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Rock dreams die hard in Anvil: The Story of Anvil



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Brandi Carlile abandons her demons on Give Up the Ghost

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October 5, 2009 music

more new music this week

Air Love 2

Backstreet Boys This Is Us

Built to Spill There Is No Enemy

A stra lw er k s


War n er

One can’t help but think that this French duo was born too late—imagine them soundtracking John Hughes in his prime. They certainly made the uneven The Virgin Suicides more evocative than it had any right to be, and crafted several sad headphones masterpieces afterwards. The fragile titles of their sixth album are quintessentially Air, from “So Light Is Her Footfall” to “Missing the Light of the Day.”

Although 2007 comeback album Unbreakable didn’t take, the Boys (men, too!) are back in town with the help of Lady GaGa production maestro RedOne. Thematically, the record showcases their ruminations on “fame at an early age” and the ebbs and flows that followed, which is at least more introspective than the last New Kids on the Block jam. “Straight Through My Heart” is vintage Backstreet, infectious and family-friendly.

Each of the Idaho indie champions’ last three full-lengths charted higher than their predecessors, a good omen on the eve of There Is No Enemy’s release. Founding member Doug Martsch is almost as enthusiastic about the new material as he is hoops, which explains why he dropped the album title in an interview about his favorite sport. Expect a tinge of reggae, but mostly “Built to Spill guitar songs.”

Brandi Carlile Give Up the Ghost

Fat Joe J.O.S.E. 2

The Gossip Music for Men



There are at least four bands that have titled a record Give Up the Ghost—not to mention an outfit who adopted the phrase outright as their moniker—but none are as poignant as BC. Her jams are all over Grey’s Anatomy, the perfect bridge to the big time, as GUTG was produced by Rick Rubin and features an Elton John collaboration, not to mention assists from Will Ferrell clone Chad Smith and Indigo gal Amy Ray.

Wonder what Fat Joe thinks of Se7en. This is basically the third in a series of envy records, following 1995’s sophomore effort Jealous One’s Envy and 2001’s platinum numero cuatro, Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E.). It’s always a good idea to sequelize your most popular jams (see: Nas, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre), and Joe brings out some heavy hitters to ensure heavy sales: Lil Wayne, Akon (as heard on first single “One”), Raekwon and Swizz Beatz.

cd $13.99

cd $9.99

cd $10.99

cd $11.99

cd $9.99

Arch Enemy, Root Of All Evil Luke Bryan, Doin' My Thing Rosanne Cash, The List Terri Clark, The Long Way Home Danny Diablo, International Hardcore Superstar Mike Doughty, Sad Man Happy Man Down With Webster, Time To Win Hirax, El Rostro De La Muerte Hockey, Mind Chaos Immortal, All Shall Fall Inhale Exhale, Bury Me Alive Jamie T, Kings & Queens Keith, Toby, American Ride Laswell, Greg, Covers Lucero, 1372 Overton Park Mario, D.N.A. Katharine McPhee, Unbroken Paradise Lost, Faith Divides Us… Death Unites Us Jemina Pearl, Break It Up Place To Bury Strangers, Exploding Head PXNDX, Poetics Rascal Flatts, Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Shafiq, En' A-Free-Ka Simple Minds, Graffiti Soul Strong Arm Steady, Stoney Jackson Tokio Hotel, Humanoid Widespread Panic, Monteal 1997 (3cd set)

C o lu m b i a

Frontwoman Beth Ditto recently called out “I Kissed a Girl” popstress Katy Perry for “riding on the backs of [gay] culture without having to pay any of the dues,” sparking Perry to note of Ditto’s signature earthquake vocals, “I’m not impressed.” Well, we are. The Olympia, WA trio has evolved steadily over their decade of existence, from bluesy garage punk to politicallycharged dance action, keeping the torch blazing in Kathleen Hanna’s absence.

the best new music, dvds and video games at Graywhale this week

coming next week Baroness, Blue Record Beaten Awake, ThunderStroke Carmen & The One Seven, C17 Del The Funky Homosapien & Tame One, Parallel Uni-Verses Destro, Harmony Of Discord Four Letter Lie, A New Day Golightly, Holly & The Brokeoffs, Devil Do Har Mar Superstar, Dark Touches Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Not So Silent Night Los Lonely Boys, 1969 Skeletonwitch, Breathing The Fire Steel Nation, Forever Wounded Summer Set, Love Like This

October 5, 2009 music


Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes

X360, PS3, PSP, PS2, Wii, DS, PC [LucasArts]

Noah & the Whale The First Days of Spring (indie deluxe version) C h erry T ree

As huge fans of writer-director Noah Baumbach and his long overdue breakout Squid and the Whale, we can’t help but back these Londoners. The punk-inspired monster folkers tweaked the designs a little on their second go-round, excising female vocals yet imbuing that much more feeling in this break-up concept album. The deluxe version of the record contains a 50-minute film, also titled The First Days of Spring.

The Raveonettes In and Out of Control V i ce R ec o rd s

By now you should know if the Raveonettes (all together one last time: rave + on + ettes) are your bag. If you like it noisy, sexy, effectsdoused and moody—and have worn out your Velvet Underground and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club vinyl— this Danish duo will always deliver. We like the ferocity of “Boys Who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed),” although the other titles bear their typical wonderful bluntness (“Suicide,” “Wine,” “D.R.U.G.S.”).

Modeled after the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated TV series, Republic Heroes spans 30 missions, allowing Star Wars acolytes to play as an awesome, lightsaber-wielding, droid-jacking Jedi or a grenade-throwing, laser rifle-toting roughneck Clone Soldier. Who will prevail? The Jedi and the Clones, or the Separatists and bounty hunter Cad Bane?

Saw X360, PS3, PC [Konami] From the folks who brought you Silent Hill and Castlevania, Saw is a nail-biting fight against Jigsaw in this horror actionadventure title. Essentially, in order to survive, you have to solve Jigsaw’s perverse puzzles and incessant yammering to escape from draconian torture devices and convoluted death machines. It’s death or life in Konami’s Saw.

NBA 2K10 X360, PS3, PSP, PS2, Wii, PC [2K Sports] Relient K Forget and Not Slow Down

Steel Panther Feel the Steel


re p u b l i c

Every time these NFL Hall of Fame City kids drop another album, the spelling Nazi within us rears her ugly head. But since we have Canton, OH roots, too, we always let them out of jail free. Not like Relient K haven’t earned a pass by now. Pop-punk production guru John Feldmann helped assemble this sixth full-length, with the intent of making it more organic, excising synths in favor of old-fashioned upbeat alt-rock.

cd $7.99

Yes, these L.A. glam satirists would like you to “feel the steel” in the most NSFW way possible. Formerly known as must-see weekend cover band Metal Skool (if your sensibilities aren’t too delicate, YouTube their “Sweet Child O’ Mine” duet with Kelly Clarkson), Steel Panther have graduated to originals, and if epic ballad “Community Property” is any indicator, this might rival Patton Oswalt for comedy album of the year.

You’ve Bryant-ed and LeBron-ed everyone on the physical court. Now it’s time to take your b-ball skills to virtual courts. Lace up your Nikes and see if you got what it takes. NBA 2K10 sports smoother gameplay elements, better graphics, killer moves and an unprecedented online mode. Holler!

also available this week Bayonetta x360, ps3 Alpha Protocol Ps3, X360 Demon Souls Ps3 Gran Turismo Psp Nba Live 10 Ps3, X360 Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising Ps3, X360 Spore Hero Wii

October 5, 2009 DVD s

Year One

dvd $17.99 blu $25.99 S o n y P i cture s

Few directors have a more accomplished comedy pedigree than Harold Ramis. From Caddyshack to Groundhog Day and Analyze This, Egon’s been bringing us the funny for nearly 30 years. Year One is no exception, odd-coupling Jack Black and Michael Cera as, respectively, a primitive hunter and gatherer who embark on an excellent adventure that spirals into a bogus journey. David Cross and Paul Rudd are among the top-notch cameos.

Bones: Season Four 2 0 t h C e n tury F ox

From her alluring turn in 500 Days of Summer to her engagement with Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard, Zooey Deschanel is officially ubiquitous. But older sis Emily isn’t exactly the Johnny Drama to her Vincent Chase. Now four seasons in, Bones is a gripping police procedural (focusing on forensic anthropology), in which ED’s title character deconstructs crimes with the help of FBI stud David Boreanaz (ex-Buffy).

perserverance pays Anvil! The Story of Anvil has inspiration to burn My Life in Ruins

dvd $19.99

2 0 t h C e n tury F ox

Being a tour guide is the worst—even Weird Al recently issued a video immortalizing the crushing monotony and painful canned gags. Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) plays that thankless role here, leading ungrateful tourists around Greece’s astonishing ruins. (See what the title did there?) Luckily, Richard Dreyfuss pays up one day and shows the mopey Vardalos how to have a good time… and fall in love in the process.

Not Quite Hollywood Mag n o l i a

The subtitle is The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation, and by that last term the filmmakers mean “Australian grindhouse,” more or less. That would explain Quentin Tarantino’s unmistakably enthusiastic presence in writer-director Mark Hartley’s paean to underground Aussie cinema unfairly excluded from the Land Down Under’s “official film history.” The one you’ve heard of is Mad Max, but learn about Alvin Purple, Razorback, Stork, Turkey Shoot and many more.


m e r i ca n I d o l , S o You T h i n k You Ca n Da n c e , To p C h e f —all these competitive reality shows have led the public to believe that if you have talent and a dream, you can surely find your way to fortune and glory with minimal roadblocks. Tsk, tsk. Anyone who saw Sacha Gervasi’s metal documentary Anvil! The Story of Anvil knows the ugly truth. Even if you have the chops, drive and high-powered connections, it’s still not enough. For this pioneering thrash band, there was only one Anvil: way they were going to make it: the very hard, very The Story long way. Singer-guitarist Steve “Lips” Kudlow and of Anvil drummer Robb Reiner have put everything they have VH1 Films into Anvil’s 30-year existence, and when their 13th album, This Is 13, reaches stereos, there’s going to be a lot of fans scrambling to catch up with this heavy metal powerhouse. These guys kick their own asses in order to get out there and kick everyone else’s.

the best new music, dvds and video games at Graywhale this week

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