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High School Life Comic

From Freshman year to Senior year, “high school has been pretty great!”

Chase Brice & Wayne Gallmaan

Ever wonder what happened to your high school’s favorite players? Where are they now?

Preparing for College

How can students best prepare for college in the 21st Century? Here are some tips!

The Student Debt Crisis

Student loans are an increasing problem.

Atlanta Celebrates Diversity

How does Atlanta celebrate its communities and what the the benefits of embracing them?

Gen Z: VSCO Girls

How will generation Z influence the future?

Maple and Pecan Macarons

These underrated flavors are here to inspire you!

Disney and Sony Part Ways

What’s next for the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Cover Photos by Grayson Tech Photography

Students; Nesir Byrd, James Crowe, and Keary Cuebas. Magazine Layout and Production by Grayson Tech Graphic Design Students.


| Grayson Gazette | 2020

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P7 Is On the Move HOPE Cultivating Hope Club P7 Uplift Producer Visits Grayson Tech Veterinary Science Surgical Suite Gen Z: Fashun Possibilities of Sound “Elden Ring” Development Humans Connected to the Internet Dangers of Siri


Highschool life has been pretty great!

highschool life by tania mccrary

Sure, the work has been a hassle...

and results have often been dissapointing...

but i’ve tried to keep a positive outlook!


Grayson Gazette | 2020 |


Highschool life has been pretty great!



natalie Hogan 9th

ever becerra 9th

paris 10th

11th rayana graham 10th

highschool life by tania mccrary

12th kayla bagwell 10th

nathanyel pluviose 12th

brandon bobb 9th

jalan mccaskill 12th

nina lewis 11th

cole maston 11th

jackson britt 11th

gideon johnston 11th

and results have often been dissapointing...



I’ve changed alot since freshman year... Sure, learned the work has been a hassle... alot too!

alex howell 12th

i’ve met so many great people through out the years. they’ve all had a huge impact on my life and i’m honored but i’ve tried to keep ato positive call outlook! them my friends. ethan jeffries 12th

gyzzelle guzman 10th


| Grayson Gazette | 2020

all these years has reaffected me in so many ways...and with this being my last year i can finally say...

i’m happy!

3 Artist Bio: Tania McCrary is an Archer High School Senior who attends the Graphic Design Program at Grayson Tech in the afternoons. Following graduation she plans to study art and design at a university. She is most well known for her retro pop-culture style that is brought to life with exaggerated expressions and bright colors. Grayson Grayson Gazette |Gazette January| 2020 |



Hope Cultivating Hope BY AUTUMN MITCHOM

The Hispanic Organization Promoting Education (HoPe) is a zero profit organization that exists for the betterment of high school students. The Start of HoPe

Within the last few years, Grayson High School had a shortage of cultural clubs to represent the minorities of the community; however as of late, a new club has been created to promote the education of minorities. The Hispanic Organization Promoting Education was created in 2011 by David Araya and Angela Hurtado. The first chapter was formed at their old high school, North Gwinnett, in order to aid Hispanics and other ethnicities in furthering and advocating for education. The Hispanic Organization Promoting Education is taking outstanding strides to cultivate knowledge and encourage culture.

Grayson’s HoPe Chapter

Grayson High School’s HoPe chapter has done multitudinous things to better the school and their community. The board of executives contains four girls and two sponsors. The president is Samantha Galue, a Venezuelan senior who dreams of becoming a Cosmetic Dermatologist. Vice President of Development is Abigail Silvera, a Uruguayan senior who dreams of becoming a

Business Consultant. Next, there is the Vice President of Communication Giovanna Ramirez, a Mexican and Dominican senior who dreams to be an environmental engineer. Lastly, Sabrina Garcia is the Vice President of Service, a Mexican and Venezuelan senior who wishes to be an architect. These girls have started off the 2019-2020 school year by elevating the community. For example, the officers have started a collection drive for the Bahamas after being impacted by hurricane Dorian. Additionally, they post motivational quotes and affirmations for members and those outside of the club in order to uplift those around them. These small acts of kindness and community involvement are what makes the HoPe club an amazing new addition to the Grayson cluster.

Learn More About HOPE: https://www.hopestrong.org

BREATH IT LIVE IT LOVE IT The Officer’s of HoPe at the Hope Youth Leadership Conference (HYLS). Photos & Design by Autumn Mitchom


| Grayson Gazette | 2020

Grayson Gazette | January 2020 |


By Ayanna Clayton

Lets talk about the exciting modern Bible study club! P7 invites younger and spiritually empowered teens to meet and talk about their views on the Bible. Come All Ye Faithful!!

What is P7? P7 is a nationwide after-school Bible study club that assembles once per week on every Tuesday after school from 2:15-3:30 in Mrs. Bailey’s classroom, 2.121. P7 stands for Project 7, the name P7 was derived from a P7’s core values that implies that the greatest project you could ever work on is within the seven years of secondary school— a project that leads to completion in Christ! The club is supervised by Mrs. Bailey, the Graphic Design teacher at Grayson High School’s Technical Education Program. The group’s purpose is to provide spiritual and emotional support for those looking to talk about the Bible. Mrs. Bailey shared that “it’s a place for students to peacefully come together, offer encouragement, and support, one another.” The after school club is lead by GHS Seniors Kayode Olaoye and Joel Suazo. The P7 club might not be recognized heavily, but they have a strong impact on those who are members. When asked “What do you love about leading the P7 Club?”, Kayode ( P7 Co-Leader) stated : “Knowing that I can serve God’s people weekly is a blessing.

I’m glad God gives me the strength to understand and address the problems students have.” Joel ( P7 Co-Leader) expressed “Just knowing the fact that I’m being used by God as an instrument to make a difference in people’s lives. In reality, it’s God’s club, not mine. When JoshuaClarke-White, a loyal member of P7 since 2017, was asked about what made P7 different from other clubs, he said “P7 has a distinct atmosphere that no other club can reciprocate or mimic in such a consistent fashion. We can’t change people’s hearts, but God can.” All are welcome!!

The group’s purpose is to provide spiritual and emotional support for those looking to talk about the Bible.

Learn More About P7: https://p7clubs.com Source: https://www.lifeway.com /en/articles/beginning-asmall-group-ministry

Photos by Wendy Van Zyl and PixaBay Grayson Gazette | 7 Design by Zayd| 2020 Barghouti

GHS UPLIFT By Marcus Sims

A sound falls silent on closed ears, but a voice raises up a common cause and is contagious to many souls. Represented by the emergence of a particular group, Grayson High School’s Uplift intensifies the voices of minorities and prioritizes the struggles of students in the community. This group started up late April 2019 to empower the many cultures amongst students in the Gwinnett community. This group has set goals to spread awareness, knowledge, promotion of inclusiveness, and a strong sense of leadership amongst youth for generations to follow. It is stressed that this group wants to give a voice that refuses to be silenced to the minorities residing in the community, they reside.

Setting The Record Straight

Co-president Mojolah wants to set the record straight and disperse negative stigmas about youths who are mistakenly viewed as being ignorant, crude, uncivil, and violent because of ethnicity. She states that “one of Uplift’s goals is to teach members and individuals how to go out in the world as leaders capable of things more than just said.” The intention is to build members into symbols of strength, intelligence, diligence, and hope to others. Uplift supports the concept after making a successful stand at Grayson’s Inside Scoop by having 100 students sign up to become members. Grayson’s Inside Scoop is a school club recruiting fair in which club officers of various school clubs each give a 1-minute speech to an audience of potential members. Students view informational booths to help them make a decision which clubs to join. Uplift not only prioritizes the education of Grayson students, they offer tutoring to students at other schools within Gwinnett. Uplift plans on having Seminars soon to prep students on college and career readiness. Services Uplift provides are not limited to club meetings; the members strongly encourage students to get in contact with them for advice, counseling, or help whenever they need it.

“seeing people outside of color and seeing the vivid colors of one’s culture is beautiful and ideal to a better world.” 8

| Grayson Gazette | 2020

Photo by Kesha Uweri

The Role Of Leadership

Kamahl Grant, a heavily involved member, emphasizes the importance of the members being leaders and states that “most members are seniors; since they are about to graduate, it is vital that we teach our undergraduate members to take responsibility and initiative for minorities and keep Uplift alive even after the current freshman class graduates.” Initiative is the power to act or take charge before others do, and it is Uplift plans to execute that power. One of the local charities sponsored by the club is to assist local kitchens through food drives in the community. In Uplift, it is coherent that one’s social standing in society is irrelevant, but minorities are naturally at a disadvantage plagued by unfathomable struggles. Uplift is here to spread awareness about the struggles minority youths are experiencing.

Uplift Is For Everyone

Although the group has been a success ever since coming on the scene, there’s still a need for more people to join and contribute. Another well-known senior, Bercy Musonera, exclaimed Uplift will take anyone regardless of ethnicity, race, class or religion. Although the betterment of minorities is the primary focus of Uplift, anyone with a sense of culture and something to bring to the table are always welcome. He said, “seeing people outside of color and seeing the vivid colors of one’s culture is beautiful and ideal to a better world.”

Tech Corner is Open for Business

In September 2019, Tech Corner opened its doors again for the 2nd year in business with a new look. To show our appreciation to our loyal customers, we broadened our merchandise with new drinks, snacks, and apparel. We also feature products and services from our small business owners who are enrolled in the Entrepreneurship Program. Stop by to see what's new, and we'll be happy to serve you! ~ Tech Corner “Where GT Gathers�

Grayson Gazette | 2020 |


ChaseandBrice Wayne Gallman Where are they now? By: Anna Butler

Ever wonder what happened to your high school’s football players? Did they go on to play college football? The NFL? Well, I’ve got just the information you want. Chase Brice and Wayne Gallman, graduates of Grayson High School: Where are they now?

Grayson High School Football is ranked #95 in national rankings, #8 in the state, and #6 in class. Grayson Football is more closely related to Clemson Football than you would think. Grayson’s last head coach, Mickey Conn, coach from 2000-2015, is now an assistant coach for the Tigers. Conn is also Chase Brice’s uncle. Other than Brice and Gallman, there are other football players who also attended Clemson University. For example, Nick Schuessler played as a quarterback at Clemson and Ryan Carter played as a cornerback.

Wayne Gallman

Before going to Clemson, Gallman was ranked #217 player in the nation and #18 running back in the nation. As a senior, Wayne had 516 rushing yards and 8 touchdowns in all. After Grayson, Gallman also attended Clemson University. His career start was 53 yards on 13 carries and three receptions for 21 yards against NC state in 2014. Wayne was named ACC Rookie-Of-TheWeek and team offensive player-of-the-game when he played against Syracuse in 2014. In 2015, Gallman was given another offensive player-of-the-game award for his performance at the Louisville game where he rushed 24 times for 139 yards. He exceeded mark with 187yard execution in the ACC Championship Game against North Carolina. Also, he had 150 rushing yards and two touchdowns at the Orange Bowl against Oklahoma. Gallman finished his Clemson years as fifth in rushing yards and third in rushing touchdowns in Clemson history. Wayne Gallman graduated from Clemson in 2017 and continued his football career afterwards. Gallman was drafted for the NFL in the fourth round of drafting in 2017 by the New York Giants. Starting In Saquon Barkley’s place as running back,Wayne rushed 63 yards 2020 10 | Grayson Gazette | January 2020

and one touchdown on 18 carries and also added 55 years receiving with another TD. The Giants beat the Washington Redskins by 24-3. As a current roster member and running back for the NY Giants, Wayne has made two touchdowns, 107 yards, and 27 yards per passing attempt (ATT) in 2019 season. What will he accomplish next? Will he make big moves after the 2019 season?

Chase Brice

Chase Brice, currently a quarterback at Clemson University, graduated from Grayson High School in 2017. He led the Rams to their state championship with a 40-7 score in 2016. Also, he led his team to the 2016 AAAAAA state title 14-1. So what about after Grayson? What exactly has he accomplished since leaving his home and school in Grayson? Since graduating, Chase has been a quarterback for the Tigers and has been very successful in his football career. Brice stood in for quarterback Trevor Lawrence when he was injured at the Syracuse game in 2018. He made 7-13 passes for 83 yards as well as helping a 13 play 94 yard game. Chase earned an ACC Honor Roll Selection after the Championship game against Alabama in 2018. He had a touchdown and 5-7 passes for 53 yards against Georgia Tech this year (2019). Chase entered this year with 31-52 career passes for 442 yards, five touchdowns, three interceptions, and over 174 snaps for 12 games. He was considered Clemson’s “hero” in the 2018 championship. Chase Brice is a senior now and playing his last year for Clemson Football. Where will he take his career next?

Grayson High School Football is ranked #95 in national rankings, #8 in the state, and #6 in class.


Overall, Chase Brice and Wayne Gallman had successful careers at Grayson High School and as football players. As a quarterback and a running back, both Brice and Gallman moved on to play football for Clemson University. Chase Brice, now a senior at Clemson, will play with his team this 2019 season and Wayne Gallman, now playing football with the NFL player for the New York Giants will continue in his career with football. We are grateful to both athletes for making Grayson and Gwinnett proud! Illustrations & Design by Anna Butler

Grayson Gazette | 2020 |


Preparing for College in the 21st century! By: An’Zanay Allen

Preparing for college has changed over the past couple of years. Here are some tips on what needs to be on your college application and how to apply for different financial aid programs to help pay for college. Types of Applications

The most important part of applying is knowing what application type you are going to use to apply for college. There are five different application processes you can use to apply to college. Early action is NONBINDING therefore you can apply to multiple schools and are not legally required to attend any of them. The application is due in the fall and decisions are sent out in November or December. Early Decision 1 and 2 are BINDING; therefore, you can only apply to ONE school and legally have to go there. The difference between 1 and 2 is that the application of Early Decision 1 is due in the fall and decisions are sent out in November or December. Whereas, Early Decision 2 is usually due in January and decisions are sent out in February. Regular Decision applications are also NON-BINDING, and the 12

| Grayson Gazette | 2020

application is usually due in January, and decisions are sent out in February. Rolling Admission is a special type of process where colleges accept applications as they get them. There are usually no deadlines because the process continues until the institution fills up its class.

Application Tips

When applying to colleges, many things have to be completed that go on your college application. Most colleges have specific SAT and ACT score they use as a requirement. To get the score you want, prepare to start taking the tests around 11th grade. Even though the SAT and ACT can be taken an unlimited amount of times, DO NOT take your SAT/ACT more than three-four times. After that scores become repetitive, colleges do not want to see too many attempts with no clear improvements.

Many college applications ask for a recommendation which comes from specific people you ask. Once you email your teacher asking for one and they respond, give them at least 3-4 weeks before the official due date because it takes time to make a recommendation. Whenever you are given the option to waive your right to see the recommendation, you should waive it because the letter will look more honest and will hold more weight if the college knows that the student didn’t have access to seeing it.

scholarships that you apply on your own through different search engines and companies. Some good scholarship search engines are: ● Zinch.com ● Fastweb.com ● ScholarshipPoints.com For more information, here are some websites to

✽ consult:

For more information, here are some websites to


https://www.usnews.com/education/best-colleges/articles/ college-application-process


✽ consult:


Paying for College

It is required to apply for Financial Aid at all colleges. Every college uses The FAFSA and private colleges use the CSS profile. If you are not eligible to receive money from those programs, loans can be used for both parents and students. FAFSA is a free application form students submit to apply for federal financial aid. It is required for all students seeking federal student grants, work-study programs, and loans. CSS is an additional financial aid application used by private colleges to award their financial aid funds. The difference between the cost of attendance and the expected family contribution for each college is demonstrated need. Some colleges commit to meeting demonstrated need through financial aid. Another form of financial aid is loans. Parent loans are money that is borrowed in the parents’ name to pay for their child’s college. Parent loans need to be paid back with interest. A student loan is money that a student borrows to pay for school. Student loans are offered by the federal government, private lenders, or the school directly. Student loans must also be repaid with interest.

The difference between the cost of attendance and the expected family contribution for each college is demonstrated need. And some colleges commit to meeting demonstrated need through financial aid.


After FAFSA/ CSS is completed and received, most times it will not cover all of the tuition from the school. Therefore, applying for scholarships is the next best option. There are two types of scholarships inside and outside scholarships. Inside scholarships are scholarships that each university/ college offers that will automatically apply to your financial aid if you qualify. Outside scholarships are

Photos by Lydia Cadiz and Pexels.com Design by Michel Begne

Grayson Gazette | 2020 |


The Student Debt C risis over

By: Mahari Muhammad

T r i l l io n d o l la r s wo r th of stu den t loa n de b ts

Debt Crisis

The nation has been dealing with this crisis for years and there’s seemingly no end in sight. It's only right to warn future undergraduates of the problems within the system and how one will end up paying off their student debts well into their 50s if they’re not careful. This article will shed light on the crisis on hand as well as the companies that has helped the problem to grow.

Student Loan

Depending on where you live… You could be arrested and jailed for outstanding student loans! This is especially startling because “as of 2019, there is over 1.52 Trillion dollars worth of student loan debts in the U.S” as stated 14

| Grayson Gazette | 2020

by Natalie Issa of credit.com. Yet another drastic move by The U.S government that has the potential of disrupting the lives of millions of people. How long has this been happening and what can be done? We are considered the greatest country on Earth; however, we are horribly lacking in offering available and affordable education. Many other less developed and financially struggling countries offer free education for its citizens. This ensures well-educated and developed constituents. When their citizens are able to work, the income that is made can assure a decent and comfortable standard of living. The American education system is grossly overcharging it’s current and potential students for higher learning.

who choose to attend the college, both the school and the government make going to school like being in a life or death situation which is what many students have to consider.

Plauge of Debt

Cost of College

“Since the 1971 college tuition fees have increased exponentially by 145%” stated Issa, which means that many families practically have to take out loans if their child wants to go to school. Today, many families have to rely on scholarships and grants that don’t usually cover all the expenses of college; it can be a bit frustrating and difficult to get the money they need.“Back in 1971, the average cost for 4-year university’s tuition, fees, room, and board would come out to about $8,730 in today’s currency,” says Issa but today, the average college tuition in 2019 is about $21,629 at an out-of-state school says Powell from U.S. News. But even with tuition costs rising many high school seniors are choosing to go to college and get degrees.

Government Impacts

It’s not only the rising tuition that’s worsening the problem, but the people responsible for handling to matter itself. “In 2010 Barack Obama took the banks out of the equation when it came to students paying off debts and made it so students borrowed directly from the government, which meant that the Department of Education was responsible for the debts,” says Minhaj. The DOE isn’t a bank, so they outsourced to loan servicers like Navient who was suppose to help students make payments, collect said monies, as well as tell students different repayment methods. But they didn’t do one of those things often misleading many borrowers, overcharging, and taking advantage of customer’s lack of knowledge making them pay more. It’s not only colleges that are hurting incoming students but the government as well by ignoring the crisis and even making it worse for students trying to simply pay back what they owe.

To sum up, student loans are a very real problem that has been plaguing millions of Americans for years. Between rising tuition costs, untrustworthy loan services, and the Government’s lack of interest in human capital, student debt will be around for a long time. There are ways to avoid student loan debt. Getting scholarships and grants to pay university costs can lower the chances of having to get a loan. In addition, many presidential candidates are coming up with ways for students to avoid the loan process completely. Bernie Sanders, for instance, supports free college as well as canceling all student loans. While student loans are a problematic thought for many high school seniors, there are ways to get around the debt and there are people who are trying to make getting a higher education more feasible for soon to be undergraduates.

"today the average college tuition in 2019 is about $21,629 at an out-of-state school.”

College Demands

The ever-inflating economy demands that the American citizens who occupy higher learning institutions pay more for the cost of room, board, taxes, professor salary, and overall institutional cost. Without doing so, there would be a decline in educational quality, and quality of teachers. Instead of making it easier for the students

Photos by Jacqueline Ramirez Design by Kamron Carter

Grayson Gazette | 2020 |


Grammy-Nominated Entertainment Producer Impacts Students By Kennedy Latney Damon Thomas, an American music producer and songwriter, shares pieces of his career successes and musical sense with aspiring students.

On October 23, 2019, the Grayson Tech Music Technology class had the unique opportunity to meet the Grammynominated producer, Damon Thomas. Andre Deramus, the Music Technology instructor at Grayson Tech, invited him to share his experience in the music industry and the contributions he has made to it for the past three decades. Damon Thomas has constantly made his mark in the industry, making him a very well- known producer. He has been part of many movie music productions such as Dream Girls, Shrek 3, and Kung Fu Panda. He has also worked with many award-winning artists including Chris Brown, Justin Beiber, and Pink. He explains the vigorous work that goes into songwriting stating that the average song,” can take hours to write.” One of the many points he emphasizes during the interview portion of the visit is the major difference between how money is made producing music for movies and radio/streamed music.

He shares that in the movie industry, “there is a lot more money to be made due to the multiple opportunities it can bring. The more consistent the movies are, the more money one can make.” Damon Thomas made a huge impression on the young aspiring artists, producers, and songwriters as he openly engaged in the group discussion session. He was very open to the thoughtprovoking questions the students had to ask, and he was effortlessly honest in every answer. Grayson Tech Music Technology students were enthusiastic about the rare chance to get feedback and insight from one of the top producers in the music industry. His visit did not stop there! Later in the visit, Thomas gave a once in a lifetime experience to the students. He accompanied the students in their studio rooms and allowed them to showcase their individual talents. The Grayson Tech Music Technology class is filled with many talented students who have been waiting for a chance like this to come by. He keenly listened as singers, rappers, and producers displayed their musical capabilities. The students found his interest in their work to be genuine, and Thomas showed much admiration for the musical skills the young students brought to the table.

Photos by Pablo Lopez


| Grayson Gazette | 2020

Woof! Woof!

By Leida Parker & Dezire Proctor

We need doctors too!

Anyone who has a sick pet knows the validity of Veterinary Science. Veterinarians play a critical role in environmental protection, research, food safety, and public health. A partnership with Grayson Technical Education and Gwinnett Tech Veterinary Technology programs is making it all possible. Veterinary science may seem like a stressful job. In some cases, people say it is not as important as human medical science. According to Jennifer Allen, the Veterinary Science teacher at Grayson Tech, “Veterinary students learn about breeds, anatomy, biomechanics, and nutrition, health and behavior management, and animal housing.” It would appear that the only stress involved is curing animals of diseases and doing everything possible to prevent and protect death. The Veterinary Surgical Suite at Grayson Tech is the only one that exists in a high school in the state of Georgia. On Wednesdays, veterinarian Michelle Goodnight, performs surgeries that are routine electives — a spay, neuter and mass removals, and Gwinnett Tech Vet students gain the industry-required experience in an animal surgical unit. As a result, they will become credentialed Veterinary technicians that assist veterinarians by providing anything from an initial exam of a patient to administering vaccines or anesthesia and preparing for surgery. In the meantime, Grayson Tech high school juniors and seniors Veterinary Science students can observe surgeries, take charge of record- keeping, and monitor vital signs of animals. Allen anticipated introducing her students to preforming lab work to check for internal pesticides and in-house blood work. “It’s going to go above and beyond just surgery,” Allen said. The 52 students enrolled in Grayson Tech’s veterinary science program will rotate in small groups of approximately four students per week observing surgeries. Some of the first Grayson students that observe elective procedures have already completed 15-week internships at local practices. Future students in the veterinary science program at Grayson Tech will receive hands-on experience from the surgical suite prior to their internships. With the hard work of Grayson Techs Surgical Suite and other local animal facilities, pet owners can rest assure that Veterinary Science is being taken seriously in Gwinnett County, and the welfare of every species of animals matters to those who choose to take the rigorous path of providing not only routine, but preventative and operative care.

Photos by Pablo Lopez

Grayson Gazette | 2020 |



Celebrates Diversity By: Cameron Glasscho It would appear that the variety of people, worn on Atlanta’s sleeve, are just as essential to the city, or vastly more so, than the newer developments sprawling from its center and up the Beltline. Still, how does Atlanta celebrate its communities, and what are the benefits of embracing them for both people of those cultures and others alike? Atlanta has a wealth of diversity and wears it proudly in the form of different restaurants and art galleries as well as the city’s distinct areas and neighborhoods. The vivid tableau of different people is what made me feel safe when I was young, a strange thing that little pieces of other people’s homes have been placed in the puzzle-like city that I call my home as well. It’s one thing that makes me feel content to stay here for a while as my future is fast approaching. Diversity is a founding element and the skeleton of Atlanta is responsible for its rich art and history, which is celebrated in more ways than one. Atlanta is not lacking festivals, especially on Labor Day weekend. Our city recently held its first annual Korean Barbecue Festival, organized by Kara Se USA, an organization dedicated to the spread of Korean food. Hundreds of people gathered at the event for the same purpose: to share food and by extension share a culture. As we erred about Blackburn park, my group was engaged in an important conversation that is typically sparked when engaging in another culture: how we’ve experienced pieces of it on our own, the importance of awareness, and how pertinent it is to listen when an experience is offered to you. Amongst a few vendors 18

| Grayson Gazette | 2020

serving Korean food, both traditional and Americanized, they were also had a lineup of musicians and a DJ in between performances playing the biggest Korean hits. By doing so, they were promoting not only the spread of food, but acknowledging the cultural ties between music, language, and food. Many people were invited on stage while others chose to stay on the lawn as they danced along with flawlessly memorized choreography. Although we stood in line, my friend did the moves shyly to herself, subdued, but immaculate. I found myself admiring that so many people had come, not expecting a concert, but had found themselves performing dances they’d preserved so perfectly in the back of their minds for music in a language most of them did not speak. We did discuss the fears we had, bracing for any people who might wish to boil the event down into a Kpop festival, but this didn’t seem to feel out of sorts; it was appropriate to play Korean music at a festival dedicated to Korean food. The artist in the lineup, at our time of attendance, was Hyunmo Jeong, who began his set by performing a Stevie Wonder song in his powerful, yet gentle voice. When he was done, the people who had congregated on the lawn, bearing the heat for him, roared in applause. He apologized for his English, although it was perfect,

and the audience cheered louder in acknowledgment of the fact. After all, the second most useful non-English language in the state of Georgia is Korean, yet had most of us bothered to learn it? The Korean Barbeque festival is not the only festival in Atlanta dedicated to the spread of culture. JapanFest and the Greek festival are major annual festivals in Atlanta dedicated to cultural appreciation. These are highly revered and highly attended. Japan fest, for one, is organized to promote travel in Japan and showcases traditional song, dance, and art. By having large numbers of attendees, it reveals the high level of interest and prospect that this form of education possesses. It proves beneficial to both sides through a display of appreciation, love, and companionship. With current tensions rising in our political climate, we should exert the effort to understand one another, and what better way to do so but with light-hearted fun and celebration. It serves as an easy transition into understanding others and hopefully change. Atlanta’s celebration of culture doesn’t end there. There are still multitudes of activities available that open up Atlanta’s populace to one another. For instance, Fernbank Museum hosts an occasional “Latin night” that opens up lessons relating to traditional Latinx dances. Apart from events and celebrations, there are multiple ways to get involved in your community. Engaging in different forms of media, art, literature, clubs, and food are all ways of engaging, embracing, and appreciating an unfamiliar culture. Our schools alone have a multitude of clubs available, such as the Global Diversity club, International club, HOPE, and foreign language clubs. With the amount of space that simple exploration provides, there is no room for ignorance. There is no doubt that Atlanta does an excellent job of promoting cultural exposure. The environment is lighthearted, open, and most importantly: consensual. Often in Museums and academia, things are stolen: objects, people, and history. Even in the media, niceties are not always respected and details are held awkwardly in mouths with tongues unaccustomed to the relevant culture’s flavors. In festivals headed by people of that culture, you get to listen. In stories created by people of that culture, you get to listen. One receives information in the least invasive way possible by people who understand the nuance and have grown up in their truth. Most importantly, this is done out of pure love for their own culture that they are more than happy to share. That’s what makes diversity in Atlanta so beautiful. Photos by James Crowe, Meredith Stoner, and Tim Mossholder

GraysonGrayson Gazette Gazette | January| 2020 2020 || 19 19


Illustration & Design by Michaela Henry

By Ryan Jones Ty Freeman & Kevin Greenhaw

Pair of Vans, Scrunchie, Kanken backpack, and Hydroflask


| Grayson Gazette | 2020

GEN Z VSCO GIRLS A new Internet trend is sweeping the nation. VSCO is a Internet attention– seeking movement that is affecting more and more female teens’ sense of styles. VSCO girls are a new branch of Generation Zs who emulate the photo-sharing app called VSCO. It shares a lot of similarities with the app pinterest, but the question is, how did VSCO create this atrocity? Does VSCO approve of the trend that the teens have started? The short answer, as stated from New York Times, fortunately, is no. “VSCO, for its part, mostly eschews influencers.” Take a look at the facts about this hot new trend. One may wonder, what exactly is a VSCO girl? Kalhan Rosenblatt at NBC News describes the VSCO girl as “the latest teen iteration of ‘preppy’ style with a casual beach-inspired flair.” In short, a VSCO girl is the latest and greatest trend that is more of a persona than an actual lifestyle, making it contrast from other trends such as silly bands. Becky Hughes of New York Times states that ”the VSCO-girl “lifestyle” is less about the app itself than accouterments like Crocs (decorated with charms); handmade Pura Vida bracelets; the aforementioned Hydro Flasks(covered in stickers); Fjällräven Kånken backpacks; Burt’s Bees and Carmex lip balms; Vans sneakers; and Mario Badescu facial spray.”A great word to describe the trend would be fashion. In conclusion, the term vsco girl embodies the latest trend in fashion for young Gen Z females. Does VSCO take ownership for what it has created? ”Because the app, which has 20 million weekly active users, doesn’t reward particular kinds of posting behavior, it won’t take credit for the spread of the VSCO-girl aesthetic. “It’s actually teenage girls starting it,” said Julie Inouye, a VSCO spokeswoman, in a phone interview. So VSCO is providing the platform, and leaving it up to teenage girls to do their thing. “They started to tie in these things that they own. But other companies are happy to lay claim to — and capitalize on — the phenomenon” – New York Times. Vsco doesn’t take credit for creating the VSCO girl, but other companies are starting to take the credit and using it as a marketing strategy.

Since VSCO does not endorse its Internet trend, who does? What is keeping the VSCO girl trend alive? What companies are taking advantage of this trend? In economics, following trends is an easy way to get cash. This is the case for many companies with the new Gen Z trend. New York Times states,”Vanessa Skaggs, who works in Pura Vida’s marketing department, said that the photo (a Hydro Flask covered in save-the-turtle stickers) had six times as much engagement as the company’s average post” Many companies, Pura Vida being an example, uses the trend which is taking the Internet by storm for company growth. Who can blame them? Most companies see huge dividends for following trends. A similar example would be when Disney bought Star Wars because it had a high following. As one might guess, the VSCO trend is very popular on social media platforms, but not the platforms. NYT states, “There are more than 422.4 million videos tagged #vscogirl on TikTok, most of them parodies.” That’s right, TikTok is the motor for the VSCO girl growth. VSCO isn’t really that popular of a platform. VSCO gets most of its “clout” from the comedic/ expressive platform TikTok. Despite all of its prevalence and popularity, if one were to dig deeper, the true nature of the VSCO girl is that she is a character on social media. VSCO does not boast its VSCO girl phenomenon to the public. In short,while real VSCO girls do exist, the VSCO girl is a broader term similar to the means of Internet phases like silly bands, Pokemon Go, and more recently, Eboys/Egirls. Eventually, the “save the turtles” trend will end but VSCO hopes that this Gen Z trend does, in some weird way, build its social media reputation.

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GENER FAS This article is a summary of the popular fashion trends of Generation Z. It discusses the past styles and ideas that have shaped this generation’s fashion sense as well as the current influences and phenomenons that young adults are gravitating towards from a new perspective that will make students connect the way they dress to sources never considered GenerG before.

It’s not just clothes. Its fashion, and it’s one of the most popular outlets for GenZ-ers to express their thoughts and emotions in a unique way. In a world where mega-stars push certain shoes, brands, and fabrics toward us, teenagers and young adults are breaking away to define their own fashion by looking at old and new sources for inspiration. With social media being the most popular way to share pictures, information, news, and much more, these stars, or influencers, have found a way to reach out directly to their fans and interact with them more than they ever could before. It’s not just from high-end fashion brands, influencers have used their power to help bring brands back from the dead, along with the act of thrift shopping. Macklemore tried his best, but it wasn’t on a major incline until the surge celebrities resorted back to them for vintage finds. The saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” There is no denying this in the world of thrift shopping. Often referred to as vintage, the styles have resurfaced on multiple fashion platforms, and Millennials have meshed these “antiquated” articles of clothing with their individual modernistic flairs by stepping out of the box of predictable contemporary fashion and bringing back articles such as overalls, baggy jeans, and Birkenstocks. The goal is to keep the look minimalist, but also add an “it” factor to help


By: Michael Obi, Kamahl Grant, & Ashley Nation

stand out from the crowd. That “it” Factor is why vintage clothing and thrift shopping is so sought out. They are pieces that are unique to certain areas that can’t be replicated. Rather than the name of the brand giving the clothes value, it’s the design and exclusivity that sets it apart. Additionally, fashion today is heavily influenced by street wear, a fashion movement heavily influenced by skating, hip-hop, and basketball. The blend of street wear into high fashion began in the 90s when skaters began mixing common brands like Carhatt and Levi with brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. This showed that consumers were willing to buy high end brands, and this phenomenon has only increased since then as a result of celebrities who Gen Z’s follow. The brands that they wear, influence a new wave of fashion from designer and casual wear, to loafers and Jordans. Essentially, Generation Z’s fashion is characterized by unpredictability. Many people who like certain brands may also like clothes on the completely opposite spectrum, and they will often mix them in the most bizarre ways through the new desire for vintage styles and thrifting. There will always be mass followers of popular trends from celebrities, but Generation Z hasn’t gradually gone down one fork in the road. They’ve chosen both.

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Maple and Pecan Macarons By Tiffany Le

By Vy Tran

Winter has officially arrived making it the perfect time for winter-inspired goodies! The spices and flavors of pumpkin and cinnamon are stacked on shelves everywhere; however, maple and pecan are ready to sweep it right off! These underrated flavors are here to inspire you to skip out on the pumpkin pie and try something new! Maple and Pecan macarons are in and pumpkin spice everything is out! We are excited to show you this amazing recipe that will expand your love for winter even more!

Winter has officially arrived which means pumpkin and cinnamon spices are making their way off of menus. Maple and pecan are both flavors unfamiliar to some; however, with this recipe, it is ready to take over pumpkin and cinnamon, and declare its victory as one of the winter flavors! These macarons are perfect mini desserts for having as the season is changing. They’re healthy and packed with scrumptious winter flavors! The Maple and Pecan Macarons are healthier than your French macarons. Substitution of white processed sugar for organic raw cane sugar is an excellent replacement. White sugar is known to be very unhealthy. Some side effects would include: tooth decay, diabetes, and could eventually disrupt your immune system! For this recipe, we decreased the amount of sugar added as well as used cane sugar to avoid any of these harmful reactions. The buttercream recipe uses margarine instead of butter. This is because most margarines contain little or none at all cholesterol, whereas butter contains a significant amount

of cholesterol. The recipe calls for vanilla bean instead of vanilla extract due to the amount of harmful ingredients used to make vanilla extract. It includes many sugars, artificial colors and alcohol. This recipe will not only ensure you that you are using a healthier alternative, but it will also taste as delicious as a regular macaron. Winter flavors are something other than your typical pumpkin and cinnamon spices! The addition of it in the macarons by coating them around the buttercream will provide a crunchy and salty aspect of this macaron to get both sweet and salty flavors! Maple and Pecan macarons are perfect for winter since it’s healthier than the original typical sugary macaron, and its flavors intertwine well with the season. Since macarons are known for being extremely sweet with powdered sugar, the addition of pecans to the maple flavored macarons add a twist of vanilla bean, makes the mix a perfect bite-sized goodness. Illustration & Design by Cameron Glasscho

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Ingredients Cookie 100g of confectioners’ sugar 50g of almond flour 50g of egg whites (room temperature) tsp. Cream of Tartar (Optional) A pinch of salt 50g of granulated sugar ½ seeds of Vanilla bean ¼ Maple extract 1 cup of smashed pecans

Instructions 1. Sift the confectioners’ sugar

9. Preheat the oven to 300°F

and almond flour in a bowl.

10. Let the macarons cook for

2. In a separate bowl, beat the

egg whites until frothy, then add in the Cream of Tartar and salt. Adding Cream of Tartar will help beat the egg whites better.

sugar, beat until stiff peaks. To ensure the peaks are stiff, flip the bowl upside down and nothing should drip or fall out.

and Maple extract. Mix in any desired food coloring or gel.

12. For the buttercream,

5. Little by little, add in almond

flour mixture to the beaten egg whites and use a spatula to gently fold in the dry mixture. This part is very crucial to how the macarons will form and turn out. Make sure you are folding the batter and not mixing it. The batter should fall slow like magma. Over mixing or under mixing can cause many problems to the outcome of the macarons.

6. Transfer the batter into a

Buttercream 1 stick of butter (Margarine) 1 teaspoon of Vanilla extract 4-5 cups of confectioners’ sugar tablespoons of milk (if needed)

piping bag with a round tip. Pipe out 1-1 ½ inch circles on parchment paper or a silicone mat.

take a large bowl and beat in the butter with a mixer. It should have a fluffy and smooth consistency. Add in the confectioners’ sugar in small intervals to avoid having the sugar explode out everywhere. Add in the vanilla extract and desired food coloring or gel. If your buttercream is too runny, it is best to add a small amount of sugar until it reaches the desired consistency. If your buttercream is too thick, add small amounts of milk to smooth it out.

13. Transfer the buttercream to

7. Tap the baking sheet on a flat surface to ensure there are no air bubbles in the macarons. 8. Let the macarons sit for at least 20 minutes or until they are dry to the touch.

11. Transfer your macarons to a

cool surface so they have time to cool down before adding the buttercream. (Rushing this process and not letting them cool down completely will cause the buttercream to melt and become runny.)

3. Slowly add in the granulated

4. Add in the Vanilla bean

Photos by Brooke Lark

15 minutes, they will be done when they lift off completely from the paper or mat.

a piping bag with your desired tip. Frost the buttercream onto a macaron shell, then sandwich it with another empty shell.

14. After completing the

macarons, sprinkle Pecans on the buttercream and enjoy!

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Possibilities of Sound By: Jayson Cuello

This article is about the basic principles, and feats, of sound, and how they could be applied to other forms of nature and technology. Though some principles may be listed, this can show many that anything could be possible with effort and/or creativity. For most people, sound is simply the mold that gives almost every living thing the sense of hearing. While this is true, sound also plays a vital role in society and life, giving itself a depth in its’ meaning. But, what if we were able to push the limits of the element, to the point where it can solely power the human race in every aspect? Why not imagine some modern revelations, and apply sound to their key functions. When it comes to travel, sound is one of the fastest elements known to man. According to many sources, especially Wikipedia, the speed of sound, if discounting temperature and density of the element it passes through, “is 331.2 metres per second (1,087 ft/s; 1,192 km/h; 741 mph; 644 kn).” If airplanes or the Internet functioned at the rate of sounds, goods and information would increase greatly. As for individual travel without vehicles, unfortunately, according to Quora, we can’t “because human muscles can’t contract that fast.” However, what if there was a device that could temporarily change the human body into wavelengths, and then travel great distances at light speed? Though it may seem harmless, sound is one of the most devastating forces on the planet, if utilized in specific ways, much like air. For example, explained by Reddit, when large amounts of air are condensed into a small space, the resulting energy output could have the potential to “burst any metal container, even solid Tungsten of arbitrary thickness.” So, if sound could be 26

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utilized in the same way as condensed air, then speaker volumes could reach city levels of power. Sound can also affect the human both in many ways “like a headache or temporary loss of balance.”(Should people worry about ultrasound causing bodily harm?, phys.org). Not only could sound be used for destruction, but also as a way to cripple enemies.

"Though sound could open up waves of possibilities of its own, the nature of sound itself could be taken far beyond its limits." Though sound could open up waves of possibilities of its own, the nature of sound itself could be taken far beyond its limits. Apparently, LiveScience states, it’s possible to “transmit sound pulses faster than c using little more than a plastic plumbing pipe and a computer’s sound card.”(c stands for the speed of light.). If this were true, then this could allow us to use multiple wavelengths of energy to increase the level of power they can produce. ”In air, molecules go 68 NM between collisions on average. The speed of sound is about 330 ms-1. Dividing gives 4.8 GHz. That’s the absolute limit though.”(Is there a maximum frequency sound that air can support? What happens beyond that point?, /r/AskScienceDiscussion). By that logic, if sound waves could reach beyond the maximum limit, then could it reach a point where the waves themselves become liberal, or solid. In the context of this discussion, sound is an element filled with possibilities for both itself and other aspects not related towards it. To us, it’s mostly a way for us to evolve our society and modern life. However, with these revelations, we can also determine that the future possibilities of our and other species depends on this and other planets. Photo by James Crowe Design by Kamron Carter

The “Elden Ring” Development

The “From Software” company has just announced a new game that they are in the process of developing.

By: Jonathan Shepard


eather Wald, a game and tech writer, revealed that it has been confirmed that the author of Game of Thrones, George R.R Martin, has been working with the Dark Souls and Bloodborne author, Hidetaka Miyazki, on a brand new game called Elden Ring. For this game, the back story or plot is said to revolve around Martin’s mythos to this dark fantasy RPG game. Apparently, the game will still retain challenging gameplays that are well-known features of other From Software such as Like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. Most likely, from a gamer’s perspective, this may be one of the hardest games that they will create.

Photos by Bandai Namco Entertainment Design by Kameron O’Rourke

Heavily armoured figure under a crimson sky Heather Wald goes on to explain that since George R.R Martin is well known for creating a bleak and brutal world with complex characters, this game will certainly dive right into a particular blend of fantasy. In the cinematic trailer, there are several scenes of a person being surrounded by multiple arms. The narrator speaks in an ominous and mysterious tone, briefing what has happened before the story even began. Certain scenes show other images such as a “heavily armoured figure under a crimson sky”.

Apparently this game has been in the works since 2017. It has been confirmed that Elden Ring is a third-person RPG action game. Since it is an open-world game, there would be countless treasures throughout the game. It is only a matter if the user can find them or not. It also contains the Character Customization feature which means that the user can change the looks of a character to his or her liking. There are different types of weapons and other equipment to support a character’s quest. The added features are meant to make

the game even more amusing because it’s YOU who makes the choices not the other way around, and that is another reason why the consumer should be excited for this game to come out. According to the president of From Software, Hidetaka Miyazki, this game will be without a doubt their biggest title. This game is probably going to be the most popular and best selling game that they have ever created. Get hyped because this will going to be incredible!

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Humans Connected to the Internet By Jace Adamski, Amber Armistead and Hannah Freeman

Renowned CEO of Tesla and founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk, unveils another revolutionary piece of technology, and this time it deals with the brain. Elon Musk’s newly founded company, Neuralink, aims to make a technology allowing the brain to interface with computers as a form of AI. This technology is designed to assist individuals with a communication barrier due to medical disabilities. Musk has stated that the procedure will be refined by 2020 and plans for normal people to receive the implant as well. In the future, the procedure for the implant would be conducted by a very precise robot and would cause little damage to the brain. Although Neuralink has the main goal of helping those with paralysis and soon being available to everyone, there is also an emerging concern about the potential harm of citizens that the invention could cause. For example, not only is the device prone to being hacked by hackers, but there is also concern that the surgery wouldn’t be 100% flawless due to programmers not having medical backgrounds. In addition, there is also the likelihood of the body rejecting the implant. All things considered, Elon Musk is a very innovative person with many companies and progressive views of an integrated computer-human society. His newest idea, being Neuralink, is a threaded and wireless device that would be implanted into the human brain in order to link thoughts to technology. The idea is enticing, and there


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“The 2020 timeline for these first implants does seem wildly optimistic, something not out of the ordinary for an organization headed by the famously ambitious Musk”

are many formidable things that he has to reconsider before he implements it on the market. “The 2020 timeline for these first implants does seem wildly optimistic, something not out of the ordinary for an organization headed by the famously ambitious Musk.” (Lavars). Musk intends to execute his plan by next year; so he has time to adjust any inadequacy before he plans to put it on the market.

Elon Musk unveiling Neuralink

Photos by Dmoberhaus and Jurvetson Design by Bryan Ramirez-Benitez

Dangers of Siri By: Joshwa Refec and Tyjaun Carver

Although smartphones help make our lives easier, there are fundamental flaws in the way data is handled in regards to voice recordings taken from Siri. Most Americans know Siri as the voice assistant on Apple Information obtained by Siri is sometimes given to smartphones. What most Americans do not know is that contractors to listen to conversations. Apparently, Apple Siri can “regularly hear confidential medical information, claims that the company “used contractors to listen to drug deals... (Wong). The information obtained by Siri a small portion of their Siri audio recordings.” If Apple is is often unintentionally picked up, and it is regularly able to send out private conversations to be listened to listened to by contractors by other groups of people, Raymond Wong states, “Siri uses a random this is a huge violation which is a violation of identifier — a long string of letters and numbers of consumer privacy. In privacy. Siri can sometimes associated with a single device — to keep addition, it appears that be triggered unintentionally track of data while it’s being processed.” This companies can easily and pick up conversations indicates that Siri listens out for ambiguous obtain information from that people don’t want their phrases in order to make sure that words can Siri and violate people’s phones to hear. Essentially, Siri can be triggered by be picked up in various accents and dialects. privacy. Companies should several phrases sounding take their users’ privacy similar to “Hey Siri,” meaning it can start listening to more seriously. Many other companies have had issues conversations at random. This is a massive violation of ensuring that their customers’ information wasn’t privacy for Apple consumers, and it is frightening that compromised by outside parties and hackers. It is our phones are always listening even when we did not important that companies like Apple make this matter request the Siri feature. high-priority to avoid future lawsuits. Photos by Pexels.com Design by Kayla Clergeau

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Disney and Sony By: Tyler Benjamin, Kwaku Takyi and Christian Linne Disney and Sony have recently parted ways with each other, which caused major backlash from their community. This major controversy has left many worrying about the future standing of the companies and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The dispute between Disney and Sony is a poor decision and can only lead to future turmoil. Disney and Sony’s split has caused many to worry about their future success and their well-known ability to make popular and high-quality movies. This split has even caught the eyes of other movie actors such as Jeremy Renner and Ryan Renolds, but more importantly, they left their entire fanbase devastated. It also puts the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a dreadful state, leaving it in the dust. Because of this decision, Disney and Sony will receive an unstable amount of hate, and it will leave them financially deprived. Disney should renew its contract with Sony because of the negative backlash they have received from fans and the questionable future of the Spider-Man franchise. Every recent Sony-Disney collaboration has brought in more income and received higher praise than any other recent Solo Sony film in the past four years since superhero films astronomically increased in popularity. On Box Office, Brad Brevet wrote, ” ’Avengers: Endgame’ Leads Record-Breaking April at the Domestic Box Office. Sony’s most recent solo Spider-Man film made 375 million dollars, whereas their most recent Sony-Disney collaboration made 1.1 billion dollars. Without each other, their ability to please their fans and to make revenue will soon diminish. Rotten Tomatoes, the most trusting movie rater company said, “though there are more 30

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characters and plot lines, and the action sequences still dazzle; Spider-Man 3 nonetheless isn’t quite as refined as the first two.” The Sony-made movie, Spider-Man 3, has not only received a sixty-three percent from the company themselves, but the fans gave it a fifty-one with over two million people voting. Disney and Sony have proven that they make movies much more enjoyable for their audiences and pull in more revenue when working together, as they should be. The recent courses of action have caused an uproar in the community including actors and fans. It has caused Actor Jeremy Renner, who plays Hawkeye, to post on Instagram, asking for Spider-Man to be returned to Marvel. Moreover, some have been using the hashtag #BoycottSony, saying they don’t want to watch films coming out this year from the studio because of the Spider-Man announcement. This also led Senior Media Analyst at ComScore to state, “The emotions are running very high, particularly with the fans, and words matter very much”. This discord means so much to so many of the fans that it led one fan, named Nate Phillips, to create a petition to bring Spiderman back into the MCU accumulating over 159,000 signatures. There are very few that agree with this decision, but the fans and actors being that they aren’t Directors or Producers can’t do much in this situation, but sit back, watch, and wait to see how


these decisions will affect the future of Spiderman and MCU Franchise. The backlash caused by the Disney and Sony split has affected the real world, but it is also affecting the actual Marvel Cinematic Universe. The split has caused a multitude of plot holes to form, leaving fans baffled and confused and rightfully so. In the most recent Spiderman film, one of the characters said to Spiderman, “I don’t think Tony [Iron Man] would’ve done what he did if he didn’t know you [Spider-Man] was gonna be here after he was gone.” (Spider-Man Far from Home). This is now leaving fans to believe that Iron Man wouldn’t have sacrificed himself in Avengers: End Game if he didn’t know that Spiderman was going to be there to protect what he now cannot. If Ironman didn’t sacrifice himself in End Game, the whole franchise would have taken a different turn completely, altering the entire storyline. Now that Spiderman will not be there once Ironman is Photos by Makenzie Kublin Illustration by Kampbell Tyler Design by Sierra Robison

gone, that leaves fans to also believe that Ironman’s sacrifice was in vain and did not need to happen. That is just one example of how Spiderman’s exit will destructively impact the MCU. The split between Sony and Disney can only hurt the two companies in the mere future with harsh backlash from the community and the inability to create their iconic and widely loved movies. It has been statistically proven that the two companies work better collaborating than otherwise, and their fans are dying to see more from them. Leaving a hungry fan base in the dust will cost them greatly financially, and it will shred both of their reputations. Disney and Sony are leaving behind beloved creation being the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the road will only become even bumpier in the future if this continues. Without the Disney-Sony partnership on Marvel Movies, the potential for future movies will collapse.

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