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All Things New Welcome to your New Season

It’s Spring Time Greetings to you all, WORDS OF LIFE PROJECT COORDINATOR Devin Gray DESIGN & BRAND Grayscale Marketing & Design EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Ashley Harris ART DIRECTOR Devin Gray EDITOR April Cheeck EDITOR Ashley Harris EDITOR Stephanie Holloman ASSOCIATE EDITOR Ajiri Eroraha SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER Devin Gray

There is one thing that I found consistent in life. That is that our life consists of seasons. Another truth here is that as sure as a season will come, a season will go. In our lives, as Children of God, we all go through seasons. Some are harder to endure than others. In my prayers, God was letting me know that so many were going through a season of hardship and suffering. It was then that God led me to speak on New Year’s Eve about the changing of seasons in the lives of His believers. Allow me to speak the same into your life. You may be experiencing a rough season in your life and it seems as though you can’t see your way out of it. Trust and believe in the Word of God which says that ‘All things work together for the good of those who Love God. And for those who are called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28) You’re season that you are in is merely working a greater purpose in you. The purpose of summer and fall is to stiffen the trees foundation and the ground so that when the winter season comes, and the snow falls, that tree will not bend, break or fall; rather that tree will stand strong. If you are in a season of trouble right now, remember to strengthen your foundation in the word of God, and continue to be rooted and grounded; because just as sure as winter comes, Spring is around the corner. Welcome to your new Season.



Season of Change

On New Years Eve, New Life was ushered into the New Year and into their New Season.

Orphanages & Foster Homes

God never meant for us to live this life alone. He said he would come.

manifest destiny


An in depth interview with Stephen Chandler, Pastor of Destiny Harvest Church in Baltimore.


In a new segment for leaders, Ashley gives revelation on strength.


MAGAZINE CONSULTANTS Chinetha Gaither / Jackie Moore

Archie Harris,


Pastor of New Life Christian Center

PASTORS Archie & Audrey Harris CONTRIBUTORS Stephanie Holloman, Ashley Harris, April Cheeck, Devin Gray, Ajiri E

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New Through Fasting.............................................04-06

Stephanie Holloman

Renewed Strength

Orphanages and Foster Homes.........................08-09 Devin Gray

Season of Change...................................................12-13 April Cheek

Renewed Strength..................................................15 Ashley Harris

Manifest Destiny......................................................16-21 Devin Gray 2

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New Through Fasting

During New Life’s 21 Day Fast, Stephanie Holloman gained revelation of the power of fasting.

Made New

We overcome by the word of our testimonies. These four will share. @nlccministry / / Spring 2012 / / Words of Life Magazine


They knew how to get my attention

h g u o r h T w e N

g n i t s Fa

All Things Made New Through Fasting A Jounrnal From Stephanie Holloman 4

Words of Life Magazine / / Spring 2012/ /

As a grandmother and mother I think a lot about how my children get what they desire. I also think about how their methods of expressing that desire changed as they grew. My infant granddaughter signals, utters, falls out, cries, grabs, and reaches to get my attention. There are even some “words” she has put together that help me understand she needs something from me. My teen has a way of repeatedly calling me, “Mom, mom, mom!” (Whoever thought of Family Guy is the devil – LOL). She also will come and grin – moving in for the kill so to speak. My college age son will ask if I have a moment and begin to talk to me. Or he may say, “Mom, I need to talk to you.” (I have such an awesome son!) Whereas, my adult daughter will simply come in, sit down and begin unloading or requesting – she is the minime who doesn’t beat around the bush. The point is this: I know my grandbaby and my children, their methods, moods, behaviors, and desires. They, in turn, also know how best to get my attention. There are things they will do with me they won’t do with my husband (the nerve!). They well know what acceptable and unacceptable behavior is. So it is with God, our Father. He knows our signals and we know how to approach Him. The best and most effective way of getting to our Father is through fasting. It is best and most effective because it costs us much in the flesh and strips us of worldly cares. More can happen in the Spirit and become clear in the natural with a couple of days of fasting than years of studying or trial-and-error to figure things out. The publication theme of All Things Made New compliments the subject of fasting perfectly. Dictionary. com defines “new” as: appearing for the first time; having but lately come or been brought into being; having but lately come to a place, position, status, etc.; and describes things that have not existed or have not been known or seen before. Fasting makes the believer new because it moves

the believer to a different place in relationship with God. As a child grows and learns how best to get the attention of a parent, so does the practice of fasting for the believer. The following information comes out of personal revelation gained from 21 days of fasting and prayer. It is no coincidence that 14 points of revelation came out of the fasting period. The number 14 speaks to a double measure of spiritual perfection or double anointing.� The 21 day fast itself was significant in defeating sin as the number 21 represented the sinfulness of the children of Israel as they traveled from Egypt to Jordan (Num. 3:46-47). In the New Testament, Apostle Paul also recorded 21 things men would do in the last days, (2 Tim. 3:2-5).� 14 Points Fasting has been said to put the believer in the best possible position for breakthrough in addition to being commanded in the Bible.� As a result of 21 days devoted to fasting and prayer, the following points were brought to light: 1. Fasting awakens your awareness that God wanted and still wants you. It helps you realize you have nothing to offer but yourself, so just follow Him and obey His directions. 2. You realize that focusing on God and trusting in Him isn’t a “one time deal.” It is a lifestyle and must be attended to daily. Personal change occurs by coming away from the things that keep the focus and trust from happening. 3. You recognize what’s most important – worship. You are forced to ask yourself a critical question, “Does this bring God glory?” That question helps you stay focused on the fact that you were created to bring God glory. 4. Fasting helps you walk in peace because, as you focus, you simplify your involvement in the cares of the world and trust more in God. This impacts your mind, heart, and behavior. It is then demonstrated in your interactions with others, it governs the thoughts of your mind, and determines what

you’ll allow to enter and linger. You enter a new level of living. 5. God clarifies His purpose for you and who He made you to be. He gives you instructions for how to operate in every aspect of life. With such clarity, you’re freed to pursue and address what’s most important in the sight of God, which leads to greater productivity. 6. God lets you in on His divine direction so you’ll know where to focus prayer, time, talent, and money. A time management adjustment will take place whereby He’ll show you what needs to be done, when, and open doors for a quick/ great work. Much like Nehemiah who rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem in a record 52 days, God will move on your behalf. 7. God sharpens your discernment, understanding, and focus. He helps you recognize hidden causes in situations as you try to understand what’s going on. He uses the hidden to sharpen your “sight” and insight to understand what’s going on. He ultimately causes you to respond in a fashion that brings Him glory. 8. God opens up the Word to you. He helps you understand “deep meaning”1 of the Word and be able to apply it to your life. This, in turn, produces spiritual maturity. 9. God gives you encouragement to stay on track with prayer and supplication. He gives you fore-knowledge of His direction and the unfolding of future circumstances. 10. God heightens your awareness of your surroundings and helps you understand how different you are called to be from those surroundings. The Holy Spirit exhorts you to be confident in the grace you’ve been given to remain and live differently. 11. He adds a dimension of focus to your prayers. He helps you understand the new level and look candidly at your level of readiness for 1

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My Name is Gabby...

...and i’ve been Made New. and this is my story.

From death to life, from destruction to restoration. Hear this beautiful testimony from Gabby, of newness in Christ.

greater responsibility. God places a demand on you to step up and operate in your call or step aside and miss His move. Either way, you must choose, act, and face the consequences or reap the benefits. 12. God gives you direction on how to respond/ behave/ act in areas of work or completion of tasks. Greatness comes out of obedience to God’s directives. 13. He helps you confront and bring correction to areas of error. He clears up wrong thinking so your behavior will line up with His Will. He cleans you out so He can fill you up. 14. He gives specific insight and instruction on how to: a. Operate in the gifts you’ve been given b. Become sure in the knowledge of your call c. Be confident in who how you were made (self ) d. Trust in Him


e. Be humble f. Be totally dependent g. Walk in divine relationship h. Live a transformed (unworldly) life i. Stay in position (bloom where you are planted) j. Stay connected to the Spirit k. Receive fresh revelation (and what to do with it) l. Develop intimacy m. Achieve greater understanding of the benefits and responsibilities of salvation n. Strengthen your beliefs (strengthen your foundation) o. Understand how He operates p. Treat others q. Please Him

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Finally, fasting is as much about what God does in you as it is about what He desires to do through you. In The Fasting Edge� , Pastor and Prophet Jentzen Franklin stressed the importance of taking the time to be filled and prepared before going out to do ministry. He highlighted the fact that a 40-day fast marked the beginning of the ministry of Jesus. In a world filled with the evidence of evil and separation from God, the believer must fast for effectiveness and assurance of being in the will of God. Women often say that beauty has its price in reference to the many painful and time-consuming practices they endure to look and feel beautiful. The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 3:11 “He has made everything beautiful in its time.” (NKJV) The discipline of fasting, while uncomfortable and painful in some instances, also makes the believer beautiful in time.

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1. Bullinger, E.W.. Number in Scripture, 1967. Kregel Classics: Grand Rapids, MI. 2. Vallowe, ED. F. (Evangeist) Biblical Mathematics: Keys to Scripture Numerics 1998. The Olive Press: Columbia, S.C. 3. Hickey, Maryilyn. The Power of Prayer and Fasting 4. Ephesians 1:17-19 ‘That Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith;...’ 5. Franklin, Jentzen. The Fasting Edge. 2011. Charisma House: Lake Mary, FL.

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believe the church has gotten a little mixed up with the purpose of Christ’s church. I mean, the overall plan wasn’t for Christ to come and redeem us from sin and then go back to heaven without leaving us a clue as to His existence or His identity. He, and I mean Jesus, never planned on leaving us here alone. Why would He do that to us? What would be the purpose of the cross if Jesus were to come, give His precious life, and then turn His back on those whom he lovingly redeemed?



Foster Homes written by devin gr ay

I always say that with God everything is greater. Everything He does is greater. When the disciples learned of the return of Jesus Christ back to His father, they became saddened. I don’t fully believe it was because Jesus was leaving. I do think, though, a lot of their condition had to do with them not actually having anyone to follow. Think about it for a moment: these disciples, for a good period of their lives, were following this man— God in the flesh. They had witnessed His miracles, heard His teachings and conversed with this perfect man. Their lives had been disciplined with devotion towards this man, and now He was going away; never to be seen or touched in the natural by them, again. However, I will reiterate the truth that with God everything is greater. I love how Jesus so lovingly addresses the disciples in John 16. Obviously disturbed by the news of Jesus’ departure to the Father, the disciples wait and listen one more time to the words of their Comforter (v. 6). Jesus says in verse seven of John16: “Nevertheless I tell you the truth, It is to your advantage that I go away…” **PLEASE HOLD AS I AM BLOWN AWAY BY THIS STATEMENT** Do you mean to tell me there was someone greater Jesus was promising the disciples? They had been sitting with Jesus Christ, walking with Him, and talking with Him. Still, Jesus, out of His own mouth, says it’s to your advantage that I go away???!! Wow. Again, with God everything is greater.


Words of Life Magazine / / Spring 2012/ /

Jesus Christ promised another Helper (John14:16). He also promised this Helper would abide with us forever. His final assurance to the disciples was one I think we have forgotten to apply to our lives as His church. John 14:18 says He would not leave us to be comfortless. A Greek translation of this particular word blew me away, how it simultaneous clarified what it meant to be comfortless while describing the state of some churches: orphans. The Greek translation of this scripture says, “I will not leave you orphans….” This verse made me think. To be an orphan by definition is to be a child deprived, by death, of one or more of the child’s parents, or to be fatherless; to not know one’s father. Another definition that touched me was that an orphan was usually deprived of protection or an advantage. Jesus promised us in this verse that He would not leave us to be orphans; He would not leave us fatherless, or deprived of protection or lacking an advantage. When Jesus was with the disciples on earth, He was their father. Jesus was their protection and their advantage. Now that Jesus was leaving them, where would the comfort come from? Who would be their father (they had already forsaken their fathers and their mothers to follow Christ, so they were completely invested)? What, or Who, would be their advantage? Jesus gives assurance with this message and says that he would pray the father to send “another comforter” (John14:16). Jesus then seals this great deal by saying it is to their advantage that He leave. He promises them, as He does us, though He would surely be leaving, they would not have to live this life alone. In other words, we do not have to do this thing by ourselves because Jesus sent the Holy Spirit. He left a comforter. He sent down His power. It is this power that would not simply rest upon them, or walk near them, but it would be in them. Jesus promised the disciples that this spirit He would be sending was not just for one occasion, but

He was to dwell in them…forever. The word comforter also means paracletus which means lawyer or the one that speaks for you. Jesus Christ left for His disciples a power they didn’t possess while Jesus was here on earth. It was a power that was not self-reliant but Spirit-reliant. That is, the power that would dwell in them would be a power that could be brought to light at anytime, and, with proper activation, this Holy Spirit would speak for them. That’s why Jesus said it was an advantage that he leave because the power that was in Jesus was not available for the disciples to have dwelling in them. And with this same power they now possessed, they were able to do the miracles which Jesus did. Another definition of paracletus is to help to overcome something. Jesus left this power for us to possess within us here on earth. As a result, we can overcome the world as Jesus did. He left us another comforter so that we would not operate as orphans. Not knowing our father, or doing this alone. The purpose of the Holy Spirit is to give us direction in life, just as Jesus did the disciples when He walked this earth. At the very core of a ‘Christian’ you should find a fire that leads that Christian into the ways of God. As a follower of Jesus Christ, we are to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. This is how we come to know our Father, this is our advantage. Let’s take a moment to examine ourselves, to evaluate our lives. Are you being led by the Spirit? Are you living life as a spiritual orphan or a foster child? Fending for yourself? Doing things on your own? I want to leave you with this: Christ loved you so much He promised you that would not have to live this life alone. He left a Comforter, a Paraclete, Someone to walk, talk, and go before you. Accept Him into your heart today and leave the orphanage. Seek to know your Father, and live by the Spirit.

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My Name is Jasmine... ...and i’ve been Made New. and this is my story.

NEW SEASON Annual Health Fair April 14, 2012 10:00am

Healthy people make a healthy church so get yourself together. Free health screenings, nutritionist, zumba, yoga and much more.

N ew Season Benefit Concert April 21, 2012 Doors Open 6:oopm

Join us as we worship the Lord in song and dance. All proceeds that will be raised will go towards the NLCC Building Fund. Free Admission.

Anniversary Service April 22, 2012 10:30am

We will be celebrating 16 years of ministry on our official Sunday service. Join us as receive a word from Pastor Donnell Smith of Emmanuel COGIC. 10

Words of Life Magazine / / Spring 2012/ /

From death to life, from destruction to restoration. Hear this beautiful testimony from Jasmine, of newness in Christ.

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change God is setting the stage for restoration Written and transcribed by april cheek


n New Year’s Eve 2011, Pastor Harris delivered a message of hope regarding our new season. He completed the message on New Year’s Day (Sunday January 1, 2012). Pastor Harris’ message was titled “Your Season of Change is Coming or Imminent.” In many instances during the message, Pastor Harris allowed the believer to determine which term was applicable. Isaiah 43:18-19 was the basis of the message. This article is a modification of the preached word. Pastor Harris began his message by defining change as a means to rearrange, adjust, and remove things. He encouraged the people by saying, “The Spirit of the Lord says you are going into a season of change and he will do some rearranging and adjusting.”“He will also remove some things”, said Pastor Harris. Pastor Harris then declared, “Your season of change is imminent!” Imminent can be


defined as impending or likely to occur at any moment. As God is moving, he will give you victory after victory. God will give you multiple victories, thus it is a season of change. We must go into a “season” of change because God will keep opening doors and slaying giants so that we may reach our destiny in HIM. Pastor Harris boldly states that God will remove everything that has been attacking you because we have to enter our new season. We are no different than the children of Israel. In chapters 1-40 of Isaiah, the children of Israel experience judgment, captivity, and hardship. Some of us are in this place because of ourselves. Isaiah 40:1 states “Comfort ye, comfort ye, my people saith your God.” God is setting the stage for restoration. Change always precedes restoration. Pastor Harris provides a practical application that when applied will bring you into a place of promise. 1. Remember not the former things. Isaiah 43:18 states, “Remember ye not the former things, neither

Words of Life Magazine / / Spring 2012/ /






We must forget the past. Forget the hardships. Forget the pain. Forget your mistakes and forget your failures. Forget what has happened to you. You can not take your past into your future and expect to see change. For example, relocating will not solve all of your problems. If you don’t change your mind, you will take your mess into another state. You need to get your mind together. Philippians 2:5 reads: “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” Don’t let people keep reminding you of your past. 2. Neither consider the things of old. Things of old includes habits, relationships, and behavior patterns. We must discontinue counter productive lifestyles. For example, some within the

body still smoke and drink. Some are using illegal drugs. Here is the good news! God says if you discontinue it, you can still go into your new season. Trust issues and Low self esteem are also counter productive mindsets. Trust issues can keep you from connecting with people who God wants you to. Trust issues can also be indicative that you don’t really trust God. To address low self esteem, Pastor Harris reminds us that God says we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Pastor Harris also admonishes us to face anger issues that may be caused by un-forgiveness and let it go! 3. Expect



Isaiah 43:19 states, “Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.” Expect

supernatural change now! Rivers don’t flow in a dry place. The only way this can occur is by the hand of God. God is going to do the supernatural in your life and you have to expect. “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord” Zechariah 4:6. 4. Know






The Lord says “Behold I will do a new thing”. God is going to cause every change that needs to occur in your life. Let God deal with the details. He will make it happen. Pastor Harris acknowledges that God allowed some of the situations we are in so we would know that God delivered us. Finally, Pastor Harris encourages us to rest and know that our destiny is in the hands of God.

@ArchieA_LHarris Archie Harris, Pastor

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The leadership Corner

Renewed Strength: The B eliever's Covenant Right


irst, allow the following scriptures to be the source of encouragement they were written as:

My Name is Reggie...

...and i’ve been Made New. and this is my story.

From death to life, from destruction to restoration. Hear this beautiful testimony from Reggie, of newness in Christ.


Words of Life Magazine / / Spring 2012/ /

1 Corinthians 9:24, “Know ye not that they which run in a race all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain.” Revelation 21:5, «And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.” Revelation 21:7, «He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.” Hebrews 12:1-2, «Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

In the race God has given the believers to run, a race that encompasses their personal walk as  Christians and their specific ministry calls, there are challenges and rewards. The top contenders in this race are the enemy and the flesh. The Scriptures clearly state there will al-

ways be a war between the spirit and flesh, and light and spiritual darkness. Thus, one must remain alert and aware when facing trial, frustration, temptation, etc., because contenders desire to cause disbelief in the ability to obtain the crown. The lies, stemming from human reasoning and/or the Father of Lies, are completely contrary to the promises of God found in His word. God clearly states through stories or direct declarations  that believers ARE victorious. God›s word is His covenant with the faithful. He will not alter His covenant. However, it is important to remember that a covenant (or contract) has two parties. Believers have a responsibility in this contract is to endure. One can overcome whatever one is facing because Jesus has granted the privilege of receiving new strength. Revelation 21:5 says that Jesus makes ALL things new. So, if strength seems to be waning, today is the day to receive new strength, especially because one’s reward is dependent upon completing the race that has been given to him. Don›t give in leaders! God has granted leaders a special grace to endure! They are not in this «ministry race» just because. They are in this race to obtain the reward--both as a collective and in their individual lives! In order to receive new strength implement these practices into each day: 1. Be mindful of words spoken. Words have creative power. Speak the Word over the atmosphere and life in general.

2. Make time to focus on who God is, not on human frailties or frustrations. Look at Jesus and see self as reflection because believers are conformed into His image. Believe this truth! 3. Do not close off from love or people of like faith. Keep an open heart to receive love from others. Love can be received from something as simple as a smile! To reiterate - Christ is the one who makes all things new for the believer. He renews the inner man day-by-day as human weaknesses are submitted to Him. Believers have the right to receive new strength as stated in Matthew 11:2830. The race can only be completed by totally depending on God. He must be the only source of strength because He is the fountain that never runs dry. So, today, start this week with power and assurance through Jesus. He completed the work on the cross. Christ is the perfect example of endurance and completion. Look to Him, the author and finisher of all faith for it is faith that will give the hope of receiving the crown--both in eternity and this side of heaven. Receive new strength and continue praying for all leaders!

Connect. @ashleymarieharr Ashely Marie Harris, Worship Leader/Youth Director

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Manifest Destiny An Interview with Baltimore's Newest Revivalist

Interviewed by Devin Gray

Stephen Chandler is the Lead Pastor of Destiny Harvest Church in Baltimore, Maryland, and he is leading a generation into their destiny.


t is undeniable that we are living in a time where the body of Christ needs to be preparing for revival. With the vivible need for a change in our schools, neighborhoods, and lives, the need for revival is paramount. Just as much as we need a revival, there is a need for modern day revivalists to carry out that task. To burden the responsibility of capturing cities and reuniting lost souls with their Lord and King. Stephen Chandler, pastor of Destiny Harvest Chruch in Baltimore, Maryland is one of those revivalists. (He’s also a good friend of mine). I had the opportunity to speak with Pastor Chandler. He shared about his life as a young pastor, and his heart for destiny. We also shared some laughs along the way. DG: First of all, you’re a pastor? 16

SC: (Moment of silence) Yes! (shares a laugh) and it proves that God has a sense of humor. DG: What type of response do you get from others who find out that you are indeed a pastor? A 25 year old pastor at that? SC: Refer to question one. *another laugh shared* It depends on how well people know me. I usually get the disbelief, then I get how long have you been a pastor? How did you become a pastor? Where did you go to school? So it depends on how well people know me, or how well they know the church. If people know the church, then they will know what God is doing. Most people are not asking how did you become a pastor, but they are blown away by what God is doing. Older pastors are excited; they are encouraged to see that there

Words of Life Magazine / / Spring 2012/ /

is another generation of pastors coming up. DG: That›s always awesome for the older generations to see this generation take charge. Ok, so you are a pastor. Where do you pastor? SC: Destiny Harvest Church. We opened up on September 11, 2011. I›m not sure if I inherited it really, but I was installed after my father launched it.   So the church really is 15 years old. We went through a re-launch and officially opened on September 11, 2011. DG: As a young pastor, what type of things have you experienced that have changed your perspective on how to lead and pastor a church? SC: Well, one thing I›m learning that pastoring is about 10% what you preach and about 90% who

you are, and how you live! It›s an extension of the life that you live. I think growing up, the emphasis was always put on what comes out of your mouth, and I’m beginning to learn what comes out of your life. So it›s a different realm. Having the responsibility of people and their souls, is very humbling and very sobering, and (cracks smile) takes away a lot of hours of sleep. DG: Ah, I like that! So, its 10% what you speak and 90% your lifestyle. So, I guess I can assume you›re a pretty decent person. SC: (shares laugh) Depends on who you ask! If you ask Ashley Harris...

DG: Crazy! (shares laugh) So going back to your upbringing. Your parents where in the ministry and you lived in a Christian home. What

kind of upbringing did you have? SC: I think one of the greatest assets I have is my upbringing. I was raised in a pastor’s home; and while others and pastor’s kids don›t always honor that because of the challenges that come, I always say that for me it brought just a head start that I make no apologies for.  I grew up in a house where the word of God was preached all day every day. Where theology and doctrine was laid out and not in an overbearing way, but it was just a part of our lives. My dad was always preparing messages, and he was always talking about what others were preaching and his views and opinions of the word. Not only that, but I was able to see it lived out, and I think that was the biggest thing for me.   I knew that pastoring was 90% lifestyle because I saw my father live it out. I saw him

put more emphasis in his integrity and character more than making sure that the points in his sermon started with the same letter. Not that preaching is not important, but I saw my dad live what he preached, and I think that is what had the greatest impact on my life. I knew what I was getting into before I got into it. DG: So, you went to college? Where did you go? SC: Yes! I went to University of Maryland, College Park...Best school in the universe. DG: Blank Stare. SC: Laughs. DG: So you had to live your life out on the college campus and at home. I understand that you were the youth minister here?

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SC: Yes I was the youth minister here and I drove up every weekend. We had services on Friday nights, leadership meetings on Wednesday night. So I would drive up on Wednesdays and Friday›s and get back to college park after service. Not to mention the college ministries going on as well. It was like ministry full time and school part time. DG: You being in ministry you had to live a fairly separated life due to your relationship with Jesus and your ministry. How tough was that, handling that balance between being young and being in the ministry on the campus and at home. I›m sure that had to be tough.  SC: I›m not sure everybody›s going to like my answer, but living my life on campus was not difficult at all. I know other people have had different experiences, but I›ll reference a verse in Daniel 1, where it mentions that they had decided not to defile themselves.  I had an encounter with God at 16, that so rocked my life, it changed me and my course was set. It was set way before I even got to college. And my parents were not overprotective. We didn›t party or drink or anything like that in high school, but they didn›t smother us. They understood that they had raised us correctly, and we had proven to them that we were able to make Godly decisions. So college wasn›t my first experience with being alone. I already knew where I wanted to go and how I was going. For me college was more about finding people who wanted to go where I was going, finding a way to connect with them and saying ‹what›s up› to everybody else and keeping it moving. And honestly, all the craziness was happening on the weekends, and I was always at home for church. So, even if I was invited to a party, I didn›t have to 18

worry about answering because I knew I wasn›t going to be there. So, that was never a real problem for me. My course was set, way before I got there. I will say this, the traveling was pretty hard, but thats about it. I will say this, so I won›t sound super spiritual, the temptation for wild›n out in school was not there. The pursuit of God and growing in my faith was a constant struggle. Finding time to be in my word and to hear from God, pursuing God was a struggle. I remember times when I was on my way back from school, on my way to youth church and saying to myself ‹I know I don›t have anything prepared, we›re just going to let the spirit move tonight› and the Spirit saying back to me ‹No, you should have been in the word›. It was tough, but that was the thing I had to struggle with the most. Being consistent in growing my faith. DG: For every young person who sees you or knows you, I promise you a glimmer of hope enters their spirit, and its speaking saying ‹this [ministry at a young age] is totally possible. But it definitely had to start somewhere. You spoke of an encounter at the age of 16.   How did that change you? How did that make you new? SC: It started a process at 13. I was raised in church. I tell the story that I was born in church; in the pew. I been in church since the day I was born. Part of growing up in the church sometimes there is a disconnect because you›re so over saturated with the Word of God, to the point where if you›re not able to connect with God Himself, and you›re only connected to the church then you become synnical. So that happened to me. And I remember at the age of 13; it was radical, I was just overcome with sin that was in my life for some reason. When I tell this story, people

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are always saying ‹was he selling drugs› or ‹on the streets› and I say no it wasn›t anything like that. It›s just that for some reason, God opened up my eyes to see how broken I was without Him. I remember one night sitting in my room and saying, ‹Lord if you›re real and you can remove this guilt and shame, I›ll follow You for the rest of my life. And if you can›t as soon as I turn 18, I›m out of here.› And I remember that night I felt an overwhelming since of the peace of God. I literally felt the guilt and sin lift off of my life, and my life hasn›t been the same since. At 16 this missionary from Ghana came to our church, and he started preaching about his Holy Ghost. I ain›t know anything about no Holy Ghost [smile]. You know in the book of Acts where Paul asks the disciples ‹Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?› And they answered ‹What Holy Spirit?› That was me! I was like ‹What Holy Spirit› [laughs] What are you talking about? So this guy comes in, and honestly I can›t remember what he talked about, all I know is that at the end of his message he asked ‹If you want more of God, if you want the baptism of the Holy Spirit, come up.› And long story short I went up just knowing that there has to be more. I remember; and this is off topic, but I preached my first message at 16. I had five pages of notes and I think it took me about eight minutes to preach it, and I was done. I had nothing else to give. But the topic of the message was ‹If God parted the Red Sea, and He healed the sick and raised the dead, and He says I›m the same yesterday, today and forever...› I preached ‹Where is the Power now? Where is the power moving? So I had a passion and desire to see God move in a powerful way. Long story short, [pause] wait let me not make a long story short! He layed hands on me and

nothing happened. There were 20 people up there and everybody received the power of the Holy Spirit except for me. So, I›m up there feeling like a heathen. I was like ‹I›m not saved› and ‹what is wrong with me› I felt horrible. So, service is over and being the in a pastor’s home, Sunday›s are a big deal; people coming over, food and stuff. I locked myself in my room. I didn›t want anything to do with anybody. I remember I was just laying there, felling bad for myself and I heard the Spirit of God say ‹there›s a reason why you weren›t filled with the Holy Spirit and its because you too concerned about what people think about you other than what God thinks about you. When you have decided to release the approval of man and to only seek my approval, than I can baptize you in a way that can transform you forever.› So, I would like to say that I caught that and said ‹God you›re all I want, you›re all I need› but, no that›s not what happened. Honestly, I wrestled with God for a whole week. Until finally I came to the point on a Friday night. I was in church by myself and I said ‹God, If I don›t get to make one more decision in my life, I don›t get to pick the people the people I hang with,

If I don›t get to take the course that I want,›re all that I want. Honestly, I made that decision, because I was in here on that Friday night wrestling with God, and it was as if God showed me just who I was before I met Him. All of sudden this became the easiest decision of my life. There is nothing in this universe that can make me go back to that person, He was all I wanted. DG: Man, that›s awesome. Wait, so...did you ever get the Holy Ghost? [laughs all around] SC: Thank God, the pastor came back that next Sunday. He preached two Sundays in a row! (pumps fist) For all I know, he could have preached the same message twice! I still don›t know, but all I know is he gave the same invitation and I ran up there. He layed hands on me, and I mean I was just OVERCOME with the power of God. I was out for hours. Speaking in tounges and everything. I mean I was just done! And I›ve never been the same since...If you want to know when it started, yeah, that was it. That›s when it all started.  DG: Praise God for the planning committee! Man, so many young

people go through that challenge that you went through. They come to the alter, and for all they know they are surrendering all, but they don›t feel the ultimate change in their life. That›s a struggle for some; going back and forth. What can you tell someone who is going back and forth with that struggle to really feel change in their life? SC: Make up your mind. It›s that simple. I think one of the problems, especially with young people, is that we give too much credit to our feelings.I don›t think feelings are all they are cracked up to be.  I always say think about who you were in love with in middle school. You probably can›t stand that person right now; except that one person who married their middle school sweetheart. Other than that, feelings come and feelings go anbd I thinnk somtiems peole respond based on your feelings when our flesh is supposed to be dead. You don›t always feel like making the hard decision, you don›t always feel like being spiritual; if your life is based on feelings, your life is going to be a roller coaster. But I›ll go back to that verse in Daniel, they decided that they wouldn›t defile themselves. They made one decision; I›m going to follow the Lord.

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And when they made that one decision, they had no more decisions to make in their life. All they had to figure out, was which way is God, and thats the direction where I›m going. I take no credit for any of things that God is done in my life, but if I look at myself and the people I came up with, the one distinguishing fact is that I made decisions that others were not willing to make. And that›s it.  Will you make the decision. Will you be that 18 year old who hasn›t gone on a date yet?  Will you be that person who turns down that job offer out of state, when you God has you in Baltimore? You don›t know why, but you no longer are making your decisions. And its not always making a decision not to sin, but its just making a decision to follow as much God has shown me.  DG: So, its all about making that one decision. What about the young person who is waiting on something to happen before they make that decision. What do you say to them?  SC: I›ll say this, most young people have not made that decision because they have not truly seen who God is; or the goodness of God. And they also haven›t seen how empty or broken they are on the inside. I love the bible where it says in 2 Corinthians 3, where it talks about the veil. It says, when you turn to God, the veil is removed. For me, it was also like Ok God, show me how awesome you are and then I›ll turn to you. And I think thats why young people are waiting. God show me how You can make my life better, before I turn to you. Doesn›t work that way. It›s only when we come to the end of ourselves when we say God ,I have nothing else to offer, when all of a sudden the goodness of God is revealed. That was long winded, wasn›t it? 20

DG: Well! It was good stuff though! You have a lot of wisdom in what you›re saying. Myself, I›m a believer in a self-control. Temperance. Something that is not seen a lot in youth. What are some practical things you did to demonstrate this fruit of the spirit? SC: Ok, I›ll give you general and I›ll give you practical. DG: That works!  SC: Here›s one thing that every young person needs. Someone they are scared of. Someone in which they are accountable, who knows all about their life. Accountability is enormous. Alot of times we talk about accountability partners, but it seems as if we get people who are the same age as us, of just like us, struggling with the same things that we are. That›s not accountability, that›s the blink leading the blind. You need someone who you just don›t want to dissapoint. For me, at first it was my parents. I couldn›t imagine come home and telling my mother ‹Mom, your’e going to be a grandma!› If you knew my parents [cautious laughter]. It started there and then it went into Men of God who I respected, and I just kept thinking God I just really don›t want to dissapoint them. So thats the first thing. After that you just need to be practical. People would laugh at me, but I just didn›t study in the room with girls. I just didn›t. I think people trust themselves too much too. People say ‹I›m spiritual enough, I›m annointed and that will never happen to me› No you›re stupid to think that. [laughs yet again] I remember we had this college ministry and we were having the weekly meeting at one of the girls apartments. I called when I got there and asked if anybody else was there. She said ‹no it›s just me, but you can come on up.

Words of Life Magazine / / Spring 2012/ /, I gonna stay down here. And people came late to the meeting and I stayed in my car because I just wasn›t going up there. I just made decisions like that. I had to. There were some people I just knew I couldn›t be around, and when I saw them coming I purposely avoided them. Not happily, but purposely avoided them. I did that because I knew that it was going to corrupt who I was. DG: I hope for your sake this young lady doesn›t read this article [more laughs] I definitely understand though. Making tough decisions is apart of life, and it seems that you knowing where you wanted to go in life helped you do that.  SC: The bible talks about how bad company corrupts good character. Alot of times people say well that’s not true because I hang around people that are ungodly, but I›m not doing what their doing. You may not do what their doing, but alot of times you›re not walking in the same manner of holiness that you used to. I remember in college, my freshman year, I got into a crowd that just cussed like fisherman. I mean everything out of their mouth was another cuss word. I never started cussing, but I found out and saw that my language got a lot more edgy, and I stared using acronyms. Using sugar and honey and all that type of stuff. I just stepped back one day and I was like ‹whoa, this is not who you are, this is not who God created you to be.› It›s all about making those decisions and looking at yourself for you are. Can I say one more thing? DG: Sure, but wrap it up with something nice. SC: Ok, I›ll, WAIT. You›re going to have to ask me something else because that may be nice. DG: [even more laughs] Ok, go

ahead. SC: I was going to say it anyway, but... DG: [hangs head and motions for Pastor to continue] SC: I›ll go back to when I first got filled with the Holy Spirit, and God says you›re more concerned about what people think instead of what I think. People who are our age, and I›ll even say people who are not married, their biggest fear is being alone. Being lonely, being on the outside. You›re not going to be accepted by everybody and do great things for God. You have to make that decision. Do I want to be popular or do I want to do great things for God. Even pastors today are still struggling with that; looking for the approval and the acceptance of people. There were alot of Thursday nights where I spent in my dorm room by myself. Lonely, but I got through it. The Holy Spirit is my best friend. And I trust Him to bring Godly people into my life, and until that happens I›m alright with it just being me and God. And I›ll say, just so it won›t look so glamorous, between about 19 and 22 were probably the lonliest the time of my life. There were not alot of people that were running after God in the manner that I was running after God. I became ok with that. it was in those three years where God shaped my character, and put such a reliance in my heart for Him, that when I was trusted with people in relationships it would not overshadow the relationship with the Lord. DG: It›s crazy. I was the complete opposite, however with a similar outcome. From about 19 through 22 I had tons of people around me, but I felt alone. I was on the college campus like you, had the car, a little job some popularity and I

knew people, but I was lonely. And it wasn›t until I forsook the acceptance of people and sought God for attention that I started realizing Destiny in my life. Wow. SC: Can I get prophetic for a second? DG: Please... SC: I think that›s why facebook and twitter is so popular in our generation, because people are fighting that loneliness with all that they have. ‹I need someone›s approval› Someone from Timbuktu, whom I never seen before but ‹likes› my status. Don›t get me wrong I›m a facebook junkie, I’m a twitter junkie. I›m all for that. But we can›t fight that loneliness, because it’s that loneliness that drives us to God. There›s a vital point in every young person›s life that they are going to feel alone. That›s completely necessary because it drives people to God. And if you avoid that, if you drown that time out with music, media and friends that don›t have the same destiny as you have, you›re going to miss that moment with God where He will open your eyes. (Deep Breath) Now something spiritual [again laughs] DG: You talk about destiny. I know that’s something dear to your heart. Ala Destiny Harvest Church. Your Vision. There are going to be many who read this article and say ‹Well, where is this leading me?› How do they find destiny? SC: Well, back to 16. My dad was a pastor, and he was a pretty good one. 

not, but these people were dead serious. I was not such a gifted orator and not very social. I didn›t talk to people. I had one friend and we were close. I didn›t need anyone else. And I can remember the enemy saying ‹ you›re not going to do much› and ‹you›re not going to be much in life›. I stumbled upon this verse in Jeremiah. Chapter 29 and eleven. ‹For I know the plans that I have to you says the Lord, plans to prosper not to harm you to give you a hope and a future› and I kid you not it was as if the words jumped right off the page and slapped me in the face and it said I›m talking about you. God has a purpose and God has a plan for your life. And I was like God ‹how am I going do this?› First, you get this awesome revelation that God has a plan for your life, which is good; for about 30 seconds. Then, all of a sudden despair sets in. It›s like how in the world am I going to fulfill all that you have me to do. And he was like keep reading. Jeremiah 29:13. You›ll find me, when you seek me, if you search for me with your whole heart. The Spirit of God spoke to me and said if you would just seek me with your whole heart you would find the purpose and the plan that I have for you.   I would tell each young person, seek God with all your heart.  And in seeking God you›re going to find God; a love and a peace that transcends all understanding. And not only that, but in that your’e going to find the purpose, the destiny and the calling that God has for you.

DG: I would hope so! [laughing yet again] SC: It›s pretty intimidating, because people are always asking ‹when you are going to take over the church?› I was like definitely @nlccministry / / Spring 2012 / / Words of Life Magazine


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