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Chichu Art Museum, Naoshima, Japan “Tadao Ando is on my list of top architects I’d like to work with. What I learned most about his work on this trip is that negative space can be as dramatic as positive forms. The interplay of light, details, and volume made my head spin.”

South Korea “In the autumn of 1998, a group of friends and I traveled to collect seeds in remote areas where the culture was basic and authentic. The temples are incredibly colorful, and the monks were generous in sharing seeds from their gardens. It was a trip I will never forget.”



Scottsdale, Arizona “I have admired [Phoenix landscape architect] Steve Martino’s work for 25 years, and I met him a decade and a half ago. His work remains fresh and original, and visiting his Arizona projects with him, like this private garden in Scottsdale, is always illuminating and inspirational. His projects are complex and well designed and crafted, and they express a deep love for plants and a wild, stylized view of nature. I use plants in a more tailored way than he does, but how he uses materials and frames space has influenced my work.”

Burle Marx Studio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil “The Sitio, or farm, was Roberto Burle Marx’s mother’s property. It became his home, studio, personal botanical garden, nursery, and retreat, which he shared with countless friends from around the world. It’s now open to the public, and I visited in 2003. I love his bold approach to patterns on the land and how he used plants in sweeping, emotive ways, like paint on a canvas.”

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GRAY No. 22  

The DESIGN MAGAZINE for the Pacific Northwest.

GRAY No. 22  

The DESIGN MAGAZINE for the Pacific Northwest.

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