GRAY No. 28

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CLIFF HANGER TEN YEARS AGO, during what might be considered the ultimate mother-daughter weekend—a three-day jaunt to Taipei for the reopening of the National Palace Museum— Rebecca Lurie experienced heart palpitations . . . of a good sort. The exhibition featured a collection of precious paintings, calligraphy, and ceramics from China’s Northern Song dynasty (960–1127). “In dimly lit halls, we saw long, faded, yellowed scrolls of mountain scenes, clouds, trees, and calligraphy, each one more beautiful and ancient than the last,” recalls Lurie, co-owner of Portland’s Kush Handmade Rugs. “The emotion in the art was palpable. I still feel it all these years later.” For Lurie, the saying “art begets art” proved true. Still entranced by those ancient Chinese works, she recently designed a new line of wool and silk rugs, the Landscape Collection, featuring abstracted rocky cliffs and outcroppings. h

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