit are the Champagne among all spatial lightings, the fizz that really gets you drunk with stirring emotion flowing freely into your mind.

Lasvit Collections

Bubbles in space 07J090-20 07J090-58 07J090-00 07J090-25 07J090-59 07J090-60

Dia 750 × OH 1250 mm clear Dia 750 × OH 1250 mm clear + amber Dia 1000 × OH 1450 mm clear Dia 1000 × OH 1450 mm clear + amber Dia 1200 × OH 1650 mm clear Dia 1200 × OH 1650 mm clear + amber

Lasvit Collections

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Lasvit Collections

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GROWING VASES / BY NENDO Extraordinary, playful, fresh, never seen before, impractical, illogical are words that can be used to describe Growing Vases yet it still doesn’t capture its essence. There are no words to express the whimsical nature of this lighting installation. Nendo and Lasvit collaborated to create an art piece, which conveys the quixotic appeal of glass as something impractical and incomplete yet provides a breath of fresh air and opens up new possibilities. Created with Czech Bohemian glass, this lighting installation alludes to a whimsical glass forest filled with abstract flowers and branches. The principle of a flower and a vase here is turned upside down. By turning the pipes into the flowers and branches and by blowing the glass into a vase, suddenly the vases are blooming from flowers instead of flowers blooming in vases! Growing Vases breaks conventions and symbolises the birth of life. “We decided to take the brief in a playful direction, and to suggest both breathing and the incomplete by displaying the metal pipes used by glassblowers, still attached to the glass objectsthat they were used to make.” – Oki Sato

Growing Vases 11X003-00

Dia 1000 × 1400 mm clear glass with sandblasting

Lasvit Collections

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Lasvit Collections

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René Roubíček´s chandelier designed for Lasvit named by its author „And why not!“ refers to his lifelong experimentation and searching compositions and forms incarnated in glass. The chandelier´s emotionally intense sculptural form resembles a flash and is an evolution of Roubíček´s core designs based on dynamic abstraction. Light gliding on large smoothly polished surfaces while absorbed by the mass of the glass creates a unique atmosphere.

And Why Not! 13X013-00

Dia 1200 (max 1500) × OH 1700 mm clear

Lasvit Collections

62 / 63


Lasvit Collections

64 / 65

Maurizio Galante as one of the world’s most famous haute couture designers was inspired by timeless plisse fabric. The fashion elements, softness and typical movement of fabric are here transformed into glass. The smaller object is based on the technique of Plisse, which rotates around its own axis. The impressive larger one is based on layering cracked desks.

Plisse Cloud 13X018-00 13X025-00

Small Large

Dia 500 × H535 mm + L artistic fused clear glass Dia 1340 × H1035 mm + L artistic fused clear glass

Lasvit Collections

66 / 67


The small Big Bang. History has encountered a new era which has exploded into this extraordinary chandelier. Seemingly disparate decorative components are connected into a playful assemblage of forms, materials and stories. Galaxy Luminia is like a new living species and, until The Big Bang, lives its own independent life.

Lasvit Collections

Galaxy Luminia 13X030-00 13X031-00 13X032-00 13X033-00 13X034-00

Amoria mixia Cascadia lumina Quadrix lenitas Perplexion besfix Anvilix omnia

Dia 1300 × H 1500 + L mm artistic hand-blown glass Dia 700 × H1100 + L mm artistic hand-blown glass Dia 1200 × H1500 + L mm artistic hand-blown glass Dia 1300 × H1400 + L mm artistic hand-blown glass Dia 300 × H1000 + L mm artistic hand-blown glass

Lasvit Collections

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Lasvit Collections

72 / 73

74 / 75


Lasvit Collections

Special unique designs that Lasvit created with top designers, only limited production is possible.


Lasvit Collections

76 / 77

The table consists of a hand-blown table leg and a hand-blown table top made from clear crystal. Lasvit team first developed a specific blowing technology to create this product. The table leg is constructed by 36 separate glass fractals, with 6 different forms repeating 6 times. Each of the 36 pieces was first hand blown and then they were all connected into one piece to represent a fractal structure.

Homune 12K074-01

Dia 1200 × H 720 mm clear / colour can be customized

Lasvit Collections

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80 / 81

It finds its inspiration in the patchwork system of layering, with different kinds of glass cut to complement one another. Patchwork – glass lamp and Patchwork – glass vase combine the fine cut techniques of Bohemian glass with the ancient production method for sheet glass. In this case, a variety of objects already decorated with traditional cut glass patterns were reheated, sliced open and then reattached to each other to create one large object.


Lasvit Collections


Pendant Vase 1 Vase 2 Vase 3 Vase 4

Dia 240 mm × H 240 mm + L clear artistic hand-blown glass Dia 140 mm × H 270 mm clear artistic hand-blown glass Dia 240 mm × H 240 mm clear artistic hand-blown glass Dia 245 mm × H 275 mm clear artistic hand-blown glass Dia 145 mm × H 245 mm clear artistic hand-blown glass

Lasvit Collections

82 / 83


84 / 85

This piece derives from the unique forms created when the free-flowing glass liquid hardens in place. The glass masters place plate glass into a frame with one section missing, progressively heat the glass until it becomes molten, and allow the molten glass to drain from the void in the form. When they permit the glass to harden again, the edge responds to surface tension, creating a table with a surface that looks like a pool of water.

Lasvit Collections

Overflow 12X011-00 (01) 12X012-00 (06) 12X013-00 (08) 12X014-00 (09) 12X015-00 (11) 12X016-00 (12)

W 350 × D 460 × H 560 mm W 490 × D 430 × H 310 mm W 510 × D 380 × H 310 mm W 350 × D 350 × H 710 mm W 485 × D 500 × H 310 mm W 480 × D 470 × H 560 mm

structured glass / white coated metal structured glass / white coated metal structured glass / white coated metal structured glass / white coated metal structured glass / white coated metal structured glass / white coated metal

Lasvit Collections

86 / 87


Lasvit Collections

88 / 89

This piece is inspired by the way glassblowers draw a lamp of molten glass into the tip of a metal pipe and create a form by expanding the glass with their breath, as it is blown down the metal. The glass masters expand the glass in a square metal form, and leave it in place rather than removing it. They then flip the form: the metal mold becomes the table’s legs, while the glass becomes its flat top surface. Each table is unique because each piece of handblown glass is unique.

Innerblow 12X005-00 12X006-00

500 × 500 × H 300 mm table clear / white coated metal 1400 × 400 × H 300 mm bench clear / white coated metal

Lasvit Collections

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Lasvit Collections

92 / 93


Gabriela Náhlíková

Peter Olah & Lars Kemper

Maurizio Galante

Arik Levy

Bořek šípek

Michael Young

Oki Sato (Nendo)

Jitka Kamencová Skuhravá

René Roubíček

Jan Plecháč & Henry Wielgus

Rony Plesl


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Lasvit Collections

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Lasvit - Collections catalogue