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the best new music, dvds and video games at Graywhale this week


35 years of AC/DC, and, yes, they still salute you dvds


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Pixar takes us on another high-falutin' adventure with Up

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War Games Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

November 9, 2009 music

more new music this week

The Killers Live From Royal Albert Hall

Flyleaf Memento Mori

Big Kenny, The Quiet Time Of A Rock And Roll Farmboy Bad Lieutenant, Never Cry Another Tear Doom, Unexpected Guest Dead To Me, African Elephants Sarke, Vorunah Black Breath, Razor To Oblivion Juvenile, Cocky And Confident Outbreak, Outbreak Kings Of Leon, Live At The 02 London, England Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Xenophanes Lissie, Why You Running EP Jason Mraz, Jason Mraz's Beautif Mess: Live On Earth Melanie Fiona, The Bridge Echo & The Bunnymen, The Fountain Jason Castro Jason Castro Snow Patrol, Up To Now Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Live Various, Now 32 Phillips, Grant-Lee, Ladies' Love Oracle Ola Podrida, Belly Of The Lion Take It Back, Atrocities American Me,  Siberian Nightmare Machine Fenriz' Red Planet/Nattefrost, Engangsgrill Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Licht Nirvana 2002, Recordings 89-91 Serabee, Serabee Lullaby The Storm, 3 Lanes Painted Red Loch Lomond, Night Bats Witchmaster, Trucizna


A & M /O c to n e

coming next week

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Obviously, this Texas alt-metal juggernaut took that advice to heart, rehiring production heavy Howard Benson to oversee their sophomore effort. The title means “be mindful of death,” which is so metal it’s already been a Withered album and Moonspell song. Yet, this quintet pledges their allegiance against Satan, spreading the Big Man’s word through infectious melodies and killer licks.

Justin Bieber, My World Them Crooked Vultures, Them Crooked Vultures John Mayer, Battle Studies Onerepublic, Waking Up Murs & Slug, Felt 3: A Tribute To Rosie Perez Norah Jones, The Fall Leona Lewis,, Echo Kid Sister, Ultra Violet Katy Perry, MTV Unplugged We The Kings, Heaven Can Wait

Switchfoot Hello Hurricane

Bon Jovi The Circle

low e r ca s e p e o p l e / At l a n t i c

I s l a n d/ D e f Ja m

cd $11.99

They got their start as a Christian outfit, but merged effortlessly into the secular radio-rock world with mid-tempo Bic-burners like “Dare You to Move.” New single “Mess of Me” is pretty much the total opposite, a fuzzbox assault that swings for the fences like vintage Foo Fighters. It’s also a very conscientious anti-drugs PSA, with a refrain of “I want to spend the rest of my life alive.”

Coalesce OXEP

cd $9.99 Relapse

Coalesce recently came out of hiding to record their reunion album, OX, and label Relapse describes this EP as “the completion” to the album. These songs are for loners. Sean Ingram howls as if he’s condemned to drag anvils from his jowls for eternity. In between tracks like “The Blind Eye” and “To My Ruin” are beautifully despondent instrumentals built with little more than a guitar or a minimalist tribal drum arrangement.

cd $11.99 Album number 11 (that’s it?) is a return to form for the Jersey stadium kings, mostly in that it’s said to lack the polarizing country influence of album number 10, Lost Highway. Count us among the skeptical until we hear Richie Sambora break out the talk box. “We Weren’t Born to Follow” is the first single, a tune about hope and uprising amidst struggle that John Steinbeck would have surely soiled his knickers over.

cd $11.99 til friday

Available on CD and DVD, Live From Royal Albert Hall showcases the Las Vegas new wave heroes at the height of their powers. A generously lengthy set features hits from Hot Fuss, Sam’s Town and Day and Age, from “Mr. Brightside” and “When You Were Young” to “Human” and even a rare cover of Joy Division’s “Shadowplay.” Enjoy 80 minutes of live action, behind-the-scenes interviews and bonus festival performances.

Gaza He Is Never Coming Back

cd $11.99

M e ta l B l a d e

This Salt Lake City crew still sounds like a collapsing wall, only this time the overall din isn’t as constantly oppressive as predecessor I Don’t Care Where I Go When I Die. Not a step has been lost with the incendiary rain of lava that is “The Kicking Legs” and “The Meat of a Leg Joint.” The corrosive wailing and growling is deftly broken up by dragged guitar chords reminiscent of the Old Tyme Americana.

cd $9.99 free litho w/ cd

the best new music, dvds and video games at Graywhale this week

November 9, 2009 music

The Company Band The Company Band

next week

R e s t ri c t e d R e l e a s e

We’d make some pot jokes, but merely acknowledging this CD’s existence already has us in a headspace not conducive to complete sentences. The Company Band are a stoner supergroup to the extreme, featuring members of Clutch (frontman Neil Fallon), Fu Manchu (bassist Brad Davis), CKY (drummer Jess Margera) and Fireball Ministry (frontman James Rota). In short, there will be beards. If you’ve got ’em, it’s time to smoke ’em.

Amped Up

A rare AC/DC box compiles dirty deeds done on the sly


trange that a band as prolific as these Aussies have only issued one box set thus far, the five-disc Bonfire way back in 1997. That set—honoring deceased frontman Bon Scott via a remastered Back in Black and the two-disc soundtrack to Let There Be Rock—was a must-have, and Backtracks is no different. It is more affordable, retailing for just over $30 and offering two CDs of live and studio rarities, as well as a DVD capturing 1991’s Family Jewels, a compilation featuring videos and onstage action from the mid ’70s all the way up AC/DC to the grunge era. Not to mention you get a 36-page booklet flaunting “unseen photos and memorabilBacktracks ia.” Delight to underheard rockers like “Crabsody cd/dvd $26.99 So n y L e g acy in Blue,” the 12-inch extended mix of “Who Made Who” and original Australian releases of “It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll)” and “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.”

Dashboard Confessional After the Ending

cd $9.99 Universal

It’s been six years since Chris Carrabba ushered in this latest wave of emo with the third Dashboard full-length, A Mark, a Mission, a Brand, a Scar. Since then, he’s sold his earnest brand of sometimes acoustic/sometimes full-band yearning at a near-gold level. On this sixth effort, Carrabba and crew plug in again, as the deluxe version will include a second disc with acoustic renditions of the 12 songs.

Hollywood Undead Desperate Measures

cd $11.99 in-store 11/11! O c to n e

No subgenre ever truly dies, and this Cali six-piece kept the nü-metal torch blazing with surprising 2008 hit Swan Songs. While the masked men crank out a proper follow-up, enjoy this stopgap CD/DVD, featuring five live jams, covers of Mötley Crüe, Led Zeppelin and Operation Ivy, and a couple new cuts for good measure. The DVD includes live sets from Albuquerque and Tempe. Desperate, they’re not.

These Are They Who Linger U n ru ly Sou n d s

This Chicago-based quintet boasts plenty of charms, not the least of which is getting all of their debut album’s titular prepositions out of the way early with “Upon the Doors of Oblivion” and “In the Halls of Waverly.” Guitarist Steve Nicholson greatly enhances the former with a ton of perfectly situated speed-picking interludes, and the latter with a solo that oozes over clean chords like bile on rhododendrons.

November 9, 2009 DVD s


dvd $16.99 deluxe $22.99 bluray $24.99


The Ugly Truth

Justice League: The Complete Series

Co lumbi a

Wa r n e r Hom e Vi d e o

dvd $17.99 bluray $26.99 How does a Katherine Heigl/ Gerard Butler rom-com not clean up at the box office? When it’s so raunchy you wonder if Kevin Smith did some ghost-polishing, for starters. 300’s Butler is a tell-it-like-it-is talking head who agrees to help control freak Heigl (not exactly playing against type) find the perfect guy—before falling for her himself, natch. The infamous vibrating undergarments scene nods to Meg Ryan’s “hard work” in When Harry Met Sally.

When Justice League—a spinoff of Batman: The Animated Series—became Justice League Unlimited, things got even more interesting. The series, based on DC Comics’ Justice League of America—a team of superheroes whose membership includes Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, to name a few—became a characterdriven show, spotlighting many second-tier characters who probably wouldn’t have gotten a chance to shine anywhere else.

Monsters Inc. (Blu-ray)


Di s n e y/ Pi x a r

S ta r z /A n c h or B ay

Before Pete Docter captured your imagination with the evocative Up, he turned comic legends Billy Crystal and John Goodman into adorable “scaremonsters” in this 2001 hit. Monsters is certainly deserving of the lavish four-disc treatment, including a behind-the-scenes peek at the “Monstropolis” ride in Disneyland Japan, a Pixar Fun Factory tour, a roundtable discussion on the creation of the movie, a digital copy and much more.

Ashton Kutcher goes DTV? Believe it or not, young ladies didn’t line up in droves to watch the What Happens in Vegas star play a hustler. In a role that seems tailor-made for a young Warren Beatty, Kutcher gallivants around L.A., finding an ideal sugar mom in Anne Heche. Things get complicated when he falls for the fetching Margarita Levieva and finally has to decide between luxury and independence.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: The Complete Second Season

Di s n e y/ Pi x a r

In the critically lauded Up, embittered curmudgeon Carl is bent on fulfilling a boyhood promise to his just-deceased wife to move their “clubhouse” to South America. He does so by adhering thousands of balloons to his home, turning it into an airship and literally flying there. Of course, a chubby whippersnapper of a Boy Scout stows away on the porch during launch, and an incredible journey ensues, along with the forging of an unlikely friendship.

bluray $28.99

Mission Statement

Lock and load Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Not to be confused with 2005’s groundbreaking in its own right Call of Duty 2, this is simply the latest Call of Duty: installment of the ModModern Warfare 2 ern Warfare subtitle. PC, PS3, X360 Of course, “simply” [Activision] doesn’t do it justice. The sixth COD overall drops in conjunction with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized, also for the DS, and puts you in the thick of the battle with the deadly Russian Ultranationalist organization. Lock and load.

Phantasy Star Ø [Sega]

Lio n s g at e

You have to give Kim, Khloé, Kourtney and krew kredit: They’ve somehow nudged their surname from infamous to famous, despite the former’s Ray J sex tape. Of course, a lot of that is due to the unbelievable facial evolution of Olympic track hero Bruce Jenner. Among this season’s guilty pleasures: a ski trip in Colorado, Kim’s naughty calendar shoot, ill-advised tattoos, cheerleader training and the birds and bees.

the best new music, dvds and video games at Graywhale this week

DS This hack-and-slash RPG was a monster hit in Japan last Christmas, and hits stateside just in time to stuff stockings everywhere. The most notable achievement is a whopping 350 weapons, with new classes of “Shields” and “Gunslashes”—the latter consisting of bayonetstyle gun/sword combos—being the big draw. Players should be delighted by the online and offline derivations of the battle. Fight for your right to party.

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