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Best duplex

Photographed by JOSHUA JAY ELLIOTT




Portland-based Works Progress Architecture destigmatizes traditional duplex living through its artfully symbiotic Doppelgänger building. The architects’ unique approach allows both residences to occupy the entire 50-by-100-foot lot (rather than splitting it in two, as a developer typically would do). The wood-framed homes are intertwined, their living spaces spiraling upward from the ground-floor entries to the third-floor bedrooms. Stacked atop each other, the units are both conjoined and distinct: each floor features adjacent outdoor spaces and carefully located interior openings for maximum privacy, and platform framing ensures high-level acoustic separation. The duplex’s exterior is clad in vertical tight-knot cedar—one side is finished in smooth cedar, the other in rough, for a subtle difference that invites an appreciative double take. h